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Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky

    I think the idea of a sandbox game is that you make up your own story. For example, starting the game with the "player's character is in the basket of a hot air balloon" would not work well for a medieval server. The developer's job is to just put the tools in place for you to build your own world.

    As far as I know unfortunately it's not in the game, im guessing Red51 did have plans for it before they stared working on the new version, lets hope it is included in the Unity one as I can think of so many things that we could do with that :)

    Thanks, yep I thought that may be the case.

    And yes! Clay pots for starters! ^^

    I appreciate the enthusiasm in replying Black Night, but the information you have copied there is slightly incorrect. Cobalt was removed from the game a long long time ago.

    item ore 64 12 from the console will give you Clay. I know there are no recipes that include clay, I was just wondering it if it minable anywhere?

    Hello hello,

    I was just looking through the ores and came across Clay. Is there minable clay in the world yet? I've not come across any on my travels?

    Haha fixed it.

    Anyone else using the latest MySQL server build you will need to set the password as native via the shell.

    \sql ALTER USER 'rwadmin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'thisissillypassword';

    Has anyone setup a MySQL server recently? I've not done this in a few years and I'm stuck! :wat:

    I thought I would rebuilt my local test server on my workstation - clean OS install.

    I've installed the latest MySQL Community (v8) including the shell. Last one I used was version 6!

    Opened the MySQL Shell up and created a database called `risingworld` also creating a user called `rwadmin` and assigned the user all privileges to the new database. Reopened the shell and connected with new credentials to database to check working. Sure was!

    I have then installed a local copy of the RW standalone server via the SteamCMD tool. I won't bore you with screenshots...

    I've then gone and changed the file to reflect the MySQL server.

    I run the win_startscript.bat but the server fails to start. :dizzy:

    Clearly the Access denied for user 'rwadmin'@'localhost' (using password: NO) is to blame - but I don't get why the password I've supplied in the file is not being used:?:

    I'm a little lost.

    Only Red can answer this, in order for a 32 bit program to access more that 4GB ram the program itself needs to manage the memory. But this is bad practice imho.

    Having said this, there is a very simple way you can find out. . . ;)