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    looks and sounds you say, every time you get close to the doors, the elevator triggers and the ding goes off. It might be nice to have some way to tell that the elevator is on the way. It is difficult to tell if you have triggered the elevator call. It is not necessary but would be nice.

    Thanks for the answer. Now that we are getting plugins that are starting to use the chat for commands, I think it would be time to get that adjustment ability installed. It made a big difference in the java version for me :)

    ok I have tried both versions now. Both versions still use the lower case I to set the elevator, not the lower case L. When I log out and back in after setting the elevator. when it realigns, the floor of the elevator is dropping below ground level. I am not sure weather I like the just crossing center point to activate the elevator or just activating it when entering and crossing center point. I would prefer a button system myself but I know it is early in development.

    second version just sets the elevatore floor below ground level and spams the chat with activation/recall commands.

    first spams coordinats while moveing.

    Almost forgot to say how much I liked the new interior of the elevator. :)

    try scrolling the portal group up or down with the button at either end in the /portals window. There is a list but you just don't see them all at the same time.

    alternately you can get a DB browser and edit the data base by hand. You can see all the portal sets at the same time that way. Just go to the Browse data tab after opening the .db file in the browser and the list should just be there. DB Browser for sqlite is a good 1.

    also the name is in white with black framing just inside the corona at the top of the portals. they are very small so get close to be able to see them. That is being worked on for a new update.

    I was just thinking, you know those old freight elevators that have the sliding accordian gates you have to open before you can get out or have to open it by hand before you get in, you might try something like that. The old old old european and colonial elevatores were something like that.

    have the doors mark the floors. They open and can still be seen but become recessed in a wall when you build around it.The box can then just move from door set to door set. You might want to make the doors dubble like a real elevator. an inner set that moves with the box and opens with the outer doors on each floor. this would cover up the floors seen while moving

    isn't the i key used for player information on servers? might use the L instead, lower case of course. Not bad for a concept but here again I would make world reliant data bases for different worlds. You are adding things to the world that doesn't need to be in all worlds created in single player. I have many more suggestions but will save them to see where you are going with this.

    After more testing , I tried to make a second elevator right next to the original 1 I made and the first elevator comes down to the ground then the second elevator goes up and they freeze in place. then I exit the game and restart RW and go back into the world and the second elevator is gone. just reporting my findings.

    also get real close to the portal and look in the corona just above the portal and the name is there. yahgiggle needs to add an adjustment for name placing and size of font. Right now the name font is verry small just above the portal as I have said :)

    I just confirmed that the names are in the portal like you described but they are black and hard to see as well as half recessed in the portal dimming half of what is there. It might be good if you could place the name offset from the portal rather then right on it. I understand that the pivot point might be a little tricky to manage. Might help to put a white background on the name plate to offset the black letters.

    when will the names of the portals start showing or is there a way to do it now? Also we should be able to rename the exit portal so we know where it leads. I guess we could put both destinations in the name but I think it would look better if we could adjust the exit portal's name.

    red51 I am finding that I can set protected areas but when I go to edit area name or add a player or anything, it is saying insufficient permissions. I also am finding that I am getting same message when I try to change player groups. How do I fix this? HELP PLEASE!!!