Item bank (bags)

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Figured i'd make a placeholder thread for a project I've been working on. :D

    i've been working on a Gui Based item storage system, with a dual-pane GUI.
    left-side will list all the items in your quickbar, and when clicked will deposit them into your bank/bag.
    right-side will list all items in your bank/bag (in pages) with quantity, and when clicked will put one of said item into your inventory, and when shift-clicked will move a stack.

    Its still incredibly early, and not quite near finish, but I will post it as soon as it is!

    (I know it looks incredibly ugly right now, just working on the back-end primarily and will polish the gui when its ready to release)

  • Sounds interesting!

    About the GUI, if you are interested, we could work together to extend my attempt at a GUI back-end plug-in providing ready-made and interactable "dialogue boxes" to other plug-ins, so that it is not necessary for everybody to re-invent ALL the wheels.

    I am already using in most of my plug-ins, so it works; it only does what I needed so far, though.

    If you are interested, we can discuss further here or in PM.

  • it is tempting Miwarre, once i get the rest of the plugin hashed out, i'll let you know. i still have to work on a few things, and then i'll go on to how i plan to improve the gui.
    this may also extend into the territory of player made shops, but that is still a ways away yet. if I went that route i would likely tie into your currency back-end too haha.

  • Thanks for the reply, @nobotious.

    I know that it is mostly a new territory: we are all used to develop our script (previously) or plug-in (nowadays) completely, so that we have everything under control, we know all the details and so on. However, this inevitably leads to everybody re-inventing this or that wheel, to duplicate code doing the same task(s) in different plug-ins, to debugging each duplicate implementation of a task, to disparate 'look & feel' and so on.

    These are the reasons why I am advocating a "collaborative development" in which a number of recurring tasks are implemented only once and the single maintainer of a single task implementation can focus and spend time on making it better, more robust and so on.

    No hurry, though! Given the lack of interest (at least so far), my back-ends are still little more than proofs of concepts.

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