[Plugin] Planks 'n Beams (updated) v0.7.0

The world update is now finally available for the new version!
  • Hello Together,

    as i was very successful in taking over GPS and rwgui I now also have taken PNB Plugin for further development and maintaining.
    I also want to thank @Miwarre for this great plugin his last Version can be found here: [Plug-in] Planks 'n Beams with ANY (built-in) texture

    For any bugs or feature requests leave a comment here or in the GI Discord found here: https://discord.gg/XAXV7BJ
    There will also be SNAPSHOT releases on the discord and hot-fixes!

    Install instructions and stuff can be found here: https://github.com/Devidian/oz…pnb/blob/master/README.md


    Hallo zusammen,

    da ich ja schon ziemlich erfolgreich das GPS und rwgui Plugin von @Miwarre übernommen habe, habe ich nun auch das PNB Plugin für Wartung und Weiterentwicklung übernommen.
    Ich möchte @Miwarre auch für dieses tolle Plugin danken, ich glaube es ist eins der nützlichsten überhaupt zur Zeit. Seine letzte Version findet ihr hier: [Plug-in] Planks 'n Beams with ANY (built-in) texture

    Für Fehler und Feature Anfragen bitte einfach einen Beitrag hier im Forum hinterlassen oder dem GI Discord beitreten ( https://discord.gg/XAXV7BJ )
    Im Discord gibt es auch SNAPSHOT Versionen und hot-fixes!

    Installationsanleitung aktuell nur in englisch hier zu finden: https://github.com/Devidian/oz…pnb/blob/master/README.md

    Kurz: Beide zip Dateien in den plugin Ordner entpacken. Falls noch vorhanden kann das rwgui Plugin gelöscht werden!


    GIT: https://github.com/Devidian/oz_rw_plugin_pnb


  • I have just updated my pnb plugin and would like to thank you for all the work that you do for people in RW this is much appreciated by me and I am sure by other. Again many thanks. PS like you new picture. ^^

    Thanks ;) I Think its a great game and those good plugins make it even greater so it would be sad if nobody takes care of them ;)

    PS: Made it here: https://avatarmaker.com/ the old was from there too - but yeha it was old :)

  • I can not believe that you really followed the instructions letter by letter. Because you are the first one complaining such issues @ArcaneDesmond.

    I think you just forgot to install the shared folder correctly.

    PS: I have to correct @sharkbitefischer, rwgui is now part of shared 0.6.0 and not needed anymore if using this lib.

  • Okay, I was a bit on edge yesterday because I was in a lot of pain and there was probably a better way to approach this. This morning I cleared the Rising World cache and removed all the plugins. After doing this I cleaned up Java and the DNS Cache then proceeded to install these mods again one at a time. Installed the potato cannon & backpacks because well I like them, then yours following the instructions on the Github. I figured out what went wrong from there. I tried to install Omega Zirkel Tools which must of been a prior version as the instructions said we needed it. Today when I looked again there was a link to a (shared.zip_file) which had what I needed and it is what you have above as well. Didn't see that link before. My apologies, didn't want to upset you and as I said there probably was a better way to approach this. I am Sorry, problem has been resolved and it's working just fine.

  • Moin @Devidian

    Ich hatte mich grade mit ein paar Spielern unterhalten und wir würden es begrüßen, wenn PnB mit Iconomy kompatibel ist.
    Ich hab bei mir ein Shop wo man alles mit Geld bekommt, das würde ich gern beibehalten, aber den Spielern die "faulheit" gewären,
    dass sie sich ihre eingefärbten Bretter und Co einfach von Zuhause aus bestellen können. ^^

    wär das evtl möglich ?


  • Muss ich mal gucken hab mit iconomy noch nicht gearbeitet.

    Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, helfe ich dir gerne!

    Es ist eigentlich nicht schwer!

    Geld abziehen: iConomy.takeCash(long UID, float menge) oder iConomy.takeBank(long UID, float menge)!
    Geld hinzufügen: iConomy.giveCahs(long UID, float menge) oder iConomy.giveBank(long UID, float menge)

    Alle Methoden geben ein Boolean zurück: true, wenn Geld erfolgreich abgezogen worden ist oder false, wenn nicht (z.B. Wenn Spieler nicht genug Geld hat - Wird verwendet um z.B. Events abzubrechen)

    Und wenn du die Währung brauchst: iConomy.getCurrency()

  • remember there are those of us out here that don't use iconomy and use other economy plugins. You can do as I do and sell the materials to make the pnb out of and just make the planks in pnb. I for 1 do not wish to use iconomy and prefer minotorious's economy system.

    This is one good point, i dont even want any economy system myself right now on my server.

    In any case this is something that must be implemented with care and as optional feature. In case of PNB even with options to set price on each material/type.

    Anybody is free to fork my git and implement it. I am currently working on my RisingMaps Plugin and do not have time for such a feature right now as it will consume some of my short time.

  • Does anybody have a list of currency plugins and a link to their API ? If i decide to implement other currency plugins, all must have the same API Interface to get this working.

    I'm currently planning my own currency plugin which then may be optionally integrated into any plugin.
    I decided to to create my own because of my other planned Plugin that should have some sort of buy options but i prefer some other style of currency handling... but i want to give everybody else to decide on their own which currency system they want to use. So it makes sense to have a currency API standard for all currency Plugins. My Plugin will of course be open source on Git like all my other plugins.

  • ja aber ich finde in deinem thread weder einen link zum sourcecode noch das angebliche zip mit dem Javadoc das irgendwo angesprochen wird - oder ich bin blind :D.

    Und @sharkbitefischer hat von einem anderen gesprochen. Wenn dann unterstütze ich mehrere und nicht nur eins. Dazu muss aber zumindest die API vernünftig und vollständig sein und bei allen identisch.

    Deshalb die frage nach einer Liste, vielleicht gibt es ja noch eins von dem hier keiner geredet hat bisher

  • you can use the size command to make a glass pane into the shape of a plank or beam. Need to open command window (usually the tilda key) and type: s 1 2 3

    The 3 numbers relate to the height width and length. You may have to adjust the numbers to figure out which number relates to which dimension.

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