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    Well, Red51 surely has two gauges (standard & minecart types). What I want to note are a few more things.....

    1) Tram or rail decorations of placing decorative attachments to 'fill in' by adding grass, concrete, or whatever else. Europe has a ton of scenic and decorative tram tracks to make note of

    2) Track variety (view below tweet) - Drawbridge rails.

    Casually skimming through Twitter finding Japanese folks talking about how one train can go one way while another can pass through with the opposite being like a drawbridge. When we get trains I hope they're weighted and awesome. I'm also getting influenced by my hosts who are allowing me to stay with them so I see various new trains types I haven't seen before.

    When in doubt Red51 & friends can look at Traincraft for Minecraft to see how to properly do trains, theme each cart to resources, and having to build them up frame-by-frame (piece by piece) until it is fueled up and running.

    Oh, that's a pity, why doesn't it work? :wat: What recording do you use?

    Maybe its demanding, though I do find it interesting when I can record VRchat (in VR) but not Rising World properly. It drops every other frame for Rising World Unity, probably for how demanding it is. I may have to alter the settings and such to make it recordable for Youtube, even though people beat me to the punch, etc, etc.

    I put my ticket in the client help subforum for OBS and etc. I'll try again Tuesday when I have time.

    CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor
    Motherboard: M5A78L-M LX PLUS
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
    RAM: 16 GB


    The game runs decently fine on my computer on default settings. I upgraded my Nvidia drivers finding it running slightly smoother, though finding recording with OBS now makes everything stutter like mad. The stuttering is noticeable by 60% more recording wise than in the game itself. Trying to record a simple 5-10 min video for Youtube finding it drops every other frame. Can't get a solid scene recorded. Not expecting a fix, just seeing what can be done.

    Maybe someone who tried recording can tell me how they faired using standard OBS.

    I missed the Christmas tree but leave it to Red to make an impressive demo with lots of teasers of what is to come. ;)

    Maybe the door is locked and time sensitive, only open on Christmas. I'll set my clock forward and see what happens. I wouldn't be suprised if Red put some easter eggs in here for us to discover.

    Heh. I love the teases, even if they're unintentional. I love how we can also lock doors and have double doors open at same time.


    Hmm... if performance is causing trouble, maybe create a new topic in the Help section with some information about your hardware (and your current config) :) Then we can check out what's going on there.

    Sure, I'll see about tweaking a few things and if it still persists I'll send it your way via Help Section :)

    So take this with a grain of salt but I'm imagining there's a reason why this chunk is showing but others are not. I flew out and recognized some of it from your trello. I guess this is not a seed-generated chunk but a modified chunk. still should not be visible from a distance.

    This is a hard coded playground which is actually not part of the world :D We used it as playground for testing various things and originally wanted to remove it for the demo, but it could still be fun to explore that part so we kept it in for the first demo release ;)

    I'm glad you kept it in. I took a peak as to what was there finding the megaphones, walkie talkies and such. Things in the suggestion forums were actually implemented and I'm happy.

    I love this playground area. I'm digging the grandfather clock, the Japanese lanterns, and a bit happily annoyed by the door locked teasing the Christmas tree. I have a lot more to explore.

    I'm going to see if I can make a video of this shortly, if the performance allows me. I kept experiencing slight stuttering as if its loading chunks or something. I still have errands to run so I'll deal with this game once I come back from that. So far, I'm impressed.


    The first playable demo of the new version will be available on Wednesday, December 16 between 4 and 7 pm (GMT)!


    About time! The funny thing is we might have fun for about 1 hour but it'll be nice just messing around in Rising World again. Bring it on!

    Please please have some Christmas stuff we can play around with :lunar2019piginablanket:

    How about something more basic in the way where you spawn in various areas which dictates how you roam the world.

    1) Captured by bandits/Raiders/Pirates

    2) Shipwrecked in the style of the era you chose; Washed up on the shores

    3) Captured and nursed by natives, or just simply enslaved needing to free yourself out of their reach.

    4) Rescued and nursed to health putting you in the middle of the native's settlement.

    & etc.

    If we do get an NPC companion (humanoid) we could also rescue them from bandits/raiders & etc

    I wouldn't mind going the more nitty-gritty with tool heads and such. People wanted durability, this is a good way of going about it. You should also have the option of repairing your tools


    About your NPC villages, I +1. I don't want to be annoying, though do agree.

    Rising World 100% needs to allow itself to be immersive allowing things to play around you while you play in the world, thus villages and settlements. Being able to interact with villages would be a bonus giving new life to the game. Even bandits should be neutral towards you when you stumble across them allowing you trade for exclusive things. Same with pirates.

    There was this nice charm of NPCs helping you out and vice-versa. That impact of being helped while helping them in return, allowing you to get various foods, stone, and such. When you supply them of your surplus you also see them build things for you. They aid you, and etc.

    Rising World genuinely needs this, especially for the people I've encountered whining and moaning constantly about the game being "too free". People wanted to be disturbingly guided so these settlements could guide them in a semi-linear manner. They'll have a goal to aim for.


    Side-Note: I'm still gonna pester Red51 for a main NPC companion to join you on adventures. Not just an animal pet, but an actual humanoid you could potentially rescue to be your main NPC helper (view Dragon's Dogma or Skyrim) to allow things to proceed more smoothly in an near endless world. You genuinely need a helping hand in games like these, especially companions, more so of the helping kind.

    Alright, just to keep this fresh, though not wanting to spam..... I'm seeing more and more screenshots and influences spreading around on the collector side of things.

    Being able to find random fossils and such underground to display in your home, or even a dedicated museum. Vanilla Minecraft is also tapping into this (after modding had done it before) where you can display old relics such as urns, pots & etc.

    If the link breaks I also have images in attachments. I don't want to be annoying, or anything....... Just wanting to share this while its still in front of me so I don't lose it. The charm of these survival games is also displaying your findings, something other 'chill' games have implemented in one manner or another. What I love best about proper indie games and Japanese games is the whole collectors side of things by filling out the gallery mode and archive mode. That's when you know a game is good.

    I miss playing Star Wars Galaxies (MMO) which allowed me to display fish, among other various entities of the resource, material, and biological kind.

    I do love your idea and I'll +1 it.

    Your immersion is the way I hope Rising World shall go; How Red51 shall make Rising World behave. I'm obviously expecting VR to be clunky and broken at first, though as Red51 becomes more comfortable with VR (with his buddies) things shall continue to evolve while improving further and further.


    Reaching for resources should be a thing (yes), though keep in mind you need a bit of 'telepathy' where you can aim a 'laser' to grip for objects because not everybody can stand. You know, health problems, fatigue, and etc, though the game still hits the right spot. You need to be able to climb trees by gripping them, as with appropriate terrain and materials, similar to 'Conan Exiles', and even 'Craftopia', though in VR.

    What you describe is something Red51 could look into with VRChat, CyubeVR, Survival Simulator, and etc. If Red51 needs help with VR I'm free to help him to show how I view VR while having seen the true potential of it in various games. I'm however genuinely hoping whenever he needs assistance isn't the time I'm either homeless nor MIA. I genuinely want to help Rising World here, especially in VR, modding, & etc.

    Where VR shines the best is when you're able to interact with everything, especially the small things. As noted many times before.....

    1) Petting horses by actually touching them (hand gestures)
    2) Gesturing to cut trees; Mining; Swinging sword in combat & blocking with shield. (Pulling back on a bow to make it fire)

    3) Fishing gestures

    4) Placing planks & beams a certain way.

    5) Sliding Logs through a saw (as noted by Ash Lee)

    6) Gesturing a drink to be drunk, as with refilling into a cup (can be shown in VRChat). Eating with food placed near the mouth.

    7) AI could also be experimented to react to certain gestures for command or greetings purposes. Could wave a 'hello' to greet them, or surrender, & etc.

    Everything simply changes in VR. Everything needs to be pushed into a VR manner.

    Why do I have to post in this thread.. North American gaming...... AAAAHHHHHHH!

    Alright, so we recently had a 'The Award Show' with a war between Ghost of Tsushima & The Last of Us 2.... Everything went well with various games winning, until Naughty Dog started stirring up dirt again. Always Naughty Dog...... They activated their Twitter bot users to spam the awards turning everything into comical nonsense.

    Ghost of Tsushima won Player's choice/voice awards, after TLOU2 had a brief lead losing it to Ghost of Tsushima. TLOU2 fans weren't happy going into insult mode.

    TLOU2 fanbase then cried fowl claiming of alleged hacks with IGN, Gameradar, & other places making articles, deleting it once they found their source to be flawed from ResetEra. "game journalists" had to remove their claims because it was flawed, though you could easily see where they leaned on this.

    - TLOU2 wins with sane people claiming rigged, as we all expected it to be. How does TLOU2 win to a power house like Ghost of Tsushima and other games? HOW?! How does GOT lose to TLOU2!?! Many people noted in stream chat calling rigged. We knew TLOU2 was going to win game of the year.... Naturally. These awards are fake nonsense. A farce.

    What people ACTUALLY WANT (Ghost of Tsushima & etc)

    Tweets embed weirdly, though it is what it is. Try to make sense of it. When TLOU2 was noted to be 'Game Of The Year' everybody called it out as nonsense, except for the crazy TLOU2 side. More work was put into Ghost of Tsushima, enjoyed all that much more & etc. Pick any game, it has done better. North American gaming is stale for this exact reason........I hate how stale North American gaming is, with special thanks to this sort of nonsense forcing me to look for indie games, Japanese games, & etc.


    Actual people's current thoughts (memes):

    TLOU2 wins EVERYTHING! It wins 'ALL' The awards :crazy: We have a genuine reason to call this rigged because IT IS. Unlike Ghost of Tsushima winning (nobody hacked anything) this is just idiocy with how TLOU2 won a pity award. :sleeping: Many people were noted as saying 'rigged' in the livestream chat, some even getting banned. Others boo'd, among other disappointed reactions. The Twitter nutcases are going to have fun with this one..........

    I'm posting this because this sets a bad example for genuine game developers, for the game industry (North American), and influence people's choice on purchasing/making bad games. People would then desire to tarnish Rising World, among other indie games.


    Go support an indie developer (even Red51) because of this idiotic comical fest.


    Replying to @thegameawards and @Naughty_Dog
    I love seeing incels cry . It’s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Their loss is the only reason i’m still alive. I was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved.

    Replies like this proves this is just a farce. No sane person casually uses the word 'incel', though it is fairly easy to pop their ego like a balloon with a needle. I'm just furious with the North American gaming circle for being idiotic, though thankfully we have good games like Rising World, Phasmophobia, Project WIngman, Cyberpunk 2077, among others.

    What a farce...... Honestly. What a god damn farce. :sleeping:

    im not sure if there was a plugin

    I swear there was one. I guess as Red51 noted it was in concept, though highly certain someone added it to their server.

    AFAIK there is no plugin available for this, but it's definitely possible to create such a plugin with the current API. Actually I was working on such a plugin a long time ago, but never released it :saint: We could add a "real time" option to the game, but maybe it's better if we just release a plugin for that instead? Not sure...

    When it comes to weather sync, I'd prefer to have a plugin for that ^^ Such a feature has to rely on external services (to get the current weather data) and if the vanilla game already has such a feature, it could introduce some issues (some people don't like games which establish a connection to third-party services, and sometimes even anti-virus programs may cause trouble in that case) :dizzy:

    Maybe. I have a vague recollection of someone using a plugin, or a prototype to one. Its been so long I can't source it. *shrugs*

    If the weather does sync through apps then it must use all weather types in whatever biome its in, otherwise it be just weird. But yeah. Whatever you do I'll fiddle with it whenever I get time and whenever Rising World matures enough to be modded again. Having weather in Flight Sim made things highly interesting so having real world weather in Rising World would be interesting.

    That would be awesome to have the hunger and thirst in real time! Speaking of real time, in the new version, is there going to be an option to add real time in game for the day cycle for not only singleplayer but for multiplayer too? red51


    Was there a plugin for Rising World to do this? You could set it up in various ways to delay the sun from setting or even match it with real world. Hope Red51 considers adding the game to match time with the real world, regions, and etc. Maybe even weather, if possible. That last one is probably asking too much.

    Hunger can then be tuned to match that.

    if you are playing in SP, when you are building you could play in creative mod ;)

    I STILL can't understand this mentality. People want to build using resources in survival...... I just..... Whatever.

    Also, thanks Red51. Hopefully the new tweaks shall help. Don't want a repeat of Conan Exile where you get hungry every 5 seconds, or even with Craftopia. Both have horrible hunger balancing issues. Minecraft is far more tolerable, though still on the annoying side.

    Thanks Red51 I forgot about no building in the demo, brain not working lately, probably needs more coffee...:thinking:

    2020 is a stressful year so don't beat yourself up for it. You can just blame it on 2020 while sipping your coffee while others can sip their tea, hot choco, or whatever else everybody else drinks. Being high strung is a 2020 issue :P


    As for the weather being basic & the demo being a 'walking simulator' could be better than nothing, though we'll probably start desiring for building and etc. Hope it goes as planned. As much as Minecraft is keeping me entertained there also things I wish Mojang would smarten up about by allowing us to tame foxes (something I hope Rising World shall allow), among other things. You've noted cargo boats, something I'm eager to see.

    I can't wait to see more teaser update images on the trello, if able.