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A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!

    First off, thank you for being 100% honest with your customers! It is really appreciated!

    Secondly thank you very much for not abandoning your game! A new engine sounds awesome, and I'm sure it will improve RW a lot!

    I'm excited to see what the future brings! Keep going!

    Is that update will come soon :/

    I think it'll be a few more months down the line, although I might be mistaken. Keep in mind the development team is quite small, and they're already doing an awesome job at keeping the game alive. Just gotta be patient.

    These people don't even deserve the attention ;)

    Personally I can see how Rising World (at least in its current state) may not be a game for everyone, but also personally I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game to bits, and I'm forever happy I found it out one day on Steam and got curious enough to buy it. Never once I regret it, and the updates just make it better and better, but you need to be in the right mindset for it.

    If you dig deep enough you'll find rock. There's rock everywhere underground until -700 or so, then you meet Hell, and if you dig deeper yet you'll eventually fall into lava and die.

    Sorry for the late response! =O

    The world generation speed mainly depends on your hardware. Usually reducing the view distance (and especially detail distance) improves the situation. If the world loads extremely slow even if you have a good CPU, this might be related to the hard drive - the game constantly reads/writes to the hard drive, and if this takes too long, it slows down the game (or mor precisely, the world generation speed).

    Maybe you can create a log file, to do that, go to your game directory, open the file with a text editor and set "game_debug_console" to true. Now start the game and play until the issue occurs a few times. Quit the game and go into the "Logs" folder in your game directory. Please upload the latest logfile here (or send it via PM) :)

    Sorry, I'm late replying as well. I had to format my PC and have no access to the game right now. But well, I'll make sure to do that should the problem happen again.

    As for hardware I am not 100% sure but I'm running an i7 4770K so I wouldn't think it's a bad CPU? As for hard drive, I am not exactly sure what the writing speed of it is, but I would think that is more of the issue if it's either of them. I also have 16 gb of RAM and a GTX 1070 in case it's need to know info, so I would definetely blame the hard drive if anything at all :)

    I should also mention that I've noticed a Disk Usage of 100% quite frequently before I formatted, so it might as well have been caused by that...but yeah, I'll just make sure to monitor the siutation further and report back if the problem represents itself.

    For now I thank you for your time :)

    yes in a new world you have to make new clothes to wear so yeah you spawn in the underwear "shorts" as you call them. Also after dying you respawn with the spawn inventory on you and of course without any clothes on.

    Since you touched on the topic, I've been wondering for a while: how do you make clothes? I've been looking at the loom but haven't been able to find anything cloth related...