[0.5.7] Texture Bug, Ores

  • Dear Rising World Dev,

    I haven't got a single clue on how/where to post bugs that are related to this game, so I figured I might aswell post ('m) it here.
    I've stumbled upon a small bug where it seems that 2 different texturemodels are being bound to the same entity.

    I'm not sure if this bug is serverside or clientside so I'll explain my situation shortly.

    I'm running a small dedicated server for my friend and me. It's running the 0.5.7 server version and we're both playing with the 0.5.7 client (obviously).
    I put the ores in my oven and continued exploring the world while the ores were melting.
    As I returned I noticed (visually) that the ores were gone and the bars were created.
    But as I came/come close to the oven, the ore models reappear on top of the bar models.
    It only happens in a '2-3 meter radius'.

    I hope this might help you out with small fixes.

    Sincerely yours.



    EDIT: After a client-restart it seems to be fixed. Still thought you should know though. :-)

  • Hmm yes we are aware of this issue in multiplayer. The same happens for meat when it's on a grill. The problem is, that this issue is not easily reproducible, but we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible :)

    Alright, thanks :-) I just thought I'd help you out by reporting this bug.
    I'm not too much into programming so I won't try and think with you on this one.

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