Normal and Specular maps

  • So i just picked this little gem up, there is quite a lot here but i have got to say, this game can look so much better with some basic maps, right now, all textures seem to have just a diffuse... is this because the artist plan on redoing the textures later on? some simple normal texture maps with a good specular maps would really make the textures pop and give the game a more polished look. for such a simple thing to do, it just makes me question why are these not already here?

    Dev to Tiberium secrets.

    Five years in 3Ds max
    One year in animation
    Four years in Photoshop
    General understanding of FX shaders.

  • Normal and parallax mapping are planned, but currently it has a relatively low priority, especially since additional normal/displacement/specular maps would cause a high memory consumption due to the high amount of textures the game uses. We reduced the memory consumption the lasts months though, so there is some room for such additions now, but first we want to get other things ready (dungeons, new playermodel etc)

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