Overview of "server.properties"

  • Property nameExample
    admins76561197970685866Specifies the admins on the server (put SteamID64 there)
    contacthelp@awesome-server.comA contact address (homepage or mail), just to provide a way for players to contact you (optional)
    database_mysql_connections10Max. amount of simultaneous database connections (only when using MySQL)
    database_mysql_databasemydatabaseName of the MySQL database (only when using MySQL)
    database_mysql_password12345MySQL password (only when using MySQL)
    database_mysql_server_ip127.0.0.1MySQL server IP (only when using MySQL)
    database_mysql_server_port3306MySQL server port (only when using MySQL)
    database_mysql_userrootMySQL database username (only when using MySQL)
    database_typesqliteDefines if the world should be stored via SQLite (default) or MySQL
    plugins_enabledtrueDefines if plugins should be enabled or not
    plugins_error_threshold10Sets the max amount of tolerable plugin errors. If the threshold is exceeded, the server will be terminated
    plugins_jdk_pathC\:\\\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.8.0_91Path to the JDK, only needed if you want to compile a project/plugin on the fly. Make sure to escape colons and backslashes
    rcon_enabledtrueDefines if RCON should be enabled
    rcon_password12345RCON password
    rcon_port4253RCON port
    server_custom_logomyLogo.pngSets an optional custom server logo for the loading screen (people will see this logo when connecting to the server). Just put the according image (jpg, png, gif) into the server folder and provide the image name here
    server_http_ip175.234.46.23Only set this if your server listens on a different ip than the outgoing ip. In most cases you can leave this field blank
    server_ip175.234.46.23Server ip. In case of doubt leave this field blank, especially when running the server on your local machine
    server_list_visibletrueDefines if the server should be visible in the server list
    server_memory1024Sets the amount of memory the server is supposed to allocate (only when using one of the start scripts)
    server_nameMy Awesome ServerServer name
    server_password12345Server password. When leaving the field blank, no password is used
    server_port4255Server port
    server_screen_titlerw-serverName for "screen" (Linux only!)
    server_world_disabled_dungeonsunderground,underwater,surfaceDisables certain dungeons types when generating a new world. Leave blank if you don't want to disable any dungeons
    server_world_disabled_npcsbear,tigerDisables certain animals. Leave blank if you don't want to disable any animals
    server_world_disabled_watersourcesunderground,underwater,surfaceDisables certain water types when generating a new world. Leaves blank if you don't want to disable any water sources
    server_world_generatecavestrueDefines if new worlds should generate caves
    server_world_generatevegetationstrueDefines if new worlds should generate vegetations
    server_world_nameNew WorldThe name of the world (if no such world is available, a new one will be created)
    server_world_oreamount3Amount of ores in the world, 0 - 4 (only used when creating a new world)
    server_world_seedabcd1234Defines the seed that will be used when generating a new world
    server_world_startbiomeOptional start biome. Keep blank for default setting. Valid biomes: defaultbiome, drybiome, coldbiome, oceanbiome
    server_world_typeNormalDefines the worldtype when generating a new world (valid names: Default, Superflat, Surreal)
    settings_admins_all_permissionstrueDefines if admins (according to server.properties) should gain full permissions automatically. Ignores the permission file for admins
    settings_blacklistedfalseDefines if the server should use a blacklist (you have to create a "blacklist" file in server directory, 1 uid per line)
    settings_check_versiontrueDefines if there should be a version check when starting the server
    settings_chests_drop_itemstrueDefines if chests should drop all their content in the world when they're destroyed
    settings_create_serverlogtrueDefines if the server should automatically create a log
    settings_create_worldbackuptrueDefines if a backup of the world should be created when a new update requires a world conversion
    settings_deadnpc_despawntime300Amount of seconds until dead npc (e.g. animals) despawn
    settings_deadplayers_creategravetrueDefines if a grave cross should be created when dead player bodies despawn
    settings_deadplayers_despawntime1800Amount of seconds until dead player bodies despawn
    settings_default_gamemodesurvivalSets the default game mode for new worlds
    settings_default_newplayer_groupguestDefines the default group for new players. Leave this field blank if new players should not be assigned to a particular group
    settings_delete_old_serverlogs_hours168Amount of hours until old serverlogs will be deleted
    settings_illegal_state_limit50Amount of "illegal states" (suspicious client packets the server received, either due to a bug or due to hacks) until a player will be kicked automatically
    settings_item_despawntime600Amount of seconds until dropped items despawn
    settings_max_npc-1Max num of npcs in the world. -1 means no limit
    settings_max_players256Max. amount of players that are allowed on the server
    settings_npc_spawnrate_animals1.0Spawn frequency of animals. 1.0 is default setting, 2.0 means double amount of animals, 0.5 half amount etc. Do not set higher values than 2.0!
    settings_npc_spawnrate_enemies1.0Spawn frequency of enemies (e.g. bandits). 1.0 is default setting, 2.0 means double amount of enemies, 0.5 half amount etc.
    settings_npc_spawnrate_enemies_dungeon1.0Spawn frequency of dungeon enemies (skeletons). 1.0 is default setting, 2.0 means double amount of enemies, 0.5 half amount etc.
    settings_npc_bandits_spawn_dayfalseDetermines if bandits should be allowed to spawn during the day (otherwise they just spawn at night)
    settings_npc_respawn_cooldown1800Cooldown (in seconds) for npc respawn. If an npc spawns, no more npcs can spawn in the same chunk if the cooldown is still active
    settings_npc_respawn_cooldown1800Cooldown (in seconds) for npc respawn. If an npc spawns, no more npcs can spawn in the same chunk if the cooldown is still active
    settings_peacefulmode_enabledfalseDefines if the "peaceful mode" should be enabled (animals no longer attack players)
    settings_pvp_enabledtrueDefines if PVP should be enabled (players being able to attack other players)
    settings_reserved_namesfalseIf true, you can reserve player names for certain uids (create a file "reservednames" in server directory which contains 1 entry per line "name:uid")
    settings_show_luapluginstrueDefines if the server should provide information (http query) about the Lua scripts that are currently in use
    settings_show_playerplaytimetrueDefines if the server should provide information (http query) about the playtime of particular players
    settings_spawn_protection15Determines how long (in seconds) newly spawned players will be ignored by npcs (i.e. npcs will not attack this player for this amount of time)
    settings_stamina_enabledtrueDefines stamina is active on this server
    settings_start_weatherovercastSets an initial weather type for the server
    settings_time_speed1.75Defines how many realtime seconds one ingame minute take (e.g. when using a value of 60, one ingame minute takes exactly 60 realtime seconds)
    settings_tnt_spawn_itemstrueDefines if tnt explosions should spawn items (ores) that can be picked up
    settings_weather_enabledtrueDefines if weather should be enabled or not
    settings_weather_presetsunnySets a weather preset. Set "sunny" to have mostly good weather and only short bad-weather periods, set "default" to have the default weather behaviour, set "unsettled" to have a unsettled weather (rainy, barely any sun etc)
    settings_whitelistedfalseDefines if the server should use a whitelist (you have to create a "whitelist" file in server directory, 1 uid per line)
    webadminPlayernameNo longer used!

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