Can't Log in to Server

  • After the recent update, i was able to log in once and was transferring items from a chest and crashed to menu. But now I cannot log back in, and other players can get in. Also, I can run the SP game just fine. I tried uninstalling the client and reinstalling, but that did not help. I am an Admin on this server (Rosalia). So, I took a look at the logs and they do not show anything unusual, just me trying to log in and then disconnecting. Here is the error log from my client side.
    It looks to be a problem with a chest. I was in the middle of transferring files from a chest the last time I logged in, and then my game crashed to the menu screen.
    What can I do to fix this? Would having another admin destroy all of my chests solve the problem?

    Resolved. Had to have a logged in admin use clearinventory the deleteplayer console commands. Was able to log right in after.

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