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A new Update is now available for the new version!

    Red I love these new features you've been adding and I have an awesome idea for that Journal since you made it customizeable. Is there a remote chance something like this: can be programmed into the journal? We can create waypoints, name our towns, villages and bases furthermore be able to see where we are in the world. In addition to this will we be able to one day craft planks and beams in the block bench for all the different tile types? I know it sounds like a bit much right now but it would separate creative from survival entirely without the dependence of commands. Can you look into this please? Love the bucket feature! I can fill my canteen on the go for more uses :)

    Out of curiosity I created my old world with this new update which I really love, the seed is: 53597399196850. You start out on what appears to be a peninsula with a beach on one side and a very big lake on the other side, I've even provided the coordinates to the lake itself. Additionally here are some screenshots from around the lake, but not from all sides as it's size is quite the scale. Red you've outdone yourself on this update have an espresso on me, kick back & relax as it's one beautiful view and world you've created here. :)

    Don't count your chickens before they hatch Z. I've tried making some new worlds already and water is very rare to find. Possibly some of you other guys out there can share some seeds? So far I've spawned in the middle of apparently a very big ocean, right next to a pack of tigers umm (death by insult there) and for some reason 75 ft. in the air above a plains biome. I gave up looking for new worlds and decided to stick with the one I have. I'll record some more tomorrow Z, hope you do too :)

    Love the update. Woke up around 7AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) yesterday began playing around 9 AM. The world loaded just fine no, bugs, glitches or anti-stitching. In similar games like Minecraft when new terrain generation is introduced one would get world cut off's or world-cuts places you can tell the difference between new terrain and the old after a biome update. What I've seen in some other's videos is only happening because their world was created prior to .6 though it still has a small chance of recurring from .6 to the .7.

    Good Morning everyone so still no water that's fine by me. Rushing to get a roof on my home before the storm. As for daze up there looking for people to join his server, I wish you good luck. And who said Wednesday for the water update?? Hello Wednesday what's your forecast for today? 92 with a chance of afternoon showers here in PA.

    I'm wondering if the water update is an old April fool's joke. I really want to build a 7 days to Die city in this game till then all we can do is quarry and stuff food down or coarse dry throats. :)

    I would like to first introduce myself. Hi, my name is David I'm not much on usernames for hiding behind as I like to think of a community as a whole. I've been playing Rising World on and off and recording some videos for my YouTube channel "Arcane Hermithood." When it comes to games like Rising World, Minecraft or even Creativerse we look for that special thing that separates the games from one another. This game for some reason reminds me of Minecraft in it's early stages of Development this includes waiting for water, weather mechanics and even the possibility that the newly expected player animations will allow us to sit on furniture rather than stand upon it. I look forward to these features as the game progresses and Red you're doing a magnificent job. If I had to make any suggestions I would ask for the following: A cooking station made with the Advanced Crafting Table Tier II that would allow us to combine the already implemented foods in the game into a variety of different sandwiches, soups, stews or even some pasta. (Wheat, Barley can be crushed in a mortar and pestle or even flowers with animal fat & water to create dyes) Another such implementation I would ask for is to move the gravel to the surface, why it's all the way down near Hellstone confuses me as it's a loose stone type and can be found near creeks, rivers, lakes and even as loose in forests. Anyways I'm sure there will be even greater times ahead and many new faces to meet have a nice day everyone :)