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A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!

    Hi red51

    but please create a backup first.

    Hehe that's my daily blurb!

    Yes I thought that was the issue, but also thought I would wait for your confirmation before "hitting the button" just in case you had any further ideas.

    I ran a repair table command (as it was the table and not the database as a whole - at least at this stage!).

    Indeed the table was corrupted - wrong record length!

    Fix table command worked, however it seemed to convert the chunkadditions table to MyISAM :crazy: I ran another conversion on the table and got it back to InnoDB. So far so good!


    what we did when this appeared was use the terrain tool on the edge of the bad chunk, that usually brought the chunk back to life


    That's the first thing I tried! Doesn't work in this case. It looks like the chunkadditions table in SQL is corrupt - or at least a row in the table is - as everything else is working.


    I've messaged you the log. With a clearer head this morning (that scrumpy cider aye?) it looks to me like I might need to run a table repair on the chunkadditons table (The error is certainly been thrown from SQL). But I'll wait back to see if you agree.

    Ash_lee have you tried looking in the database of the game? Or other game config files? It would be bad practice for a programmer to hard code these values in.

    Code is generally obfuscated. This is to protect the IP of the writer.

    For example,

    int count = 10;
    bool love_rising_world = true;
    float love_multiplier = 1.6f;
    for (int i = 0 ; i < count && love_rising_world ; i++ )
    love_multiplier += 0.2f;

    would end up being

    int j=10;bool k=true;float l=1.6f;for(int n=0;n<j&&k;n++){k+=0.2f}

    So even with a decompiler you would get something unintelligible. It also makes smaller compiled files.

    Edit: I suppose what I'm really saying is you'll be very luck to find one that works.

    Is your character punished by death?

    Do you lose items on death?
    Is there base raiding and if so how easy/difficult is it to wipe a base?

    When you get killed you will by default respawn at your last used bed/shelter.

    You will loose all your inventory by default, unless the server owner has set it that on death you keep your inventory. You would need to check what setting this is on the particular server you are on.

    In the vanilla version of the game you will also be able to destroy / loot any of the other players items (either PVP or PVE). However, most servers now have some sort of area protection. So in order to destroy / loot you would have to find some unprotected assets.

    Generally speaking though, Rising World is more PVE (in my opinion - and in it's current state). Nevertheless, a brilliant game. 8)

    Must say this, after using the new forum for a while now I can say it's much better - being able to see all the unread posts all in one location and then being able to mark all as read is a great time saving feature :thumbup:

    Glad the smiles have been updated too - the default ones in the first few days of launch looked pretty retro msn.gif

    Profile cover images are great too - but it would be nice that once one has been uploaded an image that the user could then re-position the image instead of it being central (like in Joomla's Jomsocial).

    Hi Red,

    Clearly you are busy (in fact I am too) - so very much a back burner request!

    In the future can we have some sort of API calls to find out what kind of NPC was killed by a player?

    Rather than just knowing if it was a bandit or skeleton it would be super useful to know what kind of bandit or skeleton was killed.

    Such as skeleton no w/ no armour, skeleton with armour, bandit w/ crossbow etc.

    I'm thinking on the lines of abilities to build more advanced XP systems. As killing a fully armoured skeleton is worth more XP than an unarmoured one!



    All server side plugins can be put on a hosted server.

    There are a few public world protection plugins including:

    [Plugin]WorldProtection (Auto area protection script)

    [Plug-in] Area Protection

    Plugins for download are in the Plugins forum - you're currently in the plugin discussion forum (for new plugin requests and API discussion).

    Upload the plugins to separate folders within the plugin folder found inside the root game folder (RisingWorldDedicatedServer) I believe in the plugins forum there is a sticky topic from Red51 explaining how to use plugins.

    Happily explain further if needs be 8)

    Would be cool, if we could mark all posts as read ... But maybe it's just me ... EDIT: yes never mind, i found the button ...

    For others looking, click on Forum > Unread Posts and at the top right hand corner under the RW banner there is a white tick to mark all forums as read.