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    Unfortunately the only way would be to create a screenshot of the map, then upload it as poster :/ For the new version, we may add a feature to use map data directly for posters, but unfortunately I can't say whether or when such a feature would be implemented... first we have to get the new version a bit more fleshed out in general :saint:

    This needs to be done when the time is right. Would be fun posting your map up as a poster, hopefully with better resolution. Hope we can also get various sorts of map styles to chart with.

    Having some fun with more Asian oriented games finding neat features which would compliment Rising World in interesting ways. The better its implemented into Rising World the more fun it shall be.

    Genshin Impact - Four Leaf Sigil:

    Think of the hook used in the 'Zelda - Ocarina of Time' (N64), or any hook-shots to travel around the terrain. Even Spider-man web-swinning, if it helps you imagine it better. It's a bit annoying to use in Genshin Impact having to be timed properly, though when it works it works great.

    Explains how to use the 'Four-Leaf Sigil'.

    When you connect one with the next you end up feeling like Spider-man. Having this feature in Rising World as a hook shot would be acceptable, though being able to place or even mod them in would be an even more interesting way to get around. If we want to tie it into Rising World lore they could probably even be tied to the potential Fantasy Biome, Red51 willing.

    I'm getting far too "spoiled" by Asian games, but not in the "spoiled" term. It's just more fun being able to do more fun things.

    That moment where I'm left waiting, and waiting, and waiting for other games to do simple things and it just doesn't happen. Then, when it does happen it's always left out of reach, done wrongly, or just improperly implemented. This post also served as a self-note for me to make note of something I want to add into Rising World via modding purposes. As such with NPCs, I would also love the ability to add in vehicles other developers have been cutting corners to implement into Rising World using Rising World's eventual API.


    Importing NPCs models (VRoid, VRM, etc):

    Basicacally importing models using the VRM, Vroid, and other similar ways to make use of in Rising World. The game already has a system set up to handle various files VRM and other files use, just need to make them fully compatible Rising World side. Have a support system for Pixiv's Booth store site.

    (This has been discussed with Red51, only making note of it. Do not quote or reply to this, we've already touched upon this a few times with no need to be the dead horse. I'm only noting it to keep things noted. I'll wait for the NPC Update and the necessary API stuff.)


    Importing Objects, Vehicles, and etc:

    Similar to NPCs, it would be handy to import vehicles, objects, and other sorts into the game in a similar manner to the above. It had been done with furniture in Java, needs to be expanded upon for Unity version. I'm constantly getting peeved off with developers and gamers making up lame excuses as to why something can't be done in games forcing me to ask Rising World for its compatibility. Rising World already had a cars plugin, we need a more powerful API for it.

    I have various vehicles I would love to import into Rising World if Red51 can't implement it himself. I'm just fed up with other game developers being idiotic preventing me from connecting with various vehicles.

    Land Vehicle:

    For tanks it would be a bonus, though not necessary, if tanks could fire from their turret. These vehicles could stay passive as museum pieces. Various vehicles I could probably find online, or just have someone rip them from War Thunder.

    • Ram 1 & 2 tank
    • Skink


    Various boats I desire, yet am not allowed to have thanks to various game developers fearing what they shouldn't fear. I simply desire them to be controllable, can float. Would be a bonus if they could fire weaponry, though don't expect it. Can be basic turret firing, or none at all.

    I have access to a free model of a WW2 era Tribal Class Destroyer. Making it pilotable for Rising World should be an interesting task, if given permission to do so on Red51's side via API, etc. Even if they're generic, I would love to have them in vanilla form.



    This last one is for Red51 to use if he ever needs a schematic for a fishing boat. Free of charge. Sorry for the blurriness, I do hope it serves you well, Red51.

    I now wonder if I somehow missed the 'shift + Page up / Down' portion, IF Avanar mentioned it. It worked, and I'm happy it worked. This is fine now, I'm happy. Thank you red51, and thank you guys.

    I may be a little tipsy during this exact posting, I just want to say this is awesome. Works as mostly intended and desired. A few flaws, though is nice. I'll try to work on this more when I have time and not so tipsy.:drunk:

    Labour Day, and I'm planning something special.

    Is your problem to extend the building element or to keep this shape?

    To extend it, as you would planks and beams in Java. I should have made a clear point above or under the image. I want to be able to extend it as a rod, not a stub. Every time I try various suggestions, even what was natural in Java, it simply twirls, rotates, or stays in its spot.

    Been having this issue for awhile, even pressing every known key on the keyboard. I even used F1, asked on Discord..... I'm "almost" at "wits end" trying to figure this out. I haven't posted about this for a few days because of other priorities (sharing my trip to Vancouver, work, etc), but yeah. One of my blueprints stalled out preventing me from uploading an updated version. This also would prevent me from building future structures with what would be considered "spam building".

    (Problem: Unable to extend it lengthy wise causing it to end up spinning it in place. It rotates, spins, or even flips 180 instead of extending as a log/plank would in PNB.)

    I was told (via Discord) "to make it longer". Smartass, don't piss me off. I was then told the old Java way, that is what I've originally been doing. I would love to make that rod longer, the PNB Java way, to replace the gate that wasn't carried over from Java to Unity. It would be weird to just spam it one after another. I hope there is a way to keep some form of PNB element to rods and rectangles.

    I wonder if Red51 is curious he can breath a bit of relief after I requested this ship type so many times in Rising World. This is a very good ship to have as your "big ship" in the ocean transport world. Joking aside, I'm loving this SS Nomadic. I'll give it a whirl when I'm able to see what I can do with it. Thanks for sharing this beauty of a ship, now immortalized in Rising World :party:

    Gave you a trophy, drakonas. Here, have another 8)

    I'm aware Red51 said what he said about Vroid, VRM, etc. I still have to make note of it with how I'm tuned into the whole VRChat avatar, Booth, and various other sides. If Rising World can tap into SOME elements of what VRChat taps into it'll appeal far better than the overly frustrating Minecraft experience. It'll gain high amounts of traction simply for its customization feature. I'm still waiting on Rising World (not to pressure Red51) for its biome update, even patiently waiting (anticipating) for the time I can command boats (saw my friend play 'Sea of Thieves' with awesome water shaders), and railway, and NPC companions. Everything I see I desire for Rising World. It's a nasty itch I can't cure. We're nearly there to the next updates though.

    Manjuu Japan (those who host made Azur Lane in Japan) recently released a character model for both MMD & VRChat side (using Unity) to which we can freely import a character (based on an IRL ship) into VRChat. This Amagi is based off of the real-world Battlecruiser from the Imperial Japanese Navy from World War 2, just personified. Why? We view ships as feminine, Japan & China both took off with that concept in an anime way. Google up both 'Kantai Collection' and 'Azur Lane'.

    - Default Amagi-Chan world with public avatars.

    My Amagi-chan character I painfully uploaded with a friend's help. He was busy, and probably pissed off at me, even then he was still helpful. I'm thankful for the amount of patience he has with me. The files were messy to the point even a formal tweet noting how they shall re-upload a properly clean file for VRChat's use.

    August 29, 20:00 postscript:
    We have received reports that the data is incomplete and the scope of modification is unknown, and will be uploaded again after corrections are made at a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could wait for the corrected data.

    Yeah, they really screwed that up. Nobody tested it, nor reviewed it. It was insane how much we had to poke in the dark just to get the model to work in its clunky, messy, and incomplete state. I know how to handle it now, special thanks to my friend.

    - VRChat - Amagi-chan using desktop mode camera.

    (If I was in VR mode I could have gotten more out of little Amagi-chan by posting better images.)

    My colour modification of Amagi-chan turning her hair white into a 'Ghost' version. Why? I have a fascination of ice-type entities thanks to Anime. View 'Kitsune', fox spirits in Japan... Arctic Fox... White fur, blue eyes...... Yeah.

    Now, once Rising World reaches this step again (the above image loosely appears to be Rising World-esque) I shall be attempting to import models into Rising World in a similar manner as I had done with VRChat stuff and Rising World's Java 'Static Model' plugin. Even if I have to peeve people off, I will do it one way or another.

    And yes, Red51 (as of the time of this posting) still has to prioritize the main world's Biome update and NPC Update. I understand, and I want him to. I however can't wait for the time to do what I have done in VRChat. Let me import models. Take advantage, maybe sponsorships can happen. Have certain demo worlds host custom models for Rising World. Mining avatars, or even tap into the Japanese market via anime sponsorships. Never know.

    (I've already started importing static models into Rising World Java with Gundam, Pokemon GO, etc. Can't wait for actual NPCS, hence why I'm sharing this hype. Rising World tapping into VRChat stuff would be a goldmine of awesomeness.)

    The friend I peeved off also showed me this plugin for VRChat, something I hope is a natural addition to Rising World. Having NPCs follow you in a similar manner as displayed in this booth page with 'Among us' follower.

    This has been what I've been seeking since the beginning, even before and during Rising World's 2015 era. Just having companions, something I've done in Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma. Having them in an open world is what I'm basically trying to say here.


    At one point I was building RMS Nomadic but that turned out weirdly shaped so I scraped the idea in Java version at the moment I'm trying to work on HMY Britannia don't know how that is going turn out been working on it for a while :dizzy: Hull is done all it need just details you can see it in a background of my Titanic pics.

    As for RMS Nomadic I might build that as well as a little extra to sit next to Titanic as a little passenger tender :D

    Damn, you've got insane amounts of skill and patience, more than I ever could have. Funny thing is, my patience is even greater than those in my social circle. Even then, this is wild. I'm interested in your HMY Britannia ship, also because I used to live near Britannia Beach in Ottawa (Also visited Britannia mines in Vancouver).

    And nice. Makes me happy reading that, have to keep our history preserved in various ways :thumbup:

    Here are few pics :D of HMY Britannia and I have started working on RMS Nomadic:D:D:D not much yet working out the shape and size

    Excellent pics. Those WIPs are nice. YAY to RMS Nomadic :party:

    I'll be lurking, seeing what you have sorted out. This is amazing.

    The scale of your builds is insane. I'm just in constant amazement here......

    not everything will be build only main areas such as few luxury cabins

    Fair. Only the major areas. Can always copy-paste the passenger cabins.

    as for furniture I'm waiting for new update to see what it has to offer for new building items maybe more doors to select from and new furniture that would be more suited to Titanic

    Exactly. As I noted that is a big issue right now, though can always PNB it in various ways until then.

    Yes in survival mode it might be tricky to build it if you will have to gather all the resources that requires for it to be build from blueprint then it will be needed alot of it that will take long time of "mining and grinding

    Yeah, there's that, the fear of scale, and how you have to swim and place the object, or whatever. survival mode makes things more tedious. I don't mind mining and grinding for materials, it's something I'll eventually have to do. The scale is what gets me having to piece it all together.

    and for the water update I hope that oceans will be big enough to make it fit. how cool it would be to sail it like Storworks build a custom ship and sail in the ocean

    Again, the scale. Yup, hope everything goes smoothly. I genuinely hope I can find an area to make it fit (your final version, that is).

    I have Stormworks, never could make it work well survival wise. Do love the concept. As for sailing the Titanic? I would love it, I wouldn't mind RMS Normadic, Titanic's little sister ship still preserved in the UK. I would LOVE to cmmand the RMS Nomadic, the perfect scale for Rising World.

    Here, have a trophy for all your hard work. I would send you a real one if I knew who you are. Good stuff! Missing tables, chairs, etc but I guess that may come as updates release. Not picky, so awesome stuff. Your Titanic always amazes me, especially in my Unity demo world.

    I've been wondering where and how to set up your Titanic once we go survival mode in the future updates. Going to be a struggle getting it fit into the world survival wise.

    This post contains Blueprints.


    - (Java/Unity) - Medieval Smelt (Dungeon):

    A sheltered hut type structure to deal with smelting needs. This structure is also a part of my surface dungeon town, now here for sharing. Each side able to hold giant smelters, middle sections able to contain chests. A few tweaks may be necessary for Unity side to deal with new player size. May have to scale up the building by a fair amount, or simply widen it, or tweak it. Built in Java.




    - (Java/Unity) - Fishing Hut/Shelter:

    Just a very simplistic tent-like shelter to handle your chests, barrels, and other basic storage areas to handle fish. That, or you can place your bed, etc.




    - (Java/Unity) - Medieval Tower (Dungeon):

    A rough appearing log tower belonging to my surface dungeon town, one to view the surrounding area. This tower caused Java's PNB to glitch out with logs sticking out, etc. It's mainly complete, though may require a few touch ups to the user's tastes (very few elements gone missing). Recommended to scale the size to 1.15 for Unity, though kept as is for Java side. Have to crouch when you reach the top stairway portion.

    (Original on the right, scaled up 1.15 on left.)




    Enjoy. I'll slow down my posting here on out to polish up my more detailed builds. Have fun o7

    This post contains Blueprints.


    - (Java/Unity) Fishing "House":

    A "house" (more like a spot to cook and eat) created to store various fish, cook them, and just chill. A few elements are missing, though touchups may be necessary here and there. Not tied to any settlement, mainly a random building out in the middle of nowhere near a body of water.




    - (Java/Unity) - Medieval Fishing (Dungeon):

    This fishing 'hut' is dedicated to purely cooking and handling fish. It was located at an ocean-side harbour dealing with cooking fish up into a nice tasty treat. As for the 'dungeon' attached to the name? It's a part of my 'Dungeon town', a touristy area with a surface dungeon still sticking out of the ground. A few decorative elements have gone missing on the sides. A few tweaks may be necessary to handle new player height.




    - (Java/Unity) - Medieval Home (Dungeon):

    A building I've built dedicated to the surface dungeon, hence the (Dungeon) tag in its name. Part of my surface dungeon town, also being mostly built out of 'PNB' elements. It has three floors: The foundation area, the living area (with two rooms), and an attic. This building pushed my PNB skills to the limit forcing me to curse and vent when I first had to deal with PNB. It was a painfully rewarding experience. Certain things were not going my way making me love this structure all that much more. No pain, no gain.

    A ladder to the attic is required, as with a few tweaks for your own personal tastes.

    - Main Floor (For crafting stations, etc)

    - Second Floor (room 1). Also missing banisters and a ladder.

    - Room 2 - Bed frame to hold a futon.

    - The attic.

    > Blueprint:



    A few flaws have been spotted after the fact... They appeared fine at a glance, though the more I examined each blueprint the more flaws I've noticed. My bad.

    The 'Arcticu Garden (Park)' blueprint requires grass blocks in a future update. The loam needs to be swapped back into a grass block. It shall be re-uploaded for when the necessary materials are re-obtained.

    A few incomplete sections have been spotted with the Canadian Tower. I won't remove the blueprint (same with the garden), I however will upload a more complete Unity blueprint at a later date. I'll keep the blueprints for people to fiddle with. I know I missed areas, I already filled them up on my side. I'm also having to relearn how to use the new PNB system desiring to get rods out of cylinder shapes. Once I figure that out then I'll reupload any updated blueprints. Feel free to fill in areas you see incomplete, or alter it. Just don't claim it as my own.

    I'm very proud of my Canadian Tower, and same with Kitsu Tower. Treat those with respect. Going to spend time cleaning up my other blueprints.

    Hahahaha, crap......

    Red51, would it be too much to ask for grass blocks in the upcoming update? The biome update? I was suggested to try out fabric by dying it green. It was a nice experiment, I still need grass blocks. :wacko: While going through my blueprints to archive them I discovered grass was converted to loam. RIP. Had to add a disclaimer to one of my blueprints.

    I removed all the brown spots now waiting to re-upload this in its proper form with the green grass, minus vegetation.

    Hope that's a simple enough request that won't interfere with anything? Sorry if it does.

    - Picture Post:

    (No blueprints in this post, only examples)

    Sharing a few more images, something I was unable to share above. I had to clean up a few typo edits and even embarrassingly edit my proudest build, the Canadian Tower into the description. It's now there. To those who have downloaded my builds, thank you. I shall be archiving more as we go along. They're simple builds, though Kitsu Tower & Canadian Tower being my more complex ones. Even an upcoming outpost built as a fort shall be shared.

    (Note: No Blueprints in this post. Only preview images showing off my simplistic builds further.)


    - StampedSteel's Candy Factory:

    (Java) - Outside, + the StampedSteel's Gear icon.

    (Unity) - (inside)


    - Canadian Tower - Celebrating Canada's 150-155th(?) (Canada Day):

    (Unity) - Lights are placeholder, just for personal demonstration. Contains a water drinking area in far corner.

    (Unity) - Tourist Sign boards, missing posters.

    - (Unity) - 3rd Floor containing "offices", originally with Canadian WW2 ships hung up and desk present.

    (Unity) - Your average floor (contains Jukebox; Needs music plugin).

    (Unity) - Exterior walls needing metallic walls. Certain pathways should be enterable while others not so much.

    (Unity) - Example of how to plant trees in courtyard. Those circle voids are for tree life.


    Sharing these in hype of the upcoming September-October 2022 update. I also want to share off my pride builds, ones I spent hours upon hours on. Shall also help me recover these builds if there are any computer failures of any sort, even for Steam Deck purposes.

    Converted Java blueprints into Unity. It all works, minus a few poster elements, doors, and other missing PNB elements (a few).


    - Arcticu Valley - Collection 1 (Java to Unity):

    (Missing doors, posters, and 'some' PNB elements.)

    Post contains:

    1) Arcticu Garden (mini-park), Canadian 50's Diner, Canadian Tower (Celebrating Canada's 150's birthday; 2017ish), Fishing House, Fishing hut, Kitsu Tower, Logging Cabin, & StampedSteel Factory. Does not contain furniture, certain PNB elements, nor poster elements.))


    - Arcticu Mini-Park (Garden):

    A basic garden found in the desert. Contains the layout, however missing the various plant life. Requires the player to plant their own vegetation and outdoor gear into this garden-park area.

    (Warning!: Belatedly discovered the grass turned into a different material (Loam?). Needs to be converted back into grass.)




    - Canadian 50's Diner:

    A diner inspired by retro diners from the 1950's in the old retro American style, yet themed to Canada's style. Held food in my Java version, now for use in Unity version. Desert Settlement required a food storage and eating area.




    - Canadian Tower - Celebrating Canada's 150:

    A Canadian tower built to celebrate Canada's 150-155th birthday at the time of construction (between 2016-2018). It's also roughly 9 floors tall with a viewing platform out on top. Each floor was themed for something Canadian, such as an office space with Canadian WW2 ships in it, or planned Canadian things. Thanks to how blueprints work many of its charms have been lost needing to be repopulated again in the Unity version.

    Contains an ancient/Medieval wall around the tower with a decently sized courtyard. The heavy fencing around the wall allows for Java mounts to travel, though unsure about Unity mounts for when they're introduced. The many holes along the outer-edges were supposed to contain grates, now missing thanks to blueprinting. The courtyard can grow whatever tree you desire, or even custom flagpoles.



    (Note: Tower's walls have been found to be incomplete from survival gameplay. You can find updated Unity version in the below posts)


    - Fishing House & Fishing Hut:

    A fishing house (for smelting & resting purposes) paired with a fishing hut (for shelter and storing loot). Populate both however you desire.





    - Kitsu Tower:

    A tower themed to the desert with 9 floors paying homage/respect to Japanese's 9-tailed Kitsune messengers. 9 floors for various needs, and an extra mini-tower for residence, eating, and relaxing. All desert themed using sandstone in survival mode. Simple, yet effective. (The main cafeteria contains a jukebox blueprinted in previous posting and a water drinking area)




    - Logging Cabin:

    An inner-settlement oriented around logging, storing lumber and dealing with them. All you lumber needs.

    > Blueprint:



    - StampedSteel's Factory:

    A factory built in tribute to a VRChat friend, a frequent Twitch viewer while also hoping to make use of one of Red51's plugin examples. As of this posting he has been MIA for a very long while making me fear for his safety and health. He went into radio silence after an overly drunk dramatic outburst on social media. This factory dedicated to him was supposed to produce 'Candy' for an inside joke/reference. Never got plugin working while others greedily held onto the secrets of creating their own items. I'm still peeved with people on this forum about that, never helping me creating own items. Shall hopefully see use in Unity once it returns to speed all around, especially plugin related.

    > Blueprint:


    Better late than ever, I shall begin sharing my various random blueprints in this thread.


    - Simplistic Jukebox:
    (Works best in Java with a music plugin, able to be used in Unity version; Missing a poster element.)



    (Note: Works best with any music plugins. Simply attach necessary object/code/plugin to apply music to Jukebox.)


    - Arcticu's Basic Train station (Unity):

    (Unity version: A rebuild of a simplistic Minecraft train station doubling as shelter. Use it for whatever you desire, just make sure to upscale it to player's scale and to replace the door. You can't pass the door.)



    (Warning! Make sure to scale the build up to player's scale; Replace the door to player's scale upon scale-up. This was a haste-build simply to respect the past.)


    - Arcticu's Arctic Base (Beta Minecraft Rebuild):

    (Unity version. A rebuild of my Minecraft beta version of my base in the arctic biome. Should contain basic crafting stations, a basic furnace, many storage chests, and a bed. Can be modified however you desire for your Rising World needs, just be wary of misplaced torches from a wonky grid system. Used mainly basic appearing materials to replicate that Minecraft vibe. Missing my bookshelf, cake, table, chairs, among other lost luxuries.)




    (Starting small, going more detailed as I get used to the newer, if slightly wonkier, building system. Refuses to allow me to build properly.)

    Red51, sorry if you're going to hate me for this, I just simply keep stumbling across many new things to the point it could easily tie in with Rising World. Constant new discoveries.


    Rising World - NPC Update - Booth VRM Integration:

    I've discovered various authors on Pixiv's 'Booth' site sell their models under the VRoid configuration. Sometimes you get VRChat, and other times its bundled as its own VRM folder with files relating to VRM. I've already made note of things in the best detail I could, even attracting one lonely troll seeking attention via laughing award. But yeah,....

    - Noting various discoveries:…tp=9#c3437955554619667306

    (I've killed the software side of my Steam Deck so I hope people are grateful for my sacrifice in noting various information. I'm well aware people can be real jerks voiding your observations, hijacking it, etc. I now have to recalibrate my Steam Deck back thanks to Valve rushing out their Steam Deck prematurely. Killed it stress-testing it through VRChat while exploring VRchat's Summer Vket 2022. It would behave similar to Rising World's performances.)

    - Booth:

    - Example Models - (VRoid Hub):



    (Sharing both these links for the 'VRoid Hub' model preview window and the VRM support. Various models have VRM support, something I'm assuming Red51 loosely plans to support.)

    Below image is an example of a VRM folder, something we could easily use for 'Staticmodels' plugins in Java from the recent 'IS-2' model I've obtained via Booth (preview image below, after the cut). That's fine, I'm however hoping for interactive NPCs doing their own thing by joining you, interacting, mining, combat, etc. More NPC related tasks.

    I'm well aware Red51 is seeking to tap into the '' integration. That's fair, I however hope he also looks into the whole Booth side of things. I'm now not the only one seeking for Rising World to implement a VRoid integration.

    - VRoid Steam Forum Suggestion Proposal (BeanNChocolate):…s/12/3419937087344561045/

    I now back this fully, more so now that I've finally seen what is being sold on Booth. Yes, it's mostly anime and Japanese, there is always something for everybody. Who knows, they could cater to Rising World's needs depending on how Red51 integrates it, how supply and demand works. I'm all for this idea to make Rising World as highly customizable, and plan to do so from the get-go, even pre-2015. I tried with Minecraft to end up failing on that front. I have to rely on Rising World. VRChat ended up being a 50/50 in realizing my goals and dreams.

    I know Steam forums wants to constantly laugh at me (laughing emote), wanting to be Reddit 2.0 in toxicity, just that this is a big feature for Red51 to consider for his NPC update, or at least for his plugin update. Does he want to add it? Will he wait for his plugin update? NPC update? Maybe a mix of both? Gradual implementation? I'm genuinely curious.


    - Example image from a recent hangout, an overly memorable one in VRChat seeing a friend I haven't seen in months. Even showing a Booth model (IS-2) on the left, a custom one on the right.

    (Above image: Left is myself, and Right is Blue, a VRC mute friend. Always comes running up to me for headpats via VR gestures.)

    (Left: The blue mecha is a 'Kampfer' from Gundam in a Gundam shop world in VRChat. The character in White is Renge, a model I'm desiring to turn into a 15 cm tall NPC entity in Rising World, Red51 willing. Hopefully. The more support via plugins, backend, and even with VRoid support would allow for so much. I've loosely even imported models in Java version through Static Models importing Gundam Epyon. As for the Renge model, she isn't a Vroid/VRM. She's a Unity file with a semi-messy state of edits. She may struggle to be imported into Rising World with various texture issues. I feel bad I may have to harass Red51 for technical support on that for when the time comes, for when we cross that bridge in time.)

    I'm well aware folks on here are not Anime oriented, that's fine. There are other Vroid and other VRM related models that could potentially be non-Japanese, such as weapons, or even some rare Western models. The more you search, request, and seek the more you'll stumble across them. The more you search the more you'll find. As for when Rising World matures enough, especially on the modding side, I'm hopefully going full force importing models to turn into NPCs (Red51 willing). The 'VRoid' stuff should more or less cover the voids in fashion while the other things can be covered as we go along, or through

    I'm not trying to be obnoxious, I'm constantly discovering new things wanting to make note of it, even if I attract lonely morons on Steam forums doing the whole award trolling. If Red51 wants to deny me this avenue then I'll understand, though be disappointed. He's only one person working on the game with helpers on the side. My mindset is I simply want to get the most mileage out of Rising World while doing the most with it. If I see I can mod a game, I shall do so. More so if it can be about things I admire, especially with my friends. I'm willing to attract more folks to this game when it comes to the VRChat and other sort of modding support, something Java version advertised via 'Staticmodels' plugin, among other sorts.

    I'm going to be watching and seeing how Rising World progresses.

    My plans for Rising World is basically an expansion of what I've noted in the first posting while adding onto it with my experiences in British Columbia, Canada. My trip to Vancouver took me from Vancouver to Tofino, and then the alternate way into Lake Louise, into Alberta. I saw insane scenery and things I would otherwise see in this overly shy city of Ottawa. Can't really see rail, nor things otherwise openly shown in British Columbia.

    (Things may be jumbled from how much I'm trying to share. Bare with me as I try to make sense of everything myself, especially the two posting errors I had above.)

    - Skytrain - Automated railway, and my new favourite way to go around the city. Highly efficient. A Mexican friend noted it appears similar to how Japan does it in its efficiency. If we're allowed to have automated trains then these Skytrain type trains shall see heavy use on overly populated servers, maybe even quiet private server types.

    52227644667_0996cb75f8_c.jpg20220719_125532 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    52241133467_787660dc88_c.jpg20220725_133034 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Visiting a train museum out in the mountains with various antics. If unsure about what sort of trains to add into Rising World one could always take a peak at various train museums to see what else could be inserted into the game. The small types may probably be popular on 'SMP' worlds.

    52221651159_a43887c042_c.jpg20220716_163951 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Mining train and cart. I'm sure Red51 has noted this, though had to renote it from my POV seeing how neat it is. The various ore carts, the machine itself. Shall be handy to have. If it's overly efficient to use these with the ore payouts I'm willing to use these to get around. I'll also be using these to transport things underground in cities from a port into a storage and other facilities.

    52220385587_9b73179a79_c.jpg20220716_134425 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Mining train - Used to scoop up debris to haul elsewhere. Rising World's variant may have to have a longer reach, or seek one with a longer reach.

    52221390651_284bb4feb0_c.jpg20220716_122612 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Trams - I still desire them for Rising World, at least in a cargo capacity. Having trams installed in your settlements would add for that semi-scenic touch while allowing you to haul goods around in a more visually pleasing manner. I feel trams are a big must in Rising World.

    52244660764_f07d544375_c.jpg20220726_134532 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Steam Train - Red51 shared a train similar to this, though still sharing this for my love of trains. Train hype!

    52240096845_824075010d_c.jpg20220723_193747 by SubTrance, on Flickr


    - Red51's Steam Train:

    We sadly have to wait a long time for these trains to be added into the game. The waiting pain is real, though at least it's still there. I really do hope trains work the way they do in Minecraft's Traincraft by focusing on their niche storage. I hope liquid storages stay in their own carts while logs are themed to theirs, etc. Rock and ore should stay in their open top carts.


    - Semi-random image noting how I desire to have my desired Anime characters roaming around the Rising World environment by importing models to have them behave as their own entities. I'm still hoping and wishing for that possibility. (Heavy shipping focus also).

    52240161780_7ff229b795_c.jpgazur2022724144923.png by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Trains! Just lots of trains. My city of Ottawa is shy with its train while Vancouver is more open with it. You see trains in Vancouver and British Columbia as you would when building in your own world of Rising World. Various side streets, various farming land areas, over bridges, hiding behind mountain trees, and everywhere. British Columbia is not shy about its trains. They're EVERYWHERE. Ontario? You have to hunt them down.
    52219705439_2ed0917801_c.jpg20220715_110625 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    (Expand me, I'm a video!)

    - TRAINS!

    52241130967_5f89537ce8_c.jpg20220725_131905 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Scenic railway was always my dream (White Rock).

    52242122323_488d153466_c.jpg20220725_211944 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - TRAINS!!

    52261060668_da054d8bff_c.jpg20220730_184933 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - TRAINS!!!

    52261062238_20ce002c7a_c.jpg20220730_171018 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - TRAINS!!!!

    52261062493_0d61ef4938_c.jpg20220730_161024 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Helicopter pad: I wish we had some form of aviation, even if it has to only be helicopters.

    52233374595_b2786b1727_c.jpg20220721_184636 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    - Seaplanes & cargo airstrip oriented planes. If we're ever allowed to have these sort of planes they'll see a fair amount of use on my end to send goods around. Granted, they may make boats obsolete to which quantity and fuel may have to play a factor. Various pros and cons to play with. Some aviation oriented planes can land on land, though only certain types.

    52227642992_34b4da7f6d_c.jpg20220719_182632 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    I also have interesting ideas and ways to build roadways. I've done similar in Java, now more so for Unity once we obtain our actual biome update in how to actually theme the roadways. One roadway, one bike/horse way, and one train way (adding onto the lanes the busier it gets). I've done similar. I'll try to be making my main island as efficient as possibly hoping we'll get nice train types, nice mounts, survival experience, and even cool places to port with boats. If we're allowed I do hope we can also play with amphibious planes, short take-off oriented cargo planes (Twin Otter & Dornier types), and/or even helicopters.

    I'm well aware main updates have to go in first which is a given. When everything allows I'm hoping to see things I've seen with my eyes find their way into Rising World in a trickle manner. Basically similar to how a marble falls down onto various begs, or how an hour-glass functions with sand.