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    Not bad. I guess these posts actually sums up what shall be in the 'tech demo'. Hope it will keep us occupied for about a week or so, though being a tech demo that may be a bit odd. Good luck.

    Can't wait for the full version to have boats, trains, and such. Hopefully NPC companions (humanoids) not hire-able shall be a thing you can hire to aid in survival.

    Either way, shall check out the tech demo to see what its all about. :nerd:

    Couldn't login at first so I couldn't comment. A few days later I can finally login. This is going to take some getting used to, especially with how the notifications work. I have to get used to the notification system. It seems different pointing me indirectly to threads and posts.

    +1 though.

    Red51 desired to do the whole settlement thing with factions and points in play. If you do something for one faction may effect another, and so on. You could hire mercenaries while even dealing with wandering traders.

    - Millenaire Mod - Minecraft

    If Red51 can get something done along the line of that mod then Rising World would be in good hands. Get some basic blueprints going for villages, towns, and basic cities. They would have to use resources around them to build so if you trade you could help them out and vice-versa. Farming and etc.

    As Fizbit noted they need to stay within their boundaries so a decent sized limit should be placed on them. Not too small, though not too big either. They should stay away from you builds while respecting any abandoned structures around them.

    - BBC News Caught Slandering VR in Jealousy & Envy:

    BBC has been caught spreading misinformation about VR by slandering it every chance they got just because they couldn't strike it rich. Sounds like another game I've covered here called 'Sansar' with developers throwing literal tantrums for not gaining enough traction as VRChat & Rec Room. They wanted the same amount of rewards for so little work......

    BBC on the other hand had a VR hub, pulled the plug, now blames VR for "dying", among other slanderous claims.

    Some good quotes from the video


    Pendleton 115
    13 hours ago
    "Instead of Asking "What went wrong with VR" You should be asking "What went wrong with your journalistic integrity" SHOTS FIRED


    "It must be hard to judge from your window in London"
    Lobsterbacks owned

    Talk trash, get hit & lit..... VR headsets have been selling out to the point they've been backlogged. Valve Index headsets have been backlogged since December with people VERY gradually getting them over time. Oculus Quest headsets keep selling out.

    BBC Is envious & jealous they can't get the same piece of pie as every one else. They also shouldn't speak for getting rid of Top Gear...... RIP.

    Big news!


    - Valve Index (Canada & Japan Release) | Half-Life: Alyx (VR):

    I purchased my Valve Index headset because I genuinely got fed up with how Oculus kept software blocking my Oculus Rift. I just want to play VR, and pure VR, not deal with their narcistic nonsense. People praised Valve Index, thus I went to purchase it. Also, it became the 'top selling' thing on Steam charts. That, and Half-Life: Alyx.

    - Half-Life: Alyx (VR)
    Developers treated the game as a passion project eventually moving it into a genuine game we see now, in VR. They used Half-Life assets to eventually make a 15 min demo, something which eventually evolved into its own full-blown VR game. They saw that once you go VR its hard to go back, and that's true. Once you try VR genuinely you'll never want to go back to desktop mode ever again.

    Of course! Salt inbound. Heavy doses of sodium to the point Valve/Steam forums is constantly hiccuping. All those salty non-VR folks whining and moaning. They're not able to hold a constructive posting, thus feeling it necessary to be all vulgar and moany. If there was a genuine desire to get VR, one would aim for VR. Once you go VR it's hard to go back to desktop mode. No joke!

    Why do you think people keep pressing developers to add VR mode to games. Same with Red51 with Rising World :)

    All that sodium poisoning overdose!

    It's genuinely their loss if they don't want to play VR. Granted, VR isn't for everybody. It however changes everything in gameplay where you have genuine freedom to look 360 degrees, have fun shooting at any angle, and etc. This is more freedom and interaction you'll ever gain in desktop mode.

    Also, it's not 1% of the gaming community. it's far more than that. The Valve VR survey is inaccurate because people simply unplug their VR headsets to save power. They noted such, thus the percentage is inaccurate. It higher.... MUCH higher, yet trolls shall always weaponize the 1% of VR users because they can't do a simple Google search.... Oculus Quest roughly sold between 100,000-480,000, or even 1 million headsets. Hard to say. PSVR sold 2 million headsets in 2018, though 2019 numbers are blank. Nobody wants to share their numbers, people however do have VR headsets in great numbers. They can't be ignored. I have to point and laugh at the people whining and moaning about Half-Life: Alyx going VR because if they wanted VR they can find a genuine way to do so. If there is a genuine will, there is a genuine way (if there is a will, there is a way). Granted, not everybody is able to buy a VR headset, though the same can be said with cars, computers, phones, and etc. This doesn't just apply to VR.

    People are simply being far too salty (angry) to the point they keep hiccuping the Steam/Valve servers.

    Even so, look at how well the Valve Index & Half-Life: Alyx is doing on the Steam charts.

    It is indeed costly, though if you genuinely desire something you'll make it possible :).

    I'm now simply waiting on a shipping notice for them to send my Valve Index to me so I can finally get back into VR. Have to wait and see how much damage Oculus Rift has done to my computer both software & hardware wise. The tangling cable actually felt tense in the 3.0 USB port bending it to the side. Maybe it was a false sensation...... We'll see when we get the Valve Index, if I do. I paid a hefty sum for the headset.

    "Once you go VR its hard to go back" :)

    Yes, if there is some sort of climbing gear, one could also use it to climb over someones wall. If this is an issue, server admins could either disable climbing gear on their server, and maybe we can also add some barbed wire^^

    I'm amused by this because we could also go the Conan Exiles route for this. Scale your own structure's walls until your stamina runs out. I'm amused by this also because you could build a fort wall causing bandits to keep getting caught up on barbed wire, or simply adding a slipper 'lip' on to structures so player, nor AI, can venture into your settlements.

    I'd be all for whatever is added.

    Before I link the links I guess I need to clarify a few things before posting what I'm about to post.

    Azur Lane is a Chinese anime inspiring from Japan's Kantai Collection mobile game doing things further than the Japanese had managed. Both games deal with World War 2 themed ships 'reborn' (or created) to take on their former ship to tackle a foe that only they (the ship girls) can tackle. Each one is themed to a real world ship, though the ones for Azur Lane tend to go the more fictional route for anime collaboration events.


    :?: Prinz Eugen's English dubbing with German Accent:

    What I want to know is how do the Germans on this forum feel about their native accent? Does this sit well with you? Not really? Do tell, and feel free to try and tell me why you feel the way you do... That is, if you choose to post.

    :?: Tweet:

    :?: Sankaku Complex Posting (+18 warning; Ublock Origin plugin highly recommended):…th-horrid-german-accents/

    Please do tell me how you feel about the heavy German accent of your native tongue. I also genuinely wish I had a more 'safe for work' link which doesn't make me come off as a pervert. These are the only sources I'm aware of, I'm sorry.


    Other thoughts | Disclaimer:

    I love Azur Lane because it deals with WW2 in a way no other game does. Sure, it does it lewdly, thats its selling point, though so is the whole concept of ships taking on a shipgirl form. You become familiar with the shipgirl you're controlling, thus you'll want to learn more about each ship. It tends to have numerous real world factions turned fictional (USA is known as 'Eagle Union'; Germany as 'Ironblood'; Canadians as 'Maple Monarchy', & etc.)

    Not many proper WW2 games out there so I sided with Azur Lane. There is Silent Hunter 3, one of the best Submarine game sims out there, while also spawning 'U-Boat' as a heavy inspiration to it. Its submarines though. We need genuine surface ships. I'm constantly learning more and more about world history from genuine curiousity that it can be used as a teaching tool.

    Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

    Oh, this sounds like an interesting feature. Do you refer to the "editnpc" command, or rather to npc spawning (or generally all npc-related commands)? So if I get this right, you want to be able to spawn npcs and set up their appearance/clothes/name etc without having to use any console commands? Actually something like that was originally planned for the creative mode, and I think it would fit perfectly there ;)

    Exactly. It would be easier to use when its in some object instead of having to remember all the commands. It would look nicer, handle in a more user-friendly manner.... Easier to access, & etc. :thumbsup:

    Loving both terrains. Awesome work. The desert finally looks like a proper desert from a different region, yet loving it. I can't wait to play this, granted its not finished yet. Looking promising. Also, I prefer these mountains that I would love to explore on these mountains. The mountains we still have in Java still gave off cool vibes, these ones shall be more interesting now. Can't wait to see the POV different and vibe difference. Both are still valid, yet loving these new mountains. Even the deserty ones in Unity.

    As for the Java:
    [New] Triangular wooden plank is now craftable at the sawbench
    [New] Added 2 new music tracks
    [Change] Skeletons die automatically after ~30 hours (making room for new skeletons to spawn)

    Cool stuff :D
    Thanks for the triangular wooden planks. We have 2 new music tracks to listen to eh? Nice. And cool on the skeleton part. Would make me want to go skeleton hunting more often now.


    NPCS in Unity

    When it comes to NPCs in Unity can you please shift it more into a book so each page contains customization options? Similar to the example plugin for who logs in can we have a holdable book with options for NPC appearances, name, & etc? That would be far handier and easier. Even more user friendly than using commands. I hope you can look into that, and hope its doable.

    If not a book, then something similar to that. Some sort of admin item you could spawn in to help you create NPCs similar to Minecraft's creative mode item list, but for NPCs with how window pop-ups work. Or even how we get the menu for PNB from that PNB plugin.


    Cool stuff. Thanks for the double updates :thumbsup:

    Still can't play VR because of Oculus. You can see what's wrong by viewing the beginning of the previous posting linking to my blog.


    - Medal of Honor - Above and Beyond (VR):

    I came here to share a new game that popped while also needing to thank my VRchat friend for finding it. He made me aware of this by posting it, thus I'm now sharing it because it's handled by a AAA game company, something which should help nudge other AAA developers hiding behind their sofa/couch. The new game shall allow you to shoot any way you want, throw knives, climb ladders, swim, and etc. There'll be many VR interactive ways to play the game making you genuinely feel like you're there on both fronts of game quality; If the game is shit, it's still immersive & etc. It'll be immersive no matter what.

    This speaks volumes because it's AAA. The sad part is (I'm being told) is how it's Rift exclusive. We're in 2019 heading into 2020, thus needing all VR headsets to be able to play this game. Not just Rift, you need Vive, Index, Mixed Reality & Etc........

    I also see people whining and moaning in the Youtube comment section knocking on VR saying "guess they didn't want it to sell", "VR is garbage" & similar wordings. Sucks to be them. Their loss shall be our gain though because for those who want to play it shall have the most genuine fun with it praising how good the game is on various levels, not just quality. They'll make note of how fun a certain element of the game was. Can't wait! It may not be the best, it'll however be near there.

    This game is on my radar :)

    Videos only last about 15 days before they're deleted on Twitch. I did stream and I did try making videos for Kdenlive to prevent me from uploading them onto Youtube. I wanted to add so many images and it only recognized a few portions of them. I haven't streamed anything proper on Mixer yet.

    I 100% honestly miss my chill streams of Rising World just building and whatever. If people find it boring then sucks to be them, but I honestly miss those when I remember back to the "good old days". I hope the Unity version shall allow me to have these same moments, among more. :)

    Let's do a little catchup. Before that, I need to share a blog posting dealing with my VR experiences because Oculus honestly set me off. I've also been sharing most of my VR related things on Rising World's Steam offtopics section for being easier in various ways.…s/16/1710690018668162998/


    - Arcticu's Experience with Oculus & Oculus Rift:

    I've owned an Oculus Rift since December 2017 loving the good moments. So many memories, so much fun. Everything however contains a price that with positivity must come negativity & vice-versa. Oculus allowed their Rift devices to contain tangling cables, allowed their devices to have an 'No HDMI Connection' error, among other weird nonsense. Because of such I'm now seeking a Valve Index. Curious? Read more at my blog:

    -> <-
    (If you can read this link then please do. Oculus loves being silly, plus it would make you smarter and more aware of VR.)

    I've mostly hung around in VRchat loving every moment of it. It's where I learned what VR can do and I've tracked many games because of it. Live and learn.


    Games of Interest

    - Viva Project (Shinobu Project):
    For any Anime fans this game is for you. Interact with an anime character by feeding them, taking pictures, customizing their clothing, among more. The goal is to simply sit back, relax, and have fun in a chill game doing simple things. The name Shinobu comes from a Vampire character from a special anime with a cute vampire able to age up and down. You can even go fishing, see their sleep pattern, among other amusements. This isn't meant to be a perverted game, more of a relaxing & unwinding game.


    Project Wingman:

    Fly the sky in modern jets doing modern things. Think Ace Combat games, but in VR. Careful not to get motion sickness!


    - Golf Pool:

    Golfing on the moon & all around because "why not?".... All fun and games.


    - Powder VR:
    Skiing down hill in a simialr way to skiing games on the N64, among other fun variations. Skii, wingsuit.... Do what you must to have fun in a snowy VR manner to defeat the clock. If you can't skii in reality then you can do it in games themselves. I'd play this :)

    - RPG NPC Simulator VR:…560/RPG_NPC_Simulator_VR/
    Be the shopkeeper that all RPG heroes need. Gather supplies, build up your store, and expand. Try and please your heroes & adventurers by giving them only the best.


    - Ding Dong VR:

    Have fun playing a unique game of Ping Pong by avoiding obstacles. Tilt the screen, among other controls.

    - Until You Fall:

    A serious VR combat game where you can gesture to slay your foes. Use blades to hack and slash at enemies in a manner you would slash blocks in Beat Saber. Defeat your enemies in your own unique style.


    - Nostos VR:

    A peaceful MMO style game allowing you to play desktop mode or VR with carefully coded VR gestures to interact with the world. It may not be the best game, it shall however be a fun noteworthy game making proper use of gestures to cut trees, fish, combat, among other amusements. It shall be a nice charming "decent" game :)

    Side-note: I've also provoked the hive at Road to VR claiming they lacked passion for VR games. Their article seemed devoid of passion because of the tone & the way they described things


    sliding along the ground with stick-based locomotion for minutes at a time with nothing to do, is all a dull affair in VR. And let’s not forget the moments where immersion is broken as your perspective suddenly pops into third-person so you can see a 15 second text-based cutscene before appearing back inside your body.

    Dull affair? Who uses that wording and tone? If peaceful games aren't for you then do something fun. Also, Roadto VR tried to flaunt their VR experience at me for making note of this. They tried telling me how much experience, how long they've been in the industry. I get it, you're special. Shut up.... They didn't like what I said, thus taking serious issues with me. The "coincidence" of 3+ people jumping at me at once was noted that I feel I disturbed some tribal mentality thinking going on. I may have worded things poorly, though you guys also twisted my wording into weird ways while coincidentally sending three guys at me at once (nearly at the same time).

    Look, if you want to review a game then do it naturally. But using "dull afair" while showing disinterest in the game shows a disconnect. I don't expect VR propaganda, just.... Give me information. Simply google 'Nostos Road to VR' and you'll see what I mean. Everybody reads things differently.


    - Horizon Beyond:

    Sail the skies on a steampunk sail ship while avoiding dangers. Learn the secrets of the world while also making friends.


    - Little Awesome Dudes:…230/Little_Awesome_Dudes/

    Control "Little Awesome Dudes' in a way you would on a board game, RTS game, or similar while living in a basement. You try to grow your little community while also using the computer to purchase new assets, play retro 90's games while keeping an eye on your LADS.

    - Perspectives: Paradise:…90/Perspectives_Paradise/

    On November 1, 1952, the United States detonated the world's first hydrogen bomb on Enewetak Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. In this VR experience you will feel the effects of “Ivy Mike” 10 km from ground zero. You’ll get to walk on top of a nuclear waste site and meet people living on the atoll today.

    - Battlwake:

    A game using Furious Seas as a stepping stone to add more RPG elements by giving you various powers and abilities to fight more foe types. You'll be fighting more monsters, more creatures, and bosses in more campaigns.


    - Azur Lane VR:…tatus/1172513658938613760

    This is more for me and any lurking anime fan hiding away on the Rising World forums. Azur Lane developers seem to be experimenting with the VR concept something they can now easily tackle with their popularity and profit margin. They can afford to tackle VR, thus should try aiming for it.

    I don't expect you guys to like it, nor does it look to be a genuine game at the moment. This is just something to note how people are experimenting with VR. I need to be able to search back through these threads as a form of archive.

    Needs to be their own genuine game :love:


    - HoloModels VR/AR - Senko Fox:

    Have fun posing Senko in HoloModels in VR & AR mode. Have fun taking images, among other amusements. This is a mobile game, thus mobile manner of playing with AR, and possibly even mobile VR. Needs to find its way onto PC Steam as a photoshooting program.
    (Again, posting for archiving purposes)


    - Neko Atsume VR (PSVR):…tatus/1170709211308863488

    Cute game of Neko Atsume VR has been taking the Anime community by storm. People want this cute VR game, thus shall gain a PSVR to do so. People also want it to release on PC Steam so they can gain genuine access to this game. Similar to Spice & Wolf VR, Azur Lane VR, Holomodels, & Neko Atsume, people simply want cute wholesome (chill & relaxing) games on Steam VR so they can unwind properly.

    After being called "toxic gamers" and all sorts of vulgar names by SJWs, working like slaves at workplaces, and being treated like drones at school people want to honestly unwind with this cute game. :love:


    - Flying Metal Suit:

    Fly around in a racing manner as Iron Man knockoffs to win races. Do Iron Man things to win your race. As corny as it is, it seems promising.


    - Sheaf - Together EP:…72530/Sheaf__Together_EP/

    Simple VR experience in visualizing music as scenery, something VRchat does well. Just listen and enjoy the journey.


    - Spice and Wolf VR 2 - (Announced):

    Yay!~ First one was a cute little gem, second one now announced on a bigger scale. Shall see Holo's sister in play, or so assumed. You'll be able to learn more about Holo & her lovely sister. Wolf girls are cute :)


    - Gran Turismo suggests VR Support:

    You better! Gran Turismo is mainstream enough that going VR would also nudge people into VR. Honestly, there is nothing to fear when it comes to VR. Embrace it. You may get motion sickness from racing, that's however a learning curve we must deal with. It's "growing pains".


    - Armored Front:

    WW2 Tank battling sim in VR which shall view things realistically. Able to swap out various components to build your own style of tank. Start off with a Russian tank going into various other styles.

    Sidenote: I may have pissed off the developer by suggesting Canadian tanks because of how "forgotten" & "overlooked" they tend to be. If I can be given Canadian tanks I'd do so myself.



    Awesome! More and more I keep taunting and flexing back because people keep saying "VR is dead!", or "VR is a gimmick"..... Screw you! From the list I showed HOW is VR dead? If it was "dead" how was I able to form this list? I'm highly eager in checking these games out, more so when my Oculus Rift can stop throwing tantrums :)

    I love how I said I'd stream on Mixer every night to only find you can't stream on Android devices because it mutes sound. That blew my bubble of enthusiasm that I just felt "dead". I also found out I lost a follower on Twitch so I guess there is also that. I just lack the energy to stream because of how my games tend to stutter also and how much people tend to complain about various things. I just want to stream in a peaceful manner.

    I also want to play Rising World yet have to wait on Unity version to release so there's that waiting game. Its going to be awhile before I stream again. I need to find my motivation & etc....... Too exhausted & everything.

    Well, but I have to say that this will not be just a "regular feature" like posters (so people can swap the npcs and players at any time), probably it will be more or less a modding feature (just like adding custom items). More precisely, something that can only be done by the server admin (in multiplayer)

    I'm going to re-reply to this because it could be a one time thing. Right before you join a world you could set it so it could be default or at any time. If a server chooses default avatars, stay default, or put in conditions where only specific models are supplied, such as server provided ones. If servers want to add Elves, Orcs, and anything they should have the ability to let players choose. That is, unless it conflicts with the main character system.

    You could go with your main character as default while having servers do the additional thing. I forgot what I wrote so I'll just say keep it to NPCs at the very least then, Tower Unite style. I want to see various custom models walking around from various shows being able to do combat & etc.

    Why should it be confusing, if this were an option in the settings to turn on/off? Singleplayer wouldn`t mind, and on servers it could be switched off if not wanted. Hmm, not as a goat but... beware of the wolves

    I'm finding it hilarious this was even brought up and quoted. Yeah, it shouldn't be confusing if you put conditions and selection menus. A one time thing.

    Well, it would still be confusing for a new player (who isn't aware that there is such a setting) if he joins a server and sees all kind of custom player models there (animals, fantasy creatures, homer simpson, walking objects etc)

    Any way you could put a disclaimer at a character creation menu? Default character rules all, except on specific Rising World servers. May stumble across modded entities.

    But yeah..... I'll tone it back to NPCs if I even suggested it to be players. I seek it more for NPCs though if we players can do it, do it once. Give us a warning that we can only choose one or else risk losing everything on a specific registered server. Would that work? Worry about it when we cross that bridge?

    It appears Mixer is the new safe haven for streamers. You get everything from the get-go without relying on external plugins and bots. You can have them, though what you get out of the box is far more awesome. Mixer behaves like an RPG/Mobage with how the more you interact, the more you level up. With the Sparks you earn you can send interactions into chat for added effect.

    - Rising World tab:

    - Tower Unite:

    - VRchat:

    - My Account:


    Yeah, as hypocritical as it probably make me siding with Twitch when it was (Twitch vs Youtube), I now have to side with Mixer. Twitch USED to be awesome when I followed Nagzz21 back onto Twitch. My friends streamed on there, and etc. Now Twitch simply sees $$$ taking advantage of it every chance they get. I'm thankful for how far people got me on Twitch, I however love where Mixer is going. I'm also considering going back to Youtube this fall-Winter, yet Twitch did something they shouldn't have. They alienated a nice portion of their fanbase, supported animal abuse with Alinity, and they kept jabbing at Ninja far too much while eventually promoting porn under their banner. Owner of Twitch also went "RIP ;)" aimed at Ninja. Highly disrespectful.

    Well, I took a whirl of Mixer finding it to be awesome. Its a nice RPG-like streaming platform with the more you do, the more you level. You unlock further unlockables, and etc for chat and interactions. Because I can also stream Azur Lane on my tablet using 'Mixer Create' I'll be streaming more often, something I can't do on Twitch applications. Twitch is weird alienating their mobile fanbase. A little hiccups, though they may be ironed out. I'll still keep my Twitch as a back-up for Rising World, and etc, I'll however now be found on Mixer. If you want to follow Rising World goodies, make sure to keep tabs on me on Mixer.

    I'm not abandoning Twitch, just toning things down. Time to grow a following on Mixer. If you want to help me grow, do join. If anybody else is on Mixer, post your links below. Vortac and Weem, if you lurk, please do share your Mixer accounts as well, if you have any. Let us try and grow the Rising World tab over on Mixer, though if you want to wait for Unity version that's also fine.

    Well, but I have to say that this will not be just a "regular feature" like posters (so people can swap the npcs and players at any time), probably it will be more or less a modding feature (just like adding custom items). More precisely, something that can only be done by the server admin (in multiplayer)

    But as mentioned above, I'm not sure if it would be a good idea if every player could just swap his character at any time. It might fit well in games like Tower Unite or VRchat, but in Rising World, it could be confusing if one player uses the default character, another player wants to spawn as a goat, and the third player prefers to be a giant tube of toothpaste

    I guess I still accidentally over-reached with my questions. But yeah, if for the player side it probably wouldn't make sense so I agree with you there. If it's for the NPC side of things that would be awesome. I'm mainly suggesting it for NPCs while accidentally over-reaching.

    Spawn as a goat, yeah.... It be silly, but could work as a mini-game. Try and survive as a goat, or some animal. If you could play as a crow you could build simple little shelters using the PNB system :P But that's just a joke. It's up to you if you want to go that joking route.

    Unfortunately we have no screenshots about that yet, but we'll probably take the "ocean/island" approach we've mentioned some time ago (you probably remember about that discussion a long time ago^^). I.e. the whole world will be covered by water, and there are just several islands (although I'm talking about very big islands here). This way we will have one gigantic ocean, and having boats or other vessels finally makes much more sense.

    Awesome. Shall be nice for when that happens, especially with the vegatation we've seen in the screenshots. The boulders, the mushrooms..... Take your time, though when that happens, and becomes playable, I'd be playing that heavily again. :thumbup: I'd be sailing around as I had in Wurm Unlimited & Ylands. Even Minecraft with the recent updates.

    I'm holding back some of my excitement so I don't over-reach again but love what you're noting about the 'one world ocean'. Yeah, would love to see boats make more sense + cargo boats. Minecraft is frustrating the hell out of me because of Mojang's tardiness.

    We will still optimize the first playable version, although you have to keep in mind that it will be more or less just a "tech demo".

    No worries. It comes with the territory heh. Yeah, I'm lagging in almost every game I play so I need to clean my disk space on my external & main drive. Too many VR games I can't play during the summer, and etc. Everything is just bloated so this Rising World move for 1 year gives me one year to get my computer troubles in order. Good luck! Can't wait to play the unity version when it's ready and to stream it to show to others.

    If it's smooth on my end when you release it, awesome.

    It's definitely getting easier when it comes to importing/exporting models, especially when it comes to FBX models. Being able to replace player or npcs characters was originally planned for the API anyway, but since it required a lot of changes "under the hood", we will keep this in mind now when migrating to the new engine Can't say much about MMD files unfortunately, AFAIK Unity does not support this format, but it should be easy to convert these models to FBX (and Unity has great support for FBX).

    Alright, I see what you're seeing. Had to ask my buddy, Kobi about this and it makes sense because he does all the nitty-gritty stuff using Unity & Blender. Yeah, it is indeed .FBX. We would convert .pmx into .FBX and .obj (maybe). If it ends up working, then awesome.

    Also, I ended up getting highly hyped up becauese Tower Unite makes it insanely easy to swap your avatar with a breeze (similar to VRchat). The fun thing is, as noted in my other threads (wishlist), is how you can purchase NPC templates to then give them a model to appear as. They would appear as any anime, game character, or cartoon (& etc) while being tied to default animations. If Rising World can do this then you'd have one of the best games out there. If you can support this then it be one of the best sandboxy games out there.

    Just place an NPC template down in Rising World, open up a menu, read from a folder on your computer, have it read a .fbx (or .obj) file, then have them be that 'character'. Tower Unite also does similar with objects, something we can do with your example plugin. For Unity Rising World though, it should be "interesting". I would have to learn how RW Unity would behave.

    Whenever you have time try to check out the D.I.Y store in Tower Unite, purchase an NPC, and get it to apply any model. You'll then probably see where I"m going with this for Rising World. People been trying to do this for Skyrim by doing "likeness" when you can just simply use an NPC template instead. Major game changer.

    Yes, we're writing a completely new world generation algorithm. This affects biomes, mountains and caves. We will no longer see the unrealistic, steep mountain spikes in the new version

    Excellent. I can't wait to see your new mountains. You're having me curious about caves also.. Are you able to tease any ocean screens, or is that "too soon"? I can wait. Just curious.

    Oh yes, VR is definitely much easier to implement with Unity. While it's still a low priority (our main focus is to get the new version ready as soon as possible), it's something that's on our todo-list (at least as a beta branch in Steam or something like that)

    Excellent. No worries on the 'Low priority' part. Just as long as it's plausible I'm happy because people (gamers & devs) have experience there. Should make it easier for you when you eventually do tackle it :D

    Thanks Red51! Keep up the good work. :thumbup:


    samlander: Thanks for offering your help We try to get the first playable version ready ASAP, then it will be available as beta branch in Steam (and of course it's always helpful if people check it out, in order to give feedback and report bugs)

    When a stable version does appear I'll try my best to stream it. I do hope it's not as stuttery as every other game I try nowdays hoping that I can chill-play it. I'll try to help you out Twitch side because people were curious about your game when I streamed it. :saint:

    If it has trains during the playable release then it may actually 'bait' people into playing it heh. Actual islands in oceans with proper boats, and etc. Wish you the best on the transition.