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    I've been keeping an eye on the updates for a while now and I am so very proud of how far the development has come. red51 You have done an outstanding job! I'm looking forward to playing the game again after all this time and seeing how much it has changed. I'll miss all the benches from the old version but with time I can get used to the new system. Keep up the amazing work.

    Changing textures or blocks on the fly is something we can do in creative mode. However, when it comes to survival? I kind of like the block bench as it separates this game from most others such as Minecraft. Sure we don't have a 2x2 grid but the simple kind of works but there's always a trash can. We have a mining drill and it mines a stack of stone in less than a minute and a chainsaw that takes down a tree fairly fast. Please bear in mind we also have that tier-II workbench that could be used for creating advanced machinery later on. Perhaps you need over 2K lumber or type of block for a building project? You create it pops up as a blueprint, put it together add electricity, and voila it works. The point is let's leave the block bench in for survival and look to other methods because in creative mode you can change all these. In survival, if we're going for realistic? Why not grind that material down for something else or simply void it in a trashcan then get more material.

    I set out on a mission today to gather all the objects and play with some commands within Rising World. The new version of course why play the old? So together we dig deep as I can at least without a crowbar or sledgehammer those blocks are just impossible to get! I must find another way :):wow: I Love Rising World and this new version got me all Giddy. If red51 can build with blocks, beams, logs and more why can't we right? So let's figure this out together! ;)

    I got another video for everyone out there I released today well it kind of released at 12 PM EST and I forgot to share it. So here I am ^^. Anyway in this video, I give you a bit of a tutorial on how to gain some massive FPS for the new version of the game and kind of forgot to add a link for that will take of that right after this share. In this video, We have some fun in Rising World and even discover a bit about creative mode! The way I look at it is this... If red51 can build with planks, beams, logs, and blocks? Why can't we? So I'm digging through creative mode to see what I can come up with for a new episode! Hope you enjoy this one :D;)

    Okay so after playing the playable demo for a bit I leaped into the config settings and compared it to the old config of the original Rising World made some changes and here is a copy, paste of the changes I made on my end for massive FPS increase which could help many of you. I hope this helps you all out there to be able to play the "new version" of the game. Now how to make these changes? Go into the game files select the new version open the config with Notepad++. Then just copy the below text and select the same in your config file. Paste it over top of it as this will replace what is already there. I will make a video on how to do this as well instead of Minecraft for Sunday there will be a tutorial for this. Make sure to save the config ini file and close Notpad++ and run the game. You will now have a significant FPS boost.

    ## Rising World Version 0.1.2 (0) Settings ##


    # Enables or disables the ambient occlusion effect


    # Ambient occlusion intensity (0-4)


    # Enables or disables anisotropic filtering for textures


    # Anti-Aliasing mode. 0 = off, 1 = FXAA, 2 = TAA, 3 = SMAA


    # Enables or disables the bloom effect


    # Bloom effect intensity (0-1). Default: 0.56


    # Bloom effect quality (0-2). Default: 1


    # Bloom effect threshold. Default: 0.56


    # Enables or disables the blur effect (which is visible when the menu is active, for example)


    # Global brightness (between -1.0 and 1.0)


    # Enables or disables the chromatic aberration effect


    # Chromatic aberration quality (0-1)


    # Global contrast (between -100 and 100). Default: 0


    # Enables or disables decals. Default: true


    # Enables or disables the depth-of-field effect


    # Depth-of-field distance. Higher values result in less blur


    # Depth-of-field start range factor. Default: 0.6


    # Display mode. 0 = Fullscreen, 1 = Borderless fullscreen (default), 2 = Maximized window, 3 = Windowed


    # Enables or disables dithering to reduce color banding


    # If true, light effects (like flickering lights etc) will be active. Has minor impact on performance


    # If true, chunks will be smoothly faded out when detaching


    # Enables or disables the film grain effect


    # Film grain intensity (0-1)


    # Film grain response (0-1)


    # Film grain type (0-9)


    # Field-of-view (FOV) of camera. Default: 75


    # Global gamma (between -1.0 and 1.0)


    # Determines if grass should be enabled. It's highly recommended to keep that set to true


    # Enables or disables shadow casting for grass. 0 = off, 1 = basic, 2 = full shadowing


    # Enables or disables HDR (High Dynamic Range Rendering)


    # If true, buildings stay visible until distance > LOD view distance


    # Global LOD bias. Default: 1.0


    # If true, there will be a smooth cross-fade when changing LOD levels. Has impact on performance


    # Duration of transitions between different LOD levels


    # Max LOD level. Default: 0


    # LOD terrain mesh resolution (1 = full, 2 = half, 4 = quarter etc)


    # Enables or disables shadow casting for LOD terrain. 0 = off, 1 = basic, 2 = full shadowing


    # Max ingame frames per second (use this to cap your framerate artificially)


    # Visible distance for punctual lights. Higher values have a big impact on performance


    # Max number of active punctual lights. Higher values have a big impact on performance


    # Visible distance for punctual light shadows, relative to light distance (0-1)


    # Monitor which should display the game (default: 0). Only relevant when having more than one monitor


    # Enables or disables motion blur effect


    # If true, camera motion is also considered for this effect - otherwise just object motion


    # Motion blur intensity. Default: 1


    # If true, objects will also be generated in LOD chunks. Default: false


    # Refresh rate (default: 0 = automatic handling)


    # Optionally resizes the output resolution. Use a lower value (< 1) to improve performance. Default: 1


    # Screen width (horizontal resolution). Most screens are 1920


    # Screen height (vertical resolution). Most screens are 1080


    # Global saturation (between -100 and 100). Default: 10


    # Shadow quality. 0 = off, 1 = very low, 2 = low, 3 = medium, 4 = high, 5 = custom


    # Enables or disables shadows completely. Shadows have a considerable impact on performance


    # Bone count for mesh skinning. 1, 2 or 4


    # SMAA quality. 0 = low, 1 = medium, 2 = high


    # Enables or disables glitter / sparkling of snow


    # Enables or disables soft blending for particles


    # Enable this only if you experience render issues (screen flickering)


    # TAA sharpen strength (0-2). Only relevant when anti-aliasing mode is set to TAA


    # Enables or disables distance blending for terrain to avoid tiling. Has a small impact on performance


    # Enables or disables height-based terrain blending


    # Enables or disables shadow casting for terrain. 0 = off, 1 = basic, 2 = full shadowing


    # Texture quality (0-2)


    # Enables or disables mipmap streaming. Reduces VRAM consumption


    # Max number of texture file io calls (only if streaming is enabled). Default is 1024


    # Max miplevel reduction per texture (only if streaming is enabled). Default is 2


    # Max memory budget for texture streaming (only if streaming is enabled). Default is 512


    # If true, vegetation will also be generated in LOD chunks. Default: true


    # Detail view distance (number of chunks visible in each direction)


    # View distance for buildings, i.e. blocks and constructions (number of chunks visible in each direction)


    # View distance for felled trees / tree logs (in block units)


    # Total LOD view distance (number of chunks visible in each direction)


    # Enables or disables a slight "vignette" effect


    # If true, the volumetric light output will be smoothed


    # Enables or disables volumetric lights. Has a considerable impact on performance


    # VSync (enabling this prevents 'tearing' on your screen, but has impact on performance). Default: 0


    # Wind quality (affects grass and vegetation). 0 = off, 1 = simple, 2 = full (default)


    This new version is amazing Red got me curious how you built all those stuff n things ;) So I set out on a grand adventure to explore around and even found bricks with a dummy in the closet? Was funny and great took some time now it's time to ponder and think, what console commands work?:):D And which ones don't? For on this Merry Christmas Eve I'll try them all just to build in this world till the new version is out, we're in for some fun. Let's break this game ^^<3 Merry Christmas to All, and to all a Rising Star red51

    It's been a very long time since I've played Rising World and there's a playable Demo now from What I've seen! Rather than read the changelog for this Christmas I am ill with Bronchial Pneumonia so let's dive right in and have some fun together! By the way, I'm not taking that antibiotic again! Once Christmas ends? I'm calling the doctor for a new one. Low and behold Let's Play Rising World Again!

    I keep coming back here and reading over the recent updates and have to admit I like this newer version better than the older one. I've played various walking simulators made with Unity in the past even a few games like Betrayer & Miasmata just to name a couple. Leaving Lyndow was another Unity game but mostly a point & click walking simulator. With Rising World built up in Unity your game could compete with Subnautica & Subnautica: Below Zero another awesome game completely built in Unity. red51 Keep up the amazing work I sincerely hope this game finally gets the attention it deserves and a gaming award. Every year I nominate this game but to no avail has it ever won. That's okay because 2020 is the year of strangeness :) you're going to win that award Red! Let's all vote for Rising World :thumbup:

    Very interesting video. I like the monk with the shovel on the graveyard. :)

    I have been using npcs for years, but how do they use certain things? Which plugin do you use for npc command?

    No plugins, mods or code necessary for the monk to work. Thank dagoline for teaching me that neat trick. Just use "givenpcitem rake" and the dummy npc will get to work. Not sure about other tools would be nice to teach them to mine stone for yeah :)

    Recently I had a question on a recent Rising World episode on how I edit my NPCs for the game. So I made an episode to share and help those that need to know. Now how you spawn NPCs into the game is with a command called "spawnnpc (name)' Example: spawnnpc bandit will spawn a single bandit if you wanted multiples add a number in front of bandit like this (spawnnpc bandit 54) would spawn 54 bandits. Same context applies for spawnnpc dummy or spawnnpc cow, horse etc.. Now here's the video and I hope this helps you out :)

    Creating proper double doors will be a lot easier in the new version ;) You will be able to flip / mirror the door while placing. So in order to create a double door, you would place a door, then just place another, mirrored door next to it. Good thing is both doors will open in the same direction in this case.

    In addition to that, the game will automatically detect opposite doors, so opening one door opens the other one right next to it as well:

    I feel like that one song should play that goes Parapapapa i'm lovin' it from Mcdonald's :)

    I live in Pennsylvania and that there snow crunch is about as realistic as it can get, love it! <3  red51 You've done an amazing job on this game so far and when I popped on steam and seen the video I had to come by here. It looks great amazing, the atmosphere, fog, fireplace as if your just getting toasty before bed.. then the beds?? :love: Absolutely love them! I'm waiting on my next Stimulus check and I'll be getting a new PC with it :thumbup: That means I'll be able to make better quality videos maybe even 1440P? Yeah Loving the atmosphere can't wait to chop my first tree down ;) Keep it up! Hope you got more flora/ fauna planed for down the road. Would love to finally grind some wheat in that big stone grinder that says you can grind wheat in it :thinking:

    Looking forward to see where these results take the roadmap :) Overall I'll be honest I'm not a big fan of the magic but monsters on the surface? Sure! The game seems a bit to tranquil I like it like that but after so long you want to stop building and go out an explore. Find something new, perhaps a new biome, cave, ravine or even a river that flows to a beautiful lake. Someplace to call vacation. When you look at the bandits and array of different tools already in the game it makes me wonder well what did happen to the world? Sure a little backstory wouldn't hurt to the the tale of what happened to the world, where the monsters came from and how all the modern stuff fits into it. Perhaps humanity opened a rift, or had an EOD moment? The monsters could be demons that are left over from hell.. you've got skeletons already in the game. Perhaps bandits could fight them as well?? :thinking: Really looking forward to seeing where this takes the game. Love the results keep up the amazing work! :thumbup:

    This looks great Red! I stepped away from the game again because I'm getting anxious for the beta. I know we'll get new worlds and a there was some talk early on about our projects not being able to be ported over. Kind of bummed me out to be honest. I've been keeping an eye on the Trello board but missed this, looks amazing so far! Keep up the amazing work :) Very much looking forward to playing the new version. Just the concept of seasons and hostile mobs possibly on the surface makes this even more fun. Really hoping for some electricity down the road but first let's get this beta a test run <3:love: See yeah later!

    Be warned SPOILERS INCLUDED ;)

    Hey there everyone it's been a rather long time since I created or shared any Rising World content to share with you. So here we go! 8) I've been keeping a close eye on the development of Rising World on the Trello since I decided to take an extended break from the game. Well recently I've returned to not just playing it but released a video today about well... :thinking: Changelogs & Changes within the roadmap so far. So you get it yet? There's SPOILERS in this video.. Be sure to slap that like button and subscribe to stay up to date with weekly Rising World changes if you <3 Spoilers.

    Looking good, curious if temperature and altitude will be considered for higher elevations? Looking at the tops of those mountains makes me curious about snow capped peaks, boulders, rocks or possibly blustery conditions up there. Perhaps even some landslides? ;) Keep up the amazing work looking forward to the Beta. :thumbup: