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    How can I find an appropriate
    sub forum?
    This forum is divided into three main categories: General, Technical and Misc section. To say this at the beginning; if you have problems with the game in singleplayer, this is where you start:….php/Board/6-Client-Help/
    The other sub forums are:…oard/2-Rising-World-News/ This is the official section for Rising World update announcements and changelogs. The developer of this game, red51, will post all news about Rising World here. You can still comment, but you can not start threads.
    Currently, there is still an offical screenshot contest going on, where you can show off your best buildings and with some luck, they will be used to officially promote the game.…stPostTime&sortOrder=DESC In this section you can post everything related to Rising World, but please do not ask for technical help in this part.….php/Board/4-Suggestions/ This subforum is only about making suggestions. Post your best ideas here :thumbup:….php/Board/6-Client-Help/ As said before, you can ask for help there, if you have problems with the singleplayer part of the game. - But please use….php/Board/7-Server-Help/ instead, if you have problems with the multiplayer mode or with your server.…hp/Board/20-General-Help/ At the moment, this section is for reporting common bugs and for any problems which are not related directly to the game, e.g. if you have problems with the forum or the Rising World Homepage. If you already have created a mod for Rising World, you can share it here.….php/Board/26-Blueprints/ Have you build something really cool? Then feel free to post a screenshot of your work and the actualy blueprint here, so that everyone can share your work.…/22-Server-Presentations/ Do you have a great server? Then present it to us here! But don't forget to share its IP, so that others can join.…9-Media-and-Presentation/ Screenshots, videos, etc. about your Rising Wolrd map go here. Anything not related to Rising World must be posted in the Offtopic section. But please don't take the "Anything and everything" there to serious - spam and offensive posts will still be deleted ^^

    How do I change my avatar?
    In the very top left corner of this screen, click on your name then on "Settings". Then, on the left side, click on "Avatar" (under "USER ACCOUNT"). Check "Upload Own Avatar" and then click on the [Uplodad] -button. A new window will pop up, where you have to find a picture on your harddrive. When you are finished, click on "[Open]" in this window. Then click on the green [Submit] -button on the forum site. Note that sometimes the new picture will only show up on the forum page when you already clicked on Submit.

    How do I add a costum signature to my forum posts?

    You can set a costum singature for yourself that will show up under every of your posts in this forum.
    To do this, click on your name in the very top left corner of this screen, next on "Settings". Then, on the left side, click on "Signature" (under "USER ACCOUNT").
    You can now edit your signature like a normal post. You can also insert pictures and even turn them into 'buttons' linking somehwere else:
    Click on the [landscape icon] to insert an image into your post which you uploaded somewhere. If you mark a piece of text or an image you already put into your text, you can click on the [link icon] to make that text or picture a clickable link:

    I tried the search function, but it did not show what I wanted to find:
    Instead of using the not so optimal search engine here, you can tell Google to only search this forum. To do that, simply type this infront of your key word on Google: This method should deliver better results. It works for every site by the way.

    How can I share my blueprints here?
    Click on "BLUEPRINTS" on the big green taskbar on the top of this site. Click the [* New Thread] -button. On the fresth site, scroll to the very bottom and click on the tab "Attachements", right next to "Smilies". Next, click the [Upload] -button. A window on your pc will open. Search for the blueprint(s) you want to upload in the "Rising World" subfolder "Blueprints". Click on [Open] when you are done. Please also use this method to upload a screenshot of your blueprint(s). Lastly, give your thread a fitting subject and click on [Submit].

    How can I insert images into my post?
    1. Method: Directly uploading an image to the forum server. To do this, create a new thread/ post or edit an existing post, scroll to the very bottom of the screen and click on the tab "Attachements", right next to "Smilies". Next, click the [Upload] -button. A window on your pc will open. Search for the image(s) you want to upload on your hardrive. Click on [Open]
    when you are done. Click on this icon at the right of the image preview to actually put it in the text. Submit your post with [Submit].
    2. Method: Uploading an image using a link. You can also click on the [landscape icon] (see red circle in the picture above) and then paste in an url of an image you have already uploaded somewhere. Note that the url must link directly to the image (To get the actual url of an image, right-click on it and choose "Copy image address).

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