Cannot interact with animals on self hosted dedicated server

A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Please help someone, I am tearing my hair out. I cannot interact with animals on my self hosted server. I have only just setup, never had it working. If i load the same world in single player, I can kill animals and everything just fine. It has to be a setting or something, please help!


  • May i ask what you mean precisely with "interact" ?

    There is no interaction with animals yet besides killing them by hitting and looting their body afterwards.
    You cant ride them yet and cant collide into them either for the time being.

    i might of misunderstand the question so forgive my mistake if it didn't help you out. :)


    Ooh !! maybe you are on peaceful mode on your server maybe that might stop you from killing animals.

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