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    You won't really find something compact "AND" reliable to run 24/7.

    If a SFF PC is "too big" the only other option is a MFF, or as mentioned - a Pi. But I'm not sure that would be powerful enough? (I may be wrong - would love someone to prove this!)

    Having said that, would I want to run a server on a MFF? Oh hell no.

    On the other hand, if your computer is powerful enough you could use Hyper-V and run a VM. Then no more hardware needed and everything is seperate.

    People enjoy villainizing one another

    I'm not sure if you're talking about the RW community here? :huh: I've been using the www since '95... what I can say is that this is the nicest community I've ever interacted with. <3

    I believe Foxnyu that the next game update will focus on mounts.

    It's not really been that long since the last update - less than two months.

    So expet another month or two at the earliest.

    Crafting good code takes time.

    So in the meantime, abwarten und tee trinken b.gif

    Hello fellow medievalist.

    I know this is for roof beems as opposed to external beams. But this is all part of timber framed buildings, and the concept remains the same. :saint:

    I use multiple beams to create one beam. In the bellow example, each tie beam below the king post is actually created with 10 construction objects.

    Each side of the tie beam consists of two "main beams" with a minor angle offset in the middle. Then one side is thickened with 2 x smaller beams with an increating obtuse angle. The central part is rounded off with an elongated half cylinder.

    I tried stretching a single rounded edge block into the beam length but when you do that the edges get warped into an odd pointy look.

    If you're going to do this. Use a normal straight "square" beem. Then add smaller rounded block beams to the ends. Use the manual position tool to sink one end of the rounded block into the other. This creates the effect of a rounded end beam.

    How to install / run a plugin

    Pretty much the same procedure with Unity, I think the only difference is that plugins is with a capital P.

    But... I'm pretty sure this is only relevant for linux based systems. Which a lot of rented servers are.

    In Windows, Plugin and plugin can't exist within the same directory. But in linux plugin and Plugin are seen as different, including pLugin plUgin etc.

    The gap, I mean when you drag a construction element to lay a row of them.

    You use + and - keys to set the gap.

    The gap comes up at the bottom of the screen, but it's increments are like 0.01 ~ 0.05

    So when you want to set the gap to 2.5 (for example) it takes a long time.

    Then you have to reset it again (manually with the - key) in order to get the gap back to 0.

    I think it depends on the positioning precision (if not then maybe the scaling precision?), so setp

    Just tried this Yaromid and you're spot on! :party:

    I'm often playing with precesion at 0.01 ~ 0.05 which will explain why the gap, when I was trying to use it, was always incrementing as such low values.

    Thanks guys :D:thumbup:

    Just a heads up, Server 2012, and 2012 R2 are EOL in less than two months.

    You certainly wouldn't want these servers connected to the Internet after 10th Oct.

    Also, as far as using Windows as a server, pretty much every BC company runs Windows servers. I think that says it all.

    Yes Linux is great too. Even Microsoft acknowledge this, I believe Windows Azure actually runs as a VM from RedHat servers.

    At the end of the day, servers are tools, you just need to pick a tool and use it. So long as it works for you, that's the main thing 😀


    Would be great if we could save the settings within the custom graphics settings.

    Each time I select custom, I have to change the settings each time from the custom default.

    I often switch between medium and custom (depending on what I'm doing). I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    The server didn't crash (so good news).

    WARNING] [16:20:32] PluginManager - HandleError: A plugin runs riot!

    Basically if a plugin creates too many null pointer errors the server will cleanly shutdown.

    [WARNING] [16:20:32] Exit (1)

    As a temp fix, go into your file and edit the Plugin_ErrorThreshold and set the value higher.

    I'm sure yahgiggle just needs to add a null pointer check in his code. :thumbup:

    I just figured the CraftItemEvent would return a string or an ID I could then use to cancel the event and send a notification to the player saying this item (or object) is locked, if the identifier was of a certain type. Or accomplish via runtime polymorphism...

    I mean, heh, you get players joining a medieval themed server and then building glass structures with glass doors and using metal yellow and black chevrons with purple incandescent lights. *roll eyes* because I guess that's just what some people do.

    Administrative controls are fine to a degree, but I'll always opt for the technical contol.

    But if it can't be done right now, it can't be done :)

    Doing a great job mate :thumbup: