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    Posting this video even though I hate GameXplain, for similar reasons why I hate IGN for their bloated views.


    -30 FPS is just a benchmark, games can do higher and more. They have yet to find a game that actually struggles or suffers.

    - They made sure all parts will last a long time, they however will still fail because that is life.

    - They are aware of Switch comparisons noting this is for the more "serious" crowd. The more serious gamers, though casuals could potentially still play it. You'll know within 10 seconds which device is for you, or so they noted.


    Still tracking all the news. I want to know how well Rising World shall run on it and other games. Its being speculated 'medium' graphics and settings. We shall see. Red51 also noted they haven't obtained any devkits, though may eventually obtain one if available. They want to make Rising World playable on it the best they can.

    Or, to not mince words, just read Red51's response


    Unfortunately it's still a bit difficult to give precise answers regarding Steam Deck, since there are no devkits available for us atm, but in general, it seems to be quite promising. Hardware specs are quite good for a handheld device. RAM and CPU are certainly sufficient for the new version. When it comes to the GPU though, it's a bit difficult to estimate its actual performance. It definitely meets the minimum requirements of RW, this is the only thing I can say about it at this stage.

    We will definitely keep an eye on it and try to get a devkit once they're available. Basically it is our intention to support Steam Deck, but this depends on a few other aspects (mostly on the final performance of the Steam Deck). I hope we can share more information about that in a few months ;)


    Hmm..... I'm disappointed. Highly disappointed........

    That moment when there is a German developer group busy preaching about politics instead of making/publishing games.....

    Basically reads as

    1) We're into fake politics.

    2) We don't want you to buy our product(s); Refund if you have purchased it believing we are wrong.

    3) We assume the world revolves around us while we assume the world is only one person. We love to shame the many people, gaslighting as if the many are a simple '1'. We LOVE gaslighting people, even doubling down.

    4) We would rather spew politics on Twitter instead of making interesting games, or even publishing them.....


    Compensating for something? Obviously shows. Corrupted by fake social politics when they to the point they have to compensate for their poorly performing and coded games to spew politics and bigotry on Twitter. I've never heard of them, probably for good reasons.

    The thing is, they claim they're doing this "for the good" when its all a farce. I feel bad for Red51 and his team (and any other genuine German devs) doing actual work while Assemble Team are doing moronic political things making Germans look brainless. If only their call for "diversity" and "support" was genuine. It ain't.

    You heard them, don't buy their products. Screw them. They only want to end up destroyed as Electronic Arts and other game developers when they advertised "don't like it? Don't buy it". Their sales dropped.

    Stop compensating and just make games. Why do you think the world plays games that actually want to be played, including Rising World, Azur Lane, She Will Punish Them, Genshin Impact, and everything else not including politics. Why do you think I play those games, and others. All this nonsense is making them appear as religious zealots spewing fake politics they don't even care about.

    No god damn wonder we have gaming voids...........



    And they're doubling down. Such brainless morons. This 'team' (from my POV) assume they're doing the "right thing" when they're burning themselves with politics. So brainless. You'll get what you've asked for, especially with the corruption now known as Twitter (formally Tumblr). Assemble Team is nobody special :)

    *middle finger*

    Fine! I will! I'll play games that actually want to be played. F*** you guys too. Morons. Absolute cringe. Back to games that ACTUALLY want to be played.

    Maybe I'm missing something, though at a glance (and a quick Google) everything seems to be in order. Just focus on making/publishing games instead of playing politics. It never goes well........

    I'm still hyped up for the Steam Deck. While playing my socially spawned "guilty pleasure" game called 'She Will Punish Them", I'm still desiring to have the Steam Deck. People from ResetEra are out in force witch hunting both that game and Bloody Spell because they see lewdness in it when its a downplayed thing. Both have actual gameplay in them yet are being shunned because morons want an actual Martial Law nanny state installed. Its partially because of that I want my own handheld to play these games on my own and so my computer doesn't howl at night (as noted over and over again). I want to peacefully enjoy my Steam Deck gaming sessions........


    If you have any questions you can resort to this video. I may need to rewatch this in case I missed any info.

    Having a dedicated railway machine would be awesome. If we can program it to dig out a certain pattern it would be helpful, just like in the Minecraft Turtle mod with Redstone Power. Traincraft may have had this also digging tunnels for you, while the real world one would dig, place foundation, and even place the rails afterward.


    I'll try to keep this short... Noting this for noting purposes while not expecting people to respond. Don't want them to. Just view this, make note, and move on.


    - She Will Punish Them - Steam Drama:

    I won't link the game, I will say it by name. I wanted to support the game because I viewed it as Rising World going through the same struggles. The game is basically a simplified RPG attacking story-based nodes, respawning patrols while collecting 'lingerie' loot while leveling up your companions. Its themed in a mature sense filling a necessary void in the Steam market while also getting attacked for its theme. A few threads have been knocked out already whining about the theme by moderatoes. ResetEra folks (or those acting like them) still keep harassing, provoking, and insulting the forum base to shame, shun, and censor something that has a valid reason of being on the Steam store. "no fun allowed".

    Someone voicing their concern about the moderator being an (corrupted) feminists which shall ironically kill the game its themed by instead of helping. I view it as speculation, and I don't want to spread drama. I'm simply making note of it because even in its obnoxious nature it still contains valid criticisms. The game has been attacked for its themes, people are getting hot headed after having been provoked by people attacking the game, getting moderated for defending the game while also feeling betrayed in the process. I'm just hoping that this is just needless drama and that the developers behind 'She Will Punish Them' shall work on their game with pure passion and dedication.

    The game fills in a void yet it also being shunned off of steam because it offends people...... "no fun allowed". Then you have conspiracy theories (of varying value) floating about dealing with the developer team and moderator. I'm trying to hang back to lurk, posting less while fighting with a stupid brainwashed Canadian from Guelph. So much for playing games for entertainment eh? Not with these people who constantly shun certain themes and anything that offends them.

    ive always had issues playing n64 games via emulator. not that the emulators dont work but the controls dont feel right. zelda uses the joystick so no other controller feels right to me.

    Fair enough. Coworker said he enjoyed playing the N64 games on the PC because "it was made for it" over the console stuff. I guess. Whatever we can do is to our own taste and I don't know how to reply to that.

    Guess you'll find your sweet spot for those games eventually. I just can't wait to start experimenting. I saw that it won't play the MMO mainstream games (I don't care), just as long as it plays games I'm interested in. I don't care about Apex, and all those always-online games :)

    I hope we can find our place on the Steam Deck. Hope it has screenshot and video mode.

    yes my wife got one and i got one. i hope it will get her into gaming more.

    Nice. That makes more sense. Well, here is to hoping we shall obtain ours properly in December to have fun. :monocle:

    Seeing how the Switch made things highly accessible I can see it being more of a case with the Steam Deck. It should allow your wife to become more of a gamer, even if its 2-8 hours, or however long her games last on it. If not for games, can use it to put anything else on it. Good luck, and have fun.


    Also, to anybody reading into my Mino moving the thread bit just view it as "drunk humour", but not really. I was having fun in my tired and stressed manner, nothing more.


    I honestly can't wait for the Steam Deck now. I know I have my PC, I know it runs Rising World (while howling), I can't rely on my PC during the nights. If I want to chill at night I need this Steam Deck as to not wake people up with how loud these demanding games run. Who knows what I'll be doing around the time of December...... Maybe I can also run the stupid Train Sim with the Hamilton DLC, and such, without my computer howling. I'm going to be experimenting a lot. Lots of experimenting with Rising World and etc.

    Another friend of mine says he is going to put an emulator on it to put N64 games and such. If I can get access to Perfect Dark I'd play it on there and PC.

    I'm so hyped I can't even contain my excitement. Again, I wish it will release properly. Also, on a funny note you could technically play VR on the Steam Deck, its however not recommended because its not optimized for it. Its not their priority; Mileage will vary.

    i saw this yesterday. already got 2 pre ordered

    Not sure how you're able to order 2, unless you've done it through two separate accounts. Scalpers and all. Also, congrats.


    I also just reserved mine. Says it'll be out Q2 2022 for me. We'll see. I was working so I couldn't get mine in earlier.

    Also, silly Mino is silly. Alright....... I placed it there because we were going to play Rising World on it. I'm just going to shrug and move on, I had too much stress to argue about this. I'm half laughing at this. I love how I also deleted the 'rumour' one to place this "up there". I'm not gonna fight this one, I'm too exhausted for that.... I'm just gonna say one more thing and move on.

    I just want my Steam Deck. Seems like I'll be waiting ages for it now waiting till Q2 2022.... I better not. I want mine in December. I'm also worried it may go to my old address, not my current one....... Trying to figure out how to properly access Steam billing, even if I already placed the deposit.


    Steam surprisingly announced the (Steampal) device as 'Steam Deck'. Nice! It seems its fairly affordable in three various packages. Standard, medium, and high end with internal SSD. I'm going to go middle route just so I can play Rising World on it, among other games. I can't always rely on my PC, nor can I play games into the late hours as I used to. It be quieter, handle humid weather, etc while my PC howls like a monster. It would wake people up, and I can't VR as I used to, as much as I loved boasting about that. VR is still awesome, but that is beside the point.

    If things go well, it'll be my own Christmas present.

    With this device it shall be interesting to see how Rising World shall be tuned to this. It should run these games no problem (as devs & IGN have said), and it can even be tweaked to your liking. You can use Steam workshops, you can insert external mods, and you can do whatever you want with this gadget. This shall be fun. 8)

    Check the specs:

    If you can't play it on PC, you can play it on this device now. I'm in! I know I could buy a new PC but I just can't. It would take up space, I can't splurge freely. This is a two for one, and it'll allow me to play Rising World among other games :monocle: Just like the Switch, it has gyros allowing us to mine with a pickaxe by nudging the device in a direction. Precision mining ftw heh. It should hopefully allow me to fight bandits and aim properly by aiming the device, using the pads for mouse control, etc. Nothing beats the PC, I however still need this for Rising World, and I bet others do also. Not everybody is rich. I can't openly replace my PC or else I'd be hung (people helping me in my 2020 situation).

    I want to hear Red51's thoughts on this to see how he views this. How he may or may not have to lightly tune things to make things work even better on the Steam Pal device. Its a far bigger beast than the Nintendo Switch ever will be. As much as I love the Switch, it just doesn't do what it should and this fills in that void.


    (On second thought I moved it into discussions because it relates to using this device for Rising World while also not being "news" for the new update. Sorry for the confusion and obnoxiousness.)

    Yikes. I had to delete a few of my postings in this thread because they expired, or just aren't valid anymore to what is planned for Rising World Unity. The suggestions that are valid would be in the list, NPCS, boats, and maybe some "fun" mechanics such as riding the moose. Everything else I purged, or will purge once I'm re-made aware of them. I want to purge the nonsense from the past.


    - She Will Punish Them (Steam) - (NPCS Companion Focus):

    So, I want to update this thread making note of what I'm seeing in another game, something I won't link to. I'll only mention it by name. You get a main NPC at the start of the game, something Rising World could borrow from which you can bring from one game to the next. The other one you have to rescue from a dungeon (behind bars) where enemies fight to prevent you from rescuing this female NPC. Yes, its about NPC companions, and how to rescue them, how they handle & etc. I'm actually enjoying this game because the NPCs actually do (most of) what they're told, only able to so much because their AI needs a bit of work. They go off on their own adventure, they die, then you have to fight but at least its something. I have to basically baby sit them by making them use my exp books to level them (something I doubt I would be doing in Rising World), just that I spoil them regardless in any game, including Rising World. I spoil my AI (as I had in Skyrim, in Dragon's Dogma) because they become big assets. I give them exp books/scrolls, they level up, they do better in combat once I up their skill tree stuff. I give them the best equipment then they're they're a force to be reckoned with. Shame they get wiped out because they don't roll, nor do any other crazy tactics. They don't bait, nor kite enemies. AI plays by the book while not playing the human way by kiting, or more tactical behaviours.

    Makes me see Rising World with this basic AI, something I'm fine with.I would baby sit my AI, spoiling them. Have them come on my adventures, and etc.

    Also, the rescue mechanic in this game is basically what I desired for Rising World to balance them out. Have to go into a dungeon, rescue them, and they're yours. In Rising World's case they would be found wherever pirates, bandits, or etc reside. Maybe with a bit of a spawning rarity. Maybe you can bribe them Rising World side with food, or whichever. Make them feel safer than they already are. A max of 5 NPC Companions should do. So people don't camp them have them spawn at random, somewhat by demand, and somewhere away from people (in Rising World).

    I would show screenshots, they're however "too lewd" for this forum. Still a great game on the level of Skyrim :)

    I guess I'm the only one on this side to have enjoyed it. If you still haven't seen it then keep trying because I highly recommend it. Those that have watched it have genuinely loved it, only the minority of critics hate it and only because of Chris Pratt.


    I'm going to side-note and say I watched Midway.

    - Midway (2019):

    Absolutely loved this movie. Friend recommended it to me, I saw it on Amazon Prime ever since I bought a joystick for Flight Sim. Similar to Fury, this movie gets grim, realistic, and to the point. I barely strays from the story it wants to tell, loving it for that. The movie is keeps to the point and I love it for that. It notes the faulty torpedoes, the stress of battle, the chaotic nature, and even the funky Doolittle raid. The Doolittle raid being bombers having been launched from an aircraft carrier out at sea, as strange as that was. Same with how it notes the code breaking was working with falsely noting they had water issues, something the Japanese commented on in their telegram proving their code breaking is working. You have to see the clues around to fill in the gaps. Funny how it even makes note of the movie guys on the island making a period film about war.

    Its a great movie. Poor Hornet being forced out.

    Loving the things I'm seeing and learning. Even glad I've played Silent Hunter 3, have played KanColle, and now Azur Lane side. This needs to be remembered. Sorry about my obnoxiousness, but I'm glad we have hope of "something" into Rising World. People on Steam calling me crazy but I view that as gaslighting. I'm just trying to respect my Canadians because nobody else shall.

    Haunting music for the win.

    Unfortunately I can't say much about that yet at this stage :( Probably I can say more about that once water and some first vessels are implemented.

    However, considering that armed sailing ships are planned, there is probably nothing wrong in having a few modern ships with modern guns as well ^^

    Understandable if you can't talk about it yet, or the NPC companions, or anything else. You have to do the basics first. I had to ask though, sadly pressing the issue. I want to again apologize for being obnoxious as I've stated before because other developers refuse to fill in voids they can naturally fill in.

    Armed sailing ships? Cool. Glad you're also open to a few modern ships with modern guns. Waters are dangerous, especially when dealing with your sharks, pirates ships (if you enable that), among other future threats.

    I realized I also screwed up. When you note 'few modern ships with guns', I wonder if we're thinking the same thing. I doubt you'll be able to confirm, I have to ask anyways. I know I'm sharing Canadians, and sure Germans have something similar, or hope so. If you want to default to the German variant feel free to do so also.…f_the_Royal_Canadian_Navy

    Scrolling down to 'Maritime coastal defence vessels', and maybe even the 'Patrol & training vessels'. They 'may' seem more plausible than the Corvette and Minesweepers. Or maybe they're all plausible, you're the boss Red51. I don't want to press you for this as strongly now because you gave me your answer and I'm happy with it, even if its vague in ways. And about the wiki I sent you, I realized this after the fact that even smaller vessels exist. Me and my stupid brainfarts, probably because I'm focused in WW2 era boating. :crazy:

    Just know you made me happy and I'm happy to hear we're "plausibly" going to obtain 'a few modern ships with modern guns". You gave me hope, and that is what matters 8) (I'm going to ease up on this now)

    Anybody see this movie?

    I have, and I'm glad I have. I had to force myself to watch it on my Amazon Prime, though glad I even did that. Its a great movie with a great plot. People will argue its "decent", I say its "awesome". To me, it told a story a proper anime would tell in that deep and proper story telling manner trying to do reverse damage control. People would claim there are alleged plot holes, I doubt that. Its fun seeing the fight happen once they go past that portal. It is also because the whiny critics had a negative hate fetish towards Chris Pratt that I also was motivated to watch the movie so thanks for the free advertising. I'm glad I picked up the movie to have a great time with it.

    Its also made so much better (after the fact) knowing all the fake journalistic sites claim the movie is trash, or knock on the movie because of Chris Pratt. The amount of salt and whining is hilarious. I went in blind (no trailer, or anything) finding the movie to be awesome. Long, but awesome

    . For those that do want a trailer, here is the video


    I absolutely LOVE the music. Everything about the movie was great.




    This movie is awesome, I recommend it. Similar to most of the Anime I've seen, Mandalorian (Star Wars), Clone Wars, Greyhound (WW2 movie), Fury, Interstellar, and etc. I recommend this because its a genuine form of media to the point journalists are now bleeding blood from their waste matter. They're raging about Chris Pratt because he spoke the neutral truth while also making mocking videos trying to blast holes in the movie when there is little to none. Basically an "no fun allowed" tactic. This movie has complex plot, great music, great acting and even pays respect to 'I am Legend'. Good stuff.

    Now if only American media can tap into Japanese anime creativity it'll continue doing awesome :nerd:

    To be honest, "warships" are more something for plugins/mods

    That's true, but Red51 would still have to enable certain features to make them function in the game. Even if I had to plugin/mod them in I would, but I would need certain base features coded into make them function, such as turrets on the bow/stern/ similar to how pirate ships and sailing ships fire canons on board their vessels. Even the simple part of having them being able to turn on and even function on water. If that can be sorted then everything else should be "a piece of cake".

    Sorry for my spam, but I'm genuinely once again getting frustrated by all these WW2 developers cutting corners, doing overly shady things, and just giving me lame (censored) excuses to the point I have to make these silly requests towards Red51 just so certain voids can be filled in the gaming world.

    I know I speculate and brainstorm too much, just been wondering if we would be able to have modern era naval warships to patrol our waters in Rising World. Would that fit with your image of RIsing World? If not, would it at all be possible to at least via modding? If yes to vanilla, would Minesweeper or Corvette-Class warships to be added into Rising World modding wise? I won't ask for much, just "something". Functioning main guns, that is all. Doesn't have to have torpedoes, or the complexities. Just main guns as arcade. That is all I ask, but also prepared to be denied, if curious wanting voids to be filled in.


    1) WW2 naval Game developers are frustrating. They refuse to fill in voids while not looking into vessels/nations that are fun/forgotten.

    1.5) Wargaming & War Thunder both locked Canadians under premium which has me fuming. $50 for standard; $100 for full, and 'War Thunder' removed HMCS Haida. I can't access my Canadians because either removed or locked behind premium. Too many needless barriers.

    2) Rising World can be whatever you want so I would love to display WW2 vessels either in vanilla or modded format. What should I expect in the future?

    3) In game 'meta' where you could patrol the waters modern era while escorting cargo defending from pirates, and etc. That is, if that is Red51's desire and plans. Some people simply want a challenge both on land and sea.

    4) Rising World seems to be the best game to handle this on the level of a game called 'Silent Hunter 3' where you could freely explore worlds both peacefully and hostile. Sink boats, scuba dive to them, and loot them, or whatever. Defend from pirate attacks, any other "attacks" and etc.


    Yeah, sorry. I'm frustrated wanting Rising World to fill in voids, respectfully within Red51's desire. I'll walk back my comment about the sharks after hearing how brutal sharks are in the southern hemisphere. Even in Cuba I was told not to venture into waters at night so that could also play a part. Sharks becoming hostile at night near beach shorelines.

    I can't wait for Rising World to get a good naval presence in general, and in the naval side. Can I ask for help adding them into RW? ||

    (Honestly, I don't even know w hat I'm doing anymore. I'm just frustrated and confused....... I'm trying all sorts of things just frustrated nothing hits the spot right when it comes to gaming and boats, trains, and etc. Rising World simply seems like the best game to do everything I desire.)

    You guys can ignore this if you so desire, I'm just making a new list and priorities for Rising World as it continues to mature and shape up. I wanted to make a new thread (deleting any past ones for Java) so I can also insert this thread into my signature. Who knows if I'll be able to accomplish the below with the wild cards life tends to show, just the sooner Rising World updates the better. Not forcing Red51 and his team, just.... Planning.

    Also, if you want to post what your priorities for Rising World is feel free to share them. It could be as simple as making a simple hut in singleplayer mode, making certain mods, or whatever you want to do. Maybe a fort, or whatever.

    I'm sorry if you guys consider me "loud" or "obnoxious", just that if you can't be vocal about the things you enjoy then you might as well be dead. People want to shame you and silence you for having fun.

    (Purpose of this image is: "The fun-tax". I love how a fellow Canadian noted it, thus why I'm sharing it. I'm going to use it from now on.)


    Rising World Priorities:

    - Boats & World War 2 Vessels:

    Let us start off with boats because that is what people wanted, and I accidentally shunned people when it came to that for Java version. I found it logically better to have horses & trains, even then we were not able to get most of it. Having played games like Minecraft (& Movecraft), Ylands, Wurm Unlimited it would be awesome once we come around to having boats, be it vanilla or modded. I'll obviously be building dockyards, shipyards, and etc (when the time allows) to boast my naval might in both "for fun" and to reflect Canadian naval stuff. If we're to obtain larger ships then I can't wait to have the satisfaction of piecing it together with keel, hull, mast, and etc in their separate chunk. They're best build in parts. I would happily build a drydock to handle them to then have them let loose into any body of water to deal with them.

    Ships I would consider appropriate could even be SS Nomadic, and even Princess Sophia type vessels. They don't have to be exact replicas, just similar being inspired by them. Few cabins, places for crafting spaces, able to hold lots of storage, and just be the "mobile home" that boats tend to be known as. Again, doesn't have to be copies, just "similar".

    Princes Sophia (Above) - SS Nomadic (Below)

    My gaming buddies would be happy having a home that they don't have to build by hand themselves. They could make a mobile home on a boat and be done with it. Just as long as it doesn't sink. Maybe make duplicates. 8)

    As a side-note: Because WW2 Naval game developers are fearful and scared, I want to be able to have some WW2 era naval warships in Rising World, even if they're static models. Similar to the Object plugin we had for Java, I would love to be able to import WW2 vessels into my game to proudly display them. If by any chance Red51 feels "giving" enough I wouldn't mind having a generic Minesweeper or torpedo warship in Rising World to have fun with, and maybe blast some pirates with. Or whatever other threats we gain in the future. I'm not expecting any war material, just Rising World can be any game you want, and your worlds can be whatever it wants to be.

    I'm Canadian so I patriotically align myself as a proud Canadian for Canadian Navy. Both because of that, lazy WW2 developers, and for Wargaming's abuse of Two Community members & 2 staff members something that was already special is now overly special. I want to take HMCS Yukon as my own turning her into my own vessel. I want to take WoWS models of HMCS Haida & HMCS Yukon to import into Rising World to display them proudly at my main shipyard. If Red51 wants to add in simplistic minesweeper German vessels into RW then I'd be fine with that. Whatever works I will be happy with just as long as I can tap into a void game developers are frustratingly afraid to fill in.

    Any WW2 vessel I can get my hands on shall be proudly displayed (and maybe even used) within Rising World. 8) Well, that is if Red51 allows me to. If he wants me to have a sailing ship then I'll be fine with just that, but do know that my desires to populate Rising World's worlds is vast.


    - Trains:

    Can't wait to make a main train station which would link up hubs on one island, go underwater to another, and just link itself everywhere. Can't wait to use steam, diesel, and electric trains to roam the world of Rising World with crazy train station designs, build through oceans, and other fun projects. If I don't have time to do these things anymore then they'll stay simple desires.

    I wanted to make a pyramid on a rectangle base for trains to come in at, and to just admire the view. Even if visually from screenshots. I want to have fun with trains in ONE proper game, similar to how we can't get a proper WW2 naval game. Only Silent Hunter 3 is the best naval game while Rising World may be the best train game out there, ironically beating train sims. If anything, Trains in Rising World could rival that of Minecraft's Traincraft mod, or even surpass it by a long shot.

    With what Red51 noted we could even have the train automatically move at a low enough throttle. I'm fine with that.


    - Statues & Monuments:

    When the time comes I'll be making these statues and monuments using model plugins to import models again. Basically what I've done in Java is what I'll do in Unity, and much more. I'll also be doing it with any HMCS vessel I come across so I can share my Canadian pride WW2 game developers refuse to acknowledge appropriately. I'll re-import Tallgeese (The white mecha in the image), import HMCS Yukon, HMCS Haida, among other vessels. If I could even potentially pilot an imported WW2 vessel that be a nice bonus. Firing their guns would be awesome, though Red51 will have to decide with we are allowed to do that or not. Statues, monuments, shipyards with static vessel models, and etc. That shall be glorious.


    More plans and desires to be noted as time goes on. Shall edit as we go on.

    Part 2 to the above........ (or P3 in this case) is nasty.:

    They threw two staff under the bus as sacrifice to please the 'angry gamers' because two community members were not contributes properly. They were abused, and us Canadians who have been cheated. As a Canadian I feel happy we have a new ship, just betrayed as this is a cash grab while their management throws the lower guys under the bus in a sacrificial manner.

    -The Popular opinion. Canadians are always overlooked and purposely ignored because we're a pile of trash, or something.

    Developer responses...

    Little White Mouse and Chobittsu weren't having it.........

    Former RCN Sailor giving his 2 cents. He failed to note we had 3-5 aircraft carriers built during WW2. They would count in any game.

    The "compromise".........


    Frustration from Obitissu for being led around, wasting 1 year of his work.

    Then you guys wonder why others and myself praise Red51. Its because of this I also want to insert anime mods and ship mods into the game because other game developers can't be trusted. If you want to do something its best to do it yourself, or something close to that effect.

    My stomach hurts from reading 25 pages of nonsense for HMCS Yukon because I'm Canadian and I wanted to also celebrate it for July 1st...... Happy scuffed Canada Day from Wargaming. (Untouched hype is still left in the Azur Lane thread).............

    Be thankful Red51 is as acknowledging as he is. Truly......... This is why people need to god damn listen to me when I say we need free-roamy WW2 naval games on the level of Silent Hunter 3, and other things. But nooo, nobody wants to listen to me. I'm just a crazy moron, or something...... Screw the Canadians because "they're a minor Nation"... Whatever the f*** that means. So many lame excuses and needless corporate lingo. Go to hell. I need to have 20 battles to comment on their forum, I only have 8..... I need to needlessly redownload the game and to try to link my account, or whatever. *yawns*

    They even removed HMCS Haida so you would be forced to purchase HMCS Yukon..........

    I wish other developers would listen to me for once. LISTEN!

    Not sure what the point is but I'll give my take. They program.... O noes, can't do that when its so hot. WTF ever. I worked in the field slinging hay bales and feeding animals in summer temps near 100 degree temps. I worked in a steel plant for years near furnaces used for heat treatment, custom bar forming, and coil production. No, climate change is nothing more than nature doing what she has done for millenniums. We as humans like to think we are all powerful and control the planet, cause this and that, and so on. We are but a spot on the history of the planet that will disappear when the planet or powers that be determine it is time. If you are speaking toward journalism; you are correct, zero integrity, zero honor, zero honesty in today's world. This is my opinion based on facts I have seen for decades. Your mileage might vary.

    Point? Bashing Sony, Naughtydog, and game journalists because they're in the same camp. Has to be Sony/Playstation related in general. Game censorship, and all. Maybe you mean something else.


    Retail worker dealing with the heat as well to the point of feeling horrible. Even if I was in a cold place it still harshly effects the body, especially when heavily lifting, etc. Adapt and survive or make sure the heat doesn't get to you. Farmers, roofers, and all sorts have it rough during the summer.

    I also agree nature is just doing its own thing cycling up and down in its own ways. It does what it needs to with us simply being rowdy passengers on its journey. To put food-thoughts into perspective how a land bridge was formed between Russia and Alaska allowing people to settle the Aleutians Islands in Alaska. The simple thought of how it may have looked then, how they numbered in the thousands. Now they number only in the 80's or so in population size. We're but a simple little spec on a massive meter stick. I love these trippy food for thoughts dealing with time and "what-ifs". How modern civilization shall be ancient also.

    Glad we can agree on various things. :party:

    Part Two - 'HMCS Yukon'- The Negativity:

    (Part one - HMCS Yukon)

    (Context - Review & Thread - Please read this)

    I may seemingly be the only one hyped up about Canadians potentially getting another battleship only because it can tie in with Azur Lane. It however has bad stigma/PR around it with how Wargaming asked and threw two people under the bus. They were asked to design something then thrown under the bus by Wargaming for World of Warships. As an outsider I feel so stupid and naive only because I'm aware of the situation happened while simply wanting to connect with my Canadian heritage. I was born Canadian, I want to connect with my Canadian side.

    While posting about HMCS Haida on an Azur Lane subreddit I was informed about what happened. It makes me sad...... I now feel a bit guilty with my naive hype for HMCS Yukon with how it carries negativity

    They told me that Wargaming worked with two folks to design a Canadian ship to only end up with HMCS Yukon, a 'King George V-Class', or 'Monarch' type battleship. I also keep forgetting what class of Battleship it is...... They haven't implemented what LittleWhiteMouse & Chobittsu both added.

    I was told that "we should be happy Canadians are even added", or something to that effect. Basically a "F U" type response.

    Then you have one of the Wargaming developers making a formal apology trying to look into the situation. Put the pitchforks away and just formally sort the issues out.

    A USN & a trucker was also equally as disappointed with Wargaming's negative PR stunt, and how Canadians are always being shafted by WW2 naval developers. Not quite the latter, the former is true.

    And then another comment noting how Wargaming should have simply added a Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship from our WW1 days to fill in the void.

    I'm happy we have another Canadian vessel to play around with, though sad that we Canadians are treated by trash constantly. Its depressing. This is just angering me all that much more to have Red51 give us modding API so I can insert WW2 warships into Rising World, even if they're passive. Just allow me to have warships to display, or even sail by filling in voids other game developers keep corrupting situations with.


    I'm now genuinely depressed because I now feel guilted about my hype for HMCS Yukon and the stigma surrounding it. We're just not allowed to admire any Canadians in any WW2 naval game because every dumb ass game developer has to make a big fuss about censoring us from it for various stupid moronic reasons. Minor nation, or whatever bullcrap they keep making excuses about......... I don't normally play WoWS because of how bloated it is, I simply wanted to hype up the Canadian side of things, even if accidentally naively. Hopefully their formal investigation will produce actual results where Canadians are properly respected and the two folks have their situation and respect mended.

    We honestly need a proper open world WW2 naval game. This is too stupid with how its stagnating everything. Wargaming is stagnating everything.....I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it....... Silent Hunter 3 is the best game out there, and Azur Lane.

    Alright, consider this post an "meme" also. A joke, a laugh.

    And if you want the Tweet

    I had another Tweet that wasn't Quartering related also mocking AAA game developers because they should have AC regardless. Whatever your source is, everybody is mocking Jason Schrier and the take itself. Everybody is laughing at Jason Schreier and his stupid take on AC because AAA game studios should have them, same with at home. Granted, not everybody has AC but I also had AC at my previous place before I had to move. I'm still in an AC environment. I would hope Red51 and his team also has AC being in Germany seeing as how they're prone to far more brutal heat waves than North Americans. I was in Slovakia in 2003 when they had a brutal heatwave (I fainted in Modra, allegedly). North America had a power outtage east coast-coast side and in Ottawa. Europe has dry heat, not humid ones we Canadians get. Who knows what conditions Seattle gets being on the coast, I haven't been there. Fan, an AC...Whatever works.

    Just another day where game journalists keep sinking lower and lower with their integrity and reliability. RIP.