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A new Update is now available for the new version!

    Hello everyone I got a new blueprint for you today that I would like your opinion on, you can find the blueprint and screenshots below. What I was trying to accomplish was to create an old demolished building that wore and tore with time. Using tiny bricks for foundation walls and a some planks and beams this was the end result.


    Here are the walls I was building to go with it as well..


    Some screenshots & the video where we put it all together:

    Please let me know what you think.

    Hello everyone I'm still uploading videos today I got a new video I want to share with you. So some of you have been asking for the Vault construction right? Well we're going to do a little bit of both of the Dinertown church and the motel vault. I wanted to wait on the vault construction till we got the motel built but let's mix these episodes up. So in today's episode called Bunkers & Vaults we try our best to build the mausoleum in the graveyard at least I think that's what it's called and then we travel to the dungeons to start exploring and converting it to a vault.

    Hope you Enjoy! :)

    Looks good, hey do you think you could make a water well like the ones in Fallout or perhaps the water tower that stands between Sanctuary Hills and Abernathy Farms? I'm searching through the blueprints for post apocalyptic builds, thanks. Also love these!

    Before I start uploading for tomorrow I have to admit that I downloaded the screenshots @red51 provided and I made them into a background for my PC. Now as this has been a background on my PC for some time now I use my 52 inch tv as my main monitor.. 8| Yep. So I happened to notice some more things while these were in big screen mode pretty much. Traps, berry bushes, birds, bird nests, mushrooms, new crops and bushes but what stuck out most was zooming in on the planks. Are they thicker or are those beams? The path blocks going into the hut they seem to be made out of stone tile planking and there's moss on the trees, ground and rutabaga perhaps even a camouflage mesh net? I have to say I am really looking forward to this and can we please have a world download when the update comes out? I really want to see Red's campsite.

    Okay so here's my idea when I look into the Blueprints I see multiple files from single authors strewn up instead of organized into their own threads. My idea is like this...

    [Author Thread]
    1- Name
    A) Description
    B) Blueprint
    C) Screenshots & other Media
    2- Name etc..
    [Author Thread]
    Rinse and repeat.

    The idea is that everyone should take all their blueprints and classify them under a single thread and name that thread according to their product or products. I don't mean to step on anyone's toes or chastise them with this idea as it's an idea that I decided on my own to put into practice for all my Blueprints. Keeping them all in one thread and any time I add a new file it shows up as new files automatically which is quite nice and allows others to come by and have a look at what's new. When we look at how the update log files are created everything is kept nice and clean. What I am asking is if we as a community can help band together and clean up the "Blueprint" panel and categorize all of our stuff in our own threads. Some of us may say but we have hundreds or thousands of blueprints uploaded already. Then let's ask for help from someone that can send us links to all of our threads in the Blueprint section so we may make it better together.

    Thank you everyone and remember this is just a suggestion for us to work better as a community to make things cleaner and more compact.. easier for others, not an affront to the way we have grown accustomed to doing things over the years. As the game grows there will be more people that join the Community. With more people that means a bigger Database! So suggesting this now before the new release seems to me the smartest move. Let's say for example Rising World sells 1 million copies and the blueprint shares become out of control? You can't find what you're looking for, then what? Please let's do this, and remember #BetterTogether <3:saint:

    I got a new Blueprint for you and it's a part of today's episode on my channel. Me and @dagoline worked on the Dinertown bar & grill in the badlands and today I decided to share it with you. Why you may ask? Why not? Blueprints may not work with the new update and I will be starting from scratch when the new update comes out. I think I'll call it "Rising World S6: Remastered" because all the textures would have changed but not only that everything will be smooth as butter with no more stutters :thumbsup: Okay that's enough of that. Here the Diner Blueprint but also some screenshots. Sorry but Salazar, Hazel and the others don't come with it. ;( Perhaps later in development we could have the option to save entity data.




    Be sure to tune into my 9AM video here at EDT Time

    Hope to see you there! And the reason I put all my Blueprints in one thread is to keep them organized wish this was practiced universally.

    I seen this and from the looks of it the beta is about 2-3 months away. Now I know you don't have a team but if you did that would be the realistic outlook for how long it would take. I'll be keeping a close eye on this though, thank you.

    The command "editnpcclothes" works on Bandits too! Thank you so much @red51 I can now have a settlement of bandits :thumbsup: called the Tux's <3 Just wish there was a way to adjust their agro to seperate them from the original bandits. Example: Retaliate when attacked or neutral etc..

    One thing I would like to ask about is concerning the bandits. I've noticed you can change their biological gender using "editnpc" command and also when spawning in bandits they come in different 5 different varieties. In this new version could you please consider adding different biological genders to a naturally spawned group of bandits? (Male & Female) Please? In addition to this they seem to all be wearing warm suits with hoods can this be changed somehow so if you use the command "givenpc item [id]" they would wear it or at least remove their hood? Thank you, looking forward to the future of Rising World <3

    Edit: What I mean by all of this is I would like to see both male & female bandits spawn in together and the ability for some of them to wear different armor rather than just a warm suit. Would love to see their heads with hair and maybe some tattoos?

    Got back from my neurosurgeon's office and I wanted to share today's video with you. Now there will be no Rising World for tomorrow which will be Tuesday for me because I spent a long day at the office. I'll go into details about that visit in a vlog for now here's that episode I talked about. Hope you all enjoy be sure to leave me lots of feedback I love talking to people because I have no one to talk to apart from my audience.

    I understand that some people have some concerns about the Unity Engine but look at how astounding Subnautica & Subnautica: Below Zero turned out by Unknown Worlds. Eventually they were able to work the engine into a beautiful masterpiece they call the 'Spark Engine.' Now imagine Rising World in that same High Definition using similar resources but on a grander scale? The engines are the same and @red51 can change things as he sees fit to make the game in his own image... yeah that came out a bit weird but you get my point. Unity is the best engine in the market for games like Rising World, Subnautica or even Minecraft if Mojang could pull their act together. The reason I love Rising World is not just the simplicity but the natural surroundings. If a game doesn't feel right I don't play much of it. Rising World on the other hand is like the one favorite that you could never let go of. I have a video going up later today at 12PM EST where in that video I go in depth about this, apart from that I won't be here much longer. Just wanted to lend my voice here and hopes that the entire community could please, please give Red51 a chance here please? With Rising World in Unity I could tell you from experience from Betrayer, Subnautica and many other games I've played in Unity we won't be disappointed. If your PC can't run Unity you could always downgrade, there's a tutorial in the video for that as well. Have to go catch my ride talk later, bye everyone.

    You know after reading all the posts on here it got me to thinking about the Nintendo Wii. Rising World already is a first person perspective kind of game and I know that will change in time but could you imagine riding a horse or fighting a bunch of bandits with a wii remote? The game started out on Unity as "Concept" and was later named Rising World when it left beta sometime after we made the switch over to Java which kind of confused me. Playing around with Unity and some meshes that I downloaded I had hopes of bringing random boulders, sticks & stones then a lot more as an overhaul mod. My wish came true @red51 you amaze me! Those screenshots are stunning I thought for sure you were going to use the Unreal Engine or something else, but going back to Unity my hats off to you pal. With the new biome generation, forest revamped and all the detail it's almost like a remaster. "Rising World: Remastered Edition" :thumbsup: I can't explain in words how much I love this game but it's became a core part of my YouTube channel for a while now, so much so that it ain't going anywhere any time soon. Looking forward to some more screenshots they look stunning and could make a CPU cry with joy. :saint:<3

    This looks really, really nice. You've got fallen logs, tiber, branches, debris, rocks, boulders and so much more. Looking forward to this most definitely. Keep up the amazing work I'll always be here to support you.

    Hey, sorry for the late response, for some reason I've missed this topic 8| However, unfortunately you can't just "convert" a 3D model into a DDS file. DDS is just a texture format, more precisely it contains compressed image data (just like JPG, with the exception that graphics cards can work with DDS files directly - the compressed DDS file is loaded into the VRAM and is decompressed "on the fly" by the GPU, while a JPG files always stays uncompressed in your VRAM, resulting in up to 8 times higher memory consumption).

    But a DDS file does not store any model information. The "flattened" 3D model you've seen was probably a UV map. This is nothing but the texture of a model. Each triangle of the model is projected on the texture, or in other words, the model gets "unfold". The image represents the texture for every triangle of the model. Here you find more information about UV mapping:

    There are tools out there which enable you to generate a UV map automatically (more or less), but "proper" UV mapping has to be done manually and it is a rather complicated process, unless we're talking about primitive geometries like cubes, cylinders etc. UV mapping is usually done in the modeling software, e.g. Blender, Cinema4D, 3DS Max etc.

    What I mean is I made the icons textures for the toolbar rather easily. What I don't know how to do is create a .DDS image of these models with Blender. What I've done is brought over some 3D models from Fallout 3, textured them differently, changed them quite a bit so they qualify under creative commons according to Bethesda's Guidelines I can do this the work has to be unique and not be an exact replica. So how do I take these new models I've made and make .DDS images with Blender? That's the most confusing part. Is there any tutorial guides on how to take a 3D model and turn it into that? I am rather new to this graphics design stuff and learning it has been quite frustrating.

    So yesterday I made those new warehouse blueprints and shared them already on here... Today I release the video where we build them together. It was a lot of fun and there will be more additions as we move forward with eventually even some grated floors and so much more. eventually we'll create vault segments for building large vault-tec vaults underground 8o This is going to be a big world. Without further ado here's the episode -

    I made new Blueprints today for tomorrow's video and I'll likely do the same for Monday's video as well since it's a holiday weekend. So happy fathers day to all of you Dad's out there :thumbsup: So these new warehouse blueprints what are they and what do they look like? Well let me tell you 8o We've got the warehouse wall complete with single door ensemble, and a warehouse window variant type 2 that has better view. No ugly overhangs on these ones ;)


    What comes next is the custom floors then the roof. You ever play Fallout 4 and see those prefabs for the warehouse? I'm building those here in Rising World. The floors are going to be 9x9x4 platform blocks you could place to make a quick flat surface to build your favorite constructs on. Little by little I will build them all :)


    Have a nice day!

    Today I got another very special episode for you all. I met a person from on here his name is Joe but you all may know him by another name that I can't think of at the moment. Joe builds cruisers, ships and so much more and these things are awesome! He joins our world today and brings a mighty big ship for our future docks project. The Olympus! I've taken to calling it the USS Olympus as it is humongous and beautiful :thumbsup: Be sure to head over to his channel and show him some love <3

    Without further ado here's the video-

    And some Screenshots -

    With new videos and content who doesn't love Rising World? So Yesterday I released 2 new videos 1 called sharing Blueprints the other with @dagoline and me having a lot of fun together :thumbsup: I love this game and Dagoline I absolutely love gaming with you :saint:

    Here's the videos and some screenshots.

    Sharing Blueprints -

    The Stone Masons: Dagoline & Me -

    Screenshots -