Arcticu's Rising World plans (Unity)

  • You guys can ignore this if you so desire, I'm just making a new list and priorities for Rising World as it continues to mature and shape up. I wanted to make a new thread (deleting any past ones for Java) so I can also insert this thread into my signature. Who knows if I'll be able to accomplish the below with the wild cards life tends to show, just the sooner Rising World updates the better. Not forcing Red51 and his team, just.... Planning.

    Also, if you want to post what your priorities for Rising World is feel free to share them. It could be as simple as making a simple hut in singleplayer mode, making certain mods, or whatever you want to do. Maybe a fort, or whatever.

    I'm sorry if you guys consider me "loud" or "obnoxious", just that if you can't be vocal about the things you enjoy then you might as well be dead. People want to shame you and silence you for having fun.

    (Purpose of this image is: "The fun-tax". I love how a fellow Canadian noted it, thus why I'm sharing it. I'm going to use it from now on.)


    Rising World Priorities:

    - Boats & World War 2 Vessels:

    Let us start off with boats because that is what people wanted, and I accidentally shunned people when it came to that for Java version. I found it logically better to have horses & trains, even then we were not able to get most of it. Having played games like Minecraft (& Movecraft), Ylands, Wurm Unlimited it would be awesome once we come around to having boats, be it vanilla or modded. I'll obviously be building dockyards, shipyards, and etc (when the time allows) to boast my naval might in both "for fun" and to reflect Canadian naval stuff. If we're to obtain larger ships then I can't wait to have the satisfaction of piecing it together with keel, hull, mast, and etc in their separate chunk. They're best build in parts. I would happily build a drydock to handle them to then have them let loose into any body of water to deal with them.

    Ships I would consider appropriate could even be SS Nomadic, and even Princess Sophia type vessels. They don't have to be exact replicas, just similar being inspired by them. Few cabins, places for crafting spaces, able to hold lots of storage, and just be the "mobile home" that boats tend to be known as. Again, doesn't have to be copies, just "similar".

    Princes Sophia (Above) - SS Nomadic (Below)

    My gaming buddies would be happy having a home that they don't have to build by hand themselves. They could make a mobile home on a boat and be done with it. Just as long as it doesn't sink. Maybe make duplicates. 8)

    As a side-note: Because WW2 Naval game developers are fearful and scared, I want to be able to have some WW2 era naval warships in Rising World, even if they're static models. Similar to the Object plugin we had for Java, I would love to be able to import WW2 vessels into my game to proudly display them. If by any chance Red51 feels "giving" enough I wouldn't mind having a generic Minesweeper or torpedo warship in Rising World to have fun with, and maybe blast some pirates with. Or whatever other threats we gain in the future. I'm not expecting any war material, just Rising World can be any game you want, and your worlds can be whatever it wants to be.

    I'm Canadian so I patriotically align myself as a proud Canadian for Canadian Navy. Both because of that, lazy WW2 developers, and for Wargaming's abuse of Two Community members & 2 staff members something that was already special is now overly special. I want to take HMCS Yukon as my own turning her into my own vessel. I want to take WoWS models of HMCS Haida & HMCS Yukon to import into Rising World to display them proudly at my main shipyard. If Red51 wants to add in simplistic minesweeper German vessels into RW then I'd be fine with that. Whatever works I will be happy with just as long as I can tap into a void game developers are frustratingly afraid to fill in.

    Any WW2 vessel I can get my hands on shall be proudly displayed (and maybe even used) within Rising World. 8) Well, that is if Red51 allows me to. If he wants me to have a sailing ship then I'll be fine with just that, but do know that my desires to populate Rising World's worlds is vast.


    - Trains:

    Can't wait to make a main train station which would link up hubs on one island, go underwater to another, and just link itself everywhere. Can't wait to use steam, diesel, and electric trains to roam the world of Rising World with crazy train station designs, build through oceans, and other fun projects. If I don't have time to do these things anymore then they'll stay simple desires.

    I wanted to make a pyramid on a rectangle base for trains to come in at, and to just admire the view. Even if visually from screenshots. I want to have fun with trains in ONE proper game, similar to how we can't get a proper WW2 naval game. Only Silent Hunter 3 is the best naval game while Rising World may be the best train game out there, ironically beating train sims. If anything, Trains in Rising World could rival that of Minecraft's Traincraft mod, or even surpass it by a long shot.

    With what Red51 noted we could even have the train automatically move at a low enough throttle. I'm fine with that.


    - Statues & Monuments:

    When the time comes I'll be making these statues and monuments using model plugins to import models again. Basically what I've done in Java is what I'll do in Unity, and much more. I'll also be doing it with any HMCS vessel I come across so I can share my Canadian pride WW2 game developers refuse to acknowledge appropriately. I'll re-import Tallgeese (The white mecha in the image), import HMCS Yukon, HMCS Haida, among other vessels. If I could even potentially pilot an imported WW2 vessel that be a nice bonus. Firing their guns would be awesome, though Red51 will have to decide with we are allowed to do that or not. Statues, monuments, shipyards with static vessel models, and etc. That shall be glorious.


    More plans and desires to be noted as time goes on. Shall edit as we go on.

  • Late night ramblings, trying to make this quick. Who knows if it may seem normal or not, I have to make note of this while the iron is hot showing why Rising World is one of the best games out there with the greatest potential......


    Rising World - Modding (NPCs & Main character):

    This basically ties into 'Statues & Monuments', this however expands things further thanks to both Red51's and Twitter's reaction to me. From my tweet about how someone told me to get back into Busou Shinki I felt "alive" again, also with how someone DM'd me just to stay true to figure photography. Rising World wise Red51 noted in a posting on Steam forums we shall be able to customize our main character and NPCs, something I'm now overly excited for. I can't wait for when that day now comes for when we can customize NPCs to Busou Shinki characters, anime characters, etc. Scathach from Fate anime universe. Hololive characters betrayed by politics and bullying being able to be free in Rising World.

    Scathach (Fate/Extella Link):…ns/0/5281042383588623396/

    Scathach, Skadi, Renge, KanColle, Azur Lane, Hololive, among other numerous characters. This however all depends on Red51 and how open he plans to make his API.


    Let it be known that once we obtain the ability to once again import static models, change NPCs to other models, and other forms of customization you'll see a boom of interest from the outside. This is why I'm posting this because of the reception I got from a DM telling me to continue taking figure photography of Busou Shinki figures. This, on top of a Busou Shinki "mod" would increase traffic to this game from the Japanese side. To those constantly worried about Rising World's popularity shouldn't worry if certain steps are seriously considered. Once we get proper modding you'll see a nice increase in traffic for this game.

    Japanese folks importing Arnval into what appears to be VRChat. If it can be done there, it can be done in Rising World.

    Kris follows me for Genshin Impact, now for Busou Shinki also. The potential in Rising World is greater than any other game I've seen. I apologize for my obnoxiousness, just Rising World is the best platform right now for anything currently out there. VRChat & Tower Unite barely fill in these voids. It's why I'm here.

  • I'm encountering some overly skilled and enthusiastic folks making me a bit "enthusiastic". I simply desire "to strike while the iron is hot" afraid it's going to cool off again. Not to rush Red51, I'm just overly overly eager in adding these Busou Shinki models before its too late. If Red51 wants to wait on adding the Plugin & Modding API then I'll wait. If he wants to release it sooner then that is also fine. I know what I said on the Steam forum may have been "lost in translation", typing on a phone does that. You try it. Go type a serious message on a phone in haste. I'm basically on a time limit.


    To get to the point:

    - Rising World - Modding (NPCs & Main character) (Part 2):

    I planned to add statues, and custom NPCs (now importing models over them, or as their own entities). Red51 noted he would consider it, though not 100% currently. My first priority is adding entites as their own NPCs into the game, then obtain their respective weapon (even in vanilla form), as well as eventually get AI personalities etched into them. AI patterns in how they fight, harvest, etc. Everything Red51 shall do is basic, there however can be "habits" they can artificially obtain.

    - Example 1:




    VR Busou Shinki I tried to ride on the palm. When the palm is turned up, it gets on, and when it is turned over, it returns to the flight mode.

    - Example 2:






    He advised me to put out VRCID as well. I'm going out now, so hurry up ...!
    VRCID: sigure0729 is. Thank you
    I'm playing with making something like this in Unity


    This is all Unity based. This is what I want to encourage in Rising World hoping we can get a proper modding community going. Plugin API, Modding API. I'm aware people don't want to help me out as I've asked for help. I have to resort to asking help elsewhere gaining varying results. I either have to pressure Red51 or find external assistance.

    I'm not expecting it, though would be neat to see gestures of holding objects and entities in your hand. To do gestures to attract birds, to which could be used to tie into external modding gestures such as having little NPCs mount your hand, your shoulder, etc.

    What I'm seeing from Kris is what I desire to tackle in Rising World in varying manners. Minus the whole flying part of the 'Arnval' character, I expect my NPCs to stay grounded. Maybe accelerate their walking speed, be 15 cm tall, and probably hope for other "gimmicks". Those flying gimmicks would be awesome though. The tweets you see (one in previous post; Two here) are all done in Unity. Because this is Unity I'm hoping I can further attract others into modding for Rising World. I've met people who just don't want to do anything while another group wants to do everything. When I see people tackling something I regain faith in that side of the community, hence my hype for adding in Busou Shinki into Rising World, NPCs having external models added onto of them (hopefully), etc.

    Don't underestimate the Japanese community. I've been poking and prodding everywhere.

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