Game won't launch on mac after newest update

We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

  • Game won't launch on mac after newest update


    I haven't played after the update on 21st April until today, and the game won't launch. When clicking Play on Steam, pop up appears saying "Preparing to launch ...etc" and then it disappears. On Steam window Library section, next to Rising World on my games list, I can see the word "Running" and "Syncing" quickly appear and disappear and after that nothing happens. No other windows pop up. Tried to uninstall and re-install, didn't work. Operating system is up to date.

    MacOS Sierra, version 10.12.4 (16E195)
    2,6 GHz Intel Core i7
    Radeon Pro 450 2048 MB
    Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB

    Thank you in advance! ^^
  • Sorry for my late response! :/ Do you still run into the same issue? In this case please try to verify the integrity of the game cache:
    There are also a few programs which may interfere with Steam, e.g. "Little Snitch", "Peer Guardian" and "Norton/Symantec Internet Security". If one of these programs is running in the background, maybe try to disable it.

    If it still does not work you may try to use the old Mac launcher instead. To do that, rightclick on RW in Steam -> Properties -> Betas -> select "hotfix - old exe" and try to run the game again (once the download is ready). Does it work then?