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    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Yokohama; Survival based server


      My name's Bird, and I've been apart of the Yokohama gaming community on Starbound for a few years. After disbanding due to disinterest and desire to branch out into new, developing games, we've taken up Rising World. Back and with a goal in our minds to host a fun, relaxed, rule enforced survival server, we strive to create a similar atmosphere to the one we had before. We hope you will consider giving our server a try, and staying if it interests you. With more additions to come as time goes by, such as land protection plugins and other necessities, we are working everyday to turn Yokohama into a promising new server. With a small player base of only four at the moment, including the three admins, we encourage you to give us a try if you're interested in joining a tight fitting community that's very willing to accept and talk to new players.

      Server name: (Survival)Yokohama(EN)
      Server IP:
      Server location: Japan
      Server discord:

      Server rules go as follow in no particular order;
      • Don't act in maliciousness intentionally. This covers stealing, murder, being annoying, etc.
      • Listen to admins, they're here to help, not berate and belittle.
      • Try to be respectful and kind. We aren't a hugbox, and we aren't a moshpit either. We understand we're humans, but we all have to tone it down sometimes.
      • Have fun!
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