Daniel Boone - Adventures in Rising World

  • The picture below is an example of how the copper ore currently shows in the mod...... you can compare it to how the new iron ore appears as shown on the prior page. This copper ore will likely be darkened a little.

    These textures are still early versions and will be tweaked here and there over the coming months

  • I am looking at the specific era that my mod will take place in but probably looking at somewhere between 1 and 3 million years ago.

    Today I am working on finishing the moon as it would have appeared back then where the Moon experienced the Mare Volcanism period which was prior to the intermediate cratering across the Moon resulting in the countless number of craters now visible on the moon.

    Over the next few days I will create a section in the mods section of the forum dedicated specifically to my Prehistoric Rising World mod.

  • Back in the old prehistoric days water was generally not blue and was a more greenish color due to rapidly growing algae which covered the surface of not only lakes and rivers but also seas and oceans.

    When the Great Asteroid struck the Earth half a million years ago, the green algae was destroyed by the lack of light after dust and rocks were thrown into the atmosphere and over the next half million years blue water eventually covered the Earth.

  • As I made my way through the forest I passed a lake which I suspected was now potentially toxic with algae. If i drink this water I could become very sick.

    I look at the trees around me once green and vibrant ..... but months of little rain has left much of the forest brown and dry.

    As you walk through this mod you will see the leaves, grass, trees and even flowers are dry and in need of water. Such was the climate during prehistoric times as dry conditions covered most of the planets.

    With these changes to the mod it is now harder to find apple, lemon and cherry trees as the fruit on the trees are now less obvious and you will not be able to spot these trees from a distance.

    With my gameplay I have added in the idea that not all water is drinkable and that if you can drink the water you need to throw one dice and roll either a 5 or a 6. As yoiu can see this means that 67% of the lakes you come across will have toxic water you cannot drink.

    This is how I decide if water can be drinkable . If I drink water that may be toxic then I throw another dice . If the results are 1 to 4 then the water has made me ill. if this happens I then have to not eat or drink until I lose 50% of my health.

    Note that the developer has announced the following earlier this year:

    "Diseases are planned, and in combination with that water purification is also planned (and ofc ways to cure a disease) :) But probably that will only be implemented after the new playermodels and items"

  • When you look at the first picture of the two shown below you might think you are standing next to a lemon tree...... however you might be surprised that these are prehistoric age apples growing on that tree.

    The second pictures shows some of the new flowers.

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