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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    - New Settlement Founded - Valsia - Savannah Coastal Town:

    Finally decided to get back to exploring my world to find one of the new biomes. I've seen sub-biomes, nothing actually new. Savannah biome was my first new biome found, and I'll proudly show it off with it being a nice little challenging area to settle in. Wish I had fishing to help out. It's a nice large island with neat stuff. For the record books I need to note (also for myself) I founded Valsia on February 21st, 2024, something which I'll also echo in the world's log as well. Started off with a pathway to enter a mine, then the main building, and a farming land (something I moved uphill), and stables. I needed a horse, and a horse I got.

    Now I need to make another building dedicated to making paper, etc. I need maps! I need to be able to input coordinates to make my way back. Shall focus on making this settlement fully interactive with the latest gadgets, yet kept in its village-town vibe. A fishing & farming settlement.

    Land ho!~ :wow:

    My god, is it ever far away though. I'm glad Red51 sped up the RIB boats allowing me to get here quicker. I may have to make an eventual underground subway train network just to reach this place in snooze-mode. :sleeping:

    Greeted by a snake.

    Converting the coastline into a pathway (to also reach a nearby mining area).

    - An accident in my town-hall workshop building. Vomited ingots everywhere from full inventory.

    - Terraforming coastline into a settlement. Park was supposed to be a farm, I moved the farm upwards. Nothing planted, cotton doesn't drop seeds.

    - Nightly panic attack.


    The state of Valsia after the first day & night (real world).

    - town hall + blacksmith + Fire beacon.

    - Stables, park, and pathway upwards. (Wild horses seem attached to my tamed horse.)

    - Upper farming area (Wish I had cotton and other stuff up here.)

    (Left side shall lead to a tree farm area. Struggling with that with how long it takes to grow trees.)

    Looking down at park, cityhall building, stables, main area, and mining area.

    Not bad for a first day & night. Since I'm now stuck here (without maps) I shall work my way towards making more basic structures, a paper making area, and etc. Even a bakery, among other stuff. I don't have wheat, though could probably double back slightly to a nearby temperate island for wheat. Once map are released I'll make my way towards other biomes. I'll also clean up areas as I play more by adding finer details, etc. I simply desire to settle in with the basics, though I genuinely 100% need maps now. :monocle:

    Good times. :party:

    Having some issues on my side, but I finally found a savannah (arid) biome 20,000 away from my island.

    - Cotton saplings don't drop saplings.

    - One cactus drops saplings, the others don't.

    - Mesquite Saplings don't grow

    - Acacia trees (with leaves) don't drop saplings

    - Palm Saplings are growing, if slowly (I'll keep an eye on them).

    - The guy is jittering, as if shivering at the 20,000 mark. (You noted you'd fix this later, thought I'd note it).

    - Snakes can't be cut, only killed.

    (I'll edit more if I come across more, or I may follow up if someone posts.)


    For the upcoming maps update can you please allow us to input the X,Y,Z coordinates to mark it? Home base is one, an outpost is another, and someone's random house elsewhere could be another. -234, 64, 2342 (for example) could be searched, and marked on the map. It won't reveal, only leave a marker. Can we please have this for the upcoming update, especially with how many outposts people have made, including myself? :)

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, I'm happy to hear that! :) :thumbup:

    About the biomes (or more precisely, climate regions like the arctic or dry region), they only spawn on other islands - you can always find an arctic region on the island north to your starter island, and a dry region on the island south to your starter island ;)

    You're welcome. You know I'm always happy to provide you with necessary feedback to make this game awesome. ;)

    I'm aware, it's however a chore trying to find those biomes. I only found sub-biomes, not the actual ones. I'll see if I can find any later tonight. I'll see what I find, now making full use of my compass this time around.

    Sounds like a good idea, I'll put that on our list! ^^

    Excellent! Good luck on that! :)

    Basically we could add them, although I'm not sure if someone holds copyright on the shades :monocle:

    A bit hard to tell on my end, but I'm happy you've at least considered it. Maybe as a mod via, I guess.…eal-with-it-87646673.html

    That's all I could find, and NFT nonsense, etc. I mean, if Azur Lane is allowed to make use of it as a celebration animation then I'm certain you're allowed to make use of it. If not, again, could always host it via as an example plugin.


    [Prinz Eugen Deal With It Tease (Azur Lane) via X/Twitter]

    Prinz Eugen proudly wears it, you may be able to get away with it as well.




    [Change] Increased speed of RIB

    Oh! Nice! I missed this with how jetlagged and tired I am. Thank you very much! Getting around with the RIB is even more efficient. I love it! Managed to find myself a savanah biome.

    The building system of Rising World is so good. It is also much better than Enshrouded.

    Some options are a bit too extended, I like the options of the Java versions more and this leads to the feel of a editor instead of a building game, but it works as expected and this counts.

    The building system in Rising World is the best out of everything I've tried. Well, maybe Feed The Beast Modpacks have a decent building, something RIsing World takes full advantage of. I never tried Enshrouded, though every other game bores me now when having experienced both Medieval Engineers, and now fully with Rising World.

    Yeah, everything works better in Rising World now. Each update is making Rising World that much better.

    Red51, once again, thank you for finally adding in horses! It made everything more accessible and more fun in Rising World! At last, I can finally go places, do more things, etc. WOOO!~

    When I played on my Steam Deck I struggled to find biomes, though shall seek them out properly later on my PC. Glad it works on Steam Deck, props to Red51 for making the game mostly playable on it. :nerd:


    - Grass is a nice addition to green up locations

    - Weed whacker is a nice addition to go along with it to get the grass back.

    - Horses are finally here! WOOO!~ Helps speed things along. Loving the addition of bags, though never knew I could take them on and off. I'll try that next time.

    - The new clothing (masks, etc) are a neat addition.


    My log when I played today. Loving how the animals spawn in, and even have the various carrots and shades on them. White rabbit, white-orange foxes. I'm finding more the more I play. Even bears doing their standing alert before attacking, good stuff!

    Sorry for the double post, I however had to make note. I even spent a lengthy while tending to my hemp to make cloth to make use of these new items. Loving it! Same with the hunting for animals to turn into leather, or the bear-pig-goat max. The teddy bear mask had me laughing. I even noted the fake V-mask you had. I now wish we had clothing displays to openly display them. I would love to eventually hang these, display them on a stand, etc. Maybe a coat-rack system as well. Anything. (Same goes for weapons, time willing.)

    Another great update, Red51! :)

    - Carrot on a stick pig


    - Pig with shades 8) (And my new trusty horse mount):

    Would be neat to get an "deal with it" shades, as Prinz Eugen (Azur Lane) has. Even if we can't, I'll think of such.

    - Killed normal cow, obtained purple Milka cow hide. I would never kill special animals, that's one way to keep them alive. :hushed:

    - White Rabbit. Even if white rabbits are normal, they are special. I seen a white Pigeon in Japan. When we get birds I would be surprised to see white birds.

    I normally don't see pigeons as white, and it looks more like a Pigeon than it does a Seagull. I stared at it for a good 5 minutes next to Ueno zoo.

    - This fox had an interesting white-orange colour pattern to it. May be hard to tell, it however appeared overly different to the usual.

    First played it on my Steam Deck, and it was awesome. Now having played more of it on PC it's even more awesome.


    [New] New climate regions: cold and dry regions (including many new biomes, e.g. deserts, savannahs, tundras, taigas etc)

    I found your sub-biomes, though shall seek them out later. Still preferring the upcoming maps to encourage me to go exploring without getting lost, though may brave the waters again going pure south or north. I may go south. Only sub-biomes found.


    [New] Implement caves

    [New] Deep elevations now consist of big caves filled with water
    [New] Added hell (below deep caves)

    May explore this later, though neat when I did see it (on my Steam Deck). Never did go in. Previous show it to be neat. Didn't go deep yet so I haven't seen hell yet.


    [New] New ridable horses (14 different horse variants)

    [New] Added saddle and optional saddle bags

    WOOOO!~ At last! We FINALLY have horses!:party: Now allows me to go further, reaching further. I can happily add bags onto it, which I have.


    [New] New item: toolbelt, which increases the number of available slots in your item hotbar
    [New] New item: weed whacker
    [New] New items: several swords

    Toolbelt became my new necessary, and favourite item. Instant like! :love:

    Grass & weed whacker are my new favourite additions. Finally greened up my locations (mainly on Steam Deck prior to PC use). Absolutely loving the weed whacker.

    I've seen the swords, I'll however have to fiddle with them later. Neat.


    [New] New passive animals: penguin, elephant (2 variants), rhinoceros, zebra (2 variants)
    [New] Bulls, goats, rams and mooses now attack you if you attack them first (also applies to rhino and elephant)
    [New] Wild boars now always attack the player

    Awesome! Have yet to see them, yet awesome!

    Bulls are like bears, they're brutal. Thankfully can drill and spear them too death for their leather. Goats are brutally deadly, don't mess with them! They command respect.


    [New] Aggressive animals play a "warning" animation first before attacking the player

    Love how the bears alert (stand up) before they attack. Always helpful seeing them react to you prior out-right attacking you. Less of a jump scare.


    [New] Heartbeat sound is audible when the player has been detected by an aggressive animal

    I need to pay attention, yet love this QoL addition. This is why I admire RW so much.


    [New] New crafting station: tanning rack
    [New] You can now get pelts and hides from animals and turn them into leather at the tanning rack

    Nice! I started spamming them in my world to make use of leather. As another person noted, it's now fun to go hunting. Hunting for leather, for meat, and even to make animal masks. I died laughing seeing the masks, even using them. Alice in Wonderland.


    [New] Added optional craftable storage for inflatable boat (RIB)

    Instantly made and added onto my RIB.


    [New] Added 2 doors (old wooden door from Java version)

    I may be blind, yet glad we have more variety. Can't go wrong with that.


    [New] Added gift (including several variants)

    Nice! May use this later for when NPCs are more aware of their surroundings, or for when friends desire to play more. Or, for when people who stupidly hate me wise up. Could probably start being kind to people again once people wise up. For now, I'll simply wish and hope for NPCs eventually being aware of their surroundings for when you decide to gift them stuff. :saint:

    Or use as decoration for when December rolls around.


    [New] Added safe object (to store items)

    Happily built one. Nice addition.


    [New] Added gramophone object (including 3 music discs)

    I forgot about this, though shall instantly check it out next session. Can't wait to get my gramophone up and ready again, as I had prior.


    [New] Added several special variants of some animals

    White rabbit, pig with a carrot on a stick, pig with shades 8), and hopefully (later) we can later get an 'Deal with it" pig (view Azur Lane's Prinz Eugen 8) shades.)

    Saw a white-orange fox today, not sure if it was the lighting. Was neat to see. Kon!~


    [New] Added 20 new cacti (also removed the old ones)

    Once I manage to locate a new biome I"ll try to make note of this. The preview showed it to be neat.


    [New] Added several new trees (mesquite, aleppo pines etc)
    [New] Added several new smaller plants
    [New] Added new music tracks
    [New] Added medieval fur coat (clothing piece)

    1) Can't wait to find those new trees. I need more tree varieties, especially for decoration.

    2) Sweet! Hope we can go gardening later (I hedge-garden update may be necessary).

    3) Nice! Shall try to hear out for them.

    4) Using it now. Nice! Just like the JAVA player update times.


    [New] Added new headgear/accessory items (vanity): pilgrim hat, felt hat, wizard hat, fedora, cowboy hat, redcoat hat, boonie, safari hat, sombrero, wooly, cappy, captain hat, chef hat, fez, jester hat, jockey helmet, crown, cylinder, ushanka, unclesam hat, xmas hat, pickelhaube, bear mask, goat mask, pig mask, teddy mask, bunny mask, aviator glasses, sunglasses, groucho mask

    Started collecting them in my cloth building. :monocle:




    I died laughing at the animal ones. This leaves room for more amusements to be had. I hope I can find someone to find more Anime-tized ones instead of being told I should be banned for life and Red51 shouldn't listen to me. More variety always helps.


    [New] Added diving goggles (which remove blurriness underwater)

    Nice! Though can't wait for the full scuba gear to allow for submerged activity.


    [New] Northern lights (aurora borealis) are now visible in snow biomes, depending on weather

    Previews look awesome. Can't wait to see these in actual action once I can locate a snowy biome.


    [New] New weather effect: blizzard (strong snowstorm)

    Can't wait to experience this. Always needed more severe weather, this may be awesome. A heavy rainstorm should return, the one people noted it was hard to see anything. We need more squalls and whiteouts of both rain and snowy variety. Almost like current fog.


    [New] Cutting grass now adds grass blades to your inventory (to replant grass)
    [New] Smoothing wet ground with a rake now randomly spawns earthworms

    Good addition! Makes using weed whacker overly fun.

    Have yet to rake wet ground for earthworms.


    [New] Branches now spawn randomly on the ground (can be picked up to get sticks)

    Just saw it, nice addition! X marks the spot.


    [New] Added setting to change the max resolution for custom images (posters)

    Awesome! Shall make use of this later. This one is down my route.


    [New] Character preview is now visible in inventory screen

    Nice, but wish I could figure out how to rotate.


    [New] Drag clothes on character to wear them (or vice-versa)

    And right-click. Neat!


    [New] Auto-Run setting is now available in controls setting

    I missed this! I need to look back into this! I'll make self-notes for myself.


    [New] Added command "renderplayer" to save a rendered image of the player model on the hard drive

    Handy! This shall be useful later.


    [Change] Updated moving behaviour of animals

    They now get stuck on water edge, yet it's more useful.


    [Change] Elements are now picked up automatically when deconstructing them with a sledgehammer (can be disabled in config file)

    This one caught me by surprise making me wonder what was up. Shame I can't see the pile, yet it's one of those neat QoL features.


    [Change] If a bow or rifle is equipped, the remaining amount of ammo is shown on the right side now

    I'm going to have to test each weapon now. Bows & rifles should be next on my list. Nice QoL addition.


    [Change] Player health is now also shown in inventory (next to character preview field)

    So, that's what that was. Neat!


    [Change] Increased rotate/turn speed of horse

    Glad this is better. Horses are actually very fun, now even more so thanks to this fix. Was almost like driving a boat.


    [New] When picking up saddle bags from a horse, they will now keep the items stored in them

    I wonder how you do this, though shall be awesome to do so. QoL fixes are fun!


    Good stuff! Thanks for this update! As you've noted, I'm now waiting impatiently for your upcoming maps update. I need to rediscover my lost outpost, chart my current ones, and even find the new biomes. I'll go on a blind exploration later.

    "It shouldn't exist, yet it does"


    - BBC - Ring of Galaxies found:

    "BuT iT'S cOnsPiRaCy ThEoRiEs. It'S fAkE!"


    As for the Canadian side I promised I'd share. You just don't learn this stuff in school because modern education system panders more to the fake stuff, such as diddling kids, doxxing parents, and being abusive to the students.

    - HMCS Uganda/Quebec

    HMCS Sackville:

    HMCS Haida - The Last Tribal-Class Destroyer:

    (I visited her.)

    HMCS Ontario:

    - HMCS Bonaventure

    - HMCS Magnificent:

    (HMCS Warrior is missing.)



    Graf Zeppelin (CV)


    Point is,unless it suits the mainstream it won't be shared. You only see Canadians in a handful of games (or even other alleged "minor nations") in games like Silent Hunter 3, Atlantic Fleet (tied under Royal Navy, sadly), and maybe some other hidden gems. Even so, they're ignored. People whoever admire Germany so you always see Germans hyped up in both Azur Lane & Kantai Collection. You also (thankfully) experience how German Uboat crews faired in Silent Hunter 3 & Das Boot. Good POV.

    You're just not allowed to admire the normal, let alone the patriotic. It makes you human and you're not allowed to be human. I admire how patriotic Japan is, they know how to be mostly true to themselves. :monocle: I'm glad we at least have two vessels (HMCS Haida & HMCS Sackville), needing to visit HMCS Sackville myself.

    Everything is just messy these days. Nobody knows how to be true, hence all the fake smiley faces and fake reviews on Steam and game journalism sites. :saint:

    Avanar basically gave the most proper summary of the whole thread, but I think that I can add my 5 cents to it.

    I've warned against tribal mentality and "circle jerking", it's genuinely bad for the health, yet people don't listen. Of course people won't, I'm always the idiot here just because you guys happen to have a "black sheep" to gang up on.

    Education system still has many problems even nowadays, and the lack of knowledge in different aspects push people to find answers, and the answers that they will find will not always be correct or scientific.

    Many problems because it teaches people it's perfectly fine to diddle kids, to be someone you're not, and to be constantly dishonest with yourself. And yes, other people take the route of "flat-earth" and other nonsense because that's how tribal mentality works. That's how the past worked all prior to the government now openly and intentionally killing people left and right, and even openly in Germany, as they had done in Canada & USA. I'm taking another route, still a philosophical route, one away from fake conspiracy theories, yet still viewed negatively because you've been conditioned that way. Gaslighting only makes things worse on your end, and Avanar's end.

    Yes, the lack of knowledge indeed forces people to seek out alternative avenues, hence why people have migrated to Anime, Japanese, or in Asian context in general. Traditional Europe minded folks seemed to have either died out, or migrated to even Asian mediums. People can still be highly creative thanks to having escaped to Asian mediums, and the rare proper YouTube channels.

    Gaslighting isn't helping you here.

    and here is the second (and the main) problem of education system - it is not teaching people critical thinking (well, at least I didn't see an example of opposite).

    If you look at the current North American education system it's perfectly fine to diddle little kids, to be a vulgar sense of yourself, to dox other parents, and to be genuinely retarded. It's perfectly fine to be moronic these days and that's frustrating.

    A Canadian mother was doxxed and attacked for critizing a mentally moronic teacher.

    Then you have Canadian teachers pretending to be the opposite gender, or wearing fake breasts (Ontario), etc.

    You're not allowed to be human.

    Any bit of critical thinking was done by the rare history teacher, or some rare good teacher. Nowadays teachers must show off their fancy BMW car, or how special they themselves are, or berate their own students. The current-day education system is a peer-pressure torture room where you MUST violate one another left and right, even if it drops into suicide.

    Another point is that if you don't accept dogma of your local group you can't be part of the community, and as a social being you will lower your chances to survive). That also explains why most people on Earth have a religion (most religions are also based on a set of dogma that you need to accept "as is").

    Tribal mentality, cliques, circle-jerking.


    Yeah, with how delayed Rising World update has become people have become antsy attacking everything they could, even mocking everything. People will learn, one day, to be more human. Or I hope people shall.

    The smileys were pointed at your links and your ideas of how the world should be. Science means knowledge based on facts, found by research, study, evaluation and reevaluation. It is an iterative process and the result in the end is called "factual knowledge".
    It does NOT exclude other ideas, just the current state of knowledge. If at some point something is proven by scientific means that will be accepted. Anything that is simply a statement, an idea or vision is no science and therefore no fact until scientifically proven.

    I love how people can't understand anything, even when I spell things out. It goes for everything. I go A-B-C, and people go F-I-P. What the heck?! I said A-B-C, not F-I-P. The problem with people is that they're too "innocent", for a lack of better phrasing. It's hard to put into words, or maybe people simply lack the experience to hold a leveled conversation with myself, or any other game developer out there who actually is aware of what they're saying.

    Yes, science is based on facts and I wouldn't post anything that's factually incorrect. I'm not going to post anything about flat-earth, or anything that's fake. I post things that are "food for thought", things that media constantly claims is false (when it's not), and I post things that actually makes sense in theoretical senses. I'm going to note this again (and I'm sure it's going to be overlooked again; View A-B-C point) relating to how I had to learn Canadians had a naval military during WW2, something you wouldn't know elsewhere. The world isn't what it seems because mainstream doesn't teach people what is necessary. I learned we had HMCS Haida, HMCS Quebec, HMCS Ontario, HMCS Bonaventure, HMCS Warrior, HMCS Magnificient all thanks to KanColle, Azur Lane, various YouTubers, etc.Nobody wants to focus on things that are actually interesting. If I can post again I'll post Youtubers going on about Canadian naval warships because it's informative, not in history books, and it's a taboo topic in Canada and the world. People aren't allowed to admire anything Canadian, it's apparently offensive to be a Canadian, and a patriotic one at that.

    It fucking takes traditional Europeans (not modern), and even Asians to get to the actual information, but then people always laugh and mock others. I'm irritated by people's weirdness. Internet trolling.

    Your links are not even theories. They are simply ideas, fantasy. Tesla never had an idea about pyramids being a millenium old electricity system. That is beyond any serious science. But it generates clicks. As a business model this works very well.

    That's your loss.

    The other reason for the smileys is your reaction. You are constantly complaining about people being not open for other ideas, people are "abusive" to you and "senile" or "dumb". Look at yourself. You promote your ideas simply because they are not "mainstream", for no other reason. And anyone arguing pro facts is for you automatically misguided. That is the definition of "not open".

    Of course I'm complaining about other people behaving like rabid beasts. People can't even be civil anymore, but that probably goes without saying when we view "forums" in generalities. People can't accept consequences on their end. I try, yet people don't. Everything is always, ALWAYS my fault and I get irritated by how vile people can be. I also have a stalker constantly giving me clown awards making me more annoyed IQ keeps lowering in other people.

    Yes, people are abusive, senile, dumb, and etc. I'm giving people an alternative, but I'm not replacing what they know. I'm simply sharing stuff on the side. If you want to bite, then bite. If not, again, it's your loss.

    As for the whole "complaining about people being aggressive" then go look at the Steam forums with people bickering like senile old farts. Always arguing making no sense what so ever. Always hating each other. If I wasn't there then someone would hate on someone else and it's just stupid. Zork (Zfox), or whatever he goes by now had the smart idea of simply disconnecting from the forums and I should have as well. Red51 desired me to stay, and I accepted his wishes, even if people enjoy being vile. People aren't honest with themselves, and that is a fact. Other people know this, and have told me this, when providing me Busou Shinki models.

    As someone told me via Discord:

    >>and that's fine, its understandable being frustrated at always being either ignored or fought against <<

    And for clarity (again) I'm not trying to replace people's thoughts fully, only consider the alternatives. Food-for-thought, though people are even afraid to think outside the box. People are afraid of a LOT of things.

    You call out others for being blindfolded, dumb, senile and other stuff. That is very clearly "abusive behaviour". You are what you fear. And that is funny and at the same time sad. Also that you carry out these fights in public. I also don´t know what such topics have to do with Rising World, even if off topic but that is Reds & Team to decide upon.

    I call it as I see it. Sometimes I'm wrong, sure, but people aren't honest. People always have to wear this mask and it gets overly weird. Always being accused by Draven on Steam forums also gets highly agitating as this fake "troll", or someone "negative". Even when I hide myself in a bubble (doing nothing) people STILL find excuses to slander me, berate me, and treat me like trash. I can't stand people who are fake and vile. If I see people being dishonest I simply say so. Even when I mind my own god damn business people still desire to be vulgar.

    I actually kind of wish I didn't discover Rising World. I wish I instead found Palworld, or some other game instead of Rising World when the community enjoys being constantly dishonest, shunning myself, and just being weird. Granted, I also expected too much from people and I should have simply stuck with the Japanese to do the stuff that would have gone miles, and beyond.

    If Red51 wants me gone he can always tell me to. I even openly requested to him to ban me time and again and he refused. I snapped at him during the Freedom Convoy threads being purged also seeing how dishonest people are. If people want to be fake then don't come crying or else I'll say: "I told you so!"

    I make note of people being fake so it can be used as a learning tool to avoid mistakes, but I guess people insist on making mistakes.

    Ah well......

    There you got my explanation. Take it as you like, and i know you will take it negative just as all the other talks we had before, but it is not meant negative or abusive.

    On that note I'll suggest you work in service industry seeing people constantly lying to your face, and they know it. They take advantage of other people, lie, steal products, sample goods, etc. I see it on a daily basis. I feel bad for retail people who have to constantly deal with people being the lowest of the lowest. Makes me wonder when people shall wake up to start apologizing to those around them.

    If there is a Rising World Anime variation I'll probably jump ship at this rate with how genuinely abusive the Steam forums and forums are on its own with and without me. People don't know what they're doing.

    That´s it from my side. :party:

    Thank you, and I tried to meet you half-way just as you've tried meeting me halfway. If only this could happen more often.

    I'm not pinning this on you, but I wish people were simply honest so we wouldn't be at each other's throats with knives on the daily. It's tiring, and I'm annoyed I have to deal with people who aren't honest with themselves both offline and online. It be nice to meet people who actually behave like actual proper human beings, not the ones I currently find stalking me on Steam forums gifting me awards, or berating me whether I'm there or not, or somehow failing to connect the dots. Or seeing people being vile to other people simply because RIsing World isn't updating in their specified timeframe.

    If Red51 allows me to mod Rising World in a user-friendly manner then I'll have fun in the way I had fun customizing VRChat in my own covert manner. Viewing simplified tutorials, copy & paste, etc. I wish I could have fun with Rising World but I guess even that isn't allowed anymore. The more we wait the crankier people get. :sleeping:

    What is wrong with people. Both here and on Steam forums people have gone full-on senile. People being abusive, sensitive, and attacking one another in almost every thread. For a Rising World community people sure are vile. And that goes for Draven as well..... What is wrong with people. Everybody has gone full on senile, and I'm not joking.

    I'm genuinely concerned. So much so I may end up having to call some sort of international health number. I'll have more videos to share later, though highly concerned over people's mental well being. That now includes Avanar's mental health. People lost their own sanity.

    Just because the Rising World isn't updating people are genuinely losing their minds.

    Also, Avanar, you should know better instead of acting dumb like that.

    My god....... This is why we can't have nice things because other people always have to get offended. Desmagu, you've also double-posted making things more annoyingly awkward. If you could have edited that into your other post it would have been less agitating.

    While the other folks are "fake offended" I'm going to share more fun stuff you never learn in school. Current-day education now teaches you it's perfectly fine to diddle little kids, and all that idiocy.


    - Plants communicating with one another

    (Learning how plants communicate with one another to attract predators to attack herbivores eating on them, and communicating with other plants.)


    Yes, Canadian education sucks, and it sucks now more than ever with how people don't even know how to read, even forgetting how to be human. Asians can still out-score any local in North America and it's quite sad. Same with traditional-minded Europeans, even if Canadian teachers are trash. My teachers were a bunch of drug addicts, or boasted how they owned a BMW Convertible (shh, don't tell anyone) and other nonsense. Always bullying me and other people. I'm happy I've learned many stuff via Youtube and Anime.

    Desmagu, no, it's not a laughing matter.

    Apparently this BMW mattered more to my English teacher than teaching a class.

    "Shhh!~ Don't tell anybody I showed you my car"

    Yeah, whatever.

    Do you not hear yourself? You accuse people of so called "gaslighting" and then make multiple comments in defence like this.

    I'm out.

    I knew you'd say that.

    Then don't say stupid nonsense like this


    Lost me after 25 seconds.

    Then I won't have to call you out either. As I've said previously maybe if people had long-term patience and common sense then we wouldn't be at each other's throats. If people were more honest and down to earth then we wouldn't be villainizing one another. Instead maybe people should go - "Oh! I haven't thought about that! It's a neat theory, even if I don't disagree with it. It really puts things into perspective" - being more accepting, yet still in your own point of interests. But no, I have to have - "This is fake! Arcticu is an Alt-right moron! FAKE! FAKE! I have low patience! Fake!" - type of responses.

    Then head out, I don't care. I had two posts tell me I'm a retarded piece of trash (in an indirect manner) so what you have noted is moot in an exit argument.

    And, as I've ALSO said previously, not everything under the sun is my fault. I'm aware people always enjoy alleging everything is my fault, but it be nice, for once, if people took responsibility for their own sins. People have blamed me for every little microscopic thing in reality and in the digital world that I simply make note of what people have said (including Steam support) and move on. People don't understand, always sweeping crap under the rug.

    Or when I tried to share Anime with someone whining and moaning 15 seconds (or 5 minutes) into the episode saying how much they allegedly hated everything about the Anime instead of being polite about it. Everybody is so hostile and dismissive. It's as if people aren't humble, nor down-to-earth anymore. it's as if people forgot how to be human, or meet others in the middle. But no, I see "FAKE! THIS IS FAKE!" type nonsense.

    I love it when people can actually converse with one another instead of pointing weaponry at one another. Even honestly discussing our way in burying the hatchet. But no, even that isn't allowed. Everything always has to be my fault, or someone else's fault, never the main person. And yeah, I'm sure someone is going to weaponize something I've said again.


    Here, a theory about pyramids being power generators, not tombs with giant "rob me" signs on them. Again, the theory is laid out and it's then debunked and analyzed at the end.

    But, oh, no.,..... I"m a terrorist who is going to blow up Berlin. Oh no, how evil of me. Maybe I'll violate women while I'm there..... How horrendous........ My god... People. :sleeping:

    And yes, I'm aware it's obvious I'm also depressed because people forgot how to be normal human beings. HUmans are social creatures so of course there is that struggle as well, but at least I'm having fun messing around with theories, even wondering how they'd fit into Rising World, or simply in general. It's always good to think outside the box and have fun with everything. Of course, everything in moderation. :monocle:

    As always everything shall be posted "whenever I feel like it" until I'm no longer allowed to post here and on Steam. I'll still attempt to keep things proper, even if people still enjoy throwing me under the bus for the whole fun of it.

    Now to Paul. Again, I'll try to be civil by restraining myself as much as possible, but I can't promise anything. If I slip, I slip, but I will respond.



    Only someone who is really far from anything scientific can say something like that.

    You don't have to be an alleged "whack job" or whatever negative term you're desiring to use here, you can also be a normal human being trying to make ends meet seeing everything is not as it seems. With your life on the line you can see government lying day in, day out, and that probably won't change for as long as we live. We've seen it during the 'Canadian Freedom Convoy' which sparked protests around the world, and even with Anti-Japanese sentiments (people attacking Anime), and everything. I've seen people parrot things the media specifically told them to, even knowing it isn't the truth.

    I've even seen the media use "bait-and-switch" tactics. I'm just one person so I can't do much, but I can at least point out people have morally screwed up, even when we argued on both here and the Steam forums, and other social media. Reddit itself is a cesspool's of filth and corruption, as is Microsoft, etc.

    I feel bad for people who try to gaslight others and myself, meanwhile you have people going hungry, unable to live in a home, nor struggling to make ends meet seeing the actual shades of reality. When push comes to shove you discard the unnecessary reverting back to everything you need at the very moment. Only the basics.

    I'm aware we live in a world teaching people to put down other people, though it's healthy to think outside the box while trying to live a normal life.


    If you use conspiracy theory videos as an information source then you probably need to change you method of information collecting.

    This in itself is making me disappointed in you, even livid & annoyed we're not allowed to brainstorm, consider things, nor "think outside the box".

    You do know that half the alleged conspiracy theories are true, and have come true from 2017 till 2024. Sure, those prior to 2017 have been child's play and false, though the more recent ones are alarmingly real. Just because you're told an apple isn't an apple, and you believe it, is highly worrisome. It's an example, yet one I'll use.

    If you're just going to dismiss something while viewing it as "conspiracy theories" then I'm highly concerned for you. Yes, I don't 100% believe in the videos either, though they're more believable than the mainstream stuff of pretending Canada doesn't exist, or lowering the intellectual standards of the Ancients when they've been shown to be much smarter than they were made out to be.

    I'm not talking about admiring 'Ancient Aliens', I mean actual properly research videos backing up their claims such as the WhyFiles. Half their videos have been noted to be on shaky ground, and I respect that. The other stuff, that's awesome to note. I'll repeat myself noting Ancient Chinese may have potentially sailed up and down the North American Western coastline, etc.


    "Mainstream media" are not interested in shrinking/expanding civilisation age. First proofed cultural construction appeared ~21000 years ago, and that's an approximate age of the oldest civilization (which is obviously don't exist anymore)

    I'm bad with numbers, though out of curiousity, to see if we're on the same page, I'll see what you mean about 21000 years ago.…-america-21000-years-ago/

    The “Last Glacial Maximum,” or LGM, refers to a time during the last ice age when ice sheets and glaciers reached their peak extent across the world. These ice sheets and glaciers radically affected the world’s landscapes and migration patterns.


    I'll comment on this noting I believe this over anything else. Traditionally-minded Europe itself is aware Vikings and other civilizations/societies arrived in North America prior to the now-named 'First Nation' (Indians) folks, even though Canadian Parliament Building tours keep insisting it was the 'First Nations', not Vikings, or other civilizations. There have been cases of other civilizations living in North America before any 'First Nation' groups claiming their spot.

    I had to also Google up the 'Younger Dryas' to note the numbers.....


    2,580,000 to 11,700 years


    I'd believe it.


    It's your choice to stay in the darkness or not, light of science is not forbidden for anyone.

    Yes, we can go to a library, view it on the internet, but you're not seeing the actual problem here. This comment in itself is voiding the actual issue here. You have people hooked on fake Global Warming issues when it's simply the Earth living and breathing in its own manners going through its own cycles. Cold cycles, warm cycles, and everything else. Whatever we do as humans won't change the Earth from its "mood swings", if you will.

    We could live in ice caves again, or underground, or in mountains.

    It's being spun in a way to which even you should be highly concerned about, even if you note "science is not forbidden for anyone", even if I also noted how vicious and vile the science community gets if you don't agree to their theories and statements. Violently rejected to the point my Uncle was fearing for his life.

    Tow the line, or die........ Basically.


    That's true, we are living longer than 30 years and not eating our enemies. That's a thing called "progress", and it changes what is normal in the society.

    Annoying deflection of yours. Once again, you didn't respond appropriately, something to which we could call "gaslighting". Shame. This is honestly why we can't have nice things.


    That's not how that works. Even the largest bodies of asteroid belt wil not destroy the Earth, and most of them have orbits that don't intersect Earth orbit. And obviously 99.9999% of asteroids are harmless, the stone in a size of a meter will not even hit the ground (atmosphere will deal with it). The amount of really dangerous asteroids is very low, and each of them have impact probability like 10-8 or lower from 200-300 years.

    I'll let you sit on your response.

    Go Google up the various impact creators we had on Earth. Yes, I'm aware of the stray and clustered types, etc. Asteroid, comets, etc.

    I'm well aware haste makes waste, I'm going to leave it at that.


    That's nonsense, bo comments.

    "allegedly", yet you're desiring to pass on this comment. Alright... I mean, a potato is a battery yet you can't consider this thought? I at least paid enough attention in science and biology classes, even if I had to redo them because people enjoyed bullying me, even noting I was "crying" even if I wasn't. Looking through things in a microscope, how to put together a theory, etc. Granted, some of that faded away, but at least the standards are there.

    (To those skimming, this was in comment to Pyramids "allegedly" being a power generator, though I never said it was 100%. It was assumed. But it is a well known fact it was also aligned to specific constellations/stars.)


    Laurasia and Gondwana be like

    Mu & Atlantis, though I still believe Atlantis is theoretically "The eye of the Sahara" in Africa. Look at the water marks in the desert. That, and how Africa used ot be a full-on jungle, as noted in Guild War's Nightfall style.

    During the last earthquake of Japan (Western Japan, 2024) at the start of the New Year the land was brought up enough (in water; coastlines) to be seen in satellite images, and even from the tops of nearby hills and/or mountains. Land shifted heavily enough bringing land up many meters along the western coast of Japan in the effected areas.

    I'm not saying I'm 100% correct, I'm just noting I side with those theories of Mu and Atlantis, and neutrally noting the Japanese event as well. I'm also aware of what Earth appeared like in the past, though feel its being named in a negative way. Fine, yes.... Laurasia and Gondwana, among many others throughout the process.


    We know that, it's called "global warming". Actually the climate of Earth changed many times, and it was not always fine. "Snowball Earth" is a good example

    People actually don't know that. People keep assuming it's "man-made" and all that garbage, as my Uncle had found out time and time again. Earth goes through cycles, something people don't know about, even if you noted that. Other people are aware, yet they get hammered down over political narratives.

    And yes, the Earth has changed many times, but not because of us, but in a "mood swing" style.

    And yes, Earth used to be a ball of ice, and a ball of molten lava, yet people keep assuming everything is our fault. What IS our fault is the physical pollution, but everything else is on Earth's terms. Sun, cosmic radiation, among other factors.

    "global warming" is all a farce, and my Uncle already has proven it wrong. I'm certain others have as well, even the non-scientific side of things. Earth is Earth, and it'll continue doing its own thing.


    I hope not. RW is a real world game with fantasy elements, not a conspiracy theory aggregator.

    I love how you insulted Red51 with this line, even without knowing it. I feel bad for Red51 now, the poor guy. Our interest in Atlantis has been shattered, all because people can't think outside the box. I feel my point has been proven and I genuinely feel bad for Red51, hence why I had to private message him a few times with specific "sensitive" topics.

    This is why we can't have nice things because people get offended far too easily. And yes, Red51 is allowed to have fun seeing as how he genuinely 100% desired to have a fantasy biome in Rising World. As for how, and where, that's up to him, but Atlantis itself needs to be 100% respected (the Lucasarts video game version at the last).

    Now, if you still view me as a brainless Alt-Right nut-job then please reconsider your viewpoint and stances. Things are indeed not what they seem, especially with the constant bombardment of half-truths. It's however neat when we play with fun stuff in an overly fun manner. Rising World already has Purple cows in respect to Europe's Milka Chocolate, Bandits speaking absolute gibberish, and even animated hostile skeletons. Heck, it even has hell with Zombie dogs. People desire magic and I hope Red51 finds a proper medium for it. It could even be an '' example add-on, and same with zombies. Whatever people are offended about can be it's proper add-on element on You know what's funny? People even were offended about mods and add-ons adding zombies, magic, mounted moose, & etc. We honestly aren't allowed to have fun, nor customize our games the way we desire. Everything is offensive in this world, even though Rising World is allowed to be customizable to their player's preferences, etc. Shame. We live in a censorship world where you can't even host mods on Nexus Mods and other politically corrupted minded platforms.

    But if you desire to knock on 'Ancient Aliens' and everything on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, etc, then by all means, be my guest. Burn them down. I won't defend them, but I will defend 'WhyFiles'. I won't defend any YouTuber, but I will defend WhyFiles.

    Everything is legit, and game, though still up to however Red51 desires it. :monocle:



    Oh, and lastly, I'm aware people are all serious and tensed up to the point of having heart attacks and stroke (I'm noting this in general now, not at any one person). It's healthy to loosen up while still maintaining some composure.

    There is a reason why Asian mediums are preferred over Western ones. People are allowed to escape while not being guilt tripped, gaslit, nor shamed into being labeled something negative. They're allowed to be human and themselves.

    "Please let me cut loose a little!" - Shun (Blue Archive)

    Meaning, it's fine to be both logical and emotional in a healthy medium. You know, neutrality type of deal. Less spoke, more of Kirk and Vulcan mentalities mixed together. :monocle:

    Alright, I have time now so I'm going to respectfully respond to the two posts, even if I'm disappointed by how disingenuous it comes off to me. First I'll respond to Yahwho, and then Paul.



    Lost me after 25 seconds.

    I find people who intentionally want to gaslight, disregard, deflect, or anything of the sort tend to resort to these sorts of responses. The video itself is supposed to be a "food for thought" analyzing both sides of the aisle, yet people tune out because it goes against how they've been "programmed". It's healthy to think outside the box; To imagine what-if's while not disregarding things just because of hand-holding.

    I tried suggesting Anime to someone who allegedly admired Anime, they also gave me the stupid response of "I lost interest in the 5 seconds". I don't want this to come off as rude, or off putting, but I'm also disappointed people have less patience to the point they can't make sense of anything, or enjoy anything on their end. If it isn't Anime, then it's with Minecraft with people playing in Peaceful mode, or not at all. Same goes with Rising World. Everything has to be insanely "instant gratification" to the point everything becomes corrupted. I intentially view Flat-Earth theories to see what makes people tick, yet I get a stupid response of "lost me after 25 seconds". COMMON!

    I wish people had more mental retention and more of an open mind instead of how toddlers act by "are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!"

    I'm not trying to insult you, I'm just severely disappointed, especially recieving this sort of response time and time again, even for normal things. Just for clarity I'm more annoyed over the fact people don't have the will power to commit to something saying things are allegedly "boring", etc. But for the video itself the reason why I admire the "WhyFiles", against as noted, is because he looks at both sides of the fence while trying to stay on the middle line. He tries to debunk himself midway, or even near the end.

    To me this comes off as "the Earth didn't have water, so it never had water". I'll keep it that basic seeing as how I already made a wall-of-text to the lack of patience we have in this era. I see this as needless huffing and puffing.

    Tribal mentality is both a blessing and a curse, and people do congregate with one another.


    I'm sorry, I wouldn't normally respond to these. But as someone who's studied both science and history for 20 years I have to state to others that may read this that the videos contents is nonsense.

    You noted you couldn't watch more than 25 seconds of the video so you're just stating things in bias to void things out of pure spite (or so comes off to me). Yes, I may have done something loosely similar, but that's also because of how many lies I've noted in the media. I back it up, yet still get gaslit for it because we're supposed to cut one another's throat over fake ideals.

    Sorry, but be honest next time. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on the 20+ years of science and history, but at the very least act like it. My Uncle is a retired Geologist, scientist, professor at University of Ottawa and Europe, whenever he was allowed to teach and practice. That is, until my Uncle started pointing out flaws and alternate theories rubbing the scientific community of Europe the wrong way to the point they've become aggressively hostile. My Uncle was forced to leave Europe (by force) having his lab revoked (by force) because it all went against the mainstream narrative. You have to 100% uphold the narrative or else risking assassination. He stuck to North America, and wherever else he was allowed to teach. He even noted (to my parents) how Global Warming is fake, and my parents were happy it was noted as fake. My uncle desired to note it in a more acedemic manner, yet Global Warming is simply Earth going in its various climate cycles. Things always change, though stay constant for a set period of time before changing to a "new normal", as noted in the video.

    He clearly told my parents in the past about this mainstream professional abusive behaviour, and I'd rather believe 'WhyFiles' than whatever the mainstream media had noted. Sure, I'll believe some of what was taught in schools, but keep in mind what "half-truths" mean. You either tow the line, or screw off. You have to parrot what others have noted or be punished by higher forces. Everything and anything to control the populace.

    Next time instead of voiding something out of pure spite try to use your 20 years of patience to actually put your point across instead of flailing. As I told Paul, this is honestly why we can't have nice things because people simply void things out of weirdness. Sabotage, political pressures, near-Assassination, etc. I may not be at my Uncle's intellectual level, or my dad's professional level, I however was exposed to their experiences and stories to see the mainstream lies from their professional and life-experiences.

    (My Uncle also has a plaque at University of Ottawa).


    Yes, we have lost technologies over time, such as the tikythera mechanism and greek fire. But this is due to the fact that "knowledge is power". The knowledge of these technologies were highly guarded secrets that only a small ruling class controlled.

    Lost to time, indeed. This is probably the only thing in the post I can fully agree to.


    A much more occam's-razor-style hypothesis would be that these ruling class were killed during an uprising of the people they controlled, or an outside force (i.e. an invading army) wiped them out, and therefore their technologies.

    There's also that. To the victor goes the spoils. Anything and everything is plausible, something which is hard to know for sure with how much cover-ups has occurred, and how many deflections were to be had in history. Like I said, these videos are a fun 'Food for thought'.

    Interesting to note how every autumn we pass through a debri field, something school failed to teach me. My Canadian education system also failed to teach me about our Canadian military, only the very basics. I never knew we had a whole slew of World War 2 destroyers, 2 light cruisers, or even 3 different aircraft carrier at one time. Or how we captured a U-Boat, shooting at it in spite for all the damages done in WW2. Or how we even had 3 merchant cruisers named HMCS Prince David, HMCS Prince Henry, and HMCS Prince Robert.

    But yeah, I guess this is all "conspiracy theories" I've learned on the internet. We never had a navy because mainstream media told us so, as same with forum goers in other platforms.

    (This line itself is a 100% angry jab to those outside of the Rising World forums. I'm livid here. The other responses had me holding back trying to be civil.)


    I genuinely enjoyed the video noting how the Mayans were more logical than the mainstream media portrayed. Yes, they were brutal and gorey, yet they also managed to build roads, etc. This is something you don't learn in history books. Or how other ancient civilization accomplished more than they were credited with, or how (again) Ancient Chinese possibly sailed up and down the North America's. Same with other civilizations.

    Now to type up a response to Paul.

    Yikes. I may come back and respond to the post properly at another time (some replies may actually be worthwhile), but I'm in a rush so I'm going to note a few things I forgot to note last night, and some I see currently.

    - Just sharing Carthage because it's neat having a slight window into the past.

    If you use conspiracy theory videos as an information source then you probably need to change you method of information collecting.

    This is why we can't have nice things because of comments like these gaslighting everything around. I'll properly respond to things later, I however currently have other things to sort through. I'm disappointed people would stoop so low to gaslight. I'm trying to share things for lovely food for thoughts, even openly seeing many half-truths in the mainstream while proper sources are those not of the mainstream, etc in our life. Many lies and people gobble it up without a care. Too lazy to ponder about other stuff, or explore things in actual scientific manners, as my uncle had done, and been kicked out of Europe because it countered political narratives. Threatened, harassed, and abused out of European scientific communities just because he explored avenues mainstream refused to explore because exploitation of the population is the actual trend.

    Geologists and other scientists (not tied to the mainstream) have noted how the Chinese and other civilizations have visited the North America's, yet everything has to be viewed with lies and half-truths in out current history. Traditional Europeans (not modern) are more aware of the lies built up in North America than any modern American and European together. They could see through the fake façade the governments would tell them about what actually happened in history because they actually took notes. As noted via the Viking comment in Canadian terms, etc. Chinese, India Indians, and other folks may have been the first and with proper boats. Even those even before them.

    We keep selling our past short and it keeps being backed up with numerous proofs.


    I failed to note how the whole of Africa used to be green. The video notes everything else I forgot to note. It's amusing to see why people deviate and think outside the box, it's more rewarding that way. You get to see things other people refuse to see, make note of, or even process. :nerd:

    I always admire viewing the alternatives, the unique, and the off-beat stuff. Mainstream stuff is neat, though there's more lies in there now more than ever, and especially from mainstream media, science outlets, etc making everything we know around us all a farce. Canadian government openly preaches how Vikings weren't the first people in Canada, nor how other civilizations beat the 'First Nations" folks to Canada. It's all a political farce. People should be well aware of the existence of "half-truths" and all the lovely stuff to keep us somewhat informed, yet stilled ignorant.

    (The video is absolutely spooky. Being told otherwise, of the spooky comment, comes off as ignorant.)

    While building in MineTest (building a railway) I enjoyed watching this video, listening to it like a podcast, noting what was being noted in the video. How civilization is older than what mainstream media keeps insisting, even wrongly. Mainstream always getting each and everything wrong with other folks discovering things making it newfound common knowledge. We're intentionally being kept in the dark, lied to on the daily basis, yet people are fine with that. How there is more, and more varied ways in how we lived, and how everything resets after long time on this, and every other planet. Our normal isn't the normal that was in the past, how people explored the world in different ways noted by mainstream science/geology, among other fun stuff. Even how we're always at risk in being in danger every autumn by passing by various asteroid/comet/debris fields risking the total annihilation of Earth.

    How the pyramids is actually (allegedly) a power station, not a gravestone. How there were two larger continents/islands visible on our Earth, now non-existent. How the world was colder with a thriving climate than it is today. We're allegedly warmer with cooler climates having been the norm in the past.

    There is tons, and tons to note, and I'd rather believe the underdog stuff than the mainstream stuff of gaslighting one another to hate, block (on forums/social media), and murder each other over fake political nonsense. People desire to cheat, berate, and hate each other than to be positive normal human beings. I'd rather believe what is in the video because it's more humane than constantly witchhunting and gaslighting one another on a daily basis, especially on Steam forums over fake reddit-minded clown award mentalities. I admire my "food for thought" moments, my philosphical Anime, and even exploring neat What-if scenarios. It's always fun experimenting, simulating, and peaking into something which could have been, not what it's falsely noted as in this day and age with fake political nonsenses.

    I genuinely wish for half of what was noted to find their way into Rising World in some manner or another. Some dungeon, scroll, remains, or whichever making loose note of what their and our world once contained. :monocle:

    (I"m tired, I'll fix my grammar later, if I remember.)

    Saw another video recommended to me, thought I'd share.

    The Downfall of Minecraft & Mojang... has begun?

    The title may be click-baity, it however isn't wrong. Minecraft can't fix Bedrock edition, even if people prefer Java over bedrock. Everybody proper prefers Java version over Bedrock Mojang. Mojang seems to half-care, yet sadly Microsoft is the one who cares even less than even the half-caring Mojang. It's horrible.

    Minecraft Dev edition allegedly added Fireflies, was leaked, and added it fully to then gaslight the community.

    "Concept art isn't commitment."

    (Most hated video of Mojang.)

    Rising World shall always be my most preferred game, with MineTest now coming in second. I'm having fun rebuilding in Minetest, and even testing out various add-ons of farms, trains, etc, all in survival mode. I love how peaceful and awesome it is to play MineTest on my Steam Deck, something I wish I could do naturally with Rising World. Rising World is sadly still "bloated". My friend played Rising World on his Steam Deck enjoying what he saw, yet sadly being forced to relog into my session every 20 minutes, or so, from chunk loading errors, etc. I can also see why MineTest has Butterflies and fireflies now all thanks to that video. Rising World and MineTest are both awesome.

    Everything needs to go back to the basics.

    Why Is Minecraft So Depressing?

    Why is it depressing? Why is Rising World the same way in singleplayer mode?

    ("But! But! You need join multiplayer mode! You're missing the whole point here.")

    What made Minecraft great was its negative point. A double-edged sword, if you will. The selling point of open worlds is how you're initially alone, eventually gaining companionship as time goes on, or at least via tamed pets. As noted in the video, even echoing my exact thoughts, Minecraft is depressing because we're the only ones there. We're alone. Even with pets we're still depressingly alone, nobody to talk to, share our builds, etc. We randomly spawn in the world, spurred on by the first few days of survival before everything starts to settle down. We're rushing to stay safe from mobs, build farms, etc, all prior to eventually feeling the full effects of "loneliness".

    It's the "settling down" part which gets people thinking "I wish I had someone to play with" which starts kicking in. People wish and desire to play the game with someone (even if it's NPC companions) to join them in this world.

    Various folks made varying levels of NPC companions mobs, the highlight even being the 'LittleMaidsMod'.

    You at least had little helpers helping you out, even interacting with. Having humanoids to properly interact with at least spurred you on further as you pampered them. At least you had someone to care for. Sure, maybe they won't acknowledge your creations and builds, but at least they distracted you enough with cute happy thoughts for long enough.

    Then there is Millenaire mod, something to which you could gravitate towards. The more you would help them out, the more they helped you out in return.

    It helps make things "less lonely", though it does distract long enough you have something to earn, work for, and connect with. You gain attachment to both LittleMaidsMod, and even to the settlers in Millenaire mod. You sadly can't show off your builds to them, though they'll proudly show theirs to you. The more you aid those in Millenaire the more you'll be appreciated by those there, even if it's scripted.

    Because Rising World competes with Minecraft on a sandbox openworld nature it has the same flaws and concerns to worry about as Minecraft.

    How to solve this?

    1 - Friends need to be more friendly.

    2 - NPCs need to evolve to be more aware of their surroundings (View 'Dragon Quest Builder 1' & '2'.). Being able to acknowledge both you and their surroundings would help vastly in the immersion.

    3 - Artifical Girl, Artifical Academy, & any "self-awareness" games with NPCs able to tell what they're looking at, even if staged by scripting & prompts.

    4 - Add in proper humanoid NPC Entities


    1 - Allow NPCs to use imported models, as done via Tower Unite & VRChat SDK.

    2 - The said NPCs need to function in the world they're apart of (view "how to solve this, Part 2", above).

    3 - Would help if NPCs could read pre-determined prompts on signs, body gestures, etc to know what's going on around them (basic conversation & communication).

    4 - Saving, hiring, or befriending an NPC fully should give you their full attention. They should eventually be personalized to your own playstyle with enough trust and etc (or overwritten by external imported models).

    5 - Ignoring NPC companions, simply have Millenaire-styled settlements sparsely dotted in the world. Not obnoxiously, though still fairly rare giving proper rest, refuge, and desired social interaction to a wary traveler. A home away from home.



    Still lonely, yet less lonely. At least you have SOME mental distractions to keep you deflected long enough to simply care for NPCs instead of longing for external companionship. Maybe the weight of an empty world shall be so vast to the point even an NPC's presence will eventually be outweighed by the crushing deep loneliness of seeking social interaction.

    Similar to what I was thinking (even being a natural social outcast; Introvert) I already knew people enjoyed being in fake "social-cliques" preventing others from being in their social circles. Rising World has this, as does every community and social circle. People are still social, yet people still have that desire to share and converse with folks. Even sharing their builds in public spaces. Without social interactions we die as individuals, even resenting the world which falsely denies us the basics; Basic social interaction over fake nonsense and artificial barriers.

    I've felt this loneliness when I hosted a Java-Rising World Christmas celebration in my world. In the spawn city I spent a decent amount of time making gift boxes, placed them in my park's tree decoration, even noting to people we would be celebrating Crhistmas. All but 1 person decided to join leaving my Rising World Java world lonely and empty. People ghosted me. What's the point if people are going to be 'MIA'. Might as well allow me to befriend my own NPC Companions, those of whom I can eventually mold into my own style, doing things I need them to do. Saving them from pirates to befriend them, have them enter combat (general fighting), farm, cut trees, building structures via blue-prints, admiring my builds, etc. Just having a wind-down moment in a cafeteria with them even sitting in the chair of their own accord. That would be glorious. Beats playing in a ghost-like server, especially those which die from lack of interest.

    - Is Minecraft Depressing For Someone Else?
    (I made a fancy build, nobody to admire it.)

    What's the point of making something (in singleplayer) if nobody is going to view it? Even multiplayer, prone to ghosting and lack-of-participation? Both Minecraft & Rising World are the same, and especially with social-clique alienation, solo-playing, etc. No NPCs to even admire your builds , no NPCs to admire your food or creations, no random banter, etc. It's (both Minecraft & Rising World) a lonely, depressing world. There are no entities to interact or feedback with. It's just you, the pets (in Minecraft), or other NPCs/Animals in Rising World. Nothing is intelligent enough in these sandbox games in the manner of Starbound, Dragon's Dogma, Dragon Quest Builder 1 & 2, or Skyrim. Granted, they're different genres of games, though the point stands on their follower-Companion side of things.

    We need "SOME" social interaction to stay healthy, motivated, and to keep pushing ourselves. If you still think - "but join a multiplayer server" - then you're still missing the point. You even missed the point even servers can be ghost realms. Still lonely, scary, and spooky. Think about it, especially on a real-world manner. You're asking someone to reject reality to simply talk to people on the moon (or let's say a next country over), not in their personal vicinity.

    People are social creatures. They need some social interaction, even if it's a fake one in video games. Pets do help, humanoid NPC companions would help even further.

    I'm sorry for how much I pestered Red51 to add them into Rising World, I however request this especially thanks to the void Minecraft initially created. I'm mentioning this because the video popped up on my feed, even echoing my already-noted sentiments. We 100% NEED NPC Companions in both Minecraft AND Rising World. We need social interaction, something to which Red51 unknowingly noted via settlements, factions, and hiring of NPCs. We, sadly, however need more personal additions to stick with a person's side through-and-through. Something deeper, similar to Skyrim's 'Followers', and Dragon Dogma's 'Pawns'. It's not perfect, though it is a solution.

    Yeah, and this explains why people in the Rising World community also voiced their dissatisfaction with Minecraft. It's not Minecraft anymore, it's an RPG game, and not a sandbox as people have known it.

    I already said it, but people also agree that games need more "for fun" features instead of "realism". Granted, Rising World does have realism, but it also has goofy masks, Purple Milka cows, and a rubber duckie for the whole fun of it. Red51 needs to keep this up, or else he'll even lose Rising World in a similar fashion to how Mojang is losing Minecraft.

    The video author noted how nobody asked for cherry blossoms. I had, since 2013, as promised by developers back then. It was promised for 1.8 update - The Update That Changed The World. I was pained not having that update.||


    dyoloh 1 day ago

    I think a big problem withe updates is that mojang is prioritizing realism so fun ideas are not considered or features are scraped because of it and for some reasone everthing needs to have a niche use That most people aren’t gonna use

    Yeah, it's like the whole Creeper situation all over again. If it was suggested now nobody would desire them. I mean, look at what people had done to me on Steam Forums when I requested 'Mounted Moose', even if Asian games (Nier Automata) added them in by having to do a trick. People are too concerned over fake realism they can't even have fun anymore. They resort to trolling, and Mojang even resorts to now ignoring anything similar to Creepers.



    22 hours ago

    Great video, but you were SO close to what I personally feel is wrong with the game rn lol. For me, it’s not that the game had nothing but intrinsic motivators, it’s more like there were very simple basic extrinsic motivators that push players to creatively solve their problems. Building homes, mining, making safe ways to move around, all of it starts as something you need to do, but eventually becomes something you want to do for fun, and even start to get super creative with. It pushed you to engage with the gameplay loop until you were immersed in it and dong it because you wanted to. Now, the gameplay loop has deteriorated as there’s really no need to do anything the game has at all while still being able to build these mega builds, and what’s really the purpose of survival at that point when creative mode is essentially the same thing besides the copy pasted from YouTube resource farms, the strip mining, and the trading halls?

    People lost their creative edge. The game now plays itself to the point players don't feel motivated to build anything on their end. Granted, I've also personally conversed with people who are simply creatively bankrupt they rather play a boring linear game over a creative game. Players had to indeed solve their housing issues, their resource issues, and even make supply lanes. I've done this, people hated me in the RW community for building roads, yet it had to be done.


    THEN BUGGER OFF! I'll do what I want and I'll build roads to safely and correctly move my resources around. It's the smart thing to do!

    I digress. I agree, old Minecraft pushed you out of your comfort zone to build in your own style, not in fake styles. People sadly play in Peaceful mode being unable to build in a neat "supply and demand" manner missing a meat of the game (battle of attrition gameplay), something both Minecraft & Rising World heavily rely on as a game. Nothing wrong with Peaceful, though people miss out on the core of a gameplay then complain a game is empty.

    Survival mode is where the fun and creativity is at. It's what keeps your brain healthy by making you constantly guage what to do next. It's like a strategy game keeping your mind healthily wired while prioritizing your situations, hostile and structure projects.



    1 day ago

    it's also worth mentioning that minecraft nowadays is soooo poorly optimizied. you used to be able to run it on a potato, now you need a decent pc to enjoy it fully.

    That's where MineTest comes in, even if it's a branched off side-experiment going off in an "what-if non-corporation" pathway. Sadly, even Rising World is a bloated game (in terms of software, not gameplay), something you need to keep the Steam Deck tethered to even play Rising World on the go, or risk the device to power off.



    8 hours ago

    Ok I'm gonna be real, games that listen to feedback are way too enjoyable because this applies to youtubers and etc, but Minecraft just forgot what it actually was.

    I agree, Minecraft genuinely forgot what it was, hence why I also made this thread sharing videos noting this. Minecraft genuinely has lost its identity.

    It used to be a sandboxy blocky game, now it's trying to be everything, and the RPG Kitchen sink included into the mix. Dont' get me wrong, I genuinely enjoy Cherry Blossoms, and other fun features, it however lost that appeal to me. It feels like a poorly made AAA game pretending to be an indie game, not an indie game at all.

    Minecraft was supposed to be a place you told YOUR story, not Minecraft's story. It's your canvas, yet they're injecting their perspective over your own. You don't matter.



    16 hours ago

    One thing I have a gripe with is how Minecraft just feels..bloated. I like new content don't get me wrong but after the nether update ( in my opinion) updates felt bloated, uninspired, loaded with filler, removed features people wanted, and made for s pay check, not with passion. I'd even argue that last point has been a constant issue for all updates since the Microsoft acquisition.

    I agree. Minecraft simply feels aimless and lost. It doesn't even do the whole "for fun" feature, though it does add random features for the sake of it. It's not even balanced. It may be somewhat worthwhile, though not what it could be.

    The problem comes down to corporate bloating, forum users punishing genuine POVs (internal sabotage), and simply missing the whole plot of the game. Rising World also seem to suffer this ailment in regards to my various suggesting (mainly mounted Moose & automated instruments) to which people simply forget about the whole "For fun, yet balanced" elements.

    Or when I request Canadians in WW2 naval games, also viewing games like Silent Hunter 3 and IL-2 Sturmovik having Canadians, Slovak, and other "minor nations" simply because they were present. People forgot how to have fun, let alone how to make things accessible. Then you wonder why Asian games (previously from Traditional European avenues) are superior, yet still sabotaged by the overly prudish and monotoned-minded Reddit twats.



    2 hours ago

    1.7.3 was the peak of Minecraft all the updates after that were lacking especially the aquatic and the nether's

    The major update which holds nostalgic vibes to me was 1.7.2, formally 1.8, or so I recall. The updates went through 1.8 twice, this one adding new biomes, mineshafts, jungles, more trees, and was supposed to have Cherry Blossoms in that update, not in the later update (1.20 Java & Bedrock version). It was initially teased to release from 2013, only added a decade later. That's painful, and it hurts. I would have lined my Arcticu City with it.…te_that_Changed_the_World

    (1.7.2, formally known as 1.8 to me, as teased by Notch.)

    Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Maybe Rising World will allow me to play with Cherry Blossoms?

    Maybe 1.7.3 was indeed the final best update for Minecraft before everything simply died off, with special thanks to MIcrosoft's idiocy.

    Once Notch was aliented, bullied, and treated like a villain that's when Minecraft died for me. I tried getting back to it, just wasn't the same. I admired the new changes, and the foxes, it however wasn't done properly. Even other people constantly lost interest. I lost interest, with help from other people.

    Just no fun allowed. Screw our fun........



    5 hours ago (edited)

    I think another reason why Minecraft isn't as fun as before is because of how extremely compact everything is, both in gameplay progression and in structure generations.

    In older versions, everything felt rare and it wasn't common to find a village, nether fortress, or a stronghold. You have to create your base or even a large kindgom for yourself in the older versions. You could choose to be a nomad or a master of the world. Everything had value, and because everything was rare and pretty sparse, you could explore and find beautiful places with interesting loot.
    Nowadays, that isn't really common. If you travel a few hundred blocks or a thousand, you can probably find a village next to a village next to another village. Same goes for shipwrecks, monuments, and more locations.

    As noted previously, everything was done by YOUR hands. You, yourself. You decorated the stage. Even with mods, such as the Mining turtle, extra biomes, Traincraft, etc, everything was still neutral to you. Millenaire mod even kept the game neutral and non-invasive.

    Are you a nomad, or a settler?

    Everything is indeed far too common.


    I'm done. :monocle:

    It's an interesting town. I also can wait for trains and have them already planned in my town. I don't want to tear buildings down later due to bad planning. :D

    Thank you!

    I can't wait to continue fleshing out my city with some planned towers and other builds, while also going back to polish up my pre-existing structures at the very same time. I even desire to rebuild my 'Arcticu Tower' I usually build in every other game. I think I know where to put that (behind the Busou Shinki Tower & Blue tower). Granted, I still may do some "haste builds" during that time.

    Yeah, tearing down buildings is a pain so I may have to make some quick modifications to make it quick-building friendly just to complete only the paper building.

    And yeah, my hype for trains is 100% real, and a nasty itch. Whatever train I'm given I'll make full use out of. Hope we both, and others, can have tons of fun with trains! CHOO!~ CHOO!~

    Also, as noted in my video (near the end) I made note of how I'm switching my perspectives from API modding to simply hyping up trains because of how we can connect with trains more than we do with API. I've butted heads with people so much that there is tension. I desire to ease that nonsense by simply switching back to hyping up trains instead for it's universal appreciation. :monocle:

    Now to see what I should make a video of next. :nerd: