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    - Mexican Mario's "cultural Appropriation:

    It appears I get the last laugh with how actual Mexicans desire Mexican Mario back loving any form of exposure in the media. Then you have the fake people claiming its fake-racist, etc, to which we nearly break the Rising World discord groups, forums, and bad blood nudging Vortac out of the community. Sorry buddy, Sorry you had to see that but I'm not happy with it either. If only people were more honest we wouldn't be divided and you wouldn't have to also be MIA from this community either. If only honesty was a more prideful thing to be taken care of I wouldn't have to make these posts calling things out.

    My Mexican friend over from the Anime & Genshin Impact side approves of Mexican Mario finding it awesome. He laughs at people who were offended by such a trivial thing (same as I) wishing people would grow their skin back. Not have their nerves exposed to the world, just be a normal human. This even runs parallel to how people are offended to find Canadians in video games, let alone refusing to have them in video games for censorship and stale void-causing reasoning. They're afraid of anything creative and fun. People hate anime, people hate expressive individuals. The more something stands out the more you have to hammer it down into boringness. No fun allowed!

    Fun is fun. When it comes to Rising World I want to encourage Red51 to just make the game HE wants to make while listening to feedback improving the game. If someone says to censor, remove, or not have a feature then find another way to put it in a game., or whatever. We live in a society where everything is allegedly offensive. Play what you want, do what you want. It's why Asian games are overtaking the western market while western games accuse one another of false crimes. People keep noting "false allegations" when I point something else, that in itself is gaslighting when the proof is out there on the internet. I source things, the cancel culture doesn't.

    Normal (indie) games are fun when they can reach their max potential. This goes with AAA games unhindered by political or corruption. If Red51 deletes this then that's fair. Keep the peace, I'm however fed up with fake behaviours. I'll keep calling it out. I want to find honest people who care about what they enjoy.

    Just going to post something simple because that is why we're here in one manner or another. Also, because we don't want political nonsense in our games. We may desire philosophical POVs such as in Metal Gear Solid & Nier: Automata (any Japanese & Chinese games) to provoke our minds and emotions. No political nonsense, no broken glitchy nonsense, forced development, etc. Just pure simple fun classic Nintendo styled entertainment.

    Simple, and to the point. Why myself and others prefer indie games over AAA games doing things a AAA games won't ever do. Power to the people!:thumbup:

    I'm encountering some overly skilled and enthusiastic folks making me a bit "enthusiastic". I simply desire "to strike while the iron is hot" afraid it's going to cool off again. Not to rush Red51, I'm just overly overly eager in adding these Busou Shinki models before its too late. If Red51 wants to wait on adding the Plugin & Modding API then I'll wait. If he wants to release it sooner then that is also fine. I know what I said on the Steam forum may have been "lost in translation", typing on a phone does that. You try it. Go type a serious message on a phone in haste. I'm basically on a time limit.


    To get to the point:

    - Rising World - Modding (NPCs & Main character) (Part 2):

    I planned to add statues, and custom NPCs (now importing models over them, or as their own entities). Red51 noted he would consider it, though not 100% currently. My first priority is adding entites as their own NPCs into the game, then obtain their respective weapon (even in vanilla form), as well as eventually get AI personalities etched into them. AI patterns in how they fight, harvest, etc. Everything Red51 shall do is basic, there however can be "habits" they can artificially obtain.

    - Example 1:




    VR Busou Shinki I tried to ride on the palm. When the palm is turned up, it gets on, and when it is turned over, it returns to the flight mode.

    - Example 2:






    He advised me to put out VRCID as well. I'm going out now, so hurry up ...!
    VRCID: sigure0729 is. Thank you
    I'm playing with making something like this in Unity


    This is all Unity based. This is what I want to encourage in Rising World hoping we can get a proper modding community going. Plugin API, Modding API. I'm aware people don't want to help me out as I've asked for help. I have to resort to asking help elsewhere gaining varying results. I either have to pressure Red51 or find external assistance.

    I'm not expecting it, though would be neat to see gestures of holding objects and entities in your hand. To do gestures to attract birds, to which could be used to tie into external modding gestures such as having little NPCs mount your hand, your shoulder, etc.

    What I'm seeing from Kris is what I desire to tackle in Rising World in varying manners. Minus the whole flying part of the 'Arnval' character, I expect my NPCs to stay grounded. Maybe accelerate their walking speed, be 15 cm tall, and probably hope for other "gimmicks". Those flying gimmicks would be awesome though. The tweets you see (one in previous post; Two here) are all done in Unity. Because this is Unity I'm hoping I can further attract others into modding for Rising World. I've met people who just don't want to do anything while another group wants to do everything. When I see people tackling something I regain faith in that side of the community, hence my hype for adding in Busou Shinki into Rising World, NPCs having external models added onto of them (hopefully), etc.

    Don't underestimate the Japanese community. I've been poking and prodding everywhere.

    In my quest to import real world stuff into Rising World & VRChat I'm trying to find various tools, applications, and practices to do so. Shall be making note of tolls in hopes something can be found out.

    - Polycam - 3D Scanner:


    I'm sharing this for those who care about modding Rising World, the one of many applications you could potentially use to import your real world items into Rising World. It could be Java's 'static model' plugin, or it can even be done through Rising World's future Unity plugin.

    I'm sure there are other scanner applications out there which we could potentially use for Rising World. Java version first, VRChat after.

    Android version is limited to photogramatry mode while ipad & iPhones can make use of Lidar features allowing you to scan your rooms, structures, etc into Rising World to which you can then furnish. Whatever you want to do, the choice is yours. Build and scan your real world items into Rising World, the choice is yours. I've sought this out for Rising World, it seems equally as usable for Rising World.

    This thread isn't just for 'Poly cam', I'll be sharing others I'll find along the way in my desire to figure out ways to get IRL stuff into VRChat & Rising World, among other games.


    Edit: Freemode sucks, have to pay to which you have to make sure to REALLY research things as you go. Have to pay to get the actual benefits of it.

    Late night ramblings, trying to make this quick. Who knows if it may seem normal or not, I have to make note of this while the iron is hot showing why Rising World is one of the best games out there with the greatest potential......


    Rising World - Modding (NPCs & Main character):

    This basically ties into 'Statues & Monuments', this however expands things further thanks to both Red51's and Twitter's reaction to me. From my tweet about how someone told me to get back into Busou Shinki I felt "alive" again, also with how someone DM'd me just to stay true to figure photography. Rising World wise Red51 noted in a posting on Steam forums we shall be able to customize our main character and NPCs, something I'm now overly excited for. I can't wait for when that day now comes for when we can customize NPCs to Busou Shinki characters, anime characters, etc. Scathach from Fate anime universe. Hololive characters betrayed by politics and bullying being able to be free in Rising World.

    Scathach (Fate/Extella Link):…ns/0/5281042383588623396/

    Scathach, Skadi, Renge, KanColle, Azur Lane, Hololive, among other numerous characters. This however all depends on Red51 and how open he plans to make his API.


    Let it be known that once we obtain the ability to once again import static models, change NPCs to other models, and other forms of customization you'll see a boom of interest from the outside. This is why I'm posting this because of the reception I got from a DM telling me to continue taking figure photography of Busou Shinki figures. This, on top of a Busou Shinki "mod" would increase traffic to this game from the Japanese side. To those constantly worried about Rising World's popularity shouldn't worry if certain steps are seriously considered. Once we get proper modding you'll see a nice increase in traffic for this game.

    Japanese folks importing Arnval into what appears to be VRChat. If it can be done there, it can be done in Rising World.

    Kris follows me for Genshin Impact, now for Busou Shinki also. The potential in Rising World is greater than any other game I've seen. I apologize for my obnoxiousness, just Rising World is the best platform right now for anything currently out there. VRChat & Tower Unite barely fill in these voids. It's why I'm here.

    Actually it has to be key_v (lower-case) in the new version ;) The bindings in the file are case-sensitive atm... maybe we will change that with the next update ^^

    Alright, I see what went wrong now.... it was 'Key_v'. I thought I lowercased it as 'key_v', as you've noted. No wonder I was baffled that day. Such simple errors, thank you work fatigue and general exhaustion.

    It helps, I however wish we could run also (stamina willing) to places. Now that this is possible horses should auto-walk (at various speeds), and vehicles should do this naturally on cruise control. Trains more so than any other vehicle. But yeah, thanks. It works, and I'm happy. QoL part shall be fun to tweak.

    Oh, it looks like you're accidentally using the wrong config file - the one from the Java version :saint: Please make sure to open the file from the "_New version" subfolder :D I know it's a bit confusing currently while both

    Makes sense. I'm just not thinking straight with the usual answer of poor weather and overwork at workplace. I'm honestly trying to make sense of things, even the simple stuff. I've been making so many brainfarts lately.

    I'm in the right notepad now, let's see...

    Done. Not shown in this image, just how I found it. Found the Autorun which now makes me happy. Inserted 'KEY_V', nothing happened but I'll leave it at that. Your next update takes priority.

    In the Java version, the vehicle-keys were mainly used for the RIB btw... The vehicle-related keys are also present in the new version, but they're still unused there (because we neither have vehicles nor boats yet).

    Yup. Aware we had the RIB requiring these controls. Curious to see how your new vehicles shall handle and behave, very important on the feel.

    Can you elaborate on that? :wat: Do you refer to the RIB in the Java version? ^^ Or do you mean the default bindings for vehicles are a bit problematic in general?

    They're simply used to Second Life vehicle controls. Various people have their own "home" games (main games) to which they prefer. It's "problematic" for them, not for us. You get used to it.

    What DOES bother me is the different button controls between Xbox and Nintendo Switch controls. I'm always delayed by a few seconds trying to process which is the "confirm", etc. That's just a side-note comment not really relevant here until you keybind default key maps to the game. You don't have to worry about that, but for when you do later (default control set-ups) that is when you shall go crazy with it.

    After world gen? Awesome. I'm also hoping it'll be a lot of fun, one of the best ways to get around.

    hot air balloons? Nice. Grappling hooks could work, though curious what you'd think of helicopters themselves. We'll see where you start off first. Always need the first piece of the puzzle first.

    Dungeons with gliding and other sorts? I'd welcome it.

    As for Yahgiggle, I'd be fine with taming dragons from egg form to then have them fly around, etc. Obviously have to be rare, though something I'd welcome.

    Red51 noted a few simple times about gliding and how we would potentially have a hang-glider. It had me wondering, especially with how various Asian (Chinese & Japanese) games now favour gliding to get around in their game making me wonder about Rising World's state of things. I did note this on Steam forums in a bit of an obnoxious state, I'm however still curious now using this forum to post images to hopefully get further thoughts displayed.

    Feel free to move this to suggestions if necessary. I simply wanted to discuss gliding now that we're spoiled by it in various games. The feeling of desiring flight, or simply gliding around.


    It's been noted 'Breath of the Wild' on Switch "did it first", to which I've experienced it first on Craftopia. My most experienced and loved implementation of gliding is in Genshin Impact using preplaced thermals to venture around with some additional items boosting speed for a few seconds. The scenery is overly stunning when gliding around.

    (Noelle over the recently added 'Chasm' in Genshin Impact.)

    I'm aware Minecraft has their Elytra, something I've never properly experienced in vanilla. Others have, even using it far more than I ever could. I hate it, it's too fast, too clunky requiring fireworks to get places.

    - Craftopia - Gliders:

    Friend introduced me to gliders in Craftopia while they were heavily into Genshin Impact before we switched spots. They noted how they forgot they weren't playing Breath of the Wilds, or Genshin to which they would obtain fall damage in Rising World, Minecraft, etc happily gliding in both Craftopia and Genshin. I haven't played this game since, just that Craftopia spoiled me, then Genshin after that.

    Zenith MMO:

    Not the best image, though it's fairly close to what I'm showing.

    Image shows my friend zip-tying his way around while I watch, curse, and mumble my way around. To fly around you have to T-pose in VR mode making your way around on limited stamina. The more you play the further you'll be able to fly. Best thing about this was how you could angle your hands (controller) upwards or downward to move upwards or downwards in varying pitch. Seeing how VR is far off I simply wanted to note the satisfaction in gliding here. Gliding, that's all I wanted to note for Zenith, even if it's a wonky and clunky game.


    Rising World's Gliding:

    If my memory serves me correct, I believe Red51 desired a hang glider in this image form below.

    That's fine, I'm fine with this. I however am still genuinely curious, somewhat worried about how it shall handle in Rising World. How accessible, mobile, and fun is it? Does the Medieval Era gain their own variant, or will everything "fun" be in the modern era? I however have to note a few concerns about how we handle them in Rising World. For continual use could we snap the gliders onto our backs, or just a tinier version? Could they potential make use of thermals at random (over hot biomes), and even be able to climb up gliding towers to continue to hang glide? If we ever do get proper gliders, ones you could even attach to your back for easy mobility, I would make gliding towers, even ones you could even glide to from one to the next with ease. Whatever I have to do, I will do it for the smoothest gliding experience.

    I don't expect them to go stupidly fast as in Minecraft, more of a respectable speed of Genshin and Craftopia at a more noteworthy pace. If done right I wouldn't even suggest having helicopters or simple prop planes, though those I still would love to suggest.

    Potential "beginner" and/or Medieval Variant.

    With the biomes update upcoming in two parts (as of this posting) we have a few more weeks to go. Has me wondering if we could tap into the gliders then, after, or after-after, potentially in an NPC update. Maybe use it as a surprise update? Whatever Red51 wants to do.

    We need to tap into the sky of Rising World, something that's even under-utilized even in Minecraft, even poorly handled by Mojang's Microsoft side of things. I'm an overly curious person, I simply want to know more and how people would view gliding in Rising World.

    Actually the new version has an "AutoRun" feature, but it's not fully ready yet. It needs to be set up manually and unfortuantely the player does not sprint automatically (so he just moves with his regular movement speed). To use the "AutoRun" feature, just open the "" file in the game directory with a text editor and bind "Input_AutoRun" to the desired key (e.g. "key_v" if you want to bind it to V), then save the file and run the game. If you press V now, the player will start moving automatically.

    But as mentioned, this feature definitely needs more fine tuning :D Once it's fully ready, it will be exposed to the ingame settings menu ;)


    So, I tried it now gaining nothing so I guess I do have to wait for the next update. I'm glad it's finally being implemented which is finally making me relieved. I'll wait for when it's ready in the main menu, just hope I can be alerted to when it's actually in there. I'm probably going to miss it with everything going on. I've seen 'walk' & 'walk (toggle)' being a bit off relating more to crouch, or whatever it was labeled as. Being half asleep with overcast weather isn't helping my cognitive state, I'm always frustrated about that.

    While peaking through the config files I've noticed this





    It's interesting to see how many placeholders you have in there. It may be a little funky to control vehicles. I even shared it with a potential modder/modeler, they found it funky. May have to resort to using a controller later, an Xbox controller.

    Hi @ArcticuKitsu , :) my main problem is I spend a lot of time going from point A to point B, and after a few hours of that hand cramps are common.

    I'm certain that's the case. Anything that adds 'quality of life' additions goes a long way in improving the overall game and your own health. I had to loot a lot in Skyrim, or venture elsewhere to having auto-movement helps a lot. I also still play my 'Azur Lane' game on my mobile devices with vehicles and auto-run allowing me to multi-task during long journeys. Even trains would help this in a more guided manner. Having it in Euro Truck Sim 2 and American Truck with cruise control I can multitask. I always pick the safest straights to ease up.

    Yeah, you would have happier hands while also being more relaxed.8)

    This has been suggested before, and I think it's not a bad idea to have such a feature ^^

    I'm happy I'm not the only one who suggested this for walking, for horses, etc. Again, a good place to see examples are Skyrim (For walking with 'V' key), Mount & Blade: warband (For horse), Kingdoms (For horse), and others. I'll list them as I recall them again, if it's a big issue or not. I heard rumours trains shall have auto-throttle so that shall be cool looking forward to that.

    Horses should be an absolute must for "auto-throttle', or "continual Forwards", as OP has noted. It saves lives and patience; Mainly patience.

    Came to check if Red51 deleted my thread. If it's an issue let me know and I'll stop. Set some boundaries and I'll respect them, as I've tried doing previously. I've always tried respecting Red51........


    Gran Turismo 7 Goes Rogue:


    It's honestly depressing to see even the Japanese developers going rogue with their titles. Once they tap into the mainstream market they lose all their integrity (as with Mojang & Minecraft) to the point you see stale features, updates, and nonsense. The best games are those created from the heart, though once they go mainstream they lose their charms. Most of the time they end up losing their charm to which they lose their original charm in the first place. For Gran Turismo it was the offline part with the occasional online racing with friends or B-Spec races. When it comes to Gran Turismo 7 I haven't really paid attention to it until my close friend brought it up, and when Twitter brought it up again to meme the game for its online only saves. Once the servers went down players all lost access to their save file being unable to do anything for Gran Turismo..........

    There are certain people in the group trying to gaslight the whole situation claiming its being "review bombs", or "Last of Us II" nonsense when it's more to do with people desiring normal games. Imagine if you couldn't play Rising World a random day of any week. Imagine if all your save file goes lost...... I used to heavily play Gran Turismo 3 & 4, even Prologue for a lengthy period. Certain musical tracks even feel overly nostalgic to me, even how I rally raced without any sound while listening to music. My friend and I played Gran Turismo 3, 4, & Prologue heavily. I even enjoyed B-Specing the AI to earn me Formula 1 cars on 24 hour races to which my PS3 would freeze up upon acquiring F1 cars. The frustration, the memories. The nostalgia.

    Gran Turismo became too big for its own good while tapping heavily into the Western market....... It's honestly a shame seeing indie games go rogue as mainstream games with micro-transactions, or playing politics when it shouldn't, or doing other moronic things by adapting taboo elements like microtransactions and 'Always Online' saves.

    My friend was overly hyped up about how awesome this game is. I can't share that same sentiment after seeing this, and I let him know, even if I ever won't pick up a Playstation anymore. I do have a Nintendo Switch, even acquiring the Steam Deck. That's all I'm going to do.

    Game developers need a lesson in what makes their games fun. Japanese game developers know how to make their games fun while being the sole reason as to why games are still fun to this day. Chinese are learning as well which is also making me happy, if in a wary state. Azur Lane, Genshin Impact, Arknight, among others. I'm getting absolutely fed up sterilized games, or when Mojang corrupted my Minecraft Realms, terminating my hosting yet allowing it to still be billed in online mode. I had to fully cancel it to let it go which now has me eyeing Rising World with my full attention. Thanks for giving me another reason as to why I shouldn't obtain a Playstation 5. I have a Steam Deck coming Q3 so that is all I'll need.

    Ah, the good old days

    Sad to see Gran Turismo 7 being corrupted by western taboos of 'always online', microtransactions, and other nonsense.


    Comment left by a user in the article covering Gran Turismo 7


    This press is preparing us the world "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy"

    RIP. Minecraft's Realm for the Bedrock edition just terminated itself a few weeks ago on me so I basically just forced it to be fully canceled so it wouldn't bill me needlessly. Another stain on Mojang and Minecraft's image when it could have been so much more; So much better than it is being treated. Rising World now has my full attention when it comes to building games so I can say "screw Minecraft". Realms didn't want me to be there preventing my roommate and myself in having fun. I backed it up and just moved onto other games that want to have fun.

    What I actually wanted to note that I don't want pressure Red51, I am however highly eager to see his world generation update. What kind of water, biomes, items, and "maybe" boats, or whatever. Overly simple stuff. I don't want to pressure Red51, just that I can't wait to get back to finally restoring my lost structures into a world that shall finally stay.

    Was playing a lewd game called 'Wars and Roses' being a FPS type visual novel game in other aspects finding an interesting element in it, something other games tend to lack. The way the AI was coded caught my attention with when you die the AI would actually wake up by finishing the fight for you. 99% of games just don't do this forcing you to restart. It would be awesome if Rising World learned from this in some way by having any AI attached to you revive you, keeping you alive, or protecting you in various ways without needlessly respawning. I would enjoy seeing any potential AI companions partner up with you following you around to then either A) Fight, or B) Help you back to base, treat you, or whatever needs to be done. It may be too much to code, it's just something that caught my attention in another game which I hope Rising World can add all the "best" elements into it. It's however up to Red51 whatever he wants to do.

    People may see this as a "ramble", I'm just making note of this hoping it'll help Rising World in some shape, form, or manner. Minecraft betrayed me so I'm now just drifting again while still keeping a close eye on Rising World. Good luck, Red51 & team. I'll openly admit I've lost my mind trying to regain it while also waiting on the next Rising World update.

    @ArcticuKitsu This one will have more detail now because in a Unity version we can build more detailed stuff compared to Java:D I could upload it just like that without interiors for people to have a closer look and if I will build interiors ( only Boat deck, A and maybe B decks):dizzy: for world generation update :Dthen I can upload it again although most people will place it in a dock as object in a background to look at.

    @yahwho Thank you :thumbup: it is project of love since I was kid Titanic was my little obsession :crazy: an now I love old school ocean liners.

    Thank you guys for appreciating my builds :thumbup:

    That's awesome.

    I'm glad it's more detailed. Unity really pushed things further with blocks behaving like PNB system. Looking forward to building in more detail myself, even if its small furniture, gadgets, or random stuff.

    That's what I would do also, placing it as an object in a dockyard, drydock, or along a pier. Have to see what sort of terrain we're given. Thanks again! I'll just take what I can get, I don't want to pressure you or anything. Though, as a Titanic fanboy I really do need the Titanic so I thank you highly.:monocle:

    (Now, if only I can find someone to do to Azur Lane stuff, or WW2 stuff.)

    Once again, Red51. This is your forum and I do apologize for hijacking it in certain ways. This is however a very serious issue to where I'm being painfully effected needing an outlet to vent (I agree this isn't the right spot either once mentioned by others). If I go onto Reddit people will censor me (only censorship reigns supreme there). If I go to a political forum I won't be heard. If I go elsewhere I'll be in silence. Here? I agree, also not appropriate. You've been correct ever since you've noted this isn't proper for politics. Sure, I've been gaslit, and etc. Again, I'm well aware this is a gaming forum, and Germans do things differently, and politics doesn't belong on forums, hence I'll move on from such topics. I feel trapped now, and no amount of help lines (Hotlines or therapists) will help me. I simply feel trapped and isolated now. I won't post any more political stuff after this posting. I'll see if there are any slivers of hope anywhere. Youtube comments are 'so-so'. I'll still stop posting about it on this forum from this posting onward....... (I can't even make a proper paragraph, I'm that frustrated over things)

    If you want to trash or destroy this thread, then go ahead. Just keep in mind Canada is following in the foot steps of Germany back in 1930's and that I'll be continuously stressing out until something gives into a positive side of things. (If not Germany, then Romania, Serbia, among other politically tarnished nations). This is no laughing matter, and no amount of gaslighting or "coping" will say otherwise. We have a tantruming child of a Prime Minister in Canada and I simply want to raise awareness (not an army) to note how Canada has fallen out of grace thanks to Dictator Trudeau and Dictator Watson seeking power. Even the police are now over-reaching, heavily injuring their locals. I'm well aware everything I'm noting is in vain...... I'm in a bit of distress using Genshin Impact as my coping mechanism. I'm going to give up on posting about such things on this forum. It doesn't belong, as you guys noted. I'll stop here....

    The Nazi flag? I've now came across information someone brought it into the protest to show what Canada could become, and it appears we're heading that way. It may have been police agents, or hooligans. The recent news showed a "what if"......

    Romania calling out Trudeau's antics.

    "He's exactly like a tyrant, a dictator. He's like Ceaușescu in Romania," said Terhes.


    I'm basically alarmed. I'm stressed out seeing Canada fall from grace to the point my fellow Canadians (whatever side we may be on) shall never be allowed to enjoy Anime, Rising World, or whatever people themselves enjoy. It's already been hinted at that ever since I grew up. Basically anything which has now been lost, or in the process of being lost in 2020+ onward.

    Also, this thread seems to have concluded so I'm posting this as a neutral warning Canada has fallen from grace. That is all. I'll go back posting other threads, though if you see me silent I'm simply observing or trying to hide in a game, or worse. If I don't then I'm probably just in hiding, or whatever. Maybe silence shall be the best thing for awhile......

    I'll be quiet now. Maybe. I'm stressing badly over this with how it's going from bad to worse. Again, Red51, I'm sorry but this is a serious issue, I'll agree to wrap this up so I can now vent in silence. You're right, politics doesn't belong on this forum...... Let Rising World be an escapism. Maybe ignorance is bliss in this case, etc, etc.

    Trash this thread, I'm done. I'll be lurking though. I'm in heavy amounts of distress...........

    Excellent stuff. This looks far more detailed than the previous one making me like this even more. Can't wait to place this in my test world, once ready and available. Still would love interiors, though no pressure. I can't pressure creativity like this. Good luck!

    Yes it will be competition for Minecraft amongst older players depending on how much promotion for it occurs. Minecraft and Roblox will still hold appeal to younger mob and those who have a nostalgia for it. Too few and too young for sure as we are only on the outer rim of this whole type of Genre.

    Minecraft is good for that quick fun, Rising World is for the more detailed fun. I'm here for my more complex fun with PNB, NPCs, transportation, etc.

    Basically what Minecraft's Feed the Beast Industrial modpack was with Industrial power, etc. (Hytale needs to release finally).

    I tried Roblox, someone tried hacking into my account. It was decent, it however wasn't my thing. It's like Rec Room. I'll stay with my VRChat & Rising World hoping I can eventually mod in my animez.

    Secondlife/Opensim do have this atmosphere where infatuation can easily occur so have to have good boundaries. We do get attached to certain games but I try to form a variety of friendships amongst different games and social groups.

    Second Life was fun while it lasted which I'll note again. It however became highly corrupted.

    I have my main games....

    Rising World, Genshin Impact, Azur Lane, Microsoft Flight Sim 2020, VRChat, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Even started playing American Truck Sim again.

    I formed a variety and I met all sorts of people, half of which have their own opinions being all corrupted by the media, or simply lost, or now in their own hangouts. It is what it is, and it's called life. Because of that I'm simply a nomad going from one game to the next.

    A nomadic gamer.

    Everybody sane (and thinkin) in Canada HATES Trudeau. Oddly enough, even the newspapers who were talking trash about the Truckers are calling out Trudeau's childish tantrums turning Canada into a police state for 30 days (maybe longer). It might be a "for show" moment on the side of thing, EVERYBODY hates Trudeau and his grasp at "EMERGENCY POWER". I find it partially amusing how people hate Trudeau's tantrums while the asleep people continue to trash on the truckers for moronic reasons. The only ones that seem to love Trudeau gaining Emergency Powers are the 'soft' people of Ottawa and Canada pretending they've won some WW2 battle at 'The Battle of Billings Bridge'. Honestly, grow the f*** up. Ottawa is too spoiled as a populace while genuinely thankful to those who supported and donated to the truckers for these 19+ days. The real people are those who support the truckers, are the truckers, and have fought for Canada's actual freedom, not some delusional 'anti-nazi' movement. :wacko:

    That's what Monday sounded like when Trudeau gave his speech......


    Back on a Rising World note:

    I'm aware people aren't on the same frequency such as myself, they haven't seen what I've seen, etc in the gaming sphere. There are points which shall be missed or missed until people gain the same experiences as I have over the years. I guess you cold say "lost in translation".

    So so much potential. If Minecraft and Opensim/Secondlife had a baby Rising world would be it. I have a friend im trying to convince giving Rising World a try for a project he has in mind , but he being resistant to it. I tried Planet explorers for a bit but got bored and have not tried Valheim. I agree with the modding/customizing aspect of it, I think that is why Minecraft was so successful and what Hytale is trying to achieve (if it ever comes out). Opensim/Secondlife is not really that user friendly and uses an outdated system (see this thread Second life is outdated. : secondlife ( ). Rising world has the potential for something big if the balance of creative freedom and functionality is achieved well.

    Tons of it! More than Minecraft could offer (even in a vanilla manner), and almost at the level of Skyrim's modding potential. Red51 has to "sadly" make his way back to where we can actually mod the game again, or at least get to the vanilla side of its nitty-gritty entertainment of details and potential.

    I saw Weemcast playing Planet Explorers, as with the before and after phases. It had potential, it however revamped itself into something stupid turning me off from it. Valheim has potential, it's however noted it's too "hardcore", or too grindy.

    Hytale still needs to come out. We need proper competition to Minecraft, something Rising World shall be whether it wants to or not. Depending on what Red51 does it can even kick it to the side. I even noted how Red51's train thoughts and plans could potentially put other train games to shame with how sloppy or bloated their games tend to be. Traincraft mod for Minecaft is perfect with how themed and detailed it was. Felt like actual trains. There are games trying to fill in the void, and I do appreciate them, it's however still "too few" and "too young" for them to even properly fill in those necessary voids. Rising World is also still sadly too far back to yet contribute to this void.

    I've tried Second Life, I've enjoyed my stay there. I sadly faded out while also stupidly stalking an anime blogging buddy there. Even if I wanted to go back I've lost my account. I was gifted a loli kitsune avatar wanting to get back, I can't now. I flew planes, I visited Ottawa (I think), among other places. Maybe I could try poking around here and there. I've tried playing Second Life and Minecraft back in the day trying to get the buddy back into Minecraft, I feel bad all around. VRChat is where it's at for me. VRChat has everything I've seen Second Life do, and more, and it's VR also. Even if I've been socially evicted from VRChat, and people have moved on, VRChat still feels like home with how much of an impact it made to me and vice-versa.

    I'm feeling like you sadly won't see the full potential Rising World can have, it's hard to put into words. Red51 created such a beast of a game (and if he pulls through) can actually topple Medieval Engineers and other games with ease. It already started doing so, even if those games are great having been abandoned by their developers for a few years now. I view Rising World to be so powerful it can topple various games, including various train sims. It could compete with Minecraft. We however need to get to the transportation side almost ASAP. Almost. Red51 noted NPCs so that is where I shall focus my desires hoping Red51 shall be able to fill in voids in that category first, then transportation side.

    I don't want to be a pest, I just want voids filled in because nobody else is doing that.

    Red51 has made an amazing creative engine and one of few who do listen to their player base. You are right in that it is his game and he knows what needs to be and how to balance all the different aspects of it. It will be interesting when more discover its abilities.

    That he has, and why I'm here following Rising World. It has this potential no other game even comes close to. Maybe Valheim, maybe Planet Explorers, both games however don't fit the style I'm used it with the latter missing the point and the former still growing as a game. Empyreon is cool, as with any other game. I always come back to Rising World because it has the right feeling of everything. When I joined back in 2015 it was over NPCs between Rising World and Blockscape; Rising World won. We ended up getting close to NPCs with NPC Dummies with plans to scale them from 15 cm small to giant characters.

    It is indeed his game, and I do respect that. I really do. With how powerful RIsing World is however there is obviously room for additional aspects which Red51 may not be aware of (or simply dread, or not 'culturally aware' on the anime side), which RW may need to help it feel more welcoming in various ways. I feel bad for him on that front how Rising World is this giant beast of a game requiring a lot of effort to simply move forward, hence his second coder noted on Trello. Boats and trains alone is a game on its own which would potentially (on paper) put other train sim games to shame. Traincraft for Minecraft already does this. What Red51 has noted solely on the train front would put every other niche train game to shame. On paper, at the very least.

    As for how to boost Rising World's popularity? Simple, modding.

    Allow Rising World to tap into what it had previously in Java with the plugins adding in music, custom items, among others. If Red51 can allow NPCs to take on external appearances (view NPCs in Tower Unite, or how we port over models into avatars for VRChat) then that is how Rising World shall rise higher. Even maybe on the level of Skyrim, or near it in various ways. Rising World is an open-world game needing to tap heavily into modding, especially modded NPCs using external models, among other elements (being vague as to not type a novel). People would have a happy field day customizing the game to their liking in a deeper sense.

    I know how to nudge Rising World into a more popular area. It's however up to Red51 to work on his own main game as I try to suggest suggestions which may allow Rising World to be welcomed by more, more appealing, or what I've seen work in other games. A bit arrogant, maybe. I only mean the best. I've tracked games for a long time and played my fair share so I know what works and what doesn't :)

    (Take a day off and spend a day playing Tower Unite while playing with the customization options for the condo. Play with the NPCs, check out Steam workshop with NPCs. Even pick out an 'Illusion Studio' games by checking its player creator , its studio. Though, the actual charm may take awhile to see, the whole point is allowing people to import custom models as entities to which the player could then have follow them around, or use as vehicles, etc. It's a wide world, might as well have some NPC companion you can call your own to join you, especially from other realms.)


    Red51 is still smarter than our childish Trudeau trying to emulate the CCP & Darth Sidius.

    Holy shit.........

    Justin Trudeau enacted the 'Emergency Act' similar to how Palpatine did in Star Wars episode 3 of the prequels. It's minus the military, it's however a similar action because it deals with a politics he doesn't back. This is what the Truckers wanted to protest parallel to the vaccines and with the whole 'F*** Trudeau' bit, now more than ever. Trudeau tantruming using brute force instead of being a peaceful diplomatic leader. Canada has now turned into a Police/martial Law state for the next 30 days with Trudeau now having the power (of the police) to stamp out any protest he deems "terroristic" in nature, something the Convoy wasn't. Convoy was peaceful, it honked, it gave out food, and people partied.

    Lawlessness? Nah, it was peaceful in its own Canadian way. Police were there.

    They can now track crowd funding, can suspend, freeze any digital assets. They can forcefully get tow trucks to tow protesting trucks, they can void trucks from ever being a company asset, and even suspend insurance, among other severe penalties.

    Sounds a lot like a Communism to me, something the Chinese & Europeans warned us about. We didn't want to listen, hence now Canada has turned into a semi-Police state thanks to Trudeau.

    Trash this post if you want, just know I'm far more livid than I was before though I wont' snap. I'm simply disappointed Trudeau painted everybody with a broad brush labeling everybody "terrorists". He claimed to listen, he failed to open up a proper diplomatic dialogue. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU DO THINGS AS A PEACEFUL COUNTRY!

    Again, I'm sorry to Red51 for posting these, it's just Canada is suffering right now with the media and SJWs throwing Canadians under. For the 15 days we felt free (to those who protested) feeling alive again. Now we'll feel dead again needing to "tow the line". Get back in line and be the gear keeping the economy running. You can only protest if it's Trudeau's backed BLM riots of burning churches, toppling Queen Elizabeth statues and such.

    Canada is screwed...........


    Wow you have some great plans, will be great to see how it all progresses. Yeah Virtual worlds can get like that to, people move on to other things. I played the Java version a few years back and have been waiting for the Unity. Loot organisation can be rather cathartic to, as is farming in these types of games. I recently posted my first unity build blueprint to, a white stone cottage, its basic but im happy with it.

    I have a lot of plans. It's only a matter of time and if I have the free time to even get around to these. It's up to Red51 if he wants to entertain my desires by making them possible or letting me float in the sea at the whim of default plans of his own desires. It's his game and I'm just a passenger. He's the captain, I'm the passenger.

    I've been considering uploading my jukebox for the music plugin for Java. If we ever get the same feature for Unity it would be useful there also.

    I love themeing everything to each loot type, or farming type. I would do it again. Now that I have access to the Titanic I would love to have to build it in survival mode when the time comes. Survival elements while actual ships go past it. I'm also curious to know how farming shall be now if I'm going to be forced to be a fisher person instead when diseases of crops and everything comes into play.

    We'll see when we get there with how the updates and life shall influence things.