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    Loving this Anime. Keeps giving me that mixed Minecraft-Rising World vibes on establishing a base of operations, having people join you, and just providing. Finding a nice way to supply that demand. I love how I can get that anime's vibe in Rising World, or shall get bits and pieces with each upcoming update. Each episode of that anime is like an update in Rising World.

    Before (without water reservoir):

    After (with new water reservoir):

    Rice! And the interior altered (without tables) inside the Elf House. View the main posting for the references.

    I genuinely can't wait for when we get NPCs, especially the companion types that can help you farm, mine, combat, terraform, etc. I really REALLY need a terraforming helper. I'll treat them well, even provide them food. I wish we can have companion NPCs so badly, especially when making roadways.

    New map with new progress.

    Japanese styled bath house (floor plan).


    Looks fairly easy to do. I can plop this down into my village side of my settlement once I'm ready. I'll have everything minus the chimney.


    Rising World side:

    My progress on the 'Elf House'.

    - Front (Also WIP with expected alterations.)

    Do note that the stairs are still a placeholder until I settle everything in. I made makeshift stair landings needing a way to get up and down without scaffoldings. This project itself made me poke Red51 for scaffoldings, he said he would "try". I genuinely need scaffoldings, and he shall provide. This project, as simple as it appears, is far more tedious and painstaking than it appears. I had to redo and revert so many times it was a frustrating time trying to get it as accurately as possible. It won't be perfect, it shall be close. The constant changes and tweaks to make it appear faithful is frustrating, if rewarding once correct.

    And I'm genuinely pissed off at the folks on the Rising World Steam forums spamming out videos pretending like they own the joint. One video a day, people need to be more neutral (Vortac and Weem way), and actually be more humble. Times change, and this is why I just want things as honest as they can be. People are pissed off with me and I find that a "them" problem. I'm as honest as they come, and people sadly have skeletons in their closets they need to sort out. We need more people who are "neutral" and "humble". The things people have mocked & denied me on the Steam forums are now being considered by Red51, and I'm sharing this story in other gaming circles at how vulgar people have been. One person laughed at me, I still get the final laugh out of this. Their ego shall be their down fall while I potentially may obtain features one way or another. People in the outside circle praising Red51 more and more. :monocle: Thank you Red51, sorry you have to put up with so much shit. You're awesome and I'll keep trying to make room for my future projects, especially from this anime. I need to pay homage and respect to my escapism for keeping me alive and intellectual in this negative era. :nerd:<3

    Maybe we can get the scaffoldings ready for the next update :D I can't guarantee that though, so if they don't make it into the npc update, they will be ready shortly after it^^

    Awesome! This is better news than any. As long as they make it in I'm happy, and this is happy news. Thanks! I can't wait to further push back a mountain I'm terraforming, even building more complex structures as I get more familiar with the new PNB system.

    Can't wait for the new update now. :party: Thanks Red!

    Crabs would indeed be awesome, they sadly have to wait with fishing, etc. I would love to have crabs. Birds were noted in being added in the next update, though we shall see.


    1) While playing Rising World again I wish we could lock down crafting stations requiring the 'F' key to interact, such as the cotton wheel.

    2) I wish we can have scaffolding. I severely need it while building and for my clearing projects. If possible, would it be too much to ask to have scaffolding in the upcoming update? I'm struggling to complete projects.

    3) Don't worry, I can wait for mounts. I'm still not really in the accessible range for them, though would be handy to get around.

    I'm loving this anime. If I was playing Minecraft I would be trying to replicate the buildings there, instead I migrated over to Rising World so I'll try building whatever it gives me over in Rising World. It's a very charming anime, if obviously aimed at 'harem', it's however as wholesome as you can get. I'm sharing this Anime here because I'm getting lots of Rising World vibes from it, especially with the world map, and floor plans it provides. Even with how people have been vulgar, arrogant, egoistic, and etc in the Rising World I still want to share the Anime happiness, my own, and to just have fun in Rising World while other people compensate for their idiocies in weird ways.


    Farming Life in Another World:

    After having been given a tough life meant for a sinner, he's been given a redo on his life by being given another chance. He's been given three wishes, all relating to farming. He simply wants to live a happy life, hence the Anime having a loose harem vibe to it. Peaceful, tranquil.


    How it started:

    Find a place to make a base, and what better way than to have a landmark being a giant tree. Make a little cave inside the tree, dig for water, make a pillar, and expands into daily necessity needs. Toilet, orchard, etc.

    - Toilet (I've built walls in this style before).

    - First Home Hut, later given to some mating wolves.



    - How it's going:

    From basic shelter to slightly more advanced buildings still in the Medieval Era type technology.

    Left: Elf House on the left, River further to the left (off image);

    Center: farming area, main living area.

    Right: Orchard & Dog area, & Toilet ???


    'Elf House''

    I'm loving the blueprints they provide allowing me to make use of them in Rising World. Once the modding API is ready I'm also hoping I can import external models as their own NPCs allowing me to have Elves, Booth models of various characters (even ones I already own), and other characters. Even other objects and materials.

    Floor Plan on the 'Elf House'. First floor contains storage on either hands, the second flooring contains their rooms in a hostel type manner.


    In a world that loves being egoistical, or being anti-social, or finding ways to guilt trip, berate people I'm loving this anime for how wholesome it is. I'm sure people can connect this with Harvest Moon, Minecraft, Kingdom, Medieval Engineer, or other farming & building games. When I see these maps & floor plans I see Rising World, and I'm eager to have them placed in my world; Building them from the floorplans provided. I hope we can also obtain NPC Companions, even ones you can import using external models to then have fun in your own world (View 'Tower Unite' NPC feature, and other games using VRM). If anybody wants to have their own take on these "simple" builds then be my guest, surprise me. Show me your style. I'll try to post as much as I can from this Anime, it has many Medieval Era builds that call out to me. I can't wait to get cracking on what I see to have my own touch to it.

    Yes, I admit this Anime may be "too lewd" for some "innocent" folks on here, this is aimed at people who have lost touch in a world filled with fake politics, crazy activism gaslighting people, negativity, idiocy, and people who forgot tradition in general. People seek genuine social interaction, something this Anime shows deep well with how social we are. We are social species, we MUST converse with others, something we're refusing to do more and more as time goes on with "everything is your fault". We are doing everything we can in our world to berate, put down, and be a piece of turd to one another, hence all these growing Isekai genres (some milking the genre) showing flaws of our current society forgetting our roots. I love this anime, and I love how it reminds us to connect with our primal instincts and traditions while also just being our true selves, not our online vulgar selves. When things get too complicated it's always best to go back to the basics, even Nintendo basic fun and entertainment in games. With everything so fake these days it's always good to to go back to the basics with nature, something this Anime reminds people of. The amount of arrogance and egoism I see in the Rising World community, even from regulars, shows that "other people need to touch grass". I've done my fair share of it during my Vancouver trip in July 2022, and even when I had to shovel snow many times. I'm even thankful Red51 shall consider more animal mounts, even Moose mounts.

    As for Rising World itself, I'm waiting for 'Traveling Merchants', and all sorts of NPC types so I can have a lively world. Every game has to play on its own to allow the players to play the other half of the game. It needs to be immersive. I've noted - [My Rising World plans here] - For those curious, some of which even aligns with what this Anime has shown. Every floor plan I see in this Anime I'll try injecting into my world. :monocle:

    Give me all your floor plans!

    - NPC Companions:

    I'm well aware I've noted this more times than I should have, I however have something that could probably inspire Rising World's NPCs to be helpful and unique in their own way. I hope we can have a way to command NPCs in a similar manner to how we can in this 'Forest' game that has been shared by another community member.

    The time-stamp is from 1:30 till 3:50 mark, for reference.


    • You "rescue" Kelvin. He's mute, he however helps. (Rescue was a part of my suggestion for RW Companions.)
    • Extremely helpful (Gathers materials & fights). He gathers logs, chops trees, etc.
    • Does his own things at his own pace. He rests when he desires, seeks water when thirsty; He helps on his own terms (independent).
    • Commands issued via notepad with semi-preset commands which can rotate like a combination lock. (Quick-select options)
    • He becomes upset if you treat him poorly.
    • Shot to the head kills him outright. No revives.
    • One Kelvin per player, though Rising World has the benefit of assigning players their version & quantity of NPCs
    • Other companions you can find with their unique traits (something Rising World severely needs to tap into; View point 1 in brackets).
    • Virginia - mutant AI, personality of a skittish cat which can be tamed/befriended over time. She can be overly loyal if you treat her properly. (elusive & independent cat personality)
    • Kelvin is shown pointing at enemies nearby (Imagine AI shouting out or directing your attention to nearby NPCs)

    Going back to my initial suggestions & requests, I genuinely would love NPC Companions, whom one could be assigned to our character by default (Dragon's Dogma style), or many that we can rescue through bandit, pirate, enemy camps, or wrecks. Being able to rescue one, or a few to join your settlement while relying on basic AI is fine enough in Rising World terms. Attack, farm, build blueprints, or join you in combat (the basics) is fine enough. Recruiting default NPCs from settlements is also fine, I however would prefer more personal companions, hence my constant suggestions. I had the most fun when companions were the most helpful in games, such as Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma. I'm expecting Rising World's potential NPC Companions to be fairly basic, hopefully as helpful as both Skyrim & Dragon's Dogma. Maybe even on the same level as 'Sons of the Forest'. I don't want to play with those mutants (May have to seek mods to disable them), I however would prefer those same companions features in Rising World. Not to be a pest by rehashing, only sharing by providing more references for inspirational purposes.

    Being able to alter their appearance, what they wear, and etc would also help. Importing models using the .VRM or .fbx format (from other sites or Pixiv Booth) would be genuinely helpful in further customization on top of Rising World's already complex customization system, as teased in java version. View Tower Unite for this example.

    If confused, please reference Dragon's Dogma Pawn feature, and even the above video in the time-stamp given. No excuse to confused.

    - Sony, Steam, and Samurai Maidens:

    Well, thanks to both Sony and Steam I'm not allowed to have fun, nor allowed to express my thoughts. Everything is the fault of Sony Playstation and for Steam for releasing a half-baked game needing more time in the oven. I'm just one little dude going against a big corporation who can't release proper games. I was with other usuers who were disatsifed about being scammed and cheated with the 'Samurai Maiden' game. I know people will disagree with me, or see it's about "lewdness" when it isn't. That doesn't negate the fact 'Samurai Maiden' game was released in a crappy state...... This makes me side with Rising World and Asian media all that much more, unless I'm shunned from Rising World also. If I'm banned, or etc I may just collapse. I've had enough of being voided.....

    I absolutely hate the state of gaming right now........

    (What did Sony do wrong? Corrupt the game horribly. Half-baked; Not finished. Poor translation, false advertising releasing something else, and constant non-communication & bans. Being robotic, even evil. And yes, lewdness is also the issue of how it's handled, that falls under false advertising (bait and switch). The past games handled by D3 have faired so much better than this.. Samurai Maiden is a complete mess, hence the mixed ratings.)

    I can't update my status, I can't post, nor reply on Steam (until 31st). I can't do anything because Big Brother Sony Playstation has said so. I'm upset, I'm hurting in pain from work and I have to deal with constant gaming censorship. People gaslight me when I point the obvious out claiming I'm allegedly wrong, when I'm not. I'm just not in a good place, and this shows why Asian games are doing better than Western games. Sony (now American) handled this game so poorly it has a mixed review on Steam thanks to how they negatively bribe indie developers to join their platform while removing various elements, even fun ones. The whole fun of the game is to keep things fun, even how Nintendo is doing things, ironically enough.

    I'm a piece of turd to these corporations. I mean nothing to them. People view me as a crazy person, even various Germans. I'm annoyed, even livid....... I wanted Sony to be held accountable. I was in support for Steam Deck support, and there in support for proper translation but I get punished like this. People openly bully me claiming I'm falsely wrong yet I'm the one that always gets punished when they're the ones stabbing me. I'm glad Sony/D3 made a back pedal of fixing the translation, they however screwed everything else up about their game by aligning with Sony. Sure, they're fixing various gaming mechanics here and there (after heavy backlash), people however want good games. People even avoiding Minecraft with it selling its soul to Microsoft causing other indie games to be destroyed......... People yearn for Rising World and other proper games, even if they don't openly admit it at times.......

    In short:

    Samurai Maiden is pulling a No Man's Sky by releasing half baked (incomplete features, corrupted translation, no Steam Deck support, etc), while also punishing people who speak up against the flaws of Samurai Maiden.

    I'm not allowed to speak. Then I have to also deal with individuals in the Rising World community sending me clown awards in egoistic manner just to make themselves feel better they're falsely doing the right thing. What a way to ring in the New Year...... I'm waiting for Rising World's NPC update on the side while also dealing with Azur Lane and VRChat. I shelved Genshin Impact for a bit until I could actually play it. I've been working, I've been getting stressed out, even being treated like trash at my workplace. I'm being devalued both offline and online. Hence, why I enjoy my Anime escapism. Stupid Sony........ I miss the glorious PS2 and PS3 days.

    I'm going to try to ring in the New Year via VRChat at this rate. I'm constantly getting punished, I'm hating people for it. Go to where the fun is at........ With Rising World still in limbo with NPC Update I'm either way going to be in VRChat, I guess, this New Years. You're free to join me, degrade me, or help celebrate the new Years in VRChat. Or you can sabotage me, treat me like a pile of trash. If NPC Update releases sooner I'll be in there. :wacko:

    I got a headache. I'm dealing with too much western stupidity, more so than normal. :wacko:

    Oh, and I'm not allowed to voice my concerns. It's taboo...... :hushed:

    Sorry if I'm rehashing my past few posts, just wanted to note a few things while feeling under the weather. Was shoveling snow today causing me to over-exert myself more than I should have keeping my friends happy while I unintentionally suffer from the after-effects (wet snow from 30-40 cm of snow). Fatigue, exhaustion. Was model building then I fell ill after 6 hours. My vision went blurry (painfully so), stomach pains, headache. Trying to rest now. <X That is both on and off the point, however relevant as to why I'm posting again. That, and Sony/Playstation is a piece of turd destroying games they're affiliated with (Samurai Maiden).

    I was also recently exploring VRChat's VKet stumbling across both new and old stuff I've seen still wishing and desiring to add them into Rising World for when the time comes. Again, I don't want to pressure Red51, I however just want it to be known I can wish and desire things, it's up to Red51 if he wants to entertain my wishes. Maybe I genuinely do want to see what I wish for implemented into VRChat. That's what wishing is. Even a broken clock is right two times a day, maybe my wish can be as correct as a broken clock? Hopefully.

    Again, I'll renote which models I actually want in Rising World to see what Red51 shall surprise me with months down the line. Until then I'll try to stay alive, try to stay in good health, and try to stay under a roof with internet access.

    1) Asteria (As shown before) -

    2) Avro Arrow Striker Leggings -

    3) -Kaya- -

    4) Atelier Alca (Booth) -

    5) Among others.

    I genuinelly stopped in my tracks in absolute shock and surprise. There is NO WAY I should be seeing anything Canadian in VRChat's Vket. Canadians are a "minor nation", we get overlooked in video games for simply being Canadian. I stopped so fast to take pictures it would make your head spin. I took pictures, immediately opened up the store page to find it's free. INSTANT DOWNLOAD! It's now saved, now especially waiting for Rising World function. In Rising World terms I want this unit to allow me to fly around the map using Glider + propelling physics.

    When I saw this Avro Arrow display I thought I was dreaming. Nobody can comprehend the significance of this, I however can. Any other Canadian who wants to connect with their Canadian identity will, and can. I saved this so fast I also want to exploit this in Rising World. I wish I could attach this onto my character to allow me to hover, fly, and even glide.:wow:<3 If I can either fly and hover (or both) then that be as awesome as my genuine surprise seeing this in a store-front display. This is how I want to see Rising World when it comes to customization. Avro Arrow HYPE! PLEASE let me use this in Rising World! :drooling:

    Then there is Booth, Vket, etc, something Red51 can consider selling and affiliating on. Sit on that thought, consider it, etc. It may be for your best benefit.

    I also took the following picture to "try" to use as inspiration in future RW builds. The crazy tower build. Once I recover I'll try my best to replicate it loosely in my own style and manner in my own settlement.

    Two planned avatars I can't wait to add into Rising World, as noted in post #4 & #5.


    In Short: View Post #4 & #5. I'm just in the mood of wanting to import the models I'm using in VRCHat into Rising World, especially as their own NPCs. I saw Red51 was "worried" in another post so I do want to wish him the best in at least seeing how far he goes, if he does want to entertain my wishes. It's all thanks to VRChat's Vket that I'm even noting this. That, and how I was basically peed on by Steam moderation when it came to 'Samurai Maiden' on Steam preventing myself and others from having fun, especially lacking Steam Deck support. Rising World has Steam Deck support, hence why I favour it.

    Hoping we can get foundation mod for '' with basic elemtals of fire, earth, wind, ice, flying etc. Classic RPG stuff, yet hosted on ''. I agree with your take and I do approve. Hope we can get some form of magic in this game we can toggle. As a bonus I'd love to have NPCs customized to use specific magic, if able.

    Rising World is fun this way in customization.

    Has gliding ever been planned for RW? Multiplayer servers already lag a bunch when admins fly around, I can't imagine how bad the lag would be if all the players were flying around.

    From the very start. Red51 has firmly stated it himself, in a JAVA roadmap, and again in a post he responded in. Just look at post #2.

    As for lag on servers, that seems to be a server problem, etc. It's one of those situations you have to live with what you have, as I had to do for VRChat, etc. Make do with what you have. Find a better server hosting, etc.

    I'd love to have climbing be a thing too, i made a suggestion on the steam forums but no one payed it any mind... :verysad:

    "No fun allowed".

    People claim one thing then they do another thing, hence why I pointed out their flaws. People claim to support Red51 then do things not to support Red51.

    Gliding, climbing, etc, shall be neat to see what Red51 has cooked up. Still want to know how gliding shall work in Rising World.

    Not going to make a new thread for every little thing so I'm just going to note these two pictures which partially relates to my experiences in general, even in Rising World. It's from a game called Genshin, something I can't wait to turn Rising World into in a "sterilized" manner via modding. Whatever works, works.

    Nahida brings up an interesting point, something I've seen a lot of in various discussions, arguments, etc I've had. I'm well aware how much people enjoy gaslighting.


    "...But I've come to realize that a lot of people just convince themselves they don't understand."

    This can be taken simply, or can even be applied to various things around, such as the various - "What" - comments I've gained, or - "I don't understand" - when people purposely gaslight to win an argument.

    Then it can also be applied to people being afraid of going the extra mile (of exploring the various boundaries) when it comes to experimenting with 'WiDAR', or anything else which would boost Rising World, or any other game. I love it when people go that extra mile in games showing what they truly care about, even boasting about the things they enjoy. I want to see more pure enjoyment and entertainment from people.


    "Very often, only once we get hurt badly are we finally forced to face our own laziness, ignorance, recklessness, or arrogance. There's nothing to regret, though. We have no way of seeing all the possibilities that lie ahead in the future, so we have to rely on clumsy trial-and-error to gain knowledge. Just think of pain as a tuition you have to pay."

    No pain, no gain. People are afraid of pushing their boundaries. In a Rising World sense I can also apply this in ways people are confused how to build roofs in Rising World, or struggling to accomplish anything. Test things out to then see how it goes. I sometimes dedicate days to experiment, to troubleshoot, etc. If it doesn't work maybe it'll work on another dedicated day. I spend days trying to figure out how to make roofs for my buildings, even mulling over it while I gather resources, etc. Trial-and-error. Experimentation.

    I don't want Genshin Impact to overshadow Rising World, it's just that I want to spread the wisdom, the same wisdom as noted by the 'Wisdom Archon' (God) of Genshin Impact. While Rising World grows there are things we can use in the Rising World realm to give us better experiences. She lurks in your dreams, she knows all. She used up all her magic causing her to be in her kid form, even though she used to be an adult. The world's pains and stresses takes a toll on both mortals and 'Gods' alike.

    Live life the best you can, do as much as you can, and try to make the most of what you can. Life can be truly unfair, it's games like these, Anime, and Rising World that allows us moments of peace. :monocle:

    Again, I can't wait for when Rising World rolls around into the API update so I can finally mod and customize Rising World to my desires. I also guess it's also a common occurrence I keep getting sick every other month, as I am now. No pain, no gain. Something Rising World does better is have more realistic mountains than Genshin Impact. Take solace in that fact that Rising World knows how to have realistic mountains, even ones outperforming Genshin Impact. It's closer to the mountains I've seen in British Columbia, and even Alberta.

    Lastly, if I offended Waveshapr in any form then I do apologize. Stress is stress and I'm trying to cope in my own manner. Anime is the way I vent and suppress my frustrations. I've had great moments in Rising World, hoping and wishing for when we get gliding and more music types in Rising World. I can't wait to play more Rising World, more so when we get fishing boat vessels, fishing, posters, horses, trains, etc. I want to reinstall the Jukebox plugin so I can have music blasting in my Rising World, even Rising World side of Waveshapr. Bring on the music. :wow:

    Ahhh yes in survival would be a frustrating thing for me to do fancier roofs. The resources id waste eeeekkkk


    I'm a person that can find a way to dedicate a day to resource hunting, another day for building, and then another chill (calmer) day to do the final touches. The third phase is something I'm doing now for most of my builds waiting on more fluff.:!:

    You can change texture size via C

    Excellent. Next session then, whenever that shall be. Being overwhelmed is fun. :monocle:

    One suggestion - play a bit with the Texture sizes. If you have bigger surfaces the texture is very repetitive in RW. But if you make it 0,5x or even 4x or in between you can get very nice patterns.

    Noted. If it's console command related I consider that "cheating" so I won't really use it. Everything has to be at my fingertips. All survival based. If it's in the 'C' menu I will take a look into it whenever I get motivation again. I got burnt out.

    Aye its what i do for hours on end haha, placiing and breaking placing and breaking, redo redo redo haaaha

    That's the natural nature of being a creative. Similar to at novelist scraps paper, as do we with our builds. It's genuinely fun at times, other times even making use of it in other builds. It's a fun learning process, as long as you haven't spent huge resources into the mix. :monocle:

    Time for a random post relating to "player movement", etc. A player on the Steam forums (claims to have development experience) constantly brings up many things, views me as a "villain", so I'm sharing it here instead for a more "neutral" take. I'm not telling Red51 to take things in this way, just that it's something to view and "consider" in a very light tone. Nothing serious. I doubt Rising World have parkour, though would be interesting if it tried.

    I'm not a fan of this game, I'm only viewing it for "scientific purposes". The whole movement system, the "vaulting" (spiderman webbing), wall climbing (also view Conan Exile), and gliding. Red51 said we would get gliding, and I'm still wishing for that hoping it'll be genuinely fun experience. I would LOVE to glide. As for "vaulting", that falls under 'hook shots', etc. Forgot what Red51's official statement was on that. Still have yet to hear about Red51's take on terrain climbing, structure climbing, etc.

    We've got ladders, and I have been using them. Gliding is a "WIP; Soon", and etc. If it isn't too much pressure or hassle it be nice to get some information on "vaulting", "gliding", etc.

    I'm just eager to "fly" and "glide" in Rising World. Saw that Youtube video so I'm curious to see if there is anything new on that front. Everything is for "scientific purposes". :monocle:

    Steps and paths I find fiddly to do. Oh and rooves on budlings sighs. Id rather pay someone to do mine hahaa

    I'm learning by observing other people's creations, even experimenting and fiddling with the controls since Day 1 of the biomes update. Trial and error, reverse engineering. It'll come to you in some form or another as you fiddle around. I have yet to do the stone path types.

    I guess a plug-in would help you in the future, maybe. As for roofs? I Just 'YOLO it. I go with the flow experimenting and fiddling around as well. Basically, it's random & experimental.

    Working on my docking area, but focus on the top left of the image, how that roof sticks out. Compare it with the interior of the smeltery building. 8)

    When in doubt, keep it simple.

    A quick example of 'Fibonacci Sequence' in Pixiv art, or at least in Genshin Impact.


    Katyusha Pravda

    2 weeks ago

    The golden ratio can also be found in Eula's body. I don't even joking, look at when she bends her body when dancing. That's a perfect golden ratio

    People may dislike it, it is however genuine. Math was used to make a dance pose visually pleasing. Schools teach math in a way you refuse to learn, there are more worthwhile ways of learning math when taught properly. Sure, maybe not "teasefully", more in a fun and enjoyable way. People learn subjects in boring ways in which video games is a good medium to learn things properly, even if it's through World War 2 games like Silent Hunter 3, Kantai Collection, or even Azur Lane. If you make things fun people will learn more readily and eagerly. People learned history from the likes of Rome Total War, even searching up various history channels on Youtube, etc, seeking out actual engaging educators and knowledgably folks. We need more proper influential educators and role-models, sadly corrupted by faux-political nonsense and weirdness everywhere. Canadian teachers are striking every year, even if they drive around in convertable BMW's telling their students to be all "hush hush" then bully their students every other day. It happened, no joke. How I love games and mediums that speak naturally without being corrupted. How I used to admire European mediums, now struggling to even find one piece of it. Rising World is that last bit of salvation. Granted, I've found other mediums, though one per year, or similar.

    Everything Pixiv would be considered "lewd" to people so have a Japanese Tsunami as an example. I'll have to dig deeper, but I guess this Tsunami is a good example than any.


    This now has me wondering if Rising World uses any form of 'Fibonacci Sequence', or if Rising World simply wants to be this semi-complex game staying on the "safe side". I'm curious what side of the fence Rising World wants to be on. I know I tend to set flames in my suggestions, I genuinely am curious how the original Rising World was intended to release on the market. Safely, or with some philosophical addictions. I wonder if Waveshapr even has any other musical additions I'm ignorant and unaware of. Should be interesting.

    I wonder if Rising World is hiding any artistic secrets in any front, whether it be model, music, or anything, or if Red51 may feel devious in adding it from here on out. May be something worth looking into, if able. I really am curious, I however would be too ignorant to genuinely spot it unless pointed towards it.

    Very secretive, very suspenseful.:monocle:

    It's quite interesting how deep music goes, even its own language that speaks to one and all. Not many people can grasp the full glory of music, only capable of comprehending half of it, or maybe more realistically a fraction of its full potential. It can be so much more, yet is often stunted by mainstream greed and nonsense. Following various musical artists I've come to appreciate music more and more finding deeper values, meaning, and languages within. I'm still ignorant, yet still overly grateful for what Anime, various musical composers, and others have taught others and myself; What I have come to comprehend. I've dabbed into a bit of music myself going more with feeling and vibes, I however am proud of ONE music track thanks to a German setting me off (in a competition) trying to claim my spot in a 'Petroglyph games forum' relating to music. I needed that spark, though its in a contest of not blaming him. I'm constantly outcasted by people for the stupidest of reasons. I wanted to secure my spot as a "music guy" for a community fan-fic.

    Music is my partner, it's my friend. I may not be fluent with it, I however love how it sooths and speaks to me. Actual properly composed music tracks, not ones made for cheap BGM purposes.


    My Music:

    One of my best tracks can be found on Soundcloud all made using Fruityloops. If I was to use Fruityloops again I'd be happy to mix music again, or at least try.

    - Internal Conflict (Battle Theme):

    - Varakitsu's Theme:

    (A theme for my blog's mascot, an arctic fox personification in human female form.)


    Music is a major theme in Japanese anime, as such in Macross series, or even the Chinese Genshin Impact scene. I've come to post about the overly popular 'Fibonacci Sequence', something the Japanese and Chinese love a LOT. I always see it, even via art (if used ironically, at times). My friend knocked me on not understanding music, and he may be right. I go with feeling over theories, and other stuff. Other people can out-logic me, I can however compose something through feelings. If it's actually music to other people is another thing, hence why I admire Asian (and European) composers a lot. I listen to a lot of non-mainstream music.

    - Composing music using math, Fibonacci Sequence for Genshin Impact's music.


    It's even referenced in a Korean game named 'Nikke', published by China's Tencent.

    This makes me genuinely curious to know at what level Waveshapr is on, or if they also make music on a "natural feeling" manner, or use "music logic" in their sense. I'm also curious thanks to a Youtuber, and ex Opera singer, Marco (MarcoMeatBall). Marco is able to tell how traits and personality of characters by the instruments, patterns, motifs, etc used in the musical language.

    Not just for Genshin either, I'm just using it because I'm a Genshin Impact fan. Pick any game, it's supposed to speak and actual language. Pick Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma, etc. Music is supposed to convey a mood, a scene, a language in a way people can comprehend. Whenever game developers, modders, indie developers, musical artist share their trade I always make note of what they share with others, to the best of my abilities and memories. Sadly, memory tends to fade so things come and go with the wind, I however do try my best to retain various information. I still however admire how free European media used to be, something the Japanese media is now, and the ever-growing Chinese market thanks to how corrupt and broken the North American market is over faux-politics. Nothing is free anymore, hence why those markets overseas are booming. I grew up with philosophical Europeans, and I miss not being around them anymore. Everything is so fake forcing me into the Asian market. I used to seek out European content, I partially do, while also admiring everything Asian with how failed the western market has become over fake thinking, beliefs, etc. It's also why I'm ghosted, even if other people's excuses deflect the reasoning elsewhere. Can't run from the truth.

    How I miss genuine storytelling and composing from the past, something becoming harder and harder. Something still captured in small pockets, or majorly in Asian markets.

    You can tell the mood in Das Boot, how brutal it is.

    Star Wars Andor has done a great job recently being true to Star Wars convoying the horrors of a growing Imperial Empire, the torture, the tension. The way Star Wars should be.

    Music is a way of life. Very philosophical, very emotional, very ...... speaks many tones. :nerd: