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    This is a great idea. However, it's a HUGE amount of work.

    Thinking outloud here, you would need to also write a plugin to manage other plugins - a Plugin manager.

    A platform would also need to be created to allow plugin developers to upload their plugins, and updates to. Think PaaS.

    As I said, really great idea, but I'm not sure we're there yet.

    Basically, a seed is used to help randomization in world generation.

    But what it also means is that you can "reproduce" this "randomness" by using the same seed.

    Just be aware, the seed is just there to help "mix up" the preprogramed world generation.

    ThisIsAseed will produce very different effect from thisisaseed

    Just because two seeds look similar, does not mean they will yield similar results

    Thx for responding

    What exactly do you mean "literally you can use anything for it."

    You can use words like poptart1296 suggested.

    Or you can use numbers, or anything in between.

    Valid seeds could be:

    Australia, Lake, England, Germany,


    2925292, 2979897, 2877972, 12, 99


    JDFasfs7898sabBB, BaaBasf2887, Bosd666

    or (maybe even - I'm not 100% sure - as I've not tried special characters in JIW's seed input)

    sdgkD*"(GSJ"IS*F"J(G"PPjijjij, sdg:@waht, www,

    Hi Popeye57,

    There are an almost infinite amount of seeds (they just aid in the randomisation process). You'll find that any seed you use will have what you want in it - somewhere.

    I would suggest creating your own seed - literally you can use anything for it.

    Then once you've got a world generated, use the teleport command to jump around a bit until you find a spot you like and then set that as the default server spawn point.

    Do you mostly refer to the API calls which take the variant id

    Yep, I'm just trying to figure out exactly how far I can take my plugin rebuild before the new API release. If it's just a matter of tweaking some ID numbers I should be safe to crack on.

    Once we have some proper items that can be made out of cobalt or mithril, we would actually reintroduce these ores

    Ah so this is useful information - no mithril. 👍

    It would be super nice if we could, from a server setup point of view, add custom ores when first creating a server. ^^

    I guess the process would be something like...

    1. Add custom ore (reporting back on unique id)

    2. Specify name

    3. Pick a texture from existing ores

    4. Use a colour scale to change appearance

    5. Set availability (distribution of ore)

    Probably a pipe dream...

    so it's rather a long term objective

    I'll continue coding my gemstones then 8):thumbup:

    Probably there won't be local weather for the time being

    Fair enough, probably causes unnecessary complexity with little reward.

    Thanks for your time :thumbup:

    Hi red51

    A few questions when you have time.

    Q.1. Hostile humanoid NPCs. Is the aim to bring back hostile humanoid NPCs in the same form as the existing ones? By this I mean the variants that are currently used. (E.g. Bandit with bow, skeleton with armour). I guess what I am getting at here is, are they going to be an exact replica (from an API point of view) or are they going to change?

    Q.2. Ore. Are the ores going to stay the same, or are there going to be more variants / removal of certain ores (E.g. no longer any mithril reintroduction of cobalt?).

    Q.3. Diamonds. I'm sure(?) I have read somewhere that you intend to add diamonds to the game. Is this going to be added as an additional ore (from an API call point of view). And if so, are you planning on adding any others and will these be released with the world generation update that includes other ores? Or, is this a long term objective and won't be implemented yet.

    Q4. Final question, will weather still remain global, or will localised weather be possible?

    Thanks in advance.

    A Happy Easter (almost) to you all! I have been thinking about old players and their land protection on the Medieval Realms server. I have decided to do a **mass purge of AXES protection for ALL players who have not been on in the last 12 months**.

    As it stands, this means that 3,246 players will loose their land protection. Their builds will not be affected (as it is, and always will be MR policy to never remove a construction (unless the construction violates server rules)).

    This purge will happen over Easter - so please take this as a one week warning notice. If you've not logged in in a long time but you still want to keep your land protection - this is your last chance.

    Well, that's a good question :saint: It's unfortuantely a bit difficult to give an ETA for the new API... once the world generation update is ready, we will probably have a bit more time to work on the API. What's still missing is the UI part, database handling and custom asset handling (models, textures etc, and everything related to that, e.g. WorldElements), as well as a bunch of events and functions :silenced:

    Ah so just a couple of weeks then? :crazy: