Looking For: Furniture Blueprints and Tutorials

  • Looking For: Furniture Blueprints and Tutorials

    I've been really amazed to see what people have been able to create with RW current building mechanics to create their own makeshift furniture which the game currently lacks at present time. I've been trying to scour the blueprints forum along with the steam forums and YouTube to find some blueprints to use or learn how to make, but unfortunately due to the fact a large portion of the community are German speakers I am likely missing content that would show up only in German tags/keywords.

    So if you know where to find some creative furniture blueprints, I would be more than thankful for links! I'm mainly looking for low tech/improvised furniture that would fit in a pre-industrial era / impoverished conditions. I'm looking for objects that would fit nicely in something like a medieval cruck house/ peasant cottage. In particular I'm looking for some sort of bucket or pot that is hollowed out and could serve as a decorative chamber pot xD

    Thanks for reading!
  • As Meltron already said, yoo can find blueprints in this forum under "Baupläne". Some of these threads are bilingual. I think its recommended that we receive more bilingual parts in our forum. :) In the console you can use "item fireplacecookingpot". I've put a bukket "Eimer" in the blueprint section, i. E. "Blaupausen" months ago.

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