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    I was going to let this thread die but I came across two interesting things recently I needed to share this, even if its just to myself. Maybe you'll find it interesting.

    1) Belfast firing her guns. Nice blanks, also.

    2) China censors their own game. RIP. Global version is safe.

    I guess people will see Azur Lane as a lewd game, and I guess it is. I don't play it for the lewdness, I play it because of the lore, music, the characters, progression, and etc. Its amusing to see China censor their own game to which its been noted Yostar gradually moving over into Japan forming Yostar Japan, studios, and etc. The Chinese aren't at fault, its their government. They can become quite serious indeed.

    If its not a bother I'd love to share a few more tracks. Recently been in a 'mood' so I listened to some NF type tracks.

    Outcast, because that is how I feel locally (where I live) and on Twitter. Its a shame Twitter isn't the same as it was in 2006 onward with how people would actually interact. Now, its turned into nonsense to where if you enjoy something you can't have fun. Everything is a guilt trip.

    This dude makes good music. I love the message he has in his lyrics of still doing things even if different. Even the instrumental alone sounds awesome.

    I guess another thing to note is I find a developer's action quite.... fishy. Questionable.


    Truck Driver:

    I'm trying out their 'Truck Driver' game on the Switch because its apparently filling in a necessary void, though the developer behind it seems to hate criticism and feedback. Yes, I could just get this game on the PC, that's beside the point right now (I could be playing ETS2 & ATS instead). The game handles the similar to ETS2 & ATS, though in its own way with a 'story'. Its the way this developer behaves that has me scratching my head..... 12 threads in 2 pages. Maybe I'm just over thinking things........... One such thread being the below, prematurely locked.

    As you can see, a locked thread. There are a fair number of locked threads on that forum which makes things appear highly 'suspicious', 'fishy', and etc. Co-op/Multiplayer elements tend to be the best parts of gaming. Other people had their fair share of complains to where their threads were locked.

    I asked if there was multi/co-op because of a Youtube video allegedly claiming there were plans for it. A guy was reviewing the game noting multiplayer so I had to find a source; Citation please. I then went to the forum to double-check this, found more information to then eventually get a response 15 hours from this posting. So, no co-op/multi at all, eh? RIP.

    So, no co-op/multi at all, eh? RIP. That's one of the best parts of gaming. Other people had their fair share of complains to where their threads were locked.



    This is just me, and I did get in trouble saying this on 'Task Force Admiral', on the topic of 'Dutch' nationalities being fishy groups of people. Off forums, I've even heard a passing comment in a warning, serious tone which stuck with me to be wary of Dutch folks. Now more so than ever when having experienced first hand how loyalty seems to be a foreign concept, and seeing how they behave. The developer chewed put me on the spot because I'm wary of Dutch people, and I'm now in speculation/wary mode once again because of 'SOEDESCO' doing weird things.

    Granted, I've been proven wrong when in speculation mode so maybe I'm over stepping certain boundaries. I just can't help but feel Marten, SOEDESCO, Colony Survival devs, and other Dutch people have this devious aura to them, something which may also be out of their control. Nationality uprising, how you were raised, and etc; You are your surroundings. I'm at fault for this as well. I'm not perfect either as a Canadian ripe with SJW nonsense in my environment. Do note I'm not going 100% blanket mode, just that I'm wary after being severely burned by various Dutch people in a decent grouping. Various developers (Bartwe, Colony Survival, among others), or at least doing overly fishy things. Friends throwing me under the bus, and etc. I'm sure there are good ones out there, somewhere. Who knows.....

    I'm thankful these developers are filling in a simulator void, especially ones dealing with trucks. I however fear they're hurting themselves by being too "lock-thread-Happy", desiring to be political, and/or avoiding desired features in games. These developers seem to refuse to listen to certain types of feedback and criticisms, even prematurely locking threads still ripe for discussions. That's my POV and a mini-vent, or rant... However you want to look at this.

    I've even legit angered other developers who allowed me a voice in their WW2 naval threads. They allowed me to accidentally disgrace myself at times, something I've sometimes gone back and corrected which is why I'm baffled by this. At the very least, I'm happy they're updating their game by listening to other batches of feedback.

    Yes, this is still something we're thinking about ;) I can probably say more about that once we've started implementing biomes, but having special (rare) biomes with certain fantasy elements or maybe even another dimension would be a nice addition.


    I'm sure you heard of 'Twilight Forest' mod many times. I played it a lot in the earlier stages so if you want a pocket dimension I'd be fine with that. Sure, take your time and I'll look forward to seeing what you manage.

    You probably hate my suggestions but I hope we have clever ways of flying, or using magic. If we can turn into birds, foxes, or whatever that be a nice bonus. Granted, its your game so I can't push you on this. Take your time though would love to see what you manage.


    Also, I realized I goofed up with how far modern era could go. How far should it go? Should it lead up to 2020 era tech, or should we go into Sci-fi stuff? Space? Nano machines? For Red51's sanity here I guess we could stick with late modern era... Late meaning up to 2020 with tablets, drones, and etc.

    Yeah, Red51 noted there'll be a 'one world ocean' biome with islands behaving like varying types of continents of all sizes.... Big, small, and all sorts. With this in mind I guess Red51's concept of how boats should behave may actually be put into practice now. If he wants to explain it I'll leave it for him because I can't recall if it was a private or public concept. Boats will behave differently.

    As for boats......


    Various boats, including small rowboats and big sailing ships (as well as some modern vessels). Bigger vessels will be customizable to a certain degree.

    It has me curious what sort of 'modern' vessels we shall gain. If we get something along the lines of an S.S Nomadic type boat I'd be happy. Its the right size to go through big rivers, a place to live, and a place to store your goods. Even hold crafting stations. If it has any built in then that be even better. If its modern fishing boats, tug boats or whatever then that would be fine. I hope Red51 gets access to a good source of boats.

    Red, Will it be possible to craft windmills and water mills for generating electricity and processing grain into flour, for example?

    I know you want to hear from Red51, and you shall. I just want to note this is planned (or was planned in Java). Windmills would be cool, as with river types. They were supposed to come with the electricity update for Java. After the basics are applied to Unity version I'm certain we'll obtain these.

    Just roaming around Youtube finding interesting music. If you like it, you like it. If not, you don't.

    I don't really play Call of Duty, this one however stuck out because older games seem to have better music, but that just may be me. I'm curious if Rising World shall have any music which shall stand the test of time, or if its just BGM for the sake of BGM. Wonder what sort of music we'll get for Rising World.

    I'm into any sort of cool, or well composed music from soundtrack, or anything of that sort. Mainly from games or Anime.

    Silent Hunter 3 has some of the best music.

    Azur Lane music in orchestral form.

    Because of the ending part of the above track I'm going to link to Battlefield 1942 because it had one of the best intros. There is no modern match for this epic game.

    Random music which caught my attention.

    I'm struggling to find good music now listening to the same old batch each and every time.


    Last two being from Sting. The few good tracks I enjoy which are within my tastes.

    The 'Lost my faith in you' track reminded me of an anime music track from the 'Macross' franchise so I spent a good chunk of a year trying to hunt it down back in 2017, or so.

    No worries. I tend to get far too wordy that I need to learn to keep things short though fails most of the time.

    That is how I want my postings to be..... There is just too much to cover or too much on my mind so I make the mistake of over-wording things.


    At first your had big companies making quality games (for that time) like Sony, Blizzard, Bethesda, Activision, EA, etc.. that were able to throw dollars at their projects.

    Over time they flipped to putting returns over quality and these once great company`s stepped into a downward spiral and turned to crap or in the case of Sony, sold off their gaming division.

    Used to make quality games, I agree. But even then, back in like 2003, they kept screwing around failing to do make games to their fullest. Because I felt disappointed with games back then I spent my time checking out games for a long while deciding if I wanted to support them or not. I believe Titan Quest has to be one of the few epic games to survive the test of time with actual honest developers. I haven't heard any political nonsense come from them, nor have I heard of any grand standing nonsense from them, as I do with both AAA and indie developers.

    Battlefield 1942, Titan Quest, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, just to name a few.... Everything else just appears meh. Everything dipped off gradually ever since. Nobody wanted to do actual things needing to be done......It forced me to go into the realm of Japanese gaming and entertainment, and maybe for the better. Anime here, there.... Everywhere. There is a reason I worship anime.

    You have game developers worked to the core, harassed by SJW/political nonsense, or you even see Sony sell off what used to make them the best company and console around. They're stuck in time prisons forced to bump things out without really exploring the full potential of their IP. Now? They turned into fragile weaklings turning their (Sony) games into political nonsense. I'm now happy to be back in Nintendo's hands, even if they may be backwards thinking in various areas. I grew up on Nintendo and I'm back to being with Nintendo with their Nintendo Switch. Sony America is just doing everything wrong and its depressing.

    Its a shame you see too many milk-cow type games. I know I shouldn't post games, but to get a point across I have to sharing this 'Pragmata' game as necessary example:

    Pragmata is releasing on PS5 which makes me feel sad for it. Censored, butchered, and etc. It'll be a victim of censorship. Thankfully, I've seen its going to release on Xbox and Windows. Thankfully. If it was a PS5 exclusive I'd feel horrible for this game with high potential. It appears like Nier: Automata to me. I'm genuinely relieved to find out its not releasing on PS5 as an exclusive, yet as a mostly accessible game. I've went to fanboying Sony to now cursing them because they've corrupted themselves with Californian political nonsense.......

    I feel its also the people who go out of their way to purchase a PS5 also being the problem. I warned them about censorship and they seem fine with it. A game can't get to its fullest if various parts are clipped, cut, and chopped off. Its like seeing a bird without wings....... I want to steer towards people who know how to express themselves without censoring themselves.

    Enter the rise of the Indie developer with limited resources and too often, with limited know-how and vision.

    Using Steam as a petri dish, over time video games have now turned into a wasteland of shit with an occasional gem mixed in.

    I'll nod to this one because I see it time and again. I'll admit I've fought with a few indie developers because they refused to grasp simple suggestions, or too reluctant about adding co-op or other features. They never properly weighed their options to the point we had to fight. Subnautica developers are ones I constantly bring up because they themselves desired co-op and VR, they then chickened out for various reasons. As shitty as VR is for Subnautica, people love it. It brings out a new experience, something we NEED to see. People wanted to see the scarier side of it 'in person'. They disappointed a good chunk of their playerbase when they've announced how they're going to go lazy, yet Uboat developers found a way to make the impossible, possible. Third party VR.

    Other developers (Dutch ones) desired to go political to the point I had to tell one to ease up. I agree you get varying results of games, some which fill in voids, other which muddies the void. They spawn something yet never complete it.......

    Which ties into the third, the paradigm. I think what you want simply doesnt exist yet. You said you`d like to develop your own game to your own vision (paraphrase) and I`ll jump back into the anime example and hope you`ve seen what I reference.

    It doesn't exist because people are doing everything in their "mood" to make it not happen.

    1) Canadians in WW2 can happen, simply refused because 'minor nation', or more work than they desire.

    2) No proper surface warship mods, especially with Canadians in them. Nothing wants to learn from Silent Hunter 3's open world experience.

    3) Bandai Namco is too lazy in making a Gundam VR game, probably because Sony bailed on them or they're too reliant on a Gundam MMO experience.

    4) Lacking Ship & train games (simplified versions). Something like Train Sim World & Train Sim, just something easier on the system (more accessible & still beautiful).

    There are just too many voids.

    As for making my own game..... Yeah, I made a few test RPG games. I'm still looking out for any proper game makers with naval experiences in mind. I want to make it similar to how I've seen Japanese indie developers do it where you have a hub, go explore outwards, and kill ships in a weighted combat manner then come back and rest. How complicated or detailed the game would be is depended on my skill and what I'm supplied with. Currently, I doubt I'll accomplish that sort of game I desire, more so to fill in a void. I first need to find something which shall allow me to even have this done in the first place.

    Even in RPG Maker I've even seen ways I could add co-op/Multiplayer. If I didn't lose my files I would have experimented in making my RPG project a co-op experience. If there is a will, there is a way. I lost my will so there is now not a way to do so with having lost my files. Speaking of which,..... Too many indie developers don't have a proper will and motivation to do things. They seem highly stunted. Chained. They give themselves conditions which they then subconsciously follow making them not achieve their full potential. They say certain things can't be done yet it can be accomplished regardless. They get certain features implemented one way or another.

    If there is a will, there is a way.

    SAO2 where "the Seed" has been distributed to the world and now anyone can make their own world, own characters, rules, and reality with real life quality.

    The technology is advanced enough where resources (money) isnt really an issue. All that`s needed is vision. Imagination unleashed, Also, internet bandwidth has obviously progressed to allow for this. We`re just not there yet.

    I'm amused you brought up 'The Seed' because I loosely thought of 'Unity' being that. Or the worlds I've seen in VRChat & etc. We somewhat have this with various engines, but if we can have something proper (with all game genres in mind) the future would be something as neat as in concept for SAO.

    Vision is indeed what we need and its mostly tied in with a few Europeans and a certain enlightened group of Asians from Japan, China, and various other regions. Imagination unleashed (will and desire) is something we also need to work on. Inspiration has took a nose dive, more so with SJW nonsense, to the point we need to inspire proper people again. The amount of creativity and journeys I've been on would parallel experiences in Anime. Isekai genre, and etc. Magical feeling you get in dreams when having a good time, a drink, and etc. I wish I could express myself properly, but we're near that state. We need to stop in-fighting amongst ourselves to achieve this.

    We can have the right things if we can inspire the right people. Its going to be hard when we live in a growing censorship filled world climate.......

    Something happened over at Steam that I HAVE to make note of it. Gaming voids are being filled! I'm happy! (supply and demand)

    Bus Simulator 18:

    "No Plans for VR"


    - 'The Bus':…ns/0/2916598577625696266/


    TML Studios [developer] 4 Sep, 2020 @ 10:55am


    At the moment The Bus will probably not going to support VR natively. However, if you own a VR-Headset you can surely give it a try as we already support Tobii Eyetracking and TrackIR.

    We want to focus on full controller support, modding and multiplayer before we are going to tackle the next big new thing for us as a development team.

    Keep you +1 coming, so we can track how many people are seriously interested in The Bus with VR.


    Quarney_TML [developer] 31 Mar @ 4:48am


    We are still observing this thread, don't worry :steamhappy:

    A better game is the one that has a more observant developer, more so when they actually take action. I'm into these types of sim games because I'm just that sort of nerd having grown up in both Canada & Slovakia. I love how European (Slovakian) buses & Trams appear that I love to play games reliving my past nostalgia. I want to control any Tatra trams or vehicle. I make note of any vehicles around me. What I'm seeing with 'Bus SImulator 2019' versus 'The Bus' is what I've seen happen to 'KanColle' because they stayed far too stationary for far too long allowing 'Azur Lane 'to overtake it.

    To the point: I love it when a developer makes note of feature requests, in this case being VR. The developer (or two) have noted how much we (the community) want VR that they're looking into it. I'm thankful they have which shall allow it to follow the route Uboat has by third-partying their VR, or so I noticed at a glance for Uboat. We 'may' see VR support which shall also give the developer more buck for their bang (backwards, I know). Supply and demand is important here.


    I've also witnessed some alleged sabotage and/or slandering towards 'The Bus', probably out of jealousy, envy, or false accusations. Its interesting to note people's various tactics and behaviours. I'm genuinely positively stunned by what I'm seeing for 'The Bus' with how highly detailed their Germany appears. I doubt I"ll ever see Ottawa in a transportation sim, its however nice seeing games like this. I'm even seeing Europeans tackle the Tram sim void with 'Tram Sim' game. Its sadly in one region (Vienna), yet awesome none-the-less.

    If only I could just find a proper train game, something I'm betting Rising World shall be. Minecraft has Traincraft while Rising World shall have its own trains, however it'll appear in its final form. I can't wait to see.

    Gaming voids seriously need to be filled.

    Still haven't watched the recommended, though finally watched 'Detective Pikachu' which was an alright movie. It was a few nights ago. It done many right things, though far more worse things. Three steps forward, two steps back. Loved how the Pokemon were portrayed, just hated how cringe and annoying certain scenes were. Yes, it was aimed at kids, insanely so. It had no proper elements to other more serious Pokemon show.

    6/10, as a friend scored it. That's another movie off my list.

    I was legit annoyed at how certain parts were cringy with horrible humour while loving the more immersive and serious battles. Actual basic comedy was awesome, the other types of (public humilation) of comedy wasn't.

    Alright, sorry for hijacking this thread. Just wanted to correct my above posting quickly......

    - Inception: Finally watched it after so many memes, years, and etc. Love how it plays into dreams realistically while having fun with it. I actually enjoyed this movie. (This movie is supposed to be in the above list)


    - Escape Plan: Watched this on TV yet was fun to watch the two big boys escape prisons. It was low key entertainment seeing how they would plot their way into escaping prison.

    - Oblivion: Better late than ever, watching a recolonization of earth in a very blank manner. Felt empty in places yet was a fun decent watch. Good drone designs, interesting story, yet could have used a lot more.

    Wondering if I should move my posting to a new thread or if its fine in this thread. I still have yet to see 'High Score'.

    Red51 noted we could put crafting benches on boats so I do love the idea you can have a ship as a mobile base. Maybe that would be the pirate ship he teased, or maybe something lesser being the Danube River type river barges. Fishing boats? Whatever it is, I hope its fun to use. I'll probably be a big ship person, more so in this Unity version than Java.

    I enjoyed the boats in Ylands and Wurm Unlimited. Whatever boats Red51 adds I'm sure it could easily blow the boats in Minecraft out of the water. After all this time Mojang still hasn't improved boats with cargo. They went with the Lama storage trick. Lame. I haven't played Minecraft in ages either.

    I wouldn't mind sci-fi stuff, as long as its weighted and has a purpose in the game. Teleporters, see-through guns, or whatever.

    As for magic, that should be in the game regardless in either vanilla or modded form. Let people mod it in if you can't have it vanilla side. A little switch gets flicked and you can play with magic... Red51, I recall back in 2015 you wanted a fantasy biome so don't be shy on that. I sadly can't find the thread though recall you wanted it. A rare biome, another dimension, or whatever. Your call.

    High Score? I'll make note of it.

    Past few months I picked up a few movies because I was curious.

    - Dredd

    - Fury

    - Interstellar

    - Ghost in the Shell

    - Battleship

    Dredd was a neat watch. It seems mostly faithful to the original, just don't know how much.

    Fury has an awesome story, soundtrack and etc. Love the planes flying overhead.

    That air scene still haunts me. So beautiful.

    Interstellar is an awesome space movie, glad I was finally able to watch it. Great music, great acting, though with some stiff comedy lines by the future people. It felt like I was watching my typical serious anime with the robots, the plot-twists, and etc.

    Ghost in the Shell movie was neat, though doesn't beat the anime. Its awesome in its own manner.

    Battleship was a decent movie. Too many corny jokes, it was however enjoyable one it got to ship battles and alien POVs. It tried to make the aliens relatable, something I liked. Iowa was nice.

    Once I get more proper time I can't wait to get back to watching original Trek, or other movies. Curious what to watch other than 'High Score'.

    Going to note another thing because it appears game developers love attacking other game developers in various contexts. This can be taken as individuals, as studios, and companies. Its happened with Red51 with Rising World when everything was hosted by him to where his servers were being Ddos'd. He had to switch his hosting to Steam hosting because of funding and the severity of the assaults. When Rising World was being attacked so was mine internet. It was timed around the same time. The timing can't be a coincidence, or so I still believe.

    I've put the special PSA in the attachments because people need to stop being scared of sharing art, games, and etc.


    Can't Focus on Various Things in Gaming Format:

    Apparently you're not allowed to do Anime games, Pokemon games, FPS games, and etc.....



    Osama Dorias


    · Mar 24

    Please take the time to sign this petition to stop the making a game that intends to normalize and trivialize the murder of my fellow Iraqis.

    Please RT and spread the word any way that you can. Don't let these monsters get away with this.

    which was then met by this Tweet


    Hey @wbgames
    I'm curious if it's common practice for developers in your studios to call for other studios' games to be censored? Or to describe the people working on non-WB games "monsters?"

    You've seen it with Naughty Dog, and other American game studios. Its saddening. Games indeed do get spicy, it however goes to show people haven't dived deep into Japanese RPGs which goes all philosophical about time, memories, emotions, slice-of-life, and etc. It can be highly innocent, or deep down depressive. People have a lot to learn, especially these game developers who attack others........ People are afraid of thinking games, philosphical ones, and educational ones. Its why I keep having to "harass" developers to try and put them in check.

    Bus Simulator 2018 was afraid to have VR so users spoke their minds for 'The Bus' which is considering to do VR support. Supply and demand, need to focus on that.

    The things I'm seeing here is the same thing I've seen numerous Dutch folks doing. Even the Dutch developers to 'Colony Survival', something I called them out on for the whole political boosting nonsense. We pick up games to ESCAPE POLITICS, not enter back into it. They corrected their stance, I'm however still unimpressed with their lack of professionalism in their news updates. They love rambling in their developer posting. I guess its "each to their own", right?


    Youtuber Nonsense:

    Just sharing this quickly before heading back to the topic because Youtubers/Twitchers & etc (Vtubers) are constantly on assault because of the weird social climate we're in.

    This poor girl gets verbally assaulted for saying certain things. I've had my fair share of nonsense when an anime hobby "friend" told me I should stop playing wish fish in VRChat. He got upset with me and never talked to me again on Twitter. I've seen a lot of that. I'm not allowed to do things, thus why I've been stunted in various places. I'm vocal because of it........


    - Japan's Pushback:

    Japanese Pixiv artists are having enough constantly being assaulted by weirdos online to the point they're pushing out special tweets. They're also warning other Japanese artists to watch out for 'BLM', among other Twitter bio descriptions as to avoid them while proudly sharing what they enjoy. SJW weirdos are obviously frustrated because it goes against their cult-like nonsense.

    Fight against Censorship | Twitter Nonsense:

    Yeah, its amusing to see the people it calls out crying a river because they want to openly assault people without punishment.


    Maybe I am rambling, I however am disappointed it has to take Europeans (half, or so of Euro') and Asians (China & Japan) to keep the gaming market afloat while North Americans twiddle their thumbs with social justice nonsense. People have also said I'm doing what these rabid folks are doing, I'm just making note of things in a notepadding manner.

    Because I posted this I'm going to see what positive thing I can respond with to balance this out.


    Note: If Red51 wants to moderate me then I'm fine with that, just as long as its within reason. I'm trying to be rational here, thus why I spent longer than usual making sure things check out. I'm trying to follow the rules.

    Had some nice decent weather today with it feeling like spring. By the time I went out with my drone (2-3 hours later) the good weather decided to get windier so my poor Tello struggled in the wind. It gave me both wind and wi-fi errors so some of my collections of images ended up being messy.

    First panorama is 7/10 stitched. It refused to give me 8-10 images because of a wifi interference so you have an 70% complete pano.

    Second Panorama is 10/10, but the wind played a factor here. Its a nice tough drone though.


    Separate images used as pano shots and similar. The warmer weather is helping with my Tello having a longer battery life.

    1) Water treatment dig sight I was curious about

    2) Dig sight I was curious about.

    3) Dig site with dirt mounts having grown bigger over the winter.

    4) Previous spot I went to review my Tello. Higher in height (17 m) seeing downtown Ottawa in the middle left in the back.

    That was fun and I'm now left with a 60-80% charged Tello. With the warmer weather I'm probably going to do what I wanted to do, hopefully with the wind playing fair.

    If you want to see actual "pro" type scenic pictures from me then you have to wait till late Spring and summer to see the beauty. Hopefully I'll have a chance to do so. :monocle:

    Once it is finished, you could have a Star Trek server where we all live on the Enterprise and "Teleport" (portal) down to the planet to gather food and resources, etc. Maybe some customized clothes (uniforms) for us. People start out as "ensigns" and the longer they play on the server, they get promoted with better quarters and updated permissions. you can have NPC dummies' as crewmen/women at the transporter and other stationary positions. The possibilities are endless in a Star Trek server!

    I love this idea.

    Mod in a plugin with phaser effects then you would be set. Plugins would be interesting to do for this for various needs and desires.

    Sorry, this is going to be long winded because it also contains thoughts I held back from last night. Going to be a two-parter single post.

    Sadly, speaking your mind in many places is no longer possible without someone being offended. I try to be open and accepting even when I disagree but sometimes it can be difficult. I have played FPS games for years. Competed in several but things are different now. A few forums I visit no longer allow any type of political conversation out of fear of reprisal or being shut down by some nut.

    This is where we are today it seems. I keep things simple. I keep my thoughts to myself and my family. I get it I really do.

    When I was much younger I wanted to be like 'Emiya' from 'Fate/Stay Night' anime. At that point in life I didn't know who he was (you probably don't know either), though will note I was as naive as Emiya wanting to 'save everybody' and etc. I wanted to save all the animals, do what Green Peace does at a core level (not their corrupted political current day form), and etc. If I wasn't woken up I could have been a naive brainless Canadian puppet like my other fellow Canadians. My European parents kept mocking and taunting me and I see why. Even after their passing I still why they've said what they've said........ I wanted to naively be polite to everybody, to apologize, and etc to the point I kept saying "sorry" in every situation. People can still see my softness in me because that is how I grew up, granted now I'm frustrated because of it clashing with naivety and crudeness. The Canadians I talk to are crude while others are politically brainwashed. Its like walking among plastic robotic drone. This carries over onto forums, game journalism, schools, and etc. You're taught to be fake social justice warriors.......

    The schools I went to taught me to be anti-America so I spouted Anti-American sentiments here and there (in Canada). Teachers kept striking because of political gains, among other powers. Certain teachers were arrogant as f*** wanting to instead encourage bullying, show off their fancy BMW Convertible back in 2004-2005 timeframe. Whenever I visited Eastern Europe my education would be mocked by the locals saying how Canadians know nothing, how we only draw in school, and how we don't know how to do basic math, among other things. The amusing thing about this is its even being backed up in current world news showing how Canadians are lacking in proper education. You may have to Google a bit, its however out there (I've seen a headline) saying how students in 2020 don't know how to do basic math, basic reading.....

    Then you have this infecting the gaming world. It gets nasty. I'm the type of person who is an introvert in person in real life, yet an extrovert online because of how frustrated I am with society. People have noted I'm much different online than I am offline and vice-versa because I feel like I can be human online. In VRchat, in Rising World. I can be me. Even in Star Wars Galaxies back in the day. Whenever I get stressed I would hide away in games, and its now consumed me. Funnily enough, even though VRchat is a host of SJW nonsense that game allowed me to be human again from 2017-2020. People stopped hanging around because of life issues & their own priorities (political & life). It was fun while it lasted.


    As for the gaming voids again.......

    Rising World (Console/Tablet):

    I'm finding the Nintendo Switch & a tablet to be powerful gadgets. If we can get Rising World and more games onto both devices I can pry myself away from a PC. If I can play Rising World (even if dumbed down) I'd be happy on the Switch. If I can back up my files, if I can have fun with NPC companions, then that would be a dream game. I can't push Red51 on this matter because he is swamped as it is, it would however help me and others who don't have powerful computers. Even if its on the basic, I would have fun. I can't pressure Red51 for a portable version, I can however dream and desire.

    I've already done too much damage showing various VR games for VR support, various indie games for similar features we would love to see in Rising World, and etc. I may still keep doing it out of habit, but yeah. I constantly suggested NPC companions among other difficult features.

    Who knows how I would use Rising World on a Switch when FPS games are insanely difficult. You would have to have auto-aim on enemies. I've died many times in Minecraft finding any worthwhile combat is stressful where I would instead go mining, fishing, or anything which doesn't require me to play seriously. If Rising World could be played on a Switch then it would have to be stuck to crafting, building, farming; NPCs doing the grunt work, and etc, more so than on PC. Any combat I would have to rely on helper NPCs with. Visuals might be downgraded, worlds 'may' be smaller (unless a solution could be found), among other concerns. I would still love to play using boats, trains, and etc. Rising World doesn't have to be fancy on the Switch, it simply needs to be casually fun and entertaining. I'd accept it if it was a budget form with visual things cut out (within reason).

    Rising World would fill MANY voids on PC and console versions. More so than Minecraft....... MY computer is degrading and I'm just losing so much. I can't really freely repair any damages anymore with Rising World on a Switch (or tablet) sounding fairly appealing right now. Red51 also noted (back in 2015, or so) he desired to loosely have console & tablet version, something I'm seeing as more and more appealing as time goes on and the various situations myself and others are finding themselves in.

    Life is a bastard.


    Nintendo Switch Problems:

    I'm using my Switch more and more now as various components are slowly failing on me compute wise. I can still use my PC, its becoming more difficult. I can VR, I however lost my secondary hard-drive. I can still play Rising World, I'm however gradually being forced away from it, unable to buy parts, work, life & etc. It even feels better being away from a computer having a portable gadget instead. I can afford the parts, I however can't purchase it because of the situation I am influencing me to use my tablet and Switch more. Switch has many games (more than you can count), its however a problem when people spam games without really adding ones of your interest. Either that, or actual proper fleshed out games. There are those which fill in voids, such as cheap flight sims, boat sims, and etc. I bought Ship Simulator, its however a very cheap mobile game. Switch is technically a mobage (mobile game) platform......

    I'm seeking out similar games I'm finding for Playstation & PC Steam hoping to find them eventually on Switch. My currently library at the moment:

    • Pokemon Quest (decent game)
    • Dungeon Village (decent RPG town building game)
    • Venture Towns (Same developer as Dungeon Village; Decent Town sim building game).
    • Lego Worlds - (Decent open world game, have on PC. Bought it for $9 CAD).
    • Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Recommended to me by friends.)
    • Animal Bomber (Sale; Meh game. Stuck with it now).
    • Club House 51 Games (Surprisingly good game. Can occupy your mind for a decent amount).
    • Minecraft Dungeons (One of the best games; Better with friends).
    • Uno (Decent?)
    • Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu (Decent; Made it halfway into game. Mostly a gimmick game)
    • Nintendo Entertainment System (I grew up on this needing it on my Switch).
    • Blades (Decent; Could be better. Skyrim, yet not. Doesn't really work on Switch though is an 'alright' game. Clunky).
    • Minecraft (Decent, though not the best. Combat is its weakest point. You need that PC movement)
    • Ship Sim (Fills in a gaming void, though needs to be much better)
    • Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Decent game. It was awesome at launch, ruined things by gating things off worse than previous game. I feel cheated. Its great, its however been made to feel 'stiffer'.)
    • Pokemon Cafe Mix (Decent, though haven't played for awhile)
    • Tetraminos (only there to fill in a void; Don't play it.)
    • Jewel Fever 2 (Same as above)
    • Tetris 99 (Same as above two)

    I'm now seeking out various Japanese games I've played on PC. Switch still has nasty gaming voids needing to be filled......

    Needs a Rising World type casual-ish game. Maybe even Rising World itself in a 'budget' or 'diet' form. It needs a proper WW2 naval game (bonus points if it has Canadian ships). If I can get a proper WW2 surface ship game (that isn't World of Warships) I'd be happy. It needs more train games (control your own trains), more flight sims, more NPC settling games, survival games, mecha games, and etc. Switch is a powerful machine, though with obvious flaws.

    Maybe even some simplistic NPC type games where you have the NPCs help you and vice-versa, NPC tending games. 'Black & White' where you do things.

    I'm not going to link to these following games, I however will note them by name because they would work well on Switch. They're on Playstation devices, Sony however went censoring happy making me side more with Nintendo. I also happen to have a Switch so these games would fair better on a Switch regardless......

    • Bullet Girls Phantasia
    • SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie Hunter
    • Craftopia (Not a console game, though a decent concept needing a Switch version)
    • Silent Hunter 3 (Not really; Needs a similar game for PC AND Switch; Fill in the void)
    • Uboat/Uboot (Not really the game itself, similar genre in an arcade manner. Light version; Simplified submarine & warship game)
    • Train Sim World (Switch horribly needs a proper train sim type game, even if heavily simplified for Switch, even if Ship Sim type cheapness.)
    • War Robots (not the mobile game itself, more like the VR version where you can command a mecha in a more simplified arcade manner in FPS to kill things. Semi-clunky arcade, of course modified for the Switch).

    I'm aware its up to the developers who own those games, these games and game types really need to find their way onto the Switch. Also, yeah....... Wordy, I know. Too many voids. I'm trying to find specific games to play while finding numerous voids. More developers need to try pushing their games on the Switch, as well as the PC to fill in necessary voids.


    I'm also on the lookout for an open source game maker where I can try making a naval game. I can make a decent RPG & FPS game, just not a naval game. If I could just design a basic surface warship game I'll be happy. I don't really see anything at my skill level, except for Unity, something which would force me to release an overly severely buggy game. Yeah.......

    No, you’ve done nothing wrong nor has anyone else here. Just a general statement overall . I’m fairly old so with that I have a bit more traditional way of thinking. Things like only 2 genders exist, earth is round, etc. :)

    Alright, cool. Had to ask for clarity :)

    Yeah, the whole gaming side of things is just a mess.

    I'm not trying to put anybody down, and I am aware I tend to view things with regret later. I later see what I have missed earlier so there are times where communication problems do occur. I'm once again going to neutrally note that when I feel I'm further ahead than someone then that is when you have problems. I'm used to following in people's footsteps when it comes to passion, programming, and etc. Once I see everybody else is behind me then there is issues to point out. I'm used to being shown how to program, how people themselves have strict guidelines to making games & etc. I guess certain game developers just don't have those strict rolemodels, creatively influential folks, or one at all. *shrugs*. I'm just saying things semi-randomly now so don't look to deeply at the last part.

    As for the 2 genders, I'm with that also. When it comes to trans people only a select few can pass off as such. When everybody wants to do it then that just doesn't work. Not everybody can have Ferrari's, so why should everybody be fake trans? The whole madness when it also ties in with Harry Potter, Ion Fury, and other games. Even when people cancel Japanese & Chinese artists for allegedly using the wrong skin colour when that isn't the case. Google up Pixiv artists & various artists getting canceled for fake outrage. I'm fine with supporting the genuine few actual trans folks over the massive fake ones seeking it for clout. I'm sure someone now is going to see this paragraph calling me transphobic when I'd rather see genuine sentiments over fake ones. When they start screwing with my anime to make it more preachy and less entertaining that is when I have issues. One of them is within the VRChat realm.....If people want to legit sacrifice their life by being the other gender then cool. Make sure they're doing it for themselves, not for internet clout. Not everybody can be Le Chevalier d'Éon. Real, or anime version..... Not everybody can own Ferrari..... It should be an actual 100% serious commitment, not like buying a cheap car or a camera in a store.

    (Note: This is my thoughts, not Red51's. I have freedom of speech, I should be allowed to speak my mind, and I'm not speaking hate speech. Just a disclaimer for any trolls. I'm not speaking hate speech, I'm speaking my mind and within various neutral rules around the interweb.)

    I've seen many of my hobbies destroyed (or devalued) because people don't know how to treat things in a more quality manner. They go for quantity failing to see things proper in their quality light. Bismarck in KanColle & Azur Lane being over popular. Scathach in Fate/Grand Order anime, Fox spirits in the Japan/Anime realm, and anything else that gets needlessly hyped up. Same with my 'Busou Shinki' hobby...... Everything that had that 'rare' significance g ets reduced to the common nothingness......I'm constantly frustrated with the state of things.