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    Hi @ArcaneDesmond

    I've been away from RW for a long while now so I might be out of date on the modding capabilities of RW but i'd still like to answer you.
    so whatever I say next please consider it to possibly be outdated information, however this is what RW used to be when I paused my gameplay :thumbsup:

    We dont lack imagination or creativity, in fact what I had created back in 2015 and expanded over the years was only a small part of what I actually have imagined to do.
    The biggest limiting factor and reason why you don't see an electricity mod or modded chests, or mods with bigger substantial gameplay elements is that RW modding capability does not allow a way for us to add custom usable tools the way native (built-in) tools are available.

    This of course limits us to be able to create any kind of highly functional mods the way minecraft has offered over the years.

    However where there's a will, there is a way and if any modders out there are looking to do something big and wanting to group up for a collaboration, I'm up for it as long as its organized properly.

    Proper organization for me personally means:
    - plan first, code later
    - use issue boards (so everyone knows who is working on what)
    - use git properly (feature branches) and merge request when done
    - meetings or communicate often
    etc etc etc...

    If a kid buys this game comes to the forums to check out the mods and see's there's really nothing to add adventure he or she will play the game for a bit then shelve it.

    I do believe that it is the responsibility of the game studio that should keep their game interesting and engaging not the customers who bought it. Sure we are given a way to modify the game a bit but that in itself is not main feature of the game where all the focus should be put on.

    We all bought it to be entertained by the game itself first its not reasonable to shift expectations of additional entertainment beyond the core game. All the little extras by the community is a lovely bonus from the community ^^

    Thank you for the news in advance, I'm not much of a flexible guy when all of a sudden server needs an update and things change so serverly that I cant catch up to get things done before having to go to sleep or work in the morning.

    Its nice to know what is coming ahead of time like this announcement, it saves my team and myself a lot of headaches cause we can at least prepare for whats coming :D The Seranians of Serenity Server salute you :thumbsup:

    whoa this topic goes wwaay back lol

    I find out I have a different perspective on it. I overestimated the complexity of it before now I know for sure music sheets wouldnt be as hard as i first thought. However my older perspective of real people trying to create music with different instruments is harder since music is all about timing and the internet is all about latency the two naturally dont mix

    So I'll roll back on that and say music sheets would definitly be doable and having NPC's play them would be an even more awesome way to get some music going.

    @ArcticuKitsu How do you see it implemented in the game or more specific: how would a player create the music sheet (instrument selection, timing etc...) ?

    At the moment I might wrongfully ssume that the idea would be that players would grab a music sheet hit a key and a dialog box would open where they'd pick instrument, set timings and use the mouse to set the notes...
    basically doing everything in a GUI.

    If I did kind of catch on to your idea, is there any way it could be more interactive I mean, more in-the-world and less inside a GUI box ? Because one of the most beautiful appeal in Rising World is the way we're interacting with objects within the game world its real, instead of opening dialog boxes to interact. as an example we fill actual coal into the furnace unlike other games where you'd open up a GUI to do that.

    so for composing a music sheet.. any idea how to have that as interactive as possible with minimal dialog boxes ? of course for fine tuning a GUI would be needed but I just wanna explore your idea some more :rolleyes: after all Music makes the world go round - Hamilton Brothers

    And Rising World is the kind of world that should go round :thumbsup:

    Works fantastically here no problems found :thumbsup:
    Major big thanks for keeping all the stats info from a long period of time, was afraid it would start for zero i wouldnt have a clue about the busiest months etc etc. glad to see everything there.

    Yes it is possible and we're actually already running our ingame Bot together with Discord on Serenity.
    I'm horrible at explaining stuff so i'll just keep it short to not confuse.

    Register and authorise a Discord bot here

    I use Discord4J but you can use JDA since i've got a video for you showing you how to with JDA here

    You make a plugin that imports the JDA libraries and you make your game onCommand listen to things like /admin for example
    have it forward a message to your discord server and voila

    you've got yourself an admin notifier from game -> to discord :thumbsup:

    I dont really recommend this type of project if you're just new to Java but it's great to try it step by step

    recap ---------------------------

    - start with your plugin that listens and reponds to commands

    7 public void onPlayerCommand(PlayerCommandEvent event){
    8 Player p = event.getPlayer();
    9 testList.add(p.getName());
    10 //do something else
    11 }

    after getting that operational theres two ways

    either you learn how to use a dependency management system Maven or Gradle (long way, steep learning curve but it pays off in the end)
    or you manually download JDA and all its dependancies (shortcut old way but pain in the butt)

    you'll need to import those libraries into your plugin and start programming sort of like in the video (read documentation tho things might have changed since 2016 )

    then have your onCommand part of the prlugin interact with discords 'sendMessage'


    Holy spaghetti =O it finally arrived !

    Captain's log:

    I had a dream
    Nov 14th 2015 - Chat while sitting down

    I held my head up high
    Jan 29th 2016 - Changelog 2016-01-27: Trading, bugfixes, optimizations

    I cried a little
    Feb 13th 2017 - [Change] You can also chat now while sitting or sleeping (multiplayer)

    Disclaimer: Yes seriously excited about something so minor.
    Just makes role playing a whole lot more immersive. :rolleyes: thanks ReD

    up next: some eggs from those lovely chickens ? lol naahhh just kiddin' too soon i know i know ;p

    That's strange that should of been fixed for a great deal

    Last but not least we did a lot of changes under the hood, including a reworked rendering, and especially the implementation of a logarithmic depth buffer. This greatly improves the rendering precision, reducing z-fighting (i.e. the "flickering" of construction elements or posters) drastically. Unfortunately, the logarithmic depth buffer has an impact on performance - to improve your framerate, you can disable it in the file (set "graphic_logarithmic_depth_buffer" to false).

    I'm not really sure but check your file I think by default the new graphic_logarithmic_depth_buffer should of been set to true
    but its worth checking out just to be sure its on. :thumbsup:

    Yes after the first hotfix i was able to see the bug for myself but there was another update that i missed after i did that the problem was gone but you already left before i could tell you about it.

    perhaps you might have a corrupt file from steam update :thumbsup: reinstall or file verification should fix it just fine.

    I hope it helps cause its such a tiny thing =O and nobody else is having that bug.

    Euuhmm Mardoin...

    You're a bit late to the party haha after the hotfix update you left the game after 5min meanwhile the hotfix came in 2 or 3 parts.
    you left at after the first one lol didn't see that everything was fixed in under 10min haha

    reeeelax :D Red51 got it all together but its important not to freak out and leave so quick. Patience is key to happiness! in our case it was fixed in under 10min that same update day.

    Uh ooh you might of posted this in the wrong forum section.

    This one is

    Server Help
    Server-related troubleshooting (e.g. multiplayer or dedicated server problems)

    You have better luck in
    Here you can present or download plugins

    or even in the category
    Plugin Discussion
    Plugin related discussions, you can ask questions or ask for help.

    :thumbsup: Awesome plugin tho especially the /vanish would be cool in the future

    May i ask what you mean precisely with "interact" ?

    There is no interaction with animals yet besides killing them by hitting and looting their body afterwards.
    You cant ride them yet and cant collide into them either for the time being.

    i might of misunderstand the question so forgive my mistake if it didn't help you out. :)


    Ooh !! maybe you are on peaceful mode on your server maybe that might stop you from killing animals.

    Tiny bug report

    - Sewage manholes dont open
    - Cant pickup placed sewage manholes
    - cant sit down on the piano while swimming underwater but you keep playing as you move around until hitting ESC

    Special thanks to the wonderful players who discovered it on Serenity server. :thumbsup:

    not a bug just a minor suggestion

    -weather changes too frequently maybe a way to adjust frequency of changes or select what weather types are excluded. snow for example is too much of an extreme change after having a sunny day

    Once there's electricity in the game i'd love to make add-on gadgets for such a device.

    Imagine if that device was included in the API documentation how to get stuff on the screen and access the controls, we'd have a blast extending its abilities but gotta have electricity included into the mix just to add more depth of realism. :D

    I understand your frustration @ffflo1993

    Nonetheless without any hard feelings I do wish to pin point a quote:

    because the development team is so small, nothing will happen quickly.

    Why do you need things to happen quickly ?
    What is the rush ?
    Is there any deadline written for the release of Rising World ? (seriously i don't know about one can i have a link if there is one? )

    Honestly some of the greatest things in life took the longest to achieve. coincidentally some of the best games out there took the longest to develop as well.

    The API is a significant part of the core game including the documentation which servers as a foundation to those who wish to extend the games abilities.

    The fact that it came before dungeons and player models or after , it doesn't matter. This is a work in progress game without official agreed upon updates timeframe so it is up to the dev when updates release and its up to the dev to figure out what he needs, its after all his budget and his business.

    long story short about waiting for updates.

    If you find yourself bored already within the game then you're playing Rising World the wrong way! - SilverSatin.

    And I do sincerely mean it.


    On the note that JIW Games needs more help.

    As far as I know (which most already know too) JIW Games already does outsource certain tasks, it might not be as quick as a McDonald drive-thru but that's a side effect of outsourcing with a limited budget.
    Lets not forget this is a first title for JIW Games (start small because they are small)

    lol I cant help to laugh out loud.... in my head I imagine....

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