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The world update is now finally available for the new version!

    Hey could you please post a screenshot of your filesystem where you placed the files?

    Note that the .jar file you downloaded should not be extracted! You need to simply copy it to your server as it is.

    I'm playing a pre-existing world on a server. I didn't know I was supposed to install my mod on someone else's server, no idea how that even works.

    Idk about all this tech stuff, I just want to run around and hoard resources and make things, hence the backpack. ;)

    I can always just go back to my lonely little SP empire, lol.

    Ahh yes all rising world plugins are server side so you would have to ask the owner of the server to install it in order to use it

    hmmm after a quick search I don't see any option to change that in the definitions database unfortunately. Maybe there is an option I am not seeing in the database red51 or is changing the ore detector ore list currently not possible?

    Small Note:

    The code directly is impossible to edit unless you are an expert, first of all java code is compiled and not just scripted and on top of that red has obfuscated it so you can't even read method names etc. to know what you are changing. And to make any change you would have to successfully decompile the whole game, reconstruct the .java files as .class files are the compiled versions, make the change, and then recompile the whole game again. i.e. impossible unless you really know what you are doing and have a lot of time to spare.

    ok I see and what exactly would you want to change in that file? What is your goal for starting this endeavour?

    hey sorry for the short delay in replying, you should not do /portal settarget Portal_IDNo 7 but instead /portal settarget 7 ;)

    let me know if that worked :)

    yahwho I have edited and removed the link, the post is quite old but well better than never :D

    midas Das Forum ist Zweisprachig, also Deutsch und Englisch. Neben dem Titel kann man sehen ob ein Thread auf Englisch, auf Deutsch oder auf beiden geantwortet sein soll. (z.B. dieser Thread hat das blaue Englisch Tag)

    First of all the Steam version allows for offline play as well (so long as the pc had internet at the time of download, so your file copying can't work with steam unfortunately) but ofc both versions (steam and standalone) will get the new update

    Sorry for the extreme delay in replying, I got caught up at work with a few important things.

    So what you will need is a database browser I recommend DB Browser for SQLite:

    Then you need to go to the game's files and extract the definitons.db from the commons.jar archive. That is found inside the archive under commons/definitions/definitions.db

    Then you need to open the definitions.db with the DB Browser and navigate to the table named Npcs.

    There find the animals you want to change the behaviour of and set the behaviour field from AGGRESSIVE to DEFAULT.

    Then save the changes via the "Write Changes" button and repack the definitions.db to replace the other one in the commons.jar archive

    If you have any more questions feel free to let me know :)

    But that is not a solution, the animal would still try to run up to the player to attack it would simply just not deal damage :/

    So if you wanted to have the hostile animals in a zoo or something they would always escape to run up to players and try to attack them but would end up not dealing damage to them.

    A real solution would be to set the hostile status of certain animals via the API which is not possible as far as I can tell.

    Das settarget Portal ist nur eine visuelle Darstellung von dem Portal Ziel Ort. Das Plugin speichert als Ziel die xyz Koordinaten wo du /settarget gemacht hast.

    Man steht im Portal (Blaue Farbe) um zu dem settarget Ziel Ort (Grüne Farbe) zum Teleportieren.