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    Unfortunately the specs you detail are in no way compatible with a price below 900 euros, especially the 500+ GB SSD hard disk space.

    The price for a 2in1 device with your minimum specs would be in the range of 1200-1600 euros with higher specs e.g. 1TB SSD or 16GB RAM going easily in the 2000+ range.

    The best/newest in the market devices I would recommend would be:

    1. Galaxy Book2 Pro:…ows-raphite/dp/B09TWRJHXK

    2. Microsoft Surface Pro 9:

    For reference even the extremely old Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is above 1000 euros with such specs:

    i just confirmed there are about 200 rising world torrents on the pirate bay website. dled one in a vm and it works. not sure what red can do about it.

    The answer is unfortunately nothing.

    If anyone could do anything about torrents and piracy it would have been done a long time ago by big studios with tonnes of lawyers (e.g. looking at your Blizzard). Some developers include extra code that executes when it detects pirated copies and basically breaks the game but that for one takes extra dev time and secondly is only good until the crackers notice it and patch it.

    PS: GoG allows you to try a game for up to a month (real time) and still refund it without question. (Better than the steam 2 hour playtime policy)

    I have spoken with Red about this and I suggested: which is much better and cleaner than any other I have seen so far plus it supports proper in game integration (i.e. no 3rd party mod managers etc.) for many game engines that he could implement for people to never need to visit an external website to get plugins/mods.

    The website is a public wiki which anyone can edit and uses the same software as Wikipedia.

    That is good :)

    The only concern someone might have over a privately owned wiki domain also tieing with Yaromid 's post too would be that you can't ensure it will be available forever while with a fandom or gamepedia domain you are certain that so long as the company exists it will be there, i.e. no concerns over if the owner will pay for the domain or the server hosting it etc.

    They also have tools for the devs to make the wiki official by appointing their moderators etc. It is more dev controlled that way and not so unofficial.

    Having said that private wikis/websites do exist and prosper in many gaming communities, it all comes down to the effort and dedication of the people behind it and the execution of their ideas.

    There are for sure several ways to go. We have chosen a path and will follow it. In the end its important to take a decision and follow that way :)

    Cool, yes ofc that is the most important thing. Btw what is that direction as I quickly scanned through the German thread but can't seem to see any specific mentions other than the discord server.

    Fandom is covered in adverts. <X

    True though adblock haha :P But joke aside the advantage of fandom is that it is fully publicly editable and anyone can, when they have time, join and leave the wiki project as they please.

    yep I tested too and it does compile and seem to work correctly but since the IDE error shows up I would try to either fix it or use something else instead just in case.

    btw removing the final flags from the variables fixes the warning but no idea why tbh.

    PS: not sure if you saw my message above after I last edited it but I would recommend using switch anyway as it is faster than if

    hey so I was in a hurry before when I replied and basically wanted to also ask as to why you are want to use a byte instead of an int, you already mentioned that it is for optimisation but I am not sure if that is actually the case.

    See this thread for example, it has a much better explanation than what I could write here about the topic:…ead-of-int-and-float-inst

    Also according to oracle's documentation: byte: The byte data type is an 8-bit signed two's complement integer. It has a minimum value of -128 and a maximum value of 127 (inclusive). The byte data type can be useful for saving memory in large arrays, where the memory savings actually matters. They can also be used in place of int where their limits help to clarify your code; the fact that a variable's range is limited can serve as a form of documentation.

    Did some more testing now and even though I am not sure why the else if brings up that warning I know that switch doesn't so to be safe I would recommend using that instead (it is also faster in most cases;))