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    wow when I added itemgive true to the default group it gave me the axe although I was set for the builders group. I wonder about fall damage now.

    no fall damage is already set to false so that 1 isn't working.

    at least I got the item command to work . It mat be the wrong way to do it but it is working lol.

    I made it in a builders file that was a copy of the default file. just for kicks I will add it to the default file and see what happens.

    also "nofalldamage": false, does not seem to work although hunger and thirst do work, I am not sure about temp yet.

    red51 Thanks for the info. To bad the self claiming isn't working. These settings you gave us should do the trick. I am sorry for all the trouble. On another note we still have problems with using console commands inside a claim. We have to step outside the areas to use the console commands.

    red51 yesterday I entered a server where all the area protections were removed and my build was destroyed. We got the server fixed and reset a cuple areas and left the server with a password on it to test if the areas would stay and they did. I let it set for 12 hrs with a password on it an all looked good so I removed the password to allow traffic as usual, I came home tonight to all the areas gone, my build was destroyed after I fixed it last night and I believe other admins had damage to there builds too. It appears that if you allow default players the ability to make there own areas that they can also remove other areas too and this is a problem. I have not tested this theory yet but I will let you know what I find. If this is the case it makes self claiming useless.

    How do you restrict the setting of area protection and still allow creative tools?

    Will "areatools"; false do the trick, allowing gm1 but disabling the f9 area protection tool?

    ok, it seems the restart stabilized the areas made but I found another problem. if I am inside an area and try to use showareas in the console or use hideareas in console it won't work, but if I step outside the area it works perfect. In fact I have problems using tod 8 while inside an area too. I have everything turned on in admin permissions too. This is dependably happening to me. I also have all permissions turned on for the area owners permissions. And I have my default permission set at lockout with nothing allowed but to leave the area. I am the owner.

    I made a small moon in the air :)

    we had griefers over night too and they did damage to our spawn as well as my moon.

    After the restart the areas seem to be holding now. I checked the data base and only the 2 areas we had just made were in it. Originally there were more. can't do anything about them now but I will check on things a little later and let you know if anything changes.

    Since the small update to the server yesterday, I came back to the area protection not working on my server this morning and all the areas on my server were gone, and my moon is a mess. Areas can be remade but why did they all disappear?

    with more testing, the areas that are newly set are not holding and disappearing. I am also having problems with some of the console commands until I do a setplayergroup name admin

    then they start working again, undependably, but when I log out and back in the group setting doesn't hold and I have to do it all over again. I have checked my file and my permissions and all seem to be in order. The problem with the console commands maybe a lag problem.

    We reset a password for security and restarted the server and then went to testing again and the areas seem to be holding this time but I do not trust them. I will let you know more in a little bit.

    Thanks red51, This is not disrupting things other then it looks bad. It was something I thought you should look at. It is not quite the same as @Groovaholic is describing, but it has to do with long range rendering like you say. I also experience what @Groovaholic is showing. I see you are aware of the problem and intend on fixing it so I am not worried about it. :) Thanks for responding and shedding some light on the problem.

    I made a small moon at max build altitude (1088 meters), it looks like this

    as you move away you start to see streaks all the way to the ground

    you move even farther away and it looks like this

    and as I said before it goes all the way to the ground

    It is also visible from the ground.

    when you stand under it on the ground you can see it normally.

    I think this also happens in single player. I thought you would like to know.

    Thanks red. I hadn't messed with adding players to groups but it seems to be working fine :) The lock out and lock in functions should be fun to mess with. Can we turn on pvp just inside the areas ? It appears that we can. That would be great if it works :D I don't see blueprints being restricted in the permissions. Could we have an option to prevent blueprints being made in our areas? I ask for privacy reasons, so people won't just go shopping on the different servers for builds that people want to keep private.

    thanks and will be looking forward to the update for a few reasons now :)

    noclip works very well and will do very well until the update fix :)

    is there a way to restrict the noclip command from the default permission group?

    thank you. just what I wanted to know. Can Admin just be set up to be able to fly through the world since there is a problem with the admin and group admin settings? I feel the ability for admin would be good for setting underground claims.


    I set

    "noclipping": true,

    in my admin.json file and it does not work for admin permissions even if you makeadmin or if you setplayergroup again

    I also added


    to the end of my files and that does not work either.