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A new Update is now available for the new version!

    @wesleybruce gave me a wonderful idea just by reading his post and going forward a few replies.. Can anyone here take a look into my dxdiag and see if my computer would be able to run the new version? At the moment if I build with too many planks and beams you can really feel the lag building up. It's nearly impossible to add more ram to the game when you are recording as well. Thanks.

    DxDiag - David.txt

    Rewriting the game from scratch may take you a while but this is looking really good. May be a great time for a lot of people including myself to get super computers from places like NASA ;) or ibuypower. Going out on a limb here and guessing the specs are going to leap to 12-16 Gigs of RAM not sure what the current recommended specs are. Keep up the amazing work looking forward to the release :thumbsup:

    Love the cozy feeling of the screenshot there @red51 keep up the amazing work! :) If I had to ask anything about the demo it would have to be about the new computer specifications for the gameplay? With higher resolutions it does make the game really come to life and it looks great! Though much like it's predecessor I imagine a lot of this will be able to be changed in the configuration files.I Imagine alot of this would be able to be changed in the configuration files.

    Thanks @red51 you're a great developer and I will always support your content. At the moment I may be on break from Rising World that's mostly because our worlds won't be able to port over. We can still build :) but all the same I'll need a new seed for the new world generation for me to rebuild Lighthouse Point.

    @red51 Good morning. So the other day I made a video reading your entire changelog including the spoiler while showing off the screenshots. It's kind of my way of making update videos. I also include some opinions of my own while reading over it. We go from panel to panel and even over to Trello to go deeper into detail. Now I've got some questions of my own I left in the video about Logging. Will we have a smithing table for making saw blades for various thick boards, do we get to carry half a tree on our backs, or make a tree sled? Have pets? Here's a link to that video as I am unsure where to place it. Love what our doing here Red and my biggest question by far is will everything from Java just port right into it or is it a WIP?

    Was just looking through the roadmap on Trello and was wondering about animations for first, second and third person view perspectives. An example would be like swimming, fist fighting fishing off boats or even walking. So what I am asking is will the animations be extended for both Character and NPC alike? When you go swimming your standing up not sure if that's intended but it would be kind of cool to see the character's arms. Could later be used for VR compatibility?

    It would be great to have more gather-able vegetative objects. Even if the game does not have any current use for them (i.e. "junk inventory items").

    For example, the current version has weeds in it which you can cut down but you do not get anything in your inventory. Now, if you could gather things like different weeds, different mushrooms, etc (like you can currently gather different flowers) that would open the opportunity up in the future for either yourselves or plugin developers to create custom recipes with them. 8)

    The variety of vegetative content would also make the landscapes look more detailed.

    I like this concept because when viewing the roadmap on Trello this kind of brings me to the open world concept of The Witcher. You see I love to gather all the different herbs, medicinals, crops and even tree saplings. Having the ability to graft some of these plants together to grow bigger tomatoes from their wild counterparts or even taming animals is what helps bring a game to life. You could build a great world and add all the great foods but it still needs the luster to to expand beyond the horizon. We like to explore, find new and exciting things, fight a dragon or even a complete a quest with some added difficulty. You gave us horses, mules, donkeys and even fishing with bandits! I'm sure not just me but many of us are very thankful for that.

    At the moment the dungeons are spawning way to frequent if we go in creative one can fly straight down and find a dozen or more. The loot is often times the same and takes the fun out of exploring these dungeons. The world generation has a lot of stone, you've got stone types in the block bench like marble, basalt and many more. Give us stuff to gather please? More treasures, more plants, medicinals, and biomes to explore. The achievements I've got a suggestion: How about we successfully tame 1 of every crop type? Afterall we do find them in the wild so their yield should be lower unless farmed.

    For those of us that can't handle the rain for some odd reason can you please add some adjustments for the particles in the world? Yahwho here does have a point though. Without to explore or find we find ourselves building and staying in one location. I really hope this new version can fix a lot of this.

    Today I got a surprise for you all another video! 8o But not just any video... Today whilst playing Rising World I've came up with a solution for our Subscriber Tower Gardens ;) Why not a Juice Pub hey? Using a couple Blueprints from @dagoline we come up with the idea of a still barn, some farming plots which we'll make better and even some fruit trees! :thumbsup: Come watch and see what all the hiccups are all about 8|<3

    Did you ever want a pet in Rising World? Something cute and fuzzy with a tail that would look at you and smile? :saint:<3 Well I got just the video for You ! 8o Today I launched a new video where a fox has spawned in my home! Let's build a bed, food & water dishes and even more for him or her. Help me name our furry friend, please? <3 Foxes are just as good as a faithful puppy and this one loves to run around the house. If only we could have this creature follow us? Please??

    Hello and a good morning to everyone around the world <3 Yesterday In Rising World I completed something.... & it includes a gift for @red51 too! Playing Rising World for all these years I built Red51's Cabin that we see in the screenshots for the new version. I made a couple changes to it but it's quite lovely. I have 2 blueprints for you First one is the cabin itself, and the 2nd one of the entire camp including the terrain. I am also providing a link to today's video which just went live at 9AM this morning EST. Hope you enjoy and @red51 please let me know what you think of the cabin and how I did please? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

    Here We Go:


    I've always wanted a steak and cheese sandwich in this game or perhaps a BLT? (Bacon, Lettuce & tomato on rye) The grind mill you're supposed to be able to grind wheat into flour, problem is the crop doesn't exist yet. Was wondering though if your plugin could someday morph into something similar to that of Pam's Harvestcraft? Just imagine adding all your own crops, recipes, pots, pans and even candles! For now the Fish & Chips looks quite delicious <3

    So today I posted a new video early this morning wanted to wait to share it with you as I am getting ready to upload to BitChute for Saturday. (MC Beta & Modded MC) Anyways in this new video I decided to build the home @red51 has made in his screenshots for the new version he is currently working on. It's been a work in progress for a couple episodes as I am in a new playlist but if you have the time swing by and let me know how it's coming along, please? Leave a like, comment and maybe subscribe? We all love Red's hard work so me taking the time to build this is my way of saying thank you for such a lovely game. when finished I will upload it to my blueprint thread. :thumbsup:

    Hope you enjoy! :saint:<3

    @red51 Out of curiosity will there be a way to shrink the size of the heads of display when opening the crafting menu with the new version? I want to make a crafting hud that's more opaque than what's current so if we have "Pause On Lost Focus = False" we can see what's going on around us. A great example would be if your building in a Safari then I would rather not have a tiger/ cheetah leap over the table and attack me whilst crafting. I find the current Crafting HUD just a bit too big and can't find a way to shrink it in the config. Can you please consider this? Thank you :)

    It's been a while since I posted on here and that's mainly because my days have been a bit busy. Most often once I start recording in the morning I completely forget to share my content with you and I'm sorry for that :( . Yet hey turn that frown upside down! 8o I've got a new video for you! Yep that's right and this one is kind of special <3 . Episode 200 is the last of the Season 5: Part I Playlist where we merge not one but Two platforms of subscribers into one count :thumbsup: . We begin a new chapter to finish off where we left off in Subscriberville by completing the Subscriber High Rises, Gardens, Wheat Fields :/ (corn) and more! Wait there's more.. so watch the video sorry I don't have the best computer but I try my best perhaps we'll find our way to reach the 1K subscriber goal one day :) .

    Here's the video I hope you enjoy! :saint:

    My new video released today but I completely forgot to upload the new blueprint 8| That's okay fixing this now. Okay so what is this blueprint you may ask? It's a custom door frame with hinges you could use to start an outline for a house with planks & beams or it should fit snug as a bug inside blocks as well :)


    Video Source:

    And here is a screenshot for some reason the other screenshot didn't take.

    Hello everyone and may I say it's been an honor not only to play this game but also to create a lot of content on YouTube from it. Today I've got another video for you and some good news bad news I want to talk with you about first off the video. In today's video We work on designing a custom floor for the interior of the church floor and the entry doors. Here's a link to that video -

    Now for what I need to talk to you about. Rising World has come a long way but ever since @red51 announced the plans for the latest update views, subscribers and comments have drastically dropped. This is effecting me because I look to the community for support and without it I just don't see myself playing the game much longer. These past couple weeks it's made me feel more lonely and depressed with my audience just gone as if I'm talking to myself again. Only this time it's for real and I find it difficult to continue making more content if there is no more engagement or audience retention. I can't blame this on audience retention or YouTube's algorithm because that's not true. About a month ago interest in Rising World was much higher than it is now and I am sad the community has decided to turn their back on the game till further development.

    If we don't see any improvement in audience retention by episode 250, Red I'm so very sorry and I mean that but I'll have to end the game completely because I am very sad and lonely without people there to comment and support the series. I'll come back when the new release is out, but for now I'll keep chugging along with hope and a few tears wishing the community returns. Rising World is where my heart lies and I don't want to give up on it.