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A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!

    As I've said, Magic should be in the game but in the way you've treated the smoke particle. People would have to go out of their way to enable it, same if it was an ingame feature. People would have to slave away to make magic useful and practical. I guess only modded worlds or specially tuned worlds could have them.

    The results are also interesting, which I like. I'm glad people desire monsters within reason. Rising World still needs to live and breath; Rising World needs to breath on its own so it can allow us to play along side it as we nudge things into our direction.

    I'll keep this short.......

    Its nice to know that you can get banned off of Twitter just for posting jokes/memes..... Basic humour. Mindlessly consume and obey or else you're some negative label......

    Doesn't look bright for this game because Last of Us 2 has been noted as being a very damaging game for the gaming industry, same with how ACTUAL reviews are noting how the game is a 3.3, not a 10/10. Fake journalists drummed up fake support and fake praise. People are allowed to voice their opinions, even if they love trolling on Steam forums & etc. Just posting a picture on Twitter can get your Twitter suspended and deleted. Same on Reddit & Youtube; DMCA takedowns. So much for freedom of speech. I'm not joking here..... North American games are feeling so sterile (not all) forcing me to go play more obscure games and Japanese ones.

    Sorry, just give me Rising World & Japanese games. ACTUAL games. :monocle:


    EDIT: Sony allows nudity in Last of Us II yet censors it for Japanese games. Double standards for political North American reasons. *yawns*

    Absolutely stunning! I love this. When I get the chance I would love to video some of these ships when I can settle into my new place sometimes in July. I would love to tour these ships hoping to get it working for a video and such. :monocle:

    Yes, that's still the plan

    Awesome. Looking forward to that.

    Having some fantasy elements in the game is definitely a good thing I guess. But unfortunately I can't say at this stage whether it will be a certain biome, or if it's going to be implemented differently ^^

    Shame I can't find that thread or posting anymore from back in 2015 where you showed desire and interest for it. But yeah, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there. If you can't figure things out then I hope at the very least it'll be an API thing.

    That would be great, but we need to get some proper models for these ships. Hiring someone for that (as we did in the past) is unfortunately too expensive in our current situation :|

    Going to be difficult, eh? Hmm..... If we can help with this in the long-term crowd funding I could probably help chip in if its affordable enough. I really do hope Rising World gets some noteworthy ships when the time comes for them because that shall be one of Rising World's selling points. If you're going to add in oceans similar to current-version Minecraft (bedrock or Java) then boats shall be a key part. No rush or pressure, just...... When things get rolling I do hope we can find a source for them. Hope models from Sketchfab or elsewhere can be easily imported to make use of them in the API, or something.

    Maybe install a basic 'Movecraft' system similar to Minecraft. I'm just saying random things... I'll stop and move to the next quote.

    NPCs definitely play a big role. Certainly I can say more about that once we've started implementing NPCs.

    Shall be eagerly waiting on this one. :monocle:

    It's unfortunately still not ready || What's missing is vegetation. We've recently implemented grass (we're still optimizing it a bit and we're also working on a realistic wind system [which will apply to grass and vegetation]), but the world is still too bland without trees... but we're still trying to get the demo ready ASAP ;)

    Some news is better than no news, I guess. At least I know where it is now that I can wait a bit longer. I'm also not in a great position life wise so I guess I can tolerate it even better with Rising World Unity demo being in the figurative oven for a bit longer. Other people won't be but you can't rush art.

    I'm loving the grass. Reminds me of of various Unity worlds I've visited in VRchat making this highly appealing. Once you get this out I wonder if people shall unconsciously re-create worlds I've seen in VRchat within Rising World... I mean structure wise with gardens, trains, mountains, and such. There are certain similarities and assets. I'm thinking out loud to myself again, sorry. :monocle: I'm basically saying I can't wait to see how Rising World's Unity version shall appear both natural and man-made on the structure side. I'm highly curious.

    Thanks Red51 <3

    I just want to tell Red51 that you should do what you want to do. If you want your game to have a fantasy biome, have it. If you want your game to progress from caveman, Medieval, Colonial, WW2, & 1990's & 2020 era technology then do what you feel is right. With how you mentioned Rising World back in 2015 I was under the impression we would work our way from Caveman (in a Medieval era) up to modern era through various crafting benches and such, similar to how Rise of Nations (an RTS game) does it. That's why all the furniture and etc is all jumbled around in funky manners. This is in response to what I'm seeing above in the last quoting about WW2 stuff and such. As for magic elements you should add that in silently through API, or something you can find in a very rare Fantasy biome or realm world. To gain magic you would have to go out of your way to obtain, or just mod it in. I'm thinking along the lines of the smoke effect you added on the side, that's how magic should be treated.

    You do you.

    For the WW2 tech, if we do have any, I hope we get a decent chunk of early 1900's era ships. Simple cargo river boats, or even a ship which appears like Nomadic, though that may hit copyrights.

    I say that, but I do feel the eventual priority should be getting an NPC companion (Humand and/or pet) into RW so they can make the game feel alive while making the player feel less lonely. If people have NPC partners people would provide for them in various ways. Its fine having wandering merchants, those should be in both singleplayer and multiplayer. NPCs shall be important. Their functions especially.

    But yeah.... In short, I'm just curious where the Rising World Unity demo is. Not pressuring, just curious. It feels like its been too long though take your time. I've got my own issues to deal with so I can't play on a whim though simply curious.

    I'm just going to note more hilarity that they're still DMCA'ing Tweets, Youtube videos, and anything just talking about their game. Just uttering the game is going to get you flagged, and they keep doing it. This isn't about suppressing information, or anything. They even had their own Tweet DMCA'd in a twist of irony. They're too aggressive with their tactics that they're just making a fool out of themselves. Both Sony & Naughty Dog are heavily abusing DMCA to the point its censorship, and worse.

    Kotaku seems to be cowardly defending Naughty Dog praising censorship, harassment, and other nonsense. Gamers are Evil! They'll violate the opposite genders, & etc........ Gamers rob and pillage while destroying everything they touch.......... *yawns*…s-to-new-twitter-feature/

    *Yawns*........ I don't want to make post like these anymore....... This is why I love Rising World, and why I enjoy Japanese games.... Games were made for fun and entertainment, not for Kotaku, Sony, & Naughtydog to punish gamers while forcing people to blindly consume their corrupted games. I just want to play games to unwind and to have fun, not to deal with their dramatic nonsense. I however do hate I'm being flagged as the villain & troll just for posting this. I just want to play my games without the nonsense.


    Loving the design. I came here because of the title because of USA 'Karen' being afraid. I instead love what I saw. Can't wait to get these naturally in Rising World later also. 8)

    If you need a summary then here you go. If the video is gone then that means Naughty Dog & Sony censored another video because you're not allowed to critizize, speak out, share or have an opinion.

    If you don't want to read my wall of text then that video shall sum things up. Watch it before his video gets copyright striked.

    Alright, not sure how comfortable Red51 is with this topic. Its however getting far too extreme and heated that it needs to be covered here so people can be aware that games should be about fun, not a political showcase, nor a medium for censorship. Art is supposed to be raw and provocative, not preachy and annoying.


    The Basics:

    Naughty Dog has basically done two things wrong here from what I've been reading for the past 2 days:

    1) Overworking and underpaying their employees. The disgruntled employee even allegedly leaked the game.

    2) Game getting leaked showcasing how Naughty Dog teamed up Anita Sarkeesian, a known scammer having ruined a good game by injecting identity politics derailing the game and the story.

    (Leaks showed how males die in the game while woman are propped up as "goddess". Even adds in Identity politics so you're forced to accept trans-gender folks, or else be guilted into being falsely labeled as "transphobic". It gets quite messy. :poo:)

    Expanded Situation:

    This gets quite nasty because anybody who dares talk about Naughty Dog & their leaks gets copyrighted. It becomes less about having fun in games and more about gaming censorship having identity politics shoved down your throat similar to how Canadians (in Ontario) are forced to learn Canadian French or else fail their education. You HAVE to accept the identity politics or else you're a "phobe". You're being forced to not have a choice in this matter. 6 Youtubers (and counting) are now facing copyright strikes, two of whom are now contacting their lawyers to contact Naughty Dog and their mischievous friends to mend the situation. Youtubers are getting their channels copyright striked just because they shared an opinion (no content). The game being designed to be more about checkboxes being checked off with "variety" instead of focusing on the game itself which tends to take the fun out of the whole game. Games are supposed to be about having fun and relaxing where this has been noted as being more preachy than anything.

    "Obey and consume without question".

    Tweet from Naughty Dog:


    We know the last few days have been incredibly difficult for you. We feel the same. It's disappointing to see the release and sharing of pre-release footage from development. Do your best to avoid spoilers and we ask that you don't spoil it for others.

    The Last of Us II will be in your hands soon. No matter what you see and hear, the final experience will be worth it.

    - Naughty Dog

    Look, I respect developers when they're honest, genuine, and passionate about their own project. That part is legit. Its when they start lying, making up excuses, and use their medium for fun and entertainment to exploit people. Exploiting people to push agendas and ideals is not the way to go here. For one, pay your employees. Retail staff & game developers are treated like trash so treat them with respect. Two, games are meant for fun so keep them fun. Its been noted the sequel was forced to have identity politics (thanks to Anita) forcing the game to become trash. You've ruined people's cherished game. I've heard many good things to only have it all squandered away like Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Blizzard, & etc. I've heard MANY great things about the original while also having explored a level in VRChat someone uploaded. It looks fun and awesome........ All that tainted, corrupted, and squandered for nonsense 'SJW' (generalizing now) nonsense... All for fake 'SJW' nonsense..... RIP genuine entertainment.

    This is allowing Japanese & Chinese games to take over the void, especially European Indie developers. You add fake nonsense into a game you'll get burnt by it. Games are supposed to be raw and provocative, not lecturing and boring. Certain hard-core Japanese games find this out the hard way. Its nonsense like this which tends to force people's hands into watching foreign media, especially Japanese media & anime.
    (Sidenote: Anime is also under siege for how free and open it is, something certain folks don't like.)


    Copyright Claim - Tweet:

    Copyright strike if you dare speak about Naughty Dog in a video on Youtube. Loopholes & third party members come knocking.... :silenced:


    itsagundam @GundamIsHere


    NaughtyDog is about to learn the streisand effect the hard way.

    Truth. The more you try covering something up the more visible it becomes. Should have been honest and genuine....... Shady stuff gets you in trouble, more so when people are in quarantine. People want GENUINE CONTENT.

    You're simply not allowed to talk about Naughty Dog, nor discuss how bad their game is. They'll come get you! They'll find loopholes and get you!

    Naughty Dog & friends are trying to do the whole "bully" and "silence" tactic. Will it work?:silenced:

    Don't talk ill about Naughty Dog or how they ruined 'Last of us II' with identity politics & poor workplace standards. They'll come get you! :silenced:

    Game censorship is rising.

    I don't know if anybody reads these VR threads anymore. I faded out because distractions, life, and the obvious. I still VR, and I have a Valve Index. It works FAR better than an Oculus Rift headset will. VR is still awesome, glad its still evolving and upgrading every chance it gets.


    - CyubeVR - Half-Life Gravity Glove Experiment:

    CyubeVR developer loves Half-Life: Alyx just having a blast recreating the gloves in CyubeVR. Should have done that from the start! Really! I hope that becomes the norm in CyubevR, and any Sandboxy game with VR. Rising World should look into this as well for their VR side for when someone can't pick things up, nor do so when in seated play.…tatus/1251645516867346432

    CyubeVR updates slowly, though adds interesting features here and there.


    Colony Survival - VR And Experiments:…etail/2216276152050473955…etail/3486291972090527585


    I was expecting pretty complicated hardware that took a decent time and lots of fiddling to set up - and that was not true! The package (headset, controllers, base stations) is very easy to set up. I think it took less than fifteen minutes from opening the package to my first VR experience.

    This is exactly why I get annoyed with developers. The part I bolded & underlined always annoys me because fear is what ruins everything for a developer.


    My expectation for VR was for it to be pretty clunky.

    If it was I wouldn't be using it. Holy hell....

    Then there are other developers complaining about lack of sales, and etc. If you don't want to make games then walk out. Go away..... I'm irriated with Subnautica developers for the same reason with VR by abandoning it. They could have hired someone who knows VR. Something is also better than nothing, as shown with Subnautica VR & Scanner Sombre.

    If it was clunky I wouldn't be using it. You have people dancing in VR, using full body tracking, and now even haptic suits. If you've seen 'Ready Player One' that gives you a good idea where we are at now. A good 50-80% of the movie is accurate to real world with VRchat, NeosVR, Rec Room, and such.

    I'm glad they're looking into VR for Colony Survival. I'm glad they found VR to be promising. They saw how well people perceived it while experimenting here and there. We need more developers encouraged to make VR compatible games. I still strongly recall 'Spice and Wolf VR' developer noting how he wanted to saturate the market because if he won't nobody would. Someone has to put the effort in to make things worthwhile. No pain, no gain.


    I'm no expert, though when you play VR for long enough you being to see lies and poke holes in what people say. You drive a car long enough, or you work retail enough you can tell when someone lies. The food you eat, you can tell when someone is talking trash..... Its what I see here.

    If you're fearful then nothing gets done.

    One impression that still sticks with me is how a novice game developer made a Petroglyph game for Petroglyph games telling me if you want something in a game to just tell them. He would then try his best to get it done. Tell him what to add and he would add it in. No questions asked. That still sticks with me, even now in 2020 from 2006. If there is a will, there is a way.

    Survey filled.

    Love the mention of how items shall be active in the world without despawning. Would work well with tools and such which shall be nice. Imagine this in VR where you can set up hooks to place them on walls. As others noted elsewhere having everything places outdoors may cause lag, though the benefits here outway the cons in certain ways. Sometimes you just gotta let things go.

    Survey wise I can't wait for trains, boats, vehicles, and even NPC Companions (pets & humans). A world like that shall require you to have NPC buddies on animal & human side of things in both singleplayer & multiplayer side of the coin.

    Weather wise I'm happy hearing the news weather shall be expandable to other biomes. I would love to see it occassionally snow (even a full on snowstorm) to see things covered. Hope to see it also equally melt as time goes on. Shall be a fun mechanic. Hope freezing rain, ice pellets, hail, and other weather variations shall find their way into the game. Freezing rain can make for highly gorgeous views when the sun hits the scenery the right way. Seen it before, though haven't taken images. 8)

    Everything looks shiny, warm, and inviting in your images. I love it. Curious about the demo wanting to just play it. Keep up the good work Red51. You're genuinely doing awesome. :monocle:

    Not bad. I guess these posts actually sums up what shall be in the 'tech demo'. Hope it will keep us occupied for about a week or so, though being a tech demo that may be a bit odd. Good luck.

    Can't wait for the full version to have boats, trains, and such. Hopefully NPC companions (humanoids) not hire-able shall be a thing you can hire to aid in survival.

    Either way, shall check out the tech demo to see what its all about. :nerd:

    Couldn't login at first so I couldn't comment. A few days later I can finally login. This is going to take some getting used to, especially with how the notifications work. I have to get used to the notification system. It seems different pointing me indirectly to threads and posts.

    +1 though.

    Red51 desired to do the whole settlement thing with factions and points in play. If you do something for one faction may effect another, and so on. You could hire mercenaries while even dealing with wandering traders.

    - Millenaire Mod - Minecraft

    If Red51 can get something done along the line of that mod then Rising World would be in good hands. Get some basic blueprints going for villages, towns, and basic cities. They would have to use resources around them to build so if you trade you could help them out and vice-versa. Farming and etc.

    As Fizbit noted they need to stay within their boundaries so a decent sized limit should be placed on them. Not too small, though not too big either. They should stay away from you builds while respecting any abandoned structures around them.

    - BBC News Caught Slandering VR in Jealousy & Envy:

    BBC has been caught spreading misinformation about VR by slandering it every chance they got just because they couldn't strike it rich. Sounds like another game I've covered here called 'Sansar' with developers throwing literal tantrums for not gaining enough traction as VRChat & Rec Room. They wanted the same amount of rewards for so little work......

    BBC on the other hand had a VR hub, pulled the plug, now blames VR for "dying", among other slanderous claims.

    Some good quotes from the video


    Pendleton 115
    13 hours ago
    "Instead of Asking "What went wrong with VR" You should be asking "What went wrong with your journalistic integrity" SHOTS FIRED


    "It must be hard to judge from your window in London"
    Lobsterbacks owned

    Talk trash, get hit & lit..... VR headsets have been selling out to the point they've been backlogged. Valve Index headsets have been backlogged since December with people VERY gradually getting them over time. Oculus Quest headsets keep selling out.

    BBC Is envious & jealous they can't get the same piece of pie as every one else. They also shouldn't speak for getting rid of Top Gear...... RIP.

    Big news!


    - Valve Index (Canada & Japan Release) | Half-Life: Alyx (VR):

    I purchased my Valve Index headset because I genuinely got fed up with how Oculus kept software blocking my Oculus Rift. I just want to play VR, and pure VR, not deal with their narcistic nonsense. People praised Valve Index, thus I went to purchase it. Also, it became the 'top selling' thing on Steam charts. That, and Half-Life: Alyx.

    - Half-Life: Alyx (VR)
    Developers treated the game as a passion project eventually moving it into a genuine game we see now, in VR. They used Half-Life assets to eventually make a 15 min demo, something which eventually evolved into its own full-blown VR game. They saw that once you go VR its hard to go back, and that's true. Once you try VR genuinely you'll never want to go back to desktop mode ever again.

    Of course! Salt inbound. Heavy doses of sodium to the point Valve/Steam forums is constantly hiccuping. All those salty non-VR folks whining and moaning. They're not able to hold a constructive posting, thus feeling it necessary to be all vulgar and moany. If there was a genuine desire to get VR, one would aim for VR. Once you go VR it's hard to go back to desktop mode. No joke!

    Why do you think people keep pressing developers to add VR mode to games. Same with Red51 with Rising World :)

    All that sodium poisoning overdose!

    It's genuinely their loss if they don't want to play VR. Granted, VR isn't for everybody. It however changes everything in gameplay where you have genuine freedom to look 360 degrees, have fun shooting at any angle, and etc. This is more freedom and interaction you'll ever gain in desktop mode.

    Also, it's not 1% of the gaming community. it's far more than that. The Valve VR survey is inaccurate because people simply unplug their VR headsets to save power. They noted such, thus the percentage is inaccurate. It higher.... MUCH higher, yet trolls shall always weaponize the 1% of VR users because they can't do a simple Google search.... Oculus Quest roughly sold between 100,000-480,000, or even 1 million headsets. Hard to say. PSVR sold 2 million headsets in 2018, though 2019 numbers are blank. Nobody wants to share their numbers, people however do have VR headsets in great numbers. They can't be ignored. I have to point and laugh at the people whining and moaning about Half-Life: Alyx going VR because if they wanted VR they can find a genuine way to do so. If there is a genuine will, there is a genuine way (if there is a will, there is a way). Granted, not everybody is able to buy a VR headset, though the same can be said with cars, computers, phones, and etc. This doesn't just apply to VR.

    People are simply being far too salty (angry) to the point they keep hiccuping the Steam/Valve servers.

    Even so, look at how well the Valve Index & Half-Life: Alyx is doing on the Steam charts.

    It is indeed costly, though if you genuinely desire something you'll make it possible :).

    I'm now simply waiting on a shipping notice for them to send my Valve Index to me so I can finally get back into VR. Have to wait and see how much damage Oculus Rift has done to my computer both software & hardware wise. The tangling cable actually felt tense in the 3.0 USB port bending it to the side. Maybe it was a false sensation...... We'll see when we get the Valve Index, if I do. I paid a hefty sum for the headset.

    "Once you go VR its hard to go back" :)

    Yes, if there is some sort of climbing gear, one could also use it to climb over someones wall. If this is an issue, server admins could either disable climbing gear on their server, and maybe we can also add some barbed wire^^

    I'm amused by this because we could also go the Conan Exiles route for this. Scale your own structure's walls until your stamina runs out. I'm amused by this also because you could build a fort wall causing bandits to keep getting caught up on barbed wire, or simply adding a slipper 'lip' on to structures so player, nor AI, can venture into your settlements.

    I'd be all for whatever is added.

    Before I link the links I guess I need to clarify a few things before posting what I'm about to post.

    Azur Lane is a Chinese anime inspiring from Japan's Kantai Collection mobile game doing things further than the Japanese had managed. Both games deal with World War 2 themed ships 'reborn' (or created) to take on their former ship to tackle a foe that only they (the ship girls) can tackle. Each one is themed to a real world ship, though the ones for Azur Lane tend to go the more fictional route for anime collaboration events.


    :?: Prinz Eugen's English dubbing with German Accent:

    What I want to know is how do the Germans on this forum feel about their native accent? Does this sit well with you? Not really? Do tell, and feel free to try and tell me why you feel the way you do... That is, if you choose to post.

    :?: Tweet:

    :?: Sankaku Complex Posting (+18 warning; Ublock Origin plugin highly recommended):…th-horrid-german-accents/

    Please do tell me how you feel about the heavy German accent of your native tongue. I also genuinely wish I had a more 'safe for work' link which doesn't make me come off as a pervert. These are the only sources I'm aware of, I'm sorry.


    Other thoughts | Disclaimer:

    I love Azur Lane because it deals with WW2 in a way no other game does. Sure, it does it lewdly, thats its selling point, though so is the whole concept of ships taking on a shipgirl form. You become familiar with the shipgirl you're controlling, thus you'll want to learn more about each ship. It tends to have numerous real world factions turned fictional (USA is known as 'Eagle Union'; Germany as 'Ironblood'; Canadians as 'Maple Monarchy', & etc.)

    Not many proper WW2 games out there so I sided with Azur Lane. There is Silent Hunter 3, one of the best Submarine game sims out there, while also spawning 'U-Boat' as a heavy inspiration to it. Its submarines though. We need genuine surface ships. I'm constantly learning more and more about world history from genuine curiousity that it can be used as a teaching tool.