is there a way too make a server a on the list om confused is it only official servers that get on the list or what

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • i have asked how the netlands got there server on there and i was wondering how i got too put mine on there can anyone help i thought bc when i run cmd it says i have a dedicated server so i would like some help on this idea thanks so much.
    So i am hoping that i can put my server on the server list can anyone explain how this works word for word i think that a lot of people mite want too know how this works.

  • This is the second third double-post you have created.

    It is common courtesy to avoid starting duplicate topics on public forums, as having two or more separate discussions on the same topic usually just ends in unneeded confusion and wasted time.

    Rather than starting a new thread every time you do not get the answer you want, I would suggest you phrase your questions more carefully and clearly within the discussions you already have open.

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