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    I would think that is intended behaviour as from the game's side the event happened and then a plugin decided to cancel its action.

    To avoid the player losing the blocks you would need to add them back to the inventory after cancelling the event

    I would recommend a bit more research before jumping to conclusions and crucifying disney/lucasfilms. From my understanding disney wanted to fire her for months anyway and she just handed them a reason in a silver platter.

    Maybe her last comment that actually got her fired was not the most controversial thing she did but she definitely did do a lot of the other things they accuse her of e.g. mocking pronouns by adding beep/boop as her pronouns on twitter only to later retract claiming "she didn't understand pronouns" (come on it is 2021...)

    The youtuber (Vera something) you posted the link of seems unaware or simply chooses to ignore the other things she did do and there is evidence of.

    Not saying that any of that should have got her fired but let's not pretend she was a full on puppy democrat.

    For survival.. In that case we can get rid of most work benches. Why have a grinder? Just do it in inventory. Why have a spinning wheel? And so on

    I like the idea to recycle unused blocks. But just change the shape with a click is not what I'm used to from rw :(

    Not really the same thing though, all that would change is that instead of picking the shape of a block on the blockbench you would just craft a generic block there and choose the shape when placing it.

    Gameplay-wise it doesn't change anything really unlike getting rid of crafting benches that you mentioned. Also the recycling would still be there for when you made too many blocks of a specific kind that you no longer need.

    Unless ofc you really need the immersion value of a block costing 4 stone while a half block costing 2 stone or a triangle block 3 stone to make etc.

    I had like potatoes all over the place and they just kept hanging mid air for hours, so I did not see that happening. But thanks for info I guess I have to look at some setting for how long I allow items to be laying around, remember I changed that because they kept loosing there tools, but that is some time ago, so I'll goo dicking, anyhow thanks.

    it is the settings_item_despawntime (see for more info: Overview of "")

    FYI they disappear by themselves after a minute or so anyway ;)

    The plugin API doesn't support models with multiple textures atm if I am not mistaken, that is why the plugin was probably made that way and doesn't either.

    If the model is using multiple texture files UV mapped on it there is no way I know to bake that into a single texture file for the game to use. The only way would be to either use shaders in e.g. blender and bake a texture out of them or to hand draw the texture on the model

    What you can try:

    1) Right click on the risingWorld.exe file and select properties, then go to the compatibility tab and tick the "Disable Full Screen Optimisations" tick box

    2) Go into windows settings and disable mouse trails if you have them enabled

    Hope it helps

    oooh it is a pingperfect server, we have had problems with them in the past, you need to contact them and tell them to fix the problem on their end.

    I think it has to do with writing permissions and the plugins not being able to write/access on their databases.

    hmm that is really weird, not sure what to make of it without full access to the server to try things out :/

    Could you please do the following:

    0) shut down the server

    1) delete the whole Portals folder (make a backup before). The one directly under plugins

    2) create a new Portals folder under plugins

    3) download the .jar from the first post here and place it inside alone (without extracting it, the META-INF, resources and Portals folders should not be there)

    4) start the server again

    5) is a folder called assets created with a .db file in it next to the .jar automatically?

    hmm that is weird, and after doing /portal select if you click on the map nothing happens? no red square appears to select area?

    Do you maybe also have the portals script installed on your server that could be interfering?

    When you removed all files and only uploaded the jar it makes sense that your existing portals didn't work as the database file was missing but you should have been able to create new ones. Could you please post a screenshot showing the full filesystem tree? I might be able to spot something out of place then :/

    As well as maybe a screenshot of the exact command you are typing in game?

    hmm that doesn't look right, did you extract the .jar file? You shouldn't do that, just place it as it is inside the Portals folder. It should be:


    and once it runs on the server a .db file will be generated too in the Portals directory.

    ok thanks that is indeed weird, and all that is in the plugins folder right? "plugins" with small "p" right?

    Then inside the Portals folder there is only a Portals.jar and a .db file correct?

    hmm honestly there isn't a lot they could have done on their side for it to stop working.

    1) When you say it doesn't work do you get any errors?

    2) If you type in the commands in the chat what happens? Nothing at all?

    3) What does your file structure on the server look like atm? Could you post a screenshot?

    There is really no reason it would stop working as it hasn't been updated or anything but if you want to try that simply delete the Portals.jar file from your server and redownload the one from the first post here, make sure to not delete the database .db file!