A server list site

  • This isn't a suggestion for the game devs, but one for the players. Other similar games out there have sites where players can register their game servers. These sites allow the players to vote their favorite servers up increasing their rank to move the listings closer to the top of the server list. The server list gives details about the server's average up time, how many players are online, what mods are installed, etc. It also allows server owners to group their servers under group lists if they have more than one server. Players can search for servers based on filters, for example, show all PVP servers with a specific set of mods installed. They are very useful sites. I don't want to list the site I am thinking of here because I don't want to promote a similar game, but if you are into survival games and are a web developer, you probably know what I am talking about.

  • That's one of the things that has always irked me about Minecraft... It had no Masterlist.

    Games as old as Quake 3 have had builtin server lists and search tools, and yet Mojang decided not to include any such thing.

    A masterlist for this game wouldn't exactly be a dealbreaker or anything of that extreme nature to me, but it would definitely count towards a few brownie points for the developers.

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