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    Yeah unfortunately in this case the incense stick is just way too small to embed a fire into it.

    there's a couple of things I've made and am planning to make that I'm designing to be able to use particle effect generators, block rotation, etc. in the future once Red gets it implemented. That should be able to be scaled down enough for this.

    I didn't try with objects but can't you shrink the fire, blueprint it and then struck it even more?

    Objekte, wie z. B. Möbel werden nicht übernommen. Bilder auch nicht.

    Die texturen sind nicht identisch, daher wird das Spiel für due Blaupause die am nähesten rankommende texture in unity nutzen.

    Das kann im Einzelfall anders aussehen als in der Java.

    Ansonsten... Einfach versuchen

    Actually I absolutely hate working in tiny because it's so hard to see the blocks, pivots, etc. but that's why I suffer, so others don't. lol

    Ooorrr... You build the stuff with bigger parts and later shrink it via blueprint

    Sometimes I show such things to friends and I am astounded that they are not as amazed as I am. In their defense, they do not have the understanding of the time it takes to place the intricate details of this column head. It is a true work of art.

    I guess that depends on how creative they are. If they are more into action they might admire someone doing a no arms, no hit speedrun in a souls game. Which i personally can't find any interesting aspect on.

    Still it's great that you can admire that blueprint. It's really wonderful

    Was fooling around with making an intricate detail to a column. This takes a lot of small pieced manipulated by hand. Would interested in finding a simpler solution or if the game has or will have the ability to manipulate a sphere for example like can do to the terrain. That is move small sections in and out of the surface like carving stone.:thinking:

    i don´t think so. This idea came up before but back then it wasn´t possible (technically). But with the posters we can add carvings without carving. not perfect but something.

    Other than that you could make some paterns just once and blueprint them. That makes a tedious work a bit less tedious (on the long run)

    Right Control pressed down once will turn manual positioning on..... keeping right control down will turn the poster on it's Z AXIS when using the arrow keys.

    To move the poster up and down the only way to do it is right control once to turn manual positioning on and then hold down left control and press num key 8 or 2 to move poster up or down.

    That was my problem... i forgot about left control and it was not in the settings menu.

    With right ctrl and page up/down you should be able to achieve the same result

    Another example:

    Primary set to low/flat and secondary to high could cause volcano like areas with a caldea in the middle.

    Basically the primary slider defines a few spots on one island, while the secondary defines everything between the area set by primary.

    Could also work on ocean level, so even in the ocean area single peaks could pop up every now and then

    I am struggling a bit to find a world with just the right amount of mountains and hills.

    Could it be possible to have 2 sliders for that upon world generation?

    Like one primary and a secondary.

    If primary is set to i. E. High mountains, Huge mountains will be created.

    The secondary slider set to low, would cause that each high mountain is surrounded by flat lands.

    That is what I would be looking for:D

    And again. you again bring up the same stuff. you are the victim, you after getting gaslighted, you are thrown under the bus. again and again and again.

    In the same moment you do exactly that to others, in this case me.

    I Don't care what you call me, neither what others call me. that's their issue, not mine. I'm not a saint, not even religious, I am honest. if i talk to someone and getting bullsh*t back I'm calling that out for what it is.

    The only reason why I answered was because you brought up very bad language about minorities, in a forum that is definitely not the place for such, if there is any at all.

    Think of me what you want but i ask you to stay away from racist, sexist or any other bashing. being silent is no option here, in my opinion.

    Back then when i was new to RW you were very nice and friendly. Open-minded and interested in my buildings and my world, giving me a place on your server, which i higly appreciate until this day. It was a very nice time and i admired your vision for this server. But somewhen down the road you lost track of your own feelings and behaviour. Your posts are constantly about gaslighting (back then i had to google what it actually means) and how bad others treat you. Yet now we are here, several years later, and you generalize, bully others and do what you can to deflect critics - which in fact is what gaslighting means. To deflect something by the use of invented or twisted facts.

    I hope you find a way to come back to your true inner self, that i saw a few years ago. I really liked this person you were back then. But right now all i can say is that i hope you will not post any homophobic or passive-aggressive stuff like in your previous posts anymore. From my point of view, you are crossing a line here.

    Funmichi, i think you missunderstand my point or i didn´t make it very clear. :)

    We both fully agree on voluntarily giving away our creations for the succes of this game. But this needs to be legally settled i think. If your creation is used in the vanilla-game by a company, whichs goal it is to earn money, shouldn´t you get a share of that? After all you potentially invested hours and energy to create something someone else is now using without any effort.

    For that there are license-agreements and this needs to be agreed upon. Otherwise someone probably could sue JIW at some point for using their creations.

    That is also the reason why pictures, music, etc. can´t be copied or uploaded by the vanilla-game - because of the copyrights.

    It is a totally different matter though if JIW gives us a possibility upon world creation to define which blueprints should be included in the world generation. Which i think is the goal of Red and his team