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    Sorry, not trying to hijack anything. I only want to share more fun train topic discussions, and how sticking with the "tested & true" concepts should always be the focus. Red51 showed a Steam Train, and that's what I'm wishing for because that's what is being initially provided (in time). Supply and demand, and I'm eager to get my trains going. I can wait, but I can also have fun sharing more videos and media content. He also noted electric, diesel, among other sorts while avoiding any future-tech nonsense. It needs to actually be working and wortwhile, or a proper "for fun".

    Was watching this and I'm laughing just as much as the content creator is about how "tech bros" are ruining everything. It's similar to how people reinvented the helicopter by using drones, or how brainless teens reinvented cursive writing while trying to be "cool" and "edgy". You have tons of those people, especially on the intellectual egoistic side being pumped out of higher level education systems attempting to constantly prove themselves when they always have to go back to a proper square one for a reality check. It's similar to how a First Lieutenant always cares about pulling rank, yet a General doesn't. Fake people always has something to prove.

    Me? I just want tested & true trains, trams, and whatever Red51 is able, and willing to provide. It doesn't have to be sci-fi, and it can be whatever he is humanly capable of. Looking at that video always has me always admiring Steam trains, and now with diesel trains, because they have actual proven character. They've proven themselves, and they're awesome. If Red51 desires "future tech" then that's purely up to him, and I'm sure people wouldn't mind it. We have pigs with shades, and Milka Cows based on Europe's Milka chocolate brand. I've also done a recent search on the train genre on Steam finding everything to be fairly boring. Nothing captures the magic as Rising World's proposed future, and with Minecraft's TrainCraft mod. I'm tempted in trying out Japanese train sims and games, Rising World is where it's at, not to sound like a broken record over, and over again. It's the truth. Rising World would genuinely be (on paper) the best train sim game out there, if he can push out proper train accessories and assets.

    It's interesting to note Germany's rail system is better than Canada's, yet still hindered by the same reason: "automobiles".

    When people actually wake up (smell the roses) they notice Japan's rail network and Europe's railway network is the way to go. It's the actual proper way to get around, and I can't wait to get around to doing that in Rising World, time and resources willing. I'm thankful the video actually educated me in railway standards and gauges, more than other sources attempted to. I've seen those rails loosely in Minecraft's TrainCraft mod, and now it makes more sense.


    TL:DR: I simply saw a train video simply desiring "tested and true trains" while constantly going "I TOLD YOU SO!"

    I told you so! North Americans intentionally sabotaged themselves, as have the Czechs and Germans, and it shows. I can, at the very least, vouch for Bratislava's tram network. Same with Vienna. That's how you do trains. Rising World's future still looks promising, even if it constantly flip flops from "I'm worried", to "Everything looks awesome" constantly. It's honestly sad to see both Canada & Germany both intentionally sabotaging their train networks for their automobile sectors. They could genuinely go hybrid, as Japan has done. Everything is in lock-step with aviation, cars, and railway. All balanced, more or less. Not perfectly, yet it's there.

    My only purpose for this post (if long winded) is to simply share that video, and to simply have fun with "tested & true" trains in Rising World, whatever both Red51 plans and desires to do. I'm not rushing him, I'm just entertaining myself, sighing at North American railway, hyping up European & Japanese railway networks, and just highly eager for Rising World's trains, even if it's views as obnoxious. Nerding out, basically :nerd:


    Bonus: I'm aware I already stated this, but Ottawa isn't a properly intellectual City. It always sabotages itself, and I can't wait to do a proper hook-up in my world once I'm provided the necessary resources and fun features. No rush, but my God, is Europe and Japanese railway networks million times better. It's like watching toddlers playing with toy trains in Ottawa. :drunk:

    Video may not be perfect, it however sums up my frustrating with Ottawa trains, trains, LRT, and how it struggles to play with assets it was once the king of in the Colonial era. Montreal, something done in parallel, has noted far smoother sailing of their train network. Thankfully, Rising World shall be an escapism, and we can hook things up in more appropriate and fun ways. Everything shall be awesome, and actually done the way we (the players) desire it to be. Can't wait. :monocle:

    I really do have to thank both Kantai Collection and Azur Lane for informing me more about world events. Even though I mostly gave up on Kantai Collection it's always nice seeing how the Japanese use it as a source of pride; Sharing and caring about their naval history. They're aware they've done wrong, they however made the most out of it, especially in highly respectful ways. Azur Lane has mostly done things correctly, if with simialar flaws and mistakes as KanColle. Nothing is perfect, yet at least the latter is more honest than the former. Yes, Azur Lane has to use the lewdness factor to advertise their game to gamers (Supply and demand), but at least it makes people aware,. and what the various vessels had done in their history.

    Ever since my last argument I've occasionally had thoughts about how people perceive warships, and how one is also assumingly shamed and shunned into not admiring WW2 "units", especially of the German variety, yet the Japanese are honest about it. Same with Americans. Even how a Japanese local (maybe of Australian attachment) also prides themselves with Perth from KanColle and the real world version. I've been constantly mulling it over, yet still feel it's perfectly fine to admire World War 2 (or war-related) machinery and vessels as a respectable entity, even as a (lewd) shipgirl. Is it really so wrong to admire something from your history? I'm genuinely asking out loud, even if I may or may not get a response. Yes, Germany was told to be "hush-hush", and same with the Canadians, but at least people are happier when they can actually express themselves freely, especially without restraint. People have a shinier smile, especially when they also allow themselves to have actual REAL fun. I genuinely do admire the German vessels in both KanColle AND Azur Lane, though it's a shame hearing people aren't allowed to both admire and respect the past out of fear of accidentally turning into an enemy, even if what you fear is exactly what turns you into what you fear. You are what you fear, as they say.

    It's thanks to Kantai Collection I've been made aware of Canadians even having a navy, and even an intentionally forgotten one. What they considered purchasing, what they got rid of, and what they now currently have.

    Without KanColle I wouldn't even have found myself priding over how Canadians could have allegedly obtained an Essex-Class aircraft carrier, or even what vessels.

    Canadians never had an Essex-Class, yet it's fun to experiment and see "what-if's", something which games in general should be about. Exploring, having fun, and just winging things in the name of exploration. About both exploration and creativity, as much as it is about informing and being respectful. Educational creativity. :monocle:

    I've attempted to have fun with the concept of - HMCS Dominion - an Essex-Class Carrier belonging to the Canadians. All in the name of Canadian pride, creativity, etc, even if I'm using AI tools to aid in my visualization. (If nobody is going to provide, it's best to do things yourself.)


    And I somehow get mechas out of random Bing AI generations, something which is neat, and equally frustrating. AI is still in its infancy, and intentionally scaled down to prevent certain queries to be 100% generated. Still need to commission artists, something I'll eventually do. Games are meant about having fun, escapism, and just letting loose creatively. That's what makes games fun. You have creative fun, even if the concept is crazy, or relatable. It's all about how people connect, let loose, artistic about it, and the whole "escapism" factor of it. That's what makes shipgirls fun in general, even to the point "purists" & "prudes" gravitate to 'Victory Belles', a European version of KanColle & Azur Lane. If I can ever see them in Rising World then that would genuinely make my day. Even for the Japanese, and those who admire anything of these concepts.


    Hyping myself up on Shinano Meta's theme.

    Shinano - Both the best and worst carrier at the same time:

    At least she's cute, foxy, and highly respectable in Azur Lane. Can't wait for her META form to eventually come out, as noted via the above video.

    I guess I'll still be mulling it over what was noted about admiring vehicles and vessels is apparently taboo in some places, yet openly accepted in the rest of the world. I'll continue to be prideful of my Canadian navy, hoping and wishing for the day they finally appear in Azur Lane, KanColle, or maybe through modded means in Rising World. I've tried keeping things SFW, especially knowing how much people enjoy protesting for the sake of protesting, and no other reason. I tried to keep things by the book. All SFW content.

    In a world where you're shamed, knocked down, and constantly pushed to the side in attempts to admire something I always have to use other means to connect with what I admire, even if it's Anime itself. I have to use OpenAI, BingAI, and whatever I can get my hands on to admire even the Canadian aspect of things. Always wishing, desiring, yet always intentionally sidelined. It's fun learning, seeing, and stumbling across new historical informations.

    i will never add malicious code to my plugins, the plugin is now uploaded btw

    if you go to my youtube channel you can view all my projects, BTW you can fly my helicopter, the plugin for that works best in single player but is a little laggy on my server :thumbup:

    I want to add a disclaimer that the comment wasn't solely aimed at you, just that it's something people have been openly sabotaging me with lately just to kick me off Rising World and I HAD to say it 100%, and how Minecraft has been corrupted time and time again. It's a multi-implied comment. I'll still give various plugins a try and a whirl, if I'm aware of them, and I'll gladly test out whatever I'm invited to, stumble across, or notified off.

    The next chance I'll get I'll check out various Rising World stuff (that includes your plugin). If I can make videos off of it again, I shall. >salute emote here<

    I'll do just that, once I gain more time to actually check out your channel. Seeing as how I'll be playing in singleplayer I wouldn't mind flying around in a helicopter. I'll also have to wait on the maps update to me more adventurous. I would love to make air fields. Now this is the Rising World I admire. :party:

    This is sort of the QoL additions we genuinely need in Rising World, especially without the needless negative attitudes I keep seeing from people. ALways berating, being abusive, stalking me on numerous social media to openly sabotage me, and simply being a bunch of jerks.

    RE: Throw us a Bone!

    Seeing those escalators is indeed what Rising World needs, and I'm happy for what Yahgiggle had done. Not only do I see escalators, I also see stationary helicopters, and maybe other assets which would do well in Rising World, something I've also been strongly desiring in adding into Rising World, yet everything has to be needlessly tedious.

    I'll give my respect solely to the escalator plugin being worked while also equally hoping it'll also find its way into the game in a vanilla manner, once time and resources allow. And hope no malicious code finds its way into the plugin (Minecraft mods suffer with a lot of that). That's the last thing Rising World needs right now, especially with the open sabotage campaign of berating people off the community.

    No, seriously. More honesty, and less stalking-sabotage would be nice. Rising World is such a great game, and it's honestly a shame people stoop to low levels to try to hog Rising World for themselves while doing highly petty things to keep Rising World to themselves. It genuinely deserves so much more. It would do so well having this escalator, elevators, and other stuff. So, once again, I give my praise for working on the elevator, yet disappointed about every other negative behaviour surrounding the plugin trying to shift Rising World into a more corrupted area when it should stay creatively neutral, something I still admire Rising World for. Creative neutrality is always nice.

    Curious what else people have planned, if at all, or if more sabotaging campaigns are planned in the near or far future.

    A month later and I have to say that I'm still happy with what Red51 teased us on May 13. A nice miniature sail boat, and a nice map to go along with it. I may have to tweak and fix my various dry docks and repair areas to contain all sorts of boats, including what Red51 teased us with for the upcoming update and future updates. Once I acquire my map I'll happily return to my main settlement to touch up my shipyard/drydock area, and proudly spam these boats in my world.

    Shall be awesome once we gradually scale up to the giant sail boat Red51 had initially teased during the Java days. Storage container was noted to come later, and I'm happy for that. Curious to see if, and what variations the boat shall have. Various paint schemes, if at all. Maybe it won't. If one can apply emblems and designs onto boats that be an interesting bonus, I however won't hold my breath on that aspect. It would be nice though.

    My additional request/suggestion would be to allow a secondary player (and maybe NPC humanoids; Pets) to be allowed to sit in designated spots on the boat, especially once we get to that stage relating to NPCS and boats. Players I would understand would be higher in that priority. As always, everything is up to Red51. I'm happy for Red51. Maybe I can get one step closer to the initial hype of simply having fun for the sake of fun. Fun for fun, and simply being honest because it brings out the best in experiences.

    YouTube has been steadily sharing more and more neat videos, something I keep holding onto until the right time of sharing. I thought I'd share it now, and on the manner of "service vehicles" and "accessory additions". Two separate things, yet would hopefully make Rising World all the more glorious, if, and when Rising World can reach the highly anticipated train update. Whenever that shall be.

    Disclaimer: I'm not pressuring Red51 to add these, only to share for the whole fun and amusement of things. I'm sharing these because they're simply neat, and YouTube also recommending these to me.


    - "Service Vehicle" (Personals Buggy - The Little Fox RailCart):

    Railcarts are always fun. Shall be neat if, and when we get to that part of the game update. Just building railways meant for both diesel and steam locomotives while chugging along in your diesel railcart to survey things.

    Anything is better than nothing, including a miner's train, and other alternative service vehicles, personal train pods, etc.

    Imagine just chugging along on a basic railway bridge with either netting or metallic grid guards and railings on either side of your railway as you chug along on a cargo route. Considering building in this manner in my own world.

    Or, imagine trying to drive on abandoned desert railways (or poorly kept railways) to cause derailment from sand build up. That would be neat.

    Honestly glad YouTube recommended me this guy's channel, it's awesome. The added bonus of it being a foxed themed railway cart. :nerd:


    B-Units (Diesel):

    Similar to how a steam locomotive had a coal cart attached to run a train, this one was more of a booster attachment to add additional power, horse power, and to simply "boost" the main train. Could be a neat addition, something Red51 may, or may not, already be aware of.


    I've already recommended trains, and I would love to have trams, but I can also (for fun) suggest railcarts while not really expecting any because of resource funding drains. If you don't ask, you won't receive, and it's always better to ask to see what you would receive, if anything. :monocle:

    Let it however be fully known that I'll however make use of whatever we get in the end. I would use it to its fullest limit, regardless of what we get, being locomotives, Diesel power, electric, or whatever. Even if it's mining related. I'll take anything. I can still request.

    Neat. I'm glad to know we can get GOG to work on the Steam Deck, IF Red51 desired to publish Rising World onto GOG for additional exposure then he can rest assured everything would run smoothly. The video Part 1 is what matters the most, the second video is if you desire to make things more standalone, and non-DRM related.

    (I'm just future-proofing this post while it's fresh in my mind by posting what I know while I know it, and for when it's finally available via GOG. If Red51 desired to release Rising World onto GOG then he can rest assured everything would be a smooth process, just as long people do not deviate too much. It's up to him. If I find my post is "too soon", "outdated", "irrelevant", or similar I'll purge my own post at a later date (unless moderated before such. I'll purge, or edit, my own post if it's outdated, not "too soon".)


    Steam Deck:

    (Make sure to use mouse and keyboard.)

    - Go to Desktop mode on Steam Deck. (Obtain link in the provided video above).

    - Download launcher in an alternate manner (Rog Rally can ignore the restrictions set upon by GOG & Steam Deck's Linux.)

    - Download the launcher's EXE into download folder.

    - Go to Steam Library - Add external game - Select Launcher - Gog.EXE.

    - Cog settings -> (COMPATDATA allows GOG & Steam Deck to read external devices.)


    - Install onto Main, or external drive (the above COMPATDATA allows you to reach your SD Micro Card.)

    - Apply Proton compatibility. Run the launcher. Install, etc.

    - Install into desired location (I've done it onto SD Micro Card | K:/GOG Galaxy).

    - Change path to newly installed location of the actual GOG Galaxy.exe. Rename GOG Launcher.EXE to your preferred naming sense (GOG Galaxy makes sense). Change the two locations with ">Folder location<", and make sure to add " on either end. Directory & "Start in" to where the GOG Galaxy was installed.

    - Change to Gaming mode (from desktop mode).

    - Boot the 'GOG Galaxy' client, and pray you don't have battery failure issues (especially in Desktop mode). Log in, sort your games, and tweak settings. (Choosing location destination for your game is far easier in desktop mode than it is in gaming mode, both can however done in either way.)

    - Boot up any game (including Rising World) and have fun!

    You can launch games within the launcher, and it's actually smooth once you get it running, and in an actually properly formatted Micro SD card. It may lag horribly in other cases, yet should more-or-less be functionable, especially in gaming mode. Once Rising World is considered in being released on GOG you can have a field day with running it on Steam Deck.


    This is my way of giving thanks to Rising World. I've already had my awesome fun using Rising World on Steam Deck by clearing and collecting resources. I've even had my fun exploring in the recent update while in Japan. Rising World is awesome on the go. If it ever goes onto GOG all Red51 has to do is simply copy and paste (tweak some wordings into more professional wordings), and done! If things change along the way then we may have to find a new way for how GOG installs, or get rid of this post as a whole if, and when GOG release a Linux version. GOG feels smoother to use than Steam, though each to their own.

    (Sidenote: Other people have noted GOG gave lame excuses in delays in implementing an Linux version, even if you can connect GOG and Steam together. It has Steam integration, just not a Linux set-up. Can't get Linux version via Steam Deck's PC Desktop mode.)

    Sorry if I'm a broken record, I however want to post another addition noting both my frustration of Ottawa's LRT, and equal admiration for anything railway related from Japan & Europe. Japan and Europe know how to rail, Ottawa doesn't, and every time I look at Ottawa's struggle with LRT I simply desire to implement my own into Rising World. Every. Single. Time an article pops up relating to Ottawa's LRT makes me want to start my railway project in Rising World to show them "how it's done". I would use the upcoming map feature to link everything, measure everything. I would do things correctly, and properly.

    Every time I look at Ottawa's child-like brain struggling to implement their own LRT network I always immediately look over towards Rising World's proposed train addition to Rising World. Red51 noted we would have trains partially automated at lower speeds, yet have many of various fuel types (electric, diesel, etc). I'm just hoping we can either have, or implement (import), a tram vehicle into Rising World without requiring me to read 50 days worth of Youtube videos just to get something implemented into Rising World. I don't want to deal with people being lazy, nor gaslighting me, being vulgar towards me. I simply want to get things done, and I can't wait for when Red51 is finally able to provide train assets into Rising World.

    Every time, every time I look at this damn map I'm always left disappointed, and frustrated. Europeans and Japanese know how to make railways and transit as efficient as possible (for the most part), yet when I look at this map I simply want to make my own railway in Rising World, and my way. Give me my own LRT train (of any type) and I'll do everything myself, and for my own settlements. :nerd:

    (Algonquin should link up with the airport.)

    I'll do what Ottawa is afraid of in their own world by implementing their fears it into my world, such as linking Algonquin to the airport, but in my own world mannerism. If there is a line I'll eventually find a way to loop it. I would make proper loops and connections, something you don't see in the above map. Every other city as some sort of loop, or some sort of counter-measure, ones which don't rely on buses. Maybe it's pedestrian accesses, or other manners. Everything felt connected in both European and Japanese cities. In Ottawa? Everything is bought low price expecting the highest type of luxury. Buy low, expect high rewards. Thankfully, in Rising World we can do whatever we desire.

    Looking at everything Ottawa does is like observing a child pretending to grasp how railways work. They're learning, they're struggling, yet they're eventually getting there, if with tons of roof collapses, sink holes, derailments, and other issues.

    I may end up struggling to link one railway line with another, it will however be done in the end. I will have aids of the map to guide me, similar to Rei's Minimap for Minecraft. I may struggle making stations, though my Minecraft and trips to Europe and Japan may aid me in making proper stations. I could even attempt to future-proof my stations with anti-suicide doors for when NPCs are feeling too brave to delete themselves.

    Whatever Red51 (and the community) are wiling to provide, I will make use of. The more which is provided my way, such as third-party Tatra Trams, could be used to boost Rising World's popularity. I would be able to share more via YouTube videos, more people would praise RIsing World, and more love aimed at Rising World. Once I'm provided my tools and equipment I'll work heavily on my railway network. I would loop it around my island, connect dead-zones, and even make them go underground (Under the sea) to link islands with one another. That is, once I figure out what the 'mean' depth is for an ocean.

    (Disclaimer: I'm aware we're still far away off for these updates, I however do have to note these because it does tie into Rising World. Every single time I stare at an Ottawa LRT news article it simply makes me itch to work on my own railway in Rising World. I'm in the mood of "let me show you how it's actually done".)


    I then come across these random railway videos forcing me to make note of them for future Rising World projects. Russia Metro "guillotine" doors to prevent people self-deleting themselves.

    (Japanese are highly amazed by this to the point they've hijacked a Russian video further adding to the beauty of Russian metro & railway.)

    - Tatra Tram (I grew up with these trams):

    - Tatra Utility/learning Tram:

    - Hakodate Tram (Japan):

    (Next to Hakodate Station. I was here, and trams are the best option here. Surprisingly fast on their tram routes.)

    - Enoshima Tram (Japan):

    (For the last three I do have better videos, they'll be posted at a later date.)

    And two more "I wish Ottawa was a smart city" video of their LRT trains. Yes, what you see initially may be nice, there is still proper work needing to be done to make it fully worthwhile.

    The hype in me to start playing with trains in Rising World is high. I can't pressure Red51, nor am I doing so. I'm simply peeved Ottawa is childish, and can't wait to mess around with trains on my own once Red51 is able to provide us train assets to play with. Setting up railway networks, linking them properly to one another, and just doing things in ways Japan and Europe has already figured out. The itch is real.

    Once Rising World gets trains it'll be the best train game out there. If it follows realism, and what Minecraft's Traincraft has it'll be the best game out there.


    The problem with German games is that, in contrast to foreign games, they always refrain from depicting violence, obscene gestures and nudity. And so it happens that players always choose foreign games because they can have a blast.

    I agree with you, I however have to add onto what you've noted.

    Problem with "Western" games is that Western games (intentionally) forgot (forced to forget) how to have fun to the point people have been seeking out Asian oriented games because they allow players to simply have fun over Western ones. We live in an era where everything is always falsely "offensive" removing each and every bit of fun elements in games, something Asian games (and certain indie games) tend to add back into their own games. Yes, some things may be "crude", but one also mustn't be sheltered (hiding behind a sofa) when certain aspects are shown in mediums. Best mediums are those which allow people to express things at their fullest. I'm not talking about making genitals, I'm talking about what you've noted, and much more. Being able to flip-off a hostile entity, or having more leeway in your gaming, something Asian games allow.

    Being able to ride a Moose is something which was far more enjoyable in Asian mediums, something I tried getting into Rising World, yet people threw tantrums, were abusive, manipulative, and even gaslit people. I'm glad Red51 compromised on this by allowing people to eventually mod in the ability to ride a Moose via a mount plugin extension of some sort. We have too many nit-picky and sheltered people to the point they forgot how to have fun.

    Having omitted content tends to boost gaming experiences that much more. It's always the small things which tends to add to a gameplay, as we've constantly found out time and again with each and every update for indie games.

    In short: I do agree about adding gestures, even "offended" types. Not political, just the ones noted in this topic, such as "flipping the bird". It's fine, and was used even in Medieval times to mock the British when unable to use bows & arrows having certain fingers cut off.

    Sony Intentionally Sabotaging Games:

    Sony has gone bat-crap insane. They've lost it, even to the point they've briefly banned Japan from purchasing Ghost of Tsushima for PC Steam, a nation which should be their own home nation. Sony banning Japan. Sony isn't your friend, and shall never be again. Well, not until they return to being Japanese again. Sony having turned American (now based in California) has made them mentally insane. Everything has to be PSN based, everything has to be censored (when others aren't censored), and just outright banning numerous nations (175+) from playing their games. Ukraine is one of them, Japan was another, and so is Cuba. For Ukraine to play Helldivers 2 they have to get their hands on a Playstation, something they can't, making it a 'Catch 22' nonsense.

    Sony forced PSN onto Helldivers 2 to the point it was supposed to be 100% mandatory by May 30th (end of the month), something they had to walk back after much backlash. Tons of protesting. Once Sony gave out a false apology (as these AAA idiots do) they covertly banned many nations (again, Japan included, if briefly), to the point people were riled up again. False gestures, false morales. Everything is fake about Sony. While people undid their negative reviews (after Sony gave out their fake apology) Sony continued to covertly sabotage their numerous games, banning and delisting many nations from signing up and purchasing their various games via PSN & PC platforms.

    You want ads in video games? What about Rising World? It may be the future, if corrupted and greedy corporations & studios have their way.

    Ghost of Tsushima is next. You can allegedly play Ghost of Tsushima singleplayer only, yet require a mandatory PSN account for online elements. Sony went against their word, as I knew they would. They don't care about you, nor the games, or about keeping a game 100% intact. These censorships are a bigger issue than what I've seen trolls gaslight and deflect the issue on being. Give a corrupted company an inch, they go a mile, and more. Look at the Imperials in Star Wars. You can give them an inch, they'll take your whole life and destroy everything. That's Sony now, and majority of Western game industry. Gaslighting and defending Sony isn't helping anybody, not even yourself. Game should sell as it was intended, and it should release as it was originally conceptualized to be. It shouldn't be broken, bit, sabotaged, nor dinged in any way. Similar to how people won't buy rotting meat, banged up cans of veggies, and etc, people shouldn't be forced to buy broken games.

    Sweet Baby Inc hired hackers to sabotage/hack into SWB Detected Discord group deleting many channels. Damage is recoverable, yet it shows how far thin-skinned fake activists go to silence their critics. They violate all the rules, they tantrum, they sabotage everything to the point they're willing to do things illegally, yet they pin their own sins onto others turning themselves into victims and those they blamed as the fake villains. It's interesting to note at what lengths people go to silence people who tell the truth. This forum & Rising World Steam are a good example of that. I have to deal with childish baiting on a daily basis, thankfully I can happily ignore it. Truth and honestly eventually prevails in the end. :monocle:

    For the record (Intentionally corrupted games):

    - Samurai Maiden

    - Stellar Blade

    - Helldivers 2

    - Tsukihime (art book censored)

    - Ghost of Tsushima

    - & More

    Sony doesn't care. They. Do. Not. Care. About. You.... They don't care about the common-sensed Japanese market either. They have sold their souls to the devil destroying everything they touch. Rising World on PSN? Consider it butchered. Nintendo? It could survive, if on a later gadget. Xbox? Sure. Nobody is innocent. Aim for third party gadgets. Aim for Rog Rallies, Steam Deck, and things people can play on the go. Sure, they're tied to evil companies, something mobile is better than something sabotaged by greedy corporations hellbent on cutting corners over fake morale issues and controlling greed nonsense.

    A new "Anti-human" list has been compiled. It's longer than what I had quoted, even noting how you shouldn't apologize, nor note your fake errors. Trolls and Anti's thrive on your weaknesses and false errors. They hijack any of your weaknesses, even pretending to play the victim to turn others onto you. It's what I've seen people do time and time again, and it's silly.

    Truth always prevails in the end. It may take time, truth eventually prevails making the hostile-entity reap what they sow.

    • DDOS You.
    • Hack your accounts.
    • SWAT You
    • Phone in bomb threats.
    • Plant +18 CP in forums & servers and report you.
    • Dox You.
    • Put bounties on your head
    • Go after your families.
    • Fake death threats for themselves.
    • Paint you as an "ist" and go after your career, jobs, etc.
    • Assault you in public.
    • Ban you from cons.
    • Claim you are the one doing all of this when it's actually them.

    I've been DDOS'd with Red51 during the Java days.

    I've also been labeled as an "ist" by a few hostile individuals in this and Steam forums, and it also caused a good thread to get locked because people were idiots by hijacking, sabotaging, and playing the fake victim card. I hate fake people like that. Be your true self, not your fake idiotic self. That's their goal, and it worked. They intend to destroy, gaslight, and sabotage everything if it exposes them for the people that they are.

    That last one I've encountered time and again, and various folks also labeled me as such for stating the truth many times. They also self-projected their own sins and idiocies onto me when they were the ones doing all the false labeling. This is why we aren't allowed nice things, people sabotage and destroy everything.


    Side-note - About Rising World:

    I hope Rising World matures healthily. There are tons of bad apples I've encountered since 2015-2024, and I'm hoping none of those bad apples destroy Rising World in the process. They wish for me to be "forever-banned", I however still wish Rising World all the best, even if there are gaslighting idiots out there attempting to oust me over false issues, pretexts, and ideologies. Still waiting on the map update to finally go exploring so I can finally explore the snowy biomes. I'm stuck in a savannah biome. I've been itching to construct more of my backlog projects yet still waiting on any news of the future update relating to KanColle/Azur Lane navy bases, proper shipping routes, towers, lighthouses, etc. I need maps for that to mark things and to guide me properly. I don't want to loose my boat navigating blindly.

    I'm going to assume I'm not allowed to have fun with Rising World anymore, especially with how Red51 falsely closed one of my topics because people were falsely offended while spreading half-truths and actual slander about myself. Fake-waving their diplomas and other nonsense. It's all childish nonsense. Assuming the worst I'm still seeking out alternate games to Rising World in hopes of jumping ship if I'm no longer desired in this game. Maybe I can rebuild in another game similar to Rising World, though that's probably what these trolls and anti's desire. Shame on them. If Red51 genuinely desires me to leave, I wouldn't mind leaving. Sure, it would hurt being pried away from Rising World, but if I can keep my sanity boosting another proper game up to higher lengths than Rising World I'll do just that. If it means eventually spitting on the fake people I'll happily do that. It's up to Red51 if he desires me to stay or not. I genuinely do admire Rising World, and so do other normal-minded individuals. You have to worry about the fake individuals hellbent on hijacking and sabotaging Rising World for their own gain. I'd however love to see Rising World see NPC Companions, trains, & Anime modding. I hope people are actually wise, and not tantruming in the near future with each and every update releasing.

    One thing that has me happy, and with renewed hope/pride of Rising World is receiving positive YouTube comments relating to Rising World. I'm still giving Rising World a chance, the trolls and Anti's have to be dealt with. You're going to kill Rising World by siding with them time and time again. They thrive on fake pity points (constantly playing fake victim).

    (Censored to prevent trolls from sabotaging things. They've been highly vile as of late.)

    I'm happy to have recieved such a positive comment relating to Rising World. If Red51 sees this, great. I hope it gives him a smile on his face knowing there are people who love his game, and are of the "fresh-meat" variety (new people). Person wishes for it to mature heavily, and with high levels of modding support. Rising World needs tons of modding support, especially from modders not throwing tantrums. I'll tell them tunnels can indeed go underwater, yet never tried it. I've been planning to make an underwater (underground) railway network under the sea/ocean. The person also desires trains, as much as I do, to which it'll boost Rising World's popularity highly. View Minecraft's Traincraft. People would love a nicely set up train network, and Rising World could provide the freedom of a railway to people. I would happily, and constantly make videos of trains in Rising World, even if it's moot and just hype. Everything great takes time, and I agree with that. I'm a little impatient because I'm being forced into a corner again, though strongly wish for maps to come out soon before it's too late.

    I genuinely wish Rising World all the best. Still hoping and wishing of making more videos, once time allows, and if I'm allowed to do so.

    Retro over newer (AAA) games. Older games preferred over newer, trashier games.

    With all the nonsense of games being trash people are playing older games, even "older" 2-10 year old games. With how broken AAA games have become, and how stale, everybody is now aiming for older games, especially without all the fake political nonsense. Who desires to pay $100-200 Canadian for Star Wars Outlaws & Dragon's Dogma 2 if you can simply play cheaper indie games like Rising World, HoloCure (for free), among other games. PalWorld & Helldivers 2 is $30 Canadian.

    Older games are better.

    You don't need a Youtuber to tell you the obvious, it however helps bring everybody back up to speed.

    We've all sought out indie games, hence why we're all here for Rising World. I've attempted to branch away from Minecraft by playing Minetest, even if Minetest is viewed in a more fledgling state by others. (And a few certain idiots getting my thread locked because he holds grudges by defending fake people). People happily playing Terraria, Minecraft, Rising World, Palworld, HoloCure, etc. Many older games are appearing on Steam to which people are purchasing, such as Fallout New Vegas. Yes, I've listed PalWorld, but that's more on an indie side, not an age thing. Feel free to ignore that, it however shows people desired PalWorld over the broken and stagnated Pokemon game, something which also proves why people are playing older games.

    Less people going to conventions, and I believe that. People are fed up of the fake crap. All you see is all the fake stuff, and when you call it out it's alleged "hate-speech", ones which gets threads locked after whining and moaning to moderators on various forums. Reddit is the worst for that, Steam is right behind. And no, nobody deserves to be banned for having a genuine conversation. Those who claim a game is dead deserve to be banned. ;)

    Prior to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express being removed from Japanese overseas gaming markets one was able to purchase various indie games via DLSite. One must now use proxy payments, such as 'DL-Pay', Webmoney, etc, to which one can enjoy tons of games. Various games can also be found on If there is a will, there is a way. No matter how much corporations censor and whine about reality people shall always find a way to their escapism. People were still creative in Soviet Russia making the most philosophical media, something Japan has taken the torch away from both Europe & Soviet Russia. Korea & China are now leaps and bounds over modern gaming. Everybody fled to foreign Asian gaming markets, Westerners doing everything they can to not let that happen. Censorship, Visa/MasterCard/American Express being pulled.

    The "always online" bullcrap has ruined so many games to which people jump to other games, or even older ones.

    Without going on a forum allowing others to dictate your thoughts when was the last time you've had genuine fun with a random game? Older games are better, and same with Indie games. If you know where to look on itch & dlsite you can still find highly obscure ones.

    Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, Asteroid Shooter, among tons, and tons of other older games.


    To Long, Didn't Read:

    Game developers are dishonest as they ever can be. They're intentionally stubborn, dishonest, and idiotic causing their games to follow. Instead of making their own proper unique games and perfecting them game developers are instead being lazy making cookie cutter games, as I've noted time and time again in this and other similar threads. Game developers enjoy being lazy desiring to milk other people's success instead of filling in voids, as Minecraft, PalWorld, and other games have done. Instead of making games people actually desire people are forced to go to more polished and completed games over fake-politically charged games, buggy games, incomplete games, and AAA games which is highly over-priced in the hundreds of dollars range ($100-300+). AAA games nearly cost as much as buying a new gaming console. Indie games are a fraction of that, and in the $30 Canadian range.

    Don't be Fortnight, Don't be a Grand Theft Auto clone, don't make cookie cutter games (WW2 games are flawed this way), and simply make games which are truly unique and fun. Make games worth making, and fun games worth playing. Make actual REAL games. Make games out of pure passion and entertainment. :monocle:


    Red51 desires to add Hired Hands, Merchants, & Quests givers. Depending on how you interact with one group it'll effect the behaviour of another group, though that has yet to be seen. Red51 has openly noted this on the forums, yet sadly the information is now dated it's harder to find. Should be able to find this with a bit of digging.

    I hope we can eventually rescue NPCs to recruit as our own from bandits and pirates. That, or give people the ability to have "One" personal companion to join you from one world to the next. Or both. Have one main one as your personal trusted companion while the rest would be rescued helpers. Your "Romance" option does have a neat vibe to it, and I do +1 that also.

    I love your idea, it's why I joined Rising World.

    I also hope NPCs have the abiltity for light conversations. Other Japanese games I've tried allowed this, and having Rising World with this ability would boost it further. Simple formal greetings at times of day, reading newspaper, making note of what item is where, or pointing out what you're seeking as you explore the world together.

    Red51 may desire to look at following games for foundational thoughts:

    - Dragon's Dogma - (original; Pawns can be customizable, helpful, and even point various stuff out to you. They can be tuned in your playstyle doing things your way.)

    - Illusion Studio games (may require alternate sources; Can modify NPCS with basic parameters of personality, traits, etc.)

    [Artifical Girl 2, ArtificalAcademy, HaremMate, Koikatsu, etc. They may be lewd, can still be played in SFW settings.]

    - Dragon Quest Builder 1 & 2 - (NPCs help around your settlement while defending & crafting).

    - Sons of Forest - (Companions do their own thing at their own whim. The more positive your behaviour to them the more efficently they'll gather wood, etc.)

    - Bullet Girls Phantasia - (Simplified battle companions joining you in battle as a support. Everything is basic, yet helpful.)

    I've amusingly hit a nerve with a few fake people on the Steam forums so I'll be posting this here because real-world gamers had enough of all the fake stuff. I'm following this stuff to be in the know, and it has helped me stay in the know without being taken advantage of. People desire games, and only games, and none of the fake stuff to which real people have been rewarded with actual games in the indie and foreign gaming markets. AAA gaming market has screwed up things far too harshly to the point people simply desire to play retrogames. Older games are better games. Even South Korea jumped in on the bandwagon to hate on the fake political nonsense going around. IGN & IGN France both screwed up causing major backlash to the point all the forum trolls & haters I've encountered keep making fake excuses. It's comical to read, and that's what you call "coping". People can't comprehend reality and it's amusing in various ways. You never slander hard working genuine developers. Karma always finds a way back to bite. ;)

    Warning: Below videos may be NSFW to those skimming. You've been warned. It's how Youtube embeds videos, though honesty is best policy. Lewdness isn't harmful, traditional-minded Europeans & Asians would note it as being fine.


    Ubisoft Can't Make, nor Price a Proper Star Wars game (Star Wars: Outlaws):

    The game costs a hefty $100-200 Canadian, depending on the version. What does Palworld cost? $30? Proper games are cheaper, and more fun. People prefer older Star Wars classics.

    Ubisoft over-pricing their game, forced their game to be fake-political, willing to delete owned games off your library (you'll own nothing and be happy), while also having morally corrupted individuals stupidly defending their game simply because it's "pretty". Lipstick on a pig, big woop. Nothing beats 'Star Wars Galaxies. People should instead go play 'SWGemu', something which is free, and more engaging.

    Even Dokkibird clearly stated indie games are more fun than AAA games, something we can all agree on. Well, in relation of Pokemon vs PalWorld people preferred a more fleshed out game than a broken AAA Pokemon game by Nintendo-Game Freak. PalWorld embarrassed the Pokemon gaming market to its core. We're desiring to play Rising World which is an indie game so that's what we're doing. People are also fed up with AAA games sucking to which they're playing retro-games more often than not playing a game at all. Retro-games, or bust.


    - Stellar Blade - IGN France & Fake Game Journalists slander developers, gain instant Karma:

    Like I said, real people are done with fake political nonsense. They desire games, and only games. None of the fake crap, and they won't even allow fake people to slander their fellow developers and significant others. IGN France slandered a developer for not knowing what a real women appears like, he has a wife & a real-world model attached to the game. The developer clearly knows what a real-world women looks like. Maxim-Korea openly mocked IGN France not once, but TWICE, and fake people are butthurt about it. Same with those found on Steam forums hating the truth. I laughed. Maxim-Korea even thanked Asmongold who told things as they were, to the dismay of people desiring to butcher games to unplayable states.

    Issue being how fit females/women are offensive to the Fake-morally corrupted people to which IGN France desired to attack an Asian game becoming a bully in the gaming world scene. They slandered a developer's wife and model for being fit, real, and healthy while unhealthy mindsets were viewed as "proper" in France & the rest of the Western world. Real people weren't having it, snapping back at IGN & IGN France being dumb. Asia is full of fit people (& women), and same with traditional European areas.

    - (NSFW) Maxim Korea blasts IGN (France) & fake political activists:

    - (NSFW) Maxim Korea blasts Fake Activists a 2nd time & thanks Asmongold

    If Maxim Korea stated this, most of Korea backs Maxim Korea as well. Seeing my offended butthurt stalkers on Steam Forum's (Buttkissing) thread is comical (some of whom are also located here). I love it when the world starts healing. Sure, there may be a few set-backs, and a few locked threads because people can't conform to reality, though reality does push back in due time. I love it when reality starts healing where it is needed. Seeing fake people squirm, gaslight, and deflect while eventually getting hit by a karma is highly satisfying. Whenever I offend people it's because they clearly done something wrong on their end. They have skeletons in their closet(s) needing cleaning. It's spring, might as well go spring cleaning. Be a new you, and an honest you. ;)

    (I am aware fake people hate Rev , Hero Hei, & Asmongold because they've been told to do so, and it goes against the narrative of intentionally destroying media to an unenjoyable state. People genuinely desire to decimate everything over fake ideals, and that shouldn't belong in gaming. Same with false-defending fake minorities doesn't belong in gaming. Even if numerous of my threads get locked it'll (fake ideals) shall simply continue to bring uneeded harm to the gaming space. I'm happy proper games are winning. I'm happy South Korea is in this fight, and various Japanese rebellion groups fighting back against even corrupted AAA Japanese companies. Karma shall eventually find a way to restore balance when "push comes to shove". I simply desired to share AAA game developers and developers being dishonest while other (more honest) individuals and developers become more successful through genuine honesty. The more genuine a game developer or studio is the more likely you'll be rewarded, as PalWorld & Helldivers 2 was. Sadly, becoming too successful has its flaws, something VRChat noted through fake political nonsense hijacking both it, and Helldivers 2. Genuine intentions are always appropriately rewarded while fake ones eventually are hit by real-world karma. Slow, yet eventual.)


    - Ubisoft Korea dissolved:

    Who knows, maybe they've made decent games. One thing I am however 100% sure of is if you're tied to Ubisoft you're destined/bound to fail. Ubisoft admires corporate control and social destruction, even within their own corporation. They desire to screw everything up into unplayable, buggy messes. They've even hijacked other modder's mods for themselves claming it as their own (as had been done for a VR bird flying game).

    Indie games for the win!

    Ubisoft Korea going "poof" is a great thing. Get more studios actually desiring to do proper things. More Korean gaming studios making games should be encouraged, and less grindy games at that.


    I love it when the gaming industry corrects itself when reality gets hit with "push-comes-to-shove" movements. Karma may be slow at times, it does however rubberband harder the longer it's outstretched. The more harm you do the worse it'll be. ;)

    Not in the mood. Depressed. Stewing, upset, with a cold, and been MIA for self-care. I have to keep dealing with idiots constantly gaslighting me on the daily. I am however happy about the Blue Archive Anime we're both aware of, yet constantly "forever frustrated" with various people willing to pick low IQ fights with me. The first episode is finally out, and is awesome, though sadly contains translation errors because people are lazy and dumb. We can't have nice things because of other people......

    Oh, and be careful, you have people on Steam forum making accusations everybody is using alt puppet accounts. I allegedly have many, and so do you, and everybody else. We're all puppet accounts. I'm too tired of people's childish nonsense. Thankfully played Flight sim flying from Tokyo to Kushiro in an indirect manner, yet still have yet to play play Blue Archive mods for Minecraft and anything else. I wouldn't play Monster Hunter, though we need one for any other RPG, etc. I've noticed Wakamo's Halo noted in the opening. Can't wait for her to appear in the show to cause her yandere trouble.


    (Images I've already shared on social media. I'm loving it, but again the subtitles are trash.)

    As for the other game you suggested it appears you had too much to drink again, you forgot to share the Steam page. It's out! Instead of picklejarghost maybe you should be Vodkajarghost with pickles in it. ||. Yeah, sorry. I'm depressed (and we both know I'm joking) because I keep getting sick then I read other people's stupid offended bullcrap. Maybe I should pull up a Chat GPT and talk to them more often, seems to be more worthwhile than attempting to find people who are fake about their interests over what's in reality. Not referring to you, but hey.... I'm just venting. I had my fun in Microsoft Flight Sim, even that had its own stupid issues because Microsoft sucks at everything.

    As for the game you suggested, again.......…77110/Lightyear_Frontier/


    Lightyear Frontier is a peaceful open-world farming adventure on a planet at the far edge of the galaxy. Climb into your versatile mech and start your new home on a distant planet with up to 3 friends as you farm alien crops, build your own homestead, and explore the untamed wilderness of the world.

    Maybe that peacefulness is what I need. It however needs companions, trains, etc. Mechs are cool, it needs more.

    I've stumbled across Brick Rigs by chance.

    Big sandbox world. It even has an Avro Arrow, something people are afraid to add ironically into Microsoft Flight Sim. I've tried suggesting Avro Arrow for Flight Sim which had me banned on their official forums for requesting an Avro Arrow. People are so dumb these days with their power trips and false validations pretending they're always correct about things, especially when arguing about things against me. Imagine that, being banned for requesting a stupid ass Canadian plane for a plane game, yet it's out and available in Brick Rigs.... Even 'Project WIngman', yet everything is always offensive to the fake people.

    Avro Arrow Search filter§ion=

    Avro Arrow:…iledetails/?id=1741630996

    You'll probably not answer this, but can you tell me why, for the love of god, people are so stupidly stubborn and resistant when other people are willing to fill in the gaps in other games... Certain people go "no" & "do it yourself" while others go "I'm doing this simply because I can, and it's fun to fill in voids." They also note it's an "passion project" so they do it because they can. Then there are those pretending to be "cool" when they really aren't. People frustrate me when they're as dishonest as they come. If they were legit that's another thing, they're cool and awesome. But they're not.........

    I heavily digress............ I'm happy we're finally in Blue Archive season. I even have my Ichika from a lucky pull. I'll soon have time again to FINALLY fiddle with the Blue Archive mod, if I can find it and install it properly. Minecraft is a total mess now.:nerd:

    1) I'm open for a third trip to Japan, or my second to Vancouver. For now, I have to settle with dealing with 2020 issues (still) while seeking a place to actually settle. My fellow coworkers and myself are absolutely livid we're being forced into a corner and onto the street (paying arm and a leg for everything) in a country where people are willing "gluttons for punishment" in Canada. You're even being shamed into being a willing masochistic moron to part with all the money in your wallet. If you cry you're allegedly an "alt-right Nazi" and that pisses me off. In this economy I'm not even allowed to live anywhere in Canada, also special thanks to people who support woke politics. It's also why people are furious with me, they desire to push people onto the streets. Google up all the tent cities we have going on in Canada, etc. It's what I've been posting about, yet people get so offended about reality it causes threads to get locked. People can't cope properly. Whenever, as a Canadian, I can own an apartment in Canada I'll do so, and I have to find an apartment at the end of 2024. I can't go on trips anymore. With the way politics goes it's other people who are allowed to do so and I'm supposed to be homeless. Maybe Japan is indeed a place for me, people seem to desire me more there than they do here in Canada. I'm trapped in Canada now, maybe for good now. I'm probably going to die in this politically corrupted shithole. I can't do trips anymore, even if it's to scout for places. I'm dead here now (for now).

    Hospital wise, I'm fine now. I have a secondary checkup in April. Better than I was where I felt like I was actually dying. I'm happy to be alive, though noted previously. I'm also aware I vent a lot, though certain things just have to be said.

    2) Yeah, as noted, I'm trying to wait for the Rising World "Map" update so I can finally do more in the game. Need more interactive features and QoL features. I I feel I hit so many reality notes in both game & forums to the point we're not allowed to do anything with Rising World anymore. I'm still riding the waves. I can still do all the avoiding I can, people will still find a reason to be offended by my presence, as they are with Mori from Hololive, or whatever. I'm not even allowed to breath on the Rising World Steam forum. People are doing all the weird backwards work for me in the whole "social distancing" thing allegedly claiming to block me, etc so I guess it works out in all these strange ways. If there is time Wednesday I'll go dig into the whole Blue Archive mods for Minecraft. That, or Little Maids mod. Maybe. And yeah, Japan is my gateway to freedom. I'm probably going to miss my chance to head back there with how trapped I shall now be over here in Canada. Gaming may take a hit as well.

    3) As for the Blue Archive Anime side of things I'm happy one of the "best girl" finally had her recent PV shared. So cute. :love:

    Onikata Kayoko, with her trusty Heckler & Koch P30L pistol using a silencer.

    The video you shared previously has her. The guy who made the video you shared also noted her "gas" feature, something which is fear itself. Fear and intimidation as a goth-punk girl.

    Anime keeps calling out to me, and this is a good way to make me happy again. Seeing Kayoko in Minecraft & the Anime is a nice hype factor.

    Now, if only we could somehow import models into Rising World I would nudge everything as close to reference as possible. Have to wait on Red51 to further push the API further and to still find the right willing soul to help out. Though, if Red51 hates me for whatever reason I won't be allowed to do what I desire with Rising World. If that's the case I would indeed have to find an alternative game similar to Rising World. Yeah, from the looks of things I'll have to seek outsourcing help from external sites, as slim as that may be. I'm a villain in Rising World being accused of stupid crap so maybe that's indeed the avenue of external help. Everything was noted to be my fault, hence why I keep noting such.

    If I'm allowed to easily import stuff of my own accord (without requiring 24 hour Youtube tutorials & 24 million external softwares) then I'd be happy. A simple modding API to give the NPC a Kayoko appearance, a pistol, their own default animations, etc (Vroid/VRChat/Tower Unite style) then I'd do everything myself. I won't harass someone, I'd just do it myself. I'd customize my own game in my own happy Anime corner, as one would have done with Skyrim modding, giving Kayoko her own active form in Rising World. I would even happily have her tag along to shoot bandits, pirates, and whoever else dares ruin my day inside of Rising World. :saint:

    I've noted time and again how Minecraft is "boring" and "lonely", and how it needed a push to be more attractive. What I've been sharing is a good start to that, the whole LMM & BA Mod side of things. I tried noting this, yet everything always went "wooooosh". I guess I hang around Anime too much with Western games now lagging behind heavily. I've noted Kayoko above, but that goes for anything KanColle, Azur Lane, Busou Shinki, etc. Anything, and everything neat I would willingly import, if given proper modding-friendly tools to do so.


    Side-note - Enshrouded:

    Enshrouded was noted a lot on Steam and here so I figured I'd look at their roadmap to see what they have currently planned, and planned for the future. Steam Deck support is in the future. The way they handle their NPCs is fairly passive, something not to my taste. It has to handle what you see above with LittleMads Mod & Blue Archive mod. They have to actually be active.

    This video tells you where to find the NPCs, how to handle them, yet the NPCs are agitatingly passive. They're pretty much useless, or at least to me at first glance. They need to be more proactive and assertive, like the Minecraft mods I shared. On the roadmap it was noted you would eventually obtain more settlement NPCs of two kinds, and even pet NPCs. What about companions? The game is built as a co-op game, what about NPCs? You know, like Dragon's Dogma type companions being Pawns. I'm simply going to sideline Enshrouded, it doesn't hit the right notes I seek and desire. It's currently not the game for me.

    Viewing Enshrouded from the NPC angle has me fuming and livid. Frustrated. I'm being hammered back into Minecraft and I'm agitated about that fact. Thankfully, it appears to be Java side of things.

    I've also tried seeking out some Japanese sandbox games, there really isn't any. They don't sell well in Japan. It's RPGs & gatches, or bust. Mods for games, sure. Rising World and other games have to be modded so I have to find whatever game is modded. Anything other than Minecraft level of modding and accessibility. If Rising World could mature and wake up it would be the perfect platform for all these awesome mods. I need to find some alternatives just in case I'll be forcefully evicted from Rising World in one manner or another.

    Minetest was neat, but as was noted by someone else and myself it's still highly youthful. I really need to dig overly deep to find something on the Japanese side giving us all the benefits for genuine fun sake. If people desire to mod then they would mod, and I need to find that sort of game. Everything done for fun and escapism. I miss that point of view in gaming. Even for Skyrim. You request something and someone would tweak their mod to fit what you've requested. Those modders are fun. :monocle:


    I guess this is considered rambling. I guess I'll stop there, after I note the following..... I want to see where I still stand in Rising World so I'll continue to test the waters. It however legit feels people actually hate me for invalid reasons so I'll simply stay out of spite knowing people hate me for bullcrap reasons, and because Rising World is awesome with neat modding potentials. Once I get my own little Anime pocket realm I'll do my own thing. I'm simply waiting on maps, trains, NPC Companions, and proper Anime mods to keep to myself. If another game does better than Rising World offering what I desire I'll jump ship (in response to forum hostilities) to that other game in parallel standards, or better.

    Blue Archive is bliss.

    Can't go wrong with Blue Archive's music. :nerd:

    I had a Japan trip to go to from January 26th to February 19/20th giving people a break from me and themselves. The best time of my life, as with the 2023 trip. It was awesome seeing all the fun common sense and creativity there. People were even upset they couldn't meet up with me while there, yet happy when they finally managed to meet up. I was a wreck, yet still made the most of it with what I planned and meeting up with a few people. Everything was tightly planned to the point I sadly had to even give up on a few places to visit. I sadly also had to visit the hospital shortly after returning from Japan from March 3rd to 7th from an infection spawning brutal fevers. I probably could have died then. Self-caused. From then on I tried playing Rising World only to end up fading in and out of it. Spinning cotton using the tape-on-mouse trick burnt me out from RIsing World. Granted, I do have more threads to work with now. I've built a few more structures, and a farm. That's about it. Nothing major. Waiting on the maps update to return to my original settlements, as well as to branch out to new biomes. I've been mainly hanging around Azur Lane and Blue Archive mainly. Blue Archive is awesome. I've even tried messing around with the Little Maids mod (UWU Little Maids mod) for Minecraft via Curse Forge launcher. Been given a rough spawn. Still don't have maids, I however made my spawn less brutal via Java version. I dislike Minecraft, though the Japanese modded side has been calling out to me.

    If we had these Little Maids mod added into Rising World everything would be a bit better for the grind. Of course, the robotic maids would have to be tuned to Rising World graphics and animations, and I'm fine with that. As long as they're cute, adorable, and helpful I wouldn't mind.

    I may fiddle with the Blue Archive mini-mod of Shiroko later.


    If people are going to be rude to you then you might as well go to where you're actually desired, such as the Anime world of gaming.

    Maybe you're right. If I'm not wanted in Rising World maybe I should go to where I'm desired. People have openly gaslit me, voided me, harassed me, and even shut me down in the plugin request with false accusations. I've been desiring to jump back into PalWorld (as you've noted), or even Craftopia, even if both game are harsh on both my PC and Steam Deck. There are a few games I've seen pop up. I've even picked up the original Dragon Quest Builder. I need to find an alterative as a proper safety net game, somewhere where people know how to be kind, helpful, respectful, and more humane. Maybe I should make my way back into VRChat, even if I'm forever alone there. I even saw people hyping up Enshrouded so maybe I can mess around there seeing where it all leads. If I can find a Japanese outlet, or something maybe we can have more fun mods and plugins for that game. I sided with Rising World because of how we'll get awesome ships, trains, and how the API/Plugin shall shape the game. There was even a chance for NPC Companions, but Red51 even noted numerous times that's an overly slim chance.

    Sadly, people have strongly voted in banning me, refusing to inject fun mods, etc, even falsely flagging me as a villain (you know, victim-blaming behaviour) so maybe I'll have to seek a game similar to Rising World and hype it up more than I had with Rising World. That alterative game to Rising World however has to be found first before I potentially jump ship. There are many games similar to Rising World, they however need to have trains, posters, horses, and etc. Even fun Anime mods at their side. They need to be built, matured, and be known to me before I consider even jumping ship. I'll still keep hanging around Rising World, though am aware of how dishonest people have been.

    Maybe this should have been a DM, but it is what it is. People are free to talk about Anime, etc. Anime is like a dream; Soothing, peaceful, and an escapism. If I ever see an Azur Lane, KanColle, Busou Shinki, or any other Anime mod for Rising World then that be awesome. Blue Archive mod for Rising World would be glorious, even boosting Rising World to the top. For now, I'll have to settle for the Minecraft mod, I guess. I even have to wait for Rising World to mature even further. I can't wait for the upcoming Blue Archive Anime, people shall be more than hyped up for everything awesome and positive. Maybe they'll eventually find the Blue Archive mod for Minecraft. If Rising World had that Rising World would be boosted in popularity, hopefully enjoyment.:nerd:

    Awesome on the new profile. Looks good on you. Thanks for sharing the videos, looking good. I'm itching to play-test it. I however need to find time for it, and everything else. If things mellow out maybe I can have fun with Blue Archive for Rising World, but that now seems slimmer than anything in the world. Everything seems so impossible, and intentionally so. Maybe things shall change for the better in the future, who knows. I want to have faith in Rising World, but we shall see.

    We'll see what the future holds. Thanks for your concerns. If anything, I'm simply happy to alive. Everything is taken for granted.

    (Edit: Had to do a few typo edits in my haste posting. I'll probably edit some more, or post a follow-up post. As I said, I'm simply happy to be alive, yet I may not even be allowed to have that joy either.)

    It honestly amazes me how much people desire not to have fun in their life. It genuinely does. Because my other thread was hijacked, sabotaged, and butchered by sensitive people I'm now forced to share this thread because of other manipulative and falsely-speaking people by only sharing Blue Archive content from it, something which was intentionally ignored to attack me with other low-hanging fruit. Learn to have fun and be less offended. Learn to have more cuteness in your life and less gaslighting. A forum is a place speak with like-minded people, but because we're in the age of 2020+ you're not even allowed to discuss the game the forum is about, let alone side-things. Shame.

    Embrace the goodness that is Blue Archive.

    (Until Rising World is chosen to have a mod of it's own, I have to share Minecraft's version until then. Once Rising World obtains its own version I'll hype and preach about it instead.)


    Shiroko from Blue Archive.

    (The files replace the dog/wolf, but only client side; Tweets/posts have specific replies to them showing alternate images and files.)

    It's cute, and it's awesome. I love how wholesome it is. Rising World would genuinely benefit in having this for the whole fun and entertainment factor.


    Alternate Blue Archive mod for Minecraft

    Rising World would be awesome in having these sorts of mod, court-of-public-opinion willing.


    Left for Dead 2 Blue Archive mod:


    Have some beautiful music.

    Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go suffer in the real world (as well as digital) because that is what the Rising World community has desired I should do. They've wished ill will on me. o7

    I'm livid with people, but I'm happy with the way you're treating the game.

    1) As expected, and it makes me happy. Keeping them unharvested for now so I can have something to pick up later.

    2) Yup, as noted. Good luck on future cactus and plant additions. Would be awesome to grow them out and use them as garden material.

    3) Aleppo Pines, maybe. Yeah. The dry ones. Good to hear they're on your to-do list.

    4) Snake meat? Neat. Good addition. Take your time, though would be neat having snake-specific recipes for the fun of it.

    5) I guess that's one way of getting around. For when the time comes I do hope it's eventually possible. Doesn't have to be now, maybe later.

    Thanks Red51.

    And again. you again bring up the same stuff. you are the victim, you after getting gaslighted, you are thrown under the bus. again and again and again.

    In a world of Karma you need to face your consequences, and you refuse to do so. I keep trying to better myself, and I noted that. You refused to read that because you're guilty of nonsense. Just because I've posted videos you dislike you chose to harass me, bully me, and even reach for low hanging roots to attempt to view like a White Knight. That's genuinely disgusting. How cowardly. Just because the world is now cloaked by fake nonsense you're pretending to upload new justice and it's pathetic. You're you, not some fake person, and you refuse to see this. You're not a hero, and I'm just a hot-headed Canadian.

    Of course I'm going to say the same stuff. What do you want me to say, that I've been sexually assaulted by some gangsters? You've been vile, as has Red_Baron, and other people. I've been thrashed on, stepped on, spat on, and constantly told what has happened to me is an illusion, as you have done again. I've been meaning to add that you also appear to manipulate people, and that's what you've done. I feel bad for people who have to deal with you.

    And yes, I've been thrown under the bus in every community, including this one, because that's how forums are. They're toxic by nature, and why certain folks have noted as to why they don't actively post on forums. You can't gaslight this, yet you keep doing so. Let's conveniently ignore the Discord moment where I was harassed for 2-3 hours straight, even when they knew I depressed. I bookmarked my own tweet to myself, yet it offended people. EVERYTHING offends everybody and people have such thin skins it's insane. Insanely thin skins.

    I already said how I've been bullied on my own Discord group over a tweet, yet that keeps slipping your attention. You're an idiot for doing that, and even hypocritical. You're perfectly fine for me to be harassed and trashed, yet you pretend to uphold some fake justice about fake minorities. And I'm not even allowed to post on forums because other people own the property of Rising World. Everything belong to other people. Everything is about them and Rising World. Everything has to be about other people, and maybe it should. Let Rising World suffer then if you desire to be so fake.

    If you're going to mock me then at least face the consequences. Don't be a coward about it. You came in here laughing so at least redeem yourself somehow, and honestly. I'm tired of people's idiocies.

    In the same moment you do exactly that to others, in this case me.

    Bullshit. I'm hot-headed, yes. But I do not bully people. Again, it's perfectly fine for others to treat me like trash, yet when I point out other people's stupid behaviour everything is always my fault. My fault I started WW2, etc. Nah. This is why I can't agree with you.

    Forums are toxic by nature, and you're one of those active users.

    As I've said previously (many times) you have no remorse. You refuse to accept your sin, yet you want me to be fully sinful. Everythign is always my fault, yet you're always clean of errors. You actively harassed me in my own thread, even knocking me down as the person had in my own Discord group. Low blow, and fairly cowardly. I wouldn't be surprised if you violate people in real world.

    I Don't care what you call me, neither what others call me. that's their issue, not mine. I'm not a saint, not even religious, I am honest. if i talk to someone and getting bullsh*t back I'm calling that out for what it is.

    By saying this you actually do care, hence why you're here trying to defend yourself after treating me like trash. If you actually were as modest as you claimed to be you wouldn't be here pretending. You act like you're a Saint, yet you're being idiotic in the process. And yes, you're not Saint, glad we agree. You're a forum troll.

    Nah, you're not calling it out as it is. You even refused to see your own sins when other people called you out on your nonsense.

    The only reason why I answered was because you brought up very bad language about minorities, in a forum that is definitely not the place for such, if there is any at all.

    Oh, please! You're being hypocritical. You're happy when people suffer on forums, or when Rising World was more in your grasp, yet you're pretending to care about something so fake. Granted, you've done less of the Rising World hogging so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and praise there. Your abusive behaviour wasn't welcomed on the forum when you tried to crown Rising World for yourself, and the recent behaviour isn't welcomed as well of openly mocking me (bullying me) then gaslighting me while pretending to defend some fake victims. Then there was a case of other people desiring me not to have fun with Rising World, desiring me to be "forever-banned", constantly wishing me bad luck, and even desiring Red51 not to listen to me. I'm always the evil one. Even to Draven_Crow, the dramatic person, he always baited me and I got agitated over that. Don't have poison in your words, don't bait me, and everything shall be fine. You're lucky I'm here so you can step on me like a rug. You however need to learn every hostile action has consequences. You need to learn being fake doesn't take you places in life. You need to be honest and genuine, something you haven't been.

    You don't care about these fake minorities, you only care about the image. That's disgusting and hypocritical. There's actual problems in the world and you don't even care about those, only the fake easy fights you can win.

    Maybe it's about time for your block soon. Let's see what you say in the reply, or if this idiotic fight is broken up.

    Think of me what you want but i ask you to stay away from racist, sexist or any other bashing. being silent is no option here, in my opinion.

    You don't even care about that, you only desire an easy hypocritical victory. A low hanging fruit. Very cowardly of you.

    "I can get one-up on Arcticu if I tell him he's being stupid by using negative buzzwords on him. I can shame him that way! Awesome! I win!"


    I don't feel like playing Rising World again, my mood was ruined by hypocritical nonsense. Maybe I'll go play something else again, or Anime. Anime never disappoints. At least Anime is honest and like a dream.

    I'm here for Rising World, and I genuinely hope, wish, and pray we eventually see fun playful mods, as the Japanese have done with Minecraft just today, as of this posting. Not even one hour has elapsed seeing fun entertaining cute mods for Minecraft. It's a character from another game called 'Blue Archive'.

    I, at the very least, hope we eventually see fun playful mods like these in Rising World. Actual fun ones without the whole "I wish death on Arcticu" stuff. I need to find more Japanese escapism, and away from people being fake and dishonest. If we can have actual fun elements in the Rising World it'll make it even more appealing. But I guess we're not even allowed that. And yes, I'm aware we have to wait on the API to mature, something I'll actually wait on. I'll wait for RIsing World's API to mature to where we can eventually have something similar to the above before requesting aid elsewhere. People have openly noted I'm a piece of trash and they won't help me so I'll have to seek actual aid and assistance elsewhere, maybe from the Asian community.

    I'm now left livid, and at a loss for hope. *sighs*.

    What does the future contain? Misery, it seems. Maybe you guys are right, maybe I should be banned just because people enjoy being dishonest, vile, and fake. You guys seem to own the game and I'm not allowed to play Rising World. :wacko: