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    Currently the collision during fly mode is optional - the noclip behaviour like in the Java version can be enabled by setting Game_NoClipping to true in the file ;) But maybe it makes sense to move this setting to the permissions, so admins can disable this behaviour :thinking:

    I think it would be great to have it in permissions for the fact of being able to allow flying for normal players, with them not being able to pass through things, yet still have the noclipping set for admin so they can still do there job.

    I don't know if they have fixed this yet but, be careful of the size of explosion you are setting. We would have demo parties on my server, when I ran a server, and when we set off to many sticks of TNT at the same time the server would crash.

    how about just building a fire place and using a camp fire in it :) use a torch for pot bellied stoves. Think about how it was in the old west. heat went through walls then and rocks held heat through the night.

    try using the GPS plugin and when you get where you want use /sethome and /home to use or use yahgiggle's area protection plugin and and seting a home point that way. :) there are a cuple others that will do similar.

    you can also set the Bird with a blueprint, if made out of pnb, and using the positioning commands to set it in the air. Also you can place a board and set a poster in place then remove the board to get a walk through curtain. Is good for hiding secret passages.

    It would be nice if we had a cuple sets of double doors. That way we could have them both open out or in, rather then turning 1 door around and setting the second door in the open position, like it were closed so that when you closed the door it swings to the open position. It is difficult to align the doors as it is and I believe you need blueprints to do it.

    I believe that you will have to hit L again if you take the helm off and put it back on. The only time it stays on is if you are an admin and then it does not need the helm at all. Normal players have to use the helm. L is just the on off switch. :)

    I have found that as long as steam has been installed on both computers, you can install the steam engine and all your games on an external hard drive and switch the drive between the different computers. just make a shortcut to the steam.exe and you should be able to start in offline mode unless you hit try again. if you hit try again it will go to the sign in page and not stop till it gets internet access. As long as you sign in in offline mode you should have no ploblems. Some games can be copied into the steamapps/common/game file without internet access and others will require internet till the game has been updated and installed properly. you have to just try or you can do a game backup from a comp withh access then restore it to your offline build. I can not guarantee this will work but most of the time it does for me. Hope this helps. This is on windows of course. I haven't tried it with linux yet. If you do like me and install on an external HDD, to add games or update the system and games, just plug the drive into a comp with net access that steam has been installed on and update, then swicth the drive back to the other comp. Important, the reason for installing steam on both comps is to get the registry entries for steam so it will run properly. Once you have that, you can run any other build of steam on that comp from any drive hooked to that comp. You can delete the original steam file system created when you install steam and just run off the build on the external drive. You may run into needing the net for installing registry entries that the games are reliant on but I have found most will work.

    Well I see no Linux64 folder in the server so this means I need to install the server from steamcmd. I just copied the server over from windows.also what file are the environmental variables kept in? If what is to be amended is in the, this is what is there.


    cd $(pwd)

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$(pwd)/linux64:$(pwd):$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"

    if [ ! -x "`which java`" ]; then echo "You have to install java first!"; exit 1; fi

    MEMORY=$(grep -i 'server_memory' | tr -d '\n\r' | cut -f2 -d'=')

    if [ -z "$MEMORY" ]; then

    echo "${txtred}No server_memory set. Server starts with 1024mb memory${txtreset}"



    if ! [[ $MEMORY =~ ^[0-9]+$ ]]; then

    echo "${txtred}The property 'server_memory' is not numeric${txtreset}"

    exit 1;


    java -Xmx${MEMORY}m -Xms$(($MEMORY/2))m -jar server.jar

    I use this command to start the server.

    java -Xmx8G -Xms4G -jar server.jar +maxplayers=4 +servername=Rosalia Test

    I am a moderate linux user so please forgive my inability.

    Ok, I installed the server with steamcmd and the linux64 folder is now there. What file do I have to append to fix this?

    I have set up a standalone server on my debian 9 build. It seems to want to start but I get an error right at the end and the server shuts down. I disabled all plugins and it still happens.
    Here is the log.


    I am setting it up to run on hamachi so no issue with opening ports. I don't believe I have a firewall, atleast I never installed ufw and there is no response from any of it's commands. I am in a root terminal. not loged in as root it keeps saying

    2020/06/17 03:59 PM: Steam Server Connect failed... (NoConnection)

    till I make the server shut down

    on restart of server as non su - it does the same as it did as when signed in as root user.

    I always though it would be cool if people could set their own claim areas to pvp or not. so if someone wanted to make a dungeon or fighting arena (area) they could then set their claim to pvp. Those that dont like pvp can just leave their claim areas set for nonpvp. Of course you would need to have an indicator on the screen telling you that you just walked into a pvp area.

    I second this completely. I would want my server to be pve except for small arena areas that challenges can be settled in.