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    I want to mark this thread as "resolved", yet am open to more proper suggestions. I'll do my own digging on the side.

    I'm even going to keep brainstorming as to how else I can keep adding onto Rising World from the sidelines. Once the time is right I may obtain the suggested gadget, or even obtain a more accessible one. Life is sending people on the streets so I may be forced not to even get one. We'll see what happens, but I am thankful to those who actually helped out.

    Yeah, the gadget that was linked is indeed the perfect size. I can put it in a random corner of this current home (or a future apartment, if I'm allowed to have one). The main issue was the overheating during summer, computer aging, etc. Desired a more unified front to which I can simply rely on a secondary device instead of having to worry about Nitrado ToS, or other hassles. Maybe it isn't an option, I'll still however look into it.

    I wouldn't run it 24/7, maybe a few hours a day while turning it off at night, or something. A small private gathering. The gadget which was shown is on the right path.


    And yes, I'm talking about the Rising World community.

    1) I always butted heads with one user who kept being far more political than I am, yet I'm always the black sheep because I don't follow the narrative.

    2) When I bookmarked a tweet on my Rising World Discord group, and was depressed, I was kicked down even further while getting yelled and and screamed at for sharing that tweet (for myself). I wanted nothing to do with that person anymore. Everything always had to be my fault, and for all the wrong reasons. I was being gaslit and shouted at. I was being kicked down even noting I wasn't feeling well and in the mood. They didn't care, they kept kicking and screaming at me. They saw weakness and they bullied me that night. I hate them for that. The tweet wasn't meant for them, and I even forgot what tweet it was. It was a random tweet. Nothing to do with them.

    3) Various folks on the Steam Forum (and here) would mock my suggestions for automated musical instruments, or mounted moose, or things I would see in Asian Games and Japanese games. Just fun side-entertainment suggestions to which they were suggested as plugins.

    4) Constantly gaslit, mocked, ignored, and treated like a black sheep. Everything is always my fault, never the other person's fault.

    It's honestly no wonder Weem and Vortac left side-lined Rising World. Granted, the Freedom convoy thing on the fan discord was when Canadians fought back for actual freedom, yet we live in a gaslighting society to which "no fun allowed" exists. Yeah, it's perfectly fine to live on a street. Nobody is allowed to be human anymore. That was a one time incident, yet it sped things up showing who was an instigator and who was a true Rising World fan. It made me more wary of people as well when I was also thrown under the bus time and time again. I guess I shall continue to be on the sidelines seeing what I can do for Rising World from the shadows. Yes, I do poke on here, I'm still curious who is human and who is an instigator.

    I've made note of studios treating their fanbase like a bunch of turds (mainly western ones) to which only overly traditional Europeans and Asian gaming studios have survived. People want their escapism, and I'm happy those games are thriving, along with Rising World. I'm glad Rising World is still a proper game, and for proper escapism reasonings, something Western games now fail now more than ever, even intentionally. People simply want to escape into a game world, and I'm happy for those people, not the corrupted studios. If you don't call them out nothing gets fixed.

    I want to have fun in Rising World. I want to bring what's good in other games into Rising World thanks to how homely and peaceful Rising World feels. Sadly, too many people are caught up in fakeness to the point it clouds their own enjoyment while stifling other people's fun. Hopefully people will realize Rising World is being stunted to which we can have fun again, similar to how Minecraft kept pushing the Bukkit boundary, etc. If fun can be had then we should do it instead of "It's stupid, you need to feel like a turd" type comments.

    Because everything always has to be allegedly my fault I even distanced myself from the Discord fangroup. If folks want to ruin that then go ahead, I want nothing to do with that fan discord group either. I'm simply here to take advantage of Rising World's customization options, and because it's a great game.

    I do agree on the 'honey and vinegar' part. People always seek out blood, and I've seen it time and time again. I simply feel constantly betrayed. If things mellow out (if people want to be friendly again) then things shall become better again. Rising World shall do better once people take actual action, not the fake ones they've noted in threads by saying they won't help fun Rising World, they only want to do it via words.

    I don't know what to expect in the future though. It'll be a wild ride.


    Look, I'm genuinely thankful for the server suggestions. I'm making note of it. I really am.

    If future updates pan out positively, and if the standards of living improve, I'll obtain something like this sooner than later. That is, if we're allowed to live like humans again.

    What Juggernaut linked you to is 12cm x 13cm x 6cm. You'll have a hard time finding anything smaller than that which is also capable of running a game server. At a minimum, you need a motherboard, CPU, RAM, and an SSD/HDD to run a server. $659 USD is about as cheap as that hardware gets unless you're sourcing older/used parts.

    Also, you'd probably get more help on things if you didn't antagonize people in your posts before they've even had a chance to offer you help or go on unrelated tangents about politics that no one asked or commented about. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

    That's fine, and I'm actually eyeing that gadget now. As I said, I thanked him for the gadget keeping it on my "wishlist" to see if I can go through with it, or if other things need priority now. It is what I am indeed looking for and I'm happy for the suggestion.

    As for your part 2 about allegedly "antagonizing people", not everything is my fault. I know we live in a society where people desire to strongly shame and insult people to which I want no part in that. I'm not a black sheep as much as people desire. I know Western society is filled with that, I want nothing to do with that, hence why I have a strong Anime influences. I desire my escapism. About your political accusations I want people to be normal and traditional, yet we live in such a far lonelier society than ever before.

    Again, not everything is my fault in this world as much as people keep insisting it is.

    I know you said not a staight up computer, but why not? Cheapest option, don't even need a dedicated video card installed as that is not needed for a game server (just use the igpu common on most CPUs these days)..

    I suggest at minimum a quad core CPU or more, 16GB RAM or more, SSD (solid state drive, they are fast and cheap). Can package into a small form factor case.

    If you are using it for LAN only, no need to open ports on your router.

    If you insist on small form factor, this would be way more than adequate:

    Why not a straight up computer?

    I'm running out of room, and I'm not living in my own home (coworker roommate stuff). It's a space issue and a "reliability" issue. I need something external, yet "compact". It's impossible to buy a home/apartment in Canada (thanks to fake political madness), yet still allowed to have my entertainment to keep me sane.

    I'll make note of what you said relating to the Geekom stuff.

    I'll keep poking around, even waiting to see what Red51 himself suggests. Not in any rush, we still need more updates before we can really do anything. I at least am curious about options. Been desiring to have these external servers for awhile now.

    I've brought this up with Red51 in a DM fearing people will hijack what I said, even gaslight, pester, and bully myself and the thread. I'm going to test the water hoping people can be civil, and if not I request the thread to be immediately locked, or the people to be timed out for a certain amount of time. I'm not going to push for this suggestion, I'm however going to propose it on a friendly nature.

    (If I made a similar topic then I'll purge that for this thread.)


    Atlantis City:

    I proposed a proper Atlantis, and I mean the proper layout of Atlantis.

    If Atlantis is as shown above then it should find it's way in. If not, then feel free to hold back. Granted, it's Red51's game so he can do whatever he wants, yet strongly propose it stay as "accurately" to the above theory as possible, or it'll simply loosen the impact it has. It can be a ringed city of whatever scale Red51 can manage (or desires), be a scale model object, or referenced as a scroll.

    If we obtain customizable book objects I shall make note of this in that very book. I'll take things into my own hands making reference to it myself doing things on my own terms, and that's fine. Give me the ability and I'll do things myself.

    Whyfiles (a Youtube channel) respectfully covered Atlantis. I can't find it in a quick search, shall edit it once I rediscover the video.

    It's Red51's call if he wants to do this or not, or if he is able to or not. I'll leave it up to him to decide.

    Cleaned up my first posting of certain disclaimers. I'll keep editing the main post with each alterations I do.

    You still have a lot to do with curves. Take a look at the construction mechanics. (Pivot points + rotate/ upsize + downsize).

    Deformable round components are also available.

    You can do that without having to wait for updates.

    This is why I asked for help. Nobody wanted to help me so I had to do things hastily. I'll do what I can, when able, even correcting things whenever I see the flaws. I'm sure I can do what you've noted, and I thank you for the pointers. I hope someone is willing to actively help me out. Sorry if I sound passive-aggressive. I'm trying to be polite while being spread thin on many things.

    I'll add the wheels whenever I can, fix the seating issues, etc. Certain stuff still requires updates. I can't go back to mend certain issues, they're hard-placed now.

    I've been wondering what would be a good external device to host a Rising World server? It doesn't have to allow access to the real world, it can be a LAN thing. Not a straight up computer, just something to hide in a room somewhere to allow myself (and maybe a few trusted folks) to play Rising World on. I've took a quick skim on, Bestbuy, etc. I even looked at Raspberry Pie, among other gadgets.

    I can't trust my computer (in the heat), nor do I want to have my Steam Deck struggle with Rising World. Having an external server would help, though need an idea as to what to seek.

    If I don't get any assistance then I guess it is what it is. People enjoy villainizing one another, though testing the waters to see if anybody wants to help out. Would consider jumping back on Nitrado, though want to have something on my end so I don't accidentally hit a ToS issue relating to posters, image types, etc.


    Thank you for making these awesome ships and shipwrecks. I'll eventually explore these when it's not so hot and humid.

    You're genuinely one of the few good few folks on here. Keep up the good work :party:

    Hello, Red51.

    My issue is with the way blueprints are highlighted using the voxels causing everything to be sideways. I've build my builds going against the grid to which the blueprint is all crazy.

    While trying to save my Yura-themed train I noticed the blueprints following the grid. Can it please be more free-ranged by actually following your avatar to then go wherever you desire? It's hard to save your builds when they're compact, unaligned by the grid, and etc. I was forced to save a roadway in one of my blueprints. I refused to build in creative mode, I wanted to build it via survival mode, cleaning it up in creative mode after creating 2 versions.

    I hope there is a better way to handle blueprints.

    Secondly, when creating blueprints in survival it directs you to the blueprint table. It doesn't have an option to create one (from what I've seen), only when it's next to your crafting bench. Give the blueprint table a blueprint creating option. I'm aware I could simply shuffle my crafting bench, though for future Quality of Life tweaks this needs to be looked into.

    1) Misaligned blueprint selection (follows grid, not the build)

    2) Blueprint crafting issues.

    This is a simplified "museum" version of a train I was shown in Yura, Japan (near Maizuru) all white, intending to be covered with Yura from Kantai Collection. It's my own improvised take on the train.


    This request is still active for anyone wise, friendly, or helpful enough to convert the model provided into the theme shown in the thread:
    [Request] Static Train - Yura Theme


    I was hoping people would help me out, instead having to do so myself. I tried my best, even fully aware it's not the best, it's however something. I admire viewing it every time I walk by it. It has a lovely morale-boosting effect in my world, and I love it for that. I admire the "museum" presence it has in my world, hoping to share it with my Japanese buddies, and those who are open-minded. It's simple, it's referenced to it's real-world counterpart, and even from memory of when I traveled on Tango operated trains.

    When I visited the area locally the locals (in Yura) happily showed me their massive Yura shrine, even proudly gifting me a Yura photo (train on a bridge in Yura theme), and guided me to a Yura shrine dedicated to Kantai Collection. I respect that, and cherish that moment. This build could also be considered a small "tribute" to the Japanese in Yura (and eventually Kure) as thanks for their hospitality. Both a memento of my trip there, and to pay my respects to Yura in her ship & shipgirl form.

    I'm aware the "train" doesn't have wheels. I'll upload other versions of the train as time goes by. Better seating, detailed faux-wheels, etc. There may be a total of 5 Versions, depending on what Red51 even updates the game with. Better seating, driving area, actual coin/ticket machines, etc. Whatever I'm provided I shall fix my monument with, vanilla or plugin wise. Whatever I'm provided I'll smooth it out when able.


    Yura Themed Train:

    - Survival Version - V1


    (Need to remove the roadway attached to it)

    - Creative Mode cleaned up


    (Roadway has been removed, seats have been completed in creative mode)


    - Screenshots:



    (Decals accidentally leak into the interior, yet kept it for atmosphere.)



    (Image Source)

    Not accurate? Mostly accurate, if with flaws. Hence, why I asked for assistance. If people are able to help me out, please help me out by viewing my request thread containing a model.

    To-Do List:

    - Needing to add more detailing on both ends (wipers & mirrors)

    - Faux-Wheels

    - Fix seating spacing, and style.

    - Roofing detailing

    - Potential train noises.

    - Smoothing out corners at a later date.

    - Mini-museum building next to train (separate blueprint).

    (I won't go higher than Version 5 in blueprints)


    Required images:

    This is supposed to be a Yura-themed Train, hence the Yura images. Please place them on the very front, the sides, and wherever you deem appropriate. I sadly do not have access to the images used on the train, thus the Danbooru link.

    Please use an ad-blocker for viewing Danbooru. Also, NSFW. You've been warned:

    - Yura category:…=yura_%28kancolle%29+&z=5


    (Please add 'Maizuru' in red on the bottom of the front two headlights in text form on both ends; View image section above for reference.)

    (The four above images are the ones I've used. I shall be further decorating the Yura themed train on my end; This build is to be treated as a museum piece.)



    If people decide to be genuinely kind again I'm willing to converse with people again. The more honest you are, the better it is for everybody, INCLUDING yourselves. ;) If people (in general) are genuine in assisting me then I'm all ears in listening. Even willing to accept "donation" (plugin's or blueprints) to improve on this train museum piece for mine and other people's worlds. This also goes for images actually on the train, I'm willing to share those if they're openly provided and "public" shared. Pixiv & Danbooru has to be your sources of images, for now.

    Well, the thing is that bread basically restores a lot of hunger (you get 2 pieces per bread, and each of them fully restores your hunger level). So we wanted to make sure bread takes longer to bake compared to meat (IRL, baking bread also takes a lot longer than grilling meat) :D

    But I agree that some sort of timer or stopwatch would be quite handy in this regard :) It is on our to-do list^^

    You're correct about this, It indeed takes forever, among other things, when you're baking. It's sometimes the fun part, if you have a timer on you.

    Thanks for the timer to-do list note :)

    It indeed does take too long, hence why I suggested twice in having a timer set for various foods and ores. Someone requested this, I'm simply echoing their sentiments prior to Unity version having been a thing.

    I guess for now one can set up an IRL timer to then head back, or something.

    With people being dishonest and others being morally corrupted I even left the unofficial Discord group of Rising World. Have fun, I'm not allowed to speak, nor converse with anybody so you guys can go enjoy yourselves in various ways. Everything is always allegedly my fault while other people always want to justify harm on myself, or whatever nonsense you guys are delusional with. Even political delusions. I am however highly aware certain Germans are morally corrupted (hence our scuffling) so I guess I'll be more on the sideline, as you've painfully desired, seeing Rising World degrade into a mess. I'm not allowed on Steam, pushed away on forums, Discord and such so the field is now all yours. This is what you wanted, you can have it. Just remember, I'm not your black sheep ;)

    I posted a simple tweet one time and it set off a weird Mexican to attack me for no apparent reason. You guys need a serious chill pill. Once you realize you guys screwed up feel free to come back to me with the 2 requests I made (without Malware) so we can have Rising World be in the proper state it is. When you wised up let's continue making Rising World a great game. I'm sure your own pride and ego will blind you. But the offer still stands, if and when you desire Rising World to be a great game I'm all ears to listen to you in helping make Rising World a great game.

    I'm not in the mental state to constantly deal with people pretending they've done nothing wrong. I need to cut off the negativity before it turns into a full-blown cancer and disease. See ya!~ :wacko:

    When people are overly passionate and creative we really do obtain the greatest of things. I'm sharing this video because it also applies strongly to Rising World in various ways.

    An Ultra REALISTIC Map inside Minecraft | Photogrammetry + Graphics, Mods, Physics, RTX

    It's as I've said, when you're helping me out with other and my own API Requests you're also helping yourselves and other people, as noted in the video. You can do so much with the game, more than what even the developers (of any game) could have ever have imagined. You could genuinely add photogrammetry into Minecraft (more so into Rising World) if you so cared and desired to. Seeing a lot of lethargic folks saddens me, especially with the financial strains Rising World is under. You could do so much with the game, something I admire when people add one plugin after another, or share what they've been working on behind the scenes.

    It's genuinely mind-blowing seeing people adding photogrammetry into Minecraft, something we can also do in Rising World with ease. I genuinely had my jaw drop to the ground when I saw the results of other people constantly pushing the boundaries, something I'm used to the Japanese community doing in whatever game they're a part of.

    The video also has shown snow detailing. Shall Rising World have that? if it does, I wasn't paying attention.

    Smoke collecting on the ceiling trying to find its way further up.


    "Minecraft stops being a game. It's something a bit more than that, it's a canvas"

    This same quote can also be applied to Rising World.

    I'm slowly starting to give up on idiocy becoming more and more depressed while at the very same time becoming angrier and angrier. People always want to note everything is my fault to justify their moral corruptions. No, I've already been blamed for everything under the sun, it's about time you take responsibility for your own corruptions, flaws, and your own sins. Don't you dare gaslight me validating me being bullied, and other nonsense. it's your fault for not being honest (this goes to many people, not just one).


    I'm becoming more depressed with how Microsoft injected "Fake Politics" into Microsoft Flight Simulator. The funny part is was how Microsoft announced Flight Simulator 2024 causing a severe divide in the community. People now believe the '2020' flight sim game to be left on a low-priority burner while the 2024 version shall now allegedly see more updates and improvements. Corporate greed.

    I was banned on 'The Game of Annie', an indie version of 'The last of Us' inspiring from such a game. I was genuinely having a civil conversation bringing up false advertising (people were expecting a more lewd experience) to which Steam support sided with the instigator, not myself. I'm always the black sheep in the group, even falsely justified of having everything blamed on me when other people are morally and intellectually corrupted. I was having a civil discussion about Skyrim; About Skyrim's modding (Skyrim Defeat & Submit mods). How someone could tell I'm Canadian or American even without me saying so. Maybe they were being sassy, yet I found that amusing. If you're wondering, I'm not going to purchase that 'The Game of Annie' game. Not even allowed to either way, I've been banned. The game was falsely advertised. No fun allowed.

    I'm not allowed to have fun, everything is always allegedly my fault (even in Rising World forums), WE are not allowed to have fun, and Steam Moderators ban people for simply sneezing. I'm now left upset, sour, and depressed. Just be this depressed little cog in the machine. You're not allowed to have your own identity. You'll own nothing and you'll be happy........ Twitter now knows my pain, even though nothing shall be done about it. RIP. Getting banned while other people instigate while I end up getting thrown in the trash bin time and again. Thank you.........

    Yeah, I need to do as my Mexican anime buddy told me and stop posting on the forums. Maybe even the Rising World Steam forums. I'm not allowed to have fun anymore. || Blame Steam support, everything is allegedly my fault. Various folks even told me everything is my fault in this forum as well, even if it's false and incorrect.



    It's been nice knowing you. I can't converse on Steam forums, I'm not allowed.

    So, other people are allowed to be vulgar, rude, and a pile of turds, yet when I simply want to know the state of the game I'm labeled with all these crazy things by Steam Support. I simply told the guy he was a joke, and that he should go back to Reddit. Shame. Banned for sneezing, I swear.

    I've got more to add to the mix, and on ancient realistic terms. While certain people want to be whiny and moany I have something to make your thing, or at least some neat "food for thought" stuff.

    - Cooling your ice in the desert.

    - Fog Nets (Turning air & clouds into water):

    (Ignore the randomness, or don't. How Chile does it is what I originally intended to share.)

    I'm simply going to copy and paste this from the Steam forums. Also, to the above posting, I've stopped posting games. It's mainly about VR.


    Sorry for bumping this thread, or even allegedly hijacking this. Thought I'd post a few things while I still have it in mind. Just wanted to neutrally chime in that if Red51 ever needs help with VR mode I'm still in, though don't know for how much longer. This year may finally shake things up to the point I may finally not be allowed. Who knows.

    Youtube recommended me this video and I strongly disagree with this video. It's not that VR is allegedly "failing", it's because AAA game developers are useless morons to the point Indie developers have to do everything. Indie developers can only do so much to the point tension tends to snap the varying wide cable of indie developers trying to keep VR afloat. Shame AAA studios are as useless as a toilet full of turds.

    Apple has indeed announced their Apple Vision headset device making VR even more mainstream than it already is. Though, if you want a VR Headset I still strongly suggest and recommend a Valve Index. Going with Oculus is a risk in software bloating, Facebook linear nonsense (being banned), among other issues I had to face. I've been treated the best with Valve Index.

    The video creator idiot noted many faults of VR which aren't true, such as bulky or clunkiness. People DANCE with VR. Only haters make up excuses and slander. VR is the best thing ever, hence why I boasted and praised it as much as I had when I played it constantly.

    It still pains me to see Subnautica developers chicken out on both co-op and VR Mode, even though they themselves desired such elements in their game. I'm happy for other developers pushing the boundaries while I hate other developers making all these idiotic excuses as to not implement VR.

    For Apple Vision Pro I'm going to assume the feedback is painfully toxic you're not allowed to talk about it. It's a decent step, yet probably may attract swarms of Vallery girl weirdoes similar to how you see kids in VRChat with Oculus Quest devices.

    Valve Index all the way.


    In short:

    When Red51 is ready I'm willing to give VR a whirl, yet hoping I won't be homeless, a skeleton, or whatever negative happens in the future. I have my Steam Deck so I may still have a chance to play Rising World in some capacity, depending if Canada doesn't burn to the ground either thanks to Dictator Trudeau corruption of Canada and everything around it.

    Maizuru station upon arrival.

    - Shoukaku's shrine (South of Nara), preferable from Kantai Collection. I used Azur Lane. I was told to visit this place by other Kantai Collection people.

    (There is more to this area, yet upload image limit prevents me from sharing more.)


    Kure, Japan:

    One of the major beating hearts of the naval pride, of Kantai Collection, and the Yamato museum. All hail Yamato!

    - Yamato's anchor

    - Yamato museum

    Yamato Museum with Kantai Collection side-characters.

    - Military tour cruise boat viewing the docked military vessels in the harbour. Shigure on the window, a destroyer.

    Y's Cafe, the place which caused all the Kantai Collection fans to swarm my Twitter account.

    - Ooyodo cardboard cutout with Kasumi from Azur Lane on the left.

    - Kure's Yamato museum.

    Was supposed to be shared two more, yet that's what I was provided.

    Japan prides itself in its military. I admire it. I love how true and artistic they are with their naval pride, their anime, and how they let things be free. I admired Europeans this way as well, even being intellectually superior to North Americans. Europe sadly dropped in that regard, same with Canada on its own. Nobody is smart in Canada, or at least a few. It's forcing me to go the Japanese route while keeping an eye out on any quality gems hiding in Europe. Rising World still appears to be a lovely admirable gem.

    I'm proud to have visited a few surviving WW2 ships in Canada, as well as other fellow Canadians into our history. We have HMCS Haida and HMCS Sackville. I visited the former, need to visit the latter. We Canadians aren't true to our honest feelings, yet we have the best aviation and a highly respectable navy to look back on. :monocle:

    Part 3

    Part 2 of Yura (Tango-Yura - Ann Shirley Cafe)

    I was gifted a LOT of goodies from Kure & Yura for respecting their naval history; For visiting their areas for Kantai Collection.


    Maizuru, Japan.

    I was suggested to come here from Nara. It was fate/destiny. I was supposed to come here one way or another ;)

    - Maizuru & Yura cardboard cutout at Maizuru station heading to Maizuru.

    - Tunnel at Maizuru with Maizuru & Yura shipgirls. Alternating poster images.

    - Both an Kantai Collection Anime spot, along with a highly respected museum.


    Both an Animation spot, as well as a Kantai collection get. I obtained a Yura display in the above image. $100 Canadian, almost.

    Stations named after vessels.

    A bakery I was told to visit paying high respects to Kantai Collection.

    Another part in next post.