[Plug-in] UPS, send items to any player

  • A plug-in to send items you have to any other player.

    Version 0.2.1

    *) Updated to the latest RWGui version.
    *) Some bug fixed

    (The 0.2.0 version has never been published.)

    Version 0.1.0

    - Features

    *) GUI-only: everything is done via a GUI. There is only one chat command (default /ups, but it can be configured) which displays this simple main menu:

    *) Item(s) to send (with the "Send a parcel" menu command) are chosen from the 5 quick slots:

    where any of the items in the quick slots can be selected and a quantity chosen up to the actually owned quantity (you can't send 64 iron ingots, if you only have 3!).

    *) Any player can be chosen as recipient, even if not on line at the moment.

    *) A cash-on-delivery amount can be entered. If greater than 0, the receiving player will be charged when collecting the parcel ***.

    *) A shipping cost can be defined in the plug-in configuration, with partial costs for 1, 4, 16 and 64 items (sending the same number of items costs the same regardless of the nature of the items); the sending player is charged when pressing the "SEND!" button ***.

    *) Parcels you sent and parcels sent to you can be browsed (separately with the "My shipments" and "My deliveries" menu command) with this dialogue box:

    Parcels sent to you and not collected yet can be collected from this dialogue box.

    *) All the interface texts can be translated to another language with a short text file dropped in the plug-in folder (no need to re-compile the plug-in); details in the locale/readme.txt file.

    Important - Important - Important - Important:

    ***) The features marked above with a *** depend on a money plug-in being installed. Any money system could be used, as long as it implements the simple Java Interface available in this thread.


    Important - Important - Important - Important:

    In order to work, the plug-in requires the GUI back-end plug-in available in this thread.

    - Commands

    There is only one command: /ups (configurable in the plug-in settings.properties) which shows the above main menu.


    *) Extract the files in the ZIP placing the whole ups folder into the plugins folder of RW (if the plugins folder does not exist, just create one). The resulting hierarchy shall be:

    ── RisingWorld
    ├── plugins
    │ ├── ups
    │ │ ├── locale
    │ │ ├── ups.jar
    │ │ └── settings. properties

    *) If it is not already installed, the GUI plug-in available in this thread shall also be installed.

    *) In order to make available the money management features, a plug-in implementing the Banking Interface shall also be installed; a sample plug-in implementing this interface can be found here.

    Open points and known issues

    *) Some types of items cannot be shipped (because the API does not currently allow to "re-materialise them at the other end of the Stargate" :D ) : they are shown in grey in the dialogue box and cannot be selected.

    *) The names of the items are provided by RW itself; some of them are not very clear (like "ore" for a number of different materials) and some are not in the best possible English (shouldn't a space be there in "iron ingot"?). Short of recreating all names from scratch, I set up for using RW own ones, to which players are already familiar anyway.

    *) Bugs may well exist! I did my best but foreseeing all the possible use cases and contexts is hard. Post here bug reports, with specific steps to replicate the issues and I'll try to correct them.

    I really need steps or instructions to replicate the problem on my PC or I cannot fix it!

    My thanks to @Captian_Cornball, who first had the idea of an UPS plug-in!

  • can this be integrated with a Money script?? im trying to do the same thing

    As I said above, this is exactly my idea! To communicate, the money plug-in has to conform to a (simple) interface, useful for many other things too. I'll publish the details very soon (Thursday is vacation here and I plan to spend time on this).

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