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A new Update is now available for the new version!

    Thank you Mag :)

    Today I worked on creating 2 new blueprints well prefabs if you will that will be a part of my factory set. We got Factory Wall Type 1 & Factory Window Wall Type 1. I still need to make broken walls, broken windows and a few door designs to go with and they come heavily inspired by Fallout 4. Let me know what you think more blueprints will be in the works <3


    And the Downloads:

    Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcome.

    It now comes with a video on how I did this!

    Okay today I want to share with you the fully updated version of The JIW Shopping Plaza from Seasons 2-4. In Season 4 we completed the project but when making the blueprint for some reason or another it kept cutting off sections of the plaza and it drove me bonkers till yesterday. I absolutely loved this project so much so that there is an episode coming up for Monday where we port the project over to our Season 5 world. You can look forward to that episode at 9AM Eastern Standard Time US. Meanwhile here are some screenshots.

    And here is the Download:

    For the JIW Sign outside here is the image I made for the plaza --->

    So the other day I made a video of me going out looking for the prefabs that @red51 has made and these spawn randomly throughout the game. Not sure if these are all the varieties but I do plan on excavating a pyramid later on for yet another prefab.

    Video reference-

    The Current Prefabs are Ocean & Land -

    And here are some screenshots

    Missing quite a few screenshots here so here's some of what I've got going on and it has the abandoned structure you find in most biomes known as shack or prefab 2. Hope you enjoy :)

    My other Blueprints…p/?postID=40893#post40893

    Today I wanted to start a thread where I can begin sharing the Blueprints that I make within Rising World. There are many things in this game from temples, objects, shacks and so much more. I intend to not only blueprint and share these with you but also to share the creations I make within my world. I'll even add screenshots & sometimes video footage to show these off to you as well.

    The first Blueprint of Today is Smilosabercat's Home not only is he a great friend but also an awesome supporter of my content much like many others. With great effort and lot's of episodes here is his home. :thumbsup:<3 I have also provided Didi Christensen's home as well.


    (I should also note that Smilo's House comes with terrain & vegetation)

    Good morning ladies & gentlemen yesterday I recorded some footage in Rising World for today and it was a lot of fun. Couldn't think of a title so I named it Blueprint Request. The reason for this is because I am building a post apocalyptic city called Fallour City (pronounced Fal-lore) Now in this city I want to add your buildings. From storefronts to Sky Risers and more but I want to make them appear as though a bomb has been dropped on the city. It doesn't matter to me where they get placed I just want to share your projects in my world. Can you help me out? If so please share your blueprint with me here or perhaps a link to it, I could do the rest. Thank you and here's the video.

    Nicely done. I have always loved fantasy 2 of my favorite creatures are Dragons & Faeries. You don't happen to have any magical fountains laying around do you with a water nymphet?

    As of lately I've been hard at work on the Badlands and the project has quite morphed into something else. So much so I want to share some screenshots & media with you.

    In our very latest episode we've begun to work on the diner for Dinertown which will lie on the outskirts of Fallour City. A place where bandits have made an encampment and haul away others to do their bidding. Some may have skills that they put to work one such agreed to fix up the encampment and make it stronger, safer and more formidable against the creatures of the apocalypse. (Just adding some lore)

    Now here's some screenshots of so far...

    Now a question I ask: If anyone is willing to create a broken sky rise or city building you would find in a fallout setting, please leave me a comment and a link to download it. I will place that building in the City using blueprints, tag your name, youtube channel and give you full credits for the build including a shout out for your channel. Even if you are new to YouTube this would help you out. Also remember to always post your media on here that way it can be found. Have a nice day Submissions start today!

    Okay so I've made some 3D models for Rising World & some of them are leaving me with questions. Every time I look into the texture files they all seem to be .DDS images of a flattened 3D model. This could be for Vegetation, Objects to NPC's and it is confusing me. How do you flatten a 3D model into a .DDS image? I don't know how these images are being made so they could render into the game appropriately but I guess just making a 3D model of a mini-gun isn't enough because it still has the texture of a mining drill in game?? Can someone please explain this to me like this: Graphics For Dummies Part 1.

    I find it strange I just ran across this as last night I dreamed about an update that said: Apes, Gorilla's, Jungles, Canyons & More! Beta 0.9.8 Yeah I hopped into the game, started a new world and spawned in what looked like the Grand Canyon. Found a coyote started to record as I was mauled by a pack and I woke up laughing so loud I woke my neighbor up at 5AM.

    Okay this is what you can do to optimize your performance when playing Rising World first off you've got a lot of background apps you can turn off. To do this select the running task, right click and end task.

    End These:

    1. Snipping Tool
    2. Snipping Sketch
    3. Skype
    4. Google Chrome
    5. Your Phone

    After this open up the command prompt in Admin mode - type msconfig and press enter. Now this will bring up your system configuration. Go to services and check the box [ Hide all Microsoft services]

    Now click [ Disable All] Except your Antivirus Software then go to Startup. Open Task Manager.
    Go through the list and disable everything with the exception of your audio drivers. You'll be able to tell the difference as it will tell you if is a Realtek or other Audio driver. Then reboot your computer.

    Once your computer is Rebooted and you are signed in go to "Configure Java" in the Applications and open it.

    From here Open "Settings" and delete files make sure to click the box "Installed Applications and Applets"

    Right click on Start then Run: type this - temp
    it will bring you to a folder "delete everything in it!" When prompted say yes to all and ignore anything that says can not deleted because that is a system file that can not be deleted.
    Again Right Click on Start then Run - %temp% hit enter
    This will bring you to another folder delete everything in it. When prompted say yes to all and ignore anything that says can not deleted because that is a system file that can not be deleted.
    Now hop on Chrome and delete your entire history and cache then reboot your PC.

    After all this is said and done your PC will be able to boot up within 8-10 seconds and playing rising World should be a lot easier. Just don't play the game in fullscreen if you've only got 4 Gigabytes of ram, and reduce your settings in game to about 13-15 view distance or less this includes details.

    Have a nice day. Hope this tutorial has helped solve your problem. I've got 8 Gigs of ram myself and clean my PC regularly thank McAfee for teaching me how to do this.

    @red51 I love this update but I'm also having some concerns in singleplayer. Are planks and beams counted as entities because I've started to get some major stuttering while recording and not recording. As I walk around the world searching for the issue I've noticed 2 houses that I've built disappear for 2 minutes then load back in causing a massive drop in frames. There are a lot of planks and beams in these homes but I've never encountered this issue before. Played with @dagoline and had some frame rate issues before but in singleplayer never like this. How does a house disappear then render back in minutes later? Can you please look into this. Thank you, and keep up the amazing work I love the direction this game is going. My only wish at this point is for some optimization for the construction system. Have a splendid day. <3

    Today in Rising World I honor the Fallen Four for we reached 259 subscribers then lost four. We know not whom they were but their memory shall live on through the ages as we update the subscribers sign in honor of their integrity to 259 and found a land for a future build of Fallour City. A Post-Apocalyptic land will be shaped where the bomb was first dropped before Subscriberville had to dive deep into the vault of 250. Where there survivors of Fallour City? I intend to have two factions a mod to modify the bandits one into raiders and one to leave as bandits but they only spawn in these area's. Once known as Savannah's they will become great yet fallen cities.

    Today in Rising World I decided to try out some of the NPC game mechanics on a bandit. We call him settler, give him a home, dye him green and he gets very angry 8| ?? @red51 I can't seem to get this guy into a tux :( as the commands aren't working for him. He holds a billy club at least :saint: Yet now all we need to do is figure out how to turn our wandering Settler into a new faction of Tuxedo's

    Yeah please give me a moment my video just published I'm going to add it to my playlist here in the forums. I don't want to feel like I'm spamming your portal plugin with media.

    you have to have an entrance to every floor on the first floor is the only hassel. I have done this on one of my sky scrapers on my server. It works well but you have to have a door for every floor and a return door from every floor. Landing can not be in the same place as take off is the main thing. You can use as many floors as you like but remember you will have to have a take off for every floor you want to go to. I just make a portal room will all the portals marker for the floor you are going to.

    I'm confused by what you just said. I'm doing an open elevator 3 point designation design. Plate A = Arrival in front of elevator doors. Plate B = Going Up 1 Floor & Plate C = Going Down 1 Floor. The arrival plate wouldn't activate should you walk over it because it would be a one way. Basically I'll be using Plate B to go to Plate A and if you lived on another floor I would add A1, B1, C1 to 16 the floors are 7 blocks in height apart. This is kind of hard to explain in text and I'm probably confusing you. I made a video about this that releases at 9AM today (EST.) I'll head over to my media channel here and paste a link to it once it goes live. Only thing I need to do is write all the commands down on pen & paper and hope it works. I've been waiting to do this for a while.

    Looking forward to using this as an elevator for multiple floors in my current project. Curious though, how many portals can i stack vertically in a shaft and how tall does the elevator shaft have to be? I'm building 16 floors high and need a way to set target destinations 1 for up 1 for down and 2 as the target destinations in front of the elevator for the various floors. Here's an image of what I'm working on...

    Okay, I was a bit on edge yesterday because I was in a lot of pain and there was probably a better way to approach this. This morning I cleared the Rising World cache and removed all the plugins. After doing this I cleaned up Java and the DNS Cache then proceeded to install these mods again one at a time. Installed the potato cannon & backpacks because well I like them, then yours following the instructions on the Github. I figured out what went wrong from there. I tried to install Omega Zirkel Tools which must of been a prior version as the instructions said we needed it. Today when I looked again there was a link to a (shared.zip_file) which had what I needed and it is what you have above as well. Didn't see that link before. My apologies, didn't want to upset you and as I said there probably was a better way to approach this. I am Sorry, problem has been resolved and it's working just fine.