Prelim bug report-UPDATED

We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

  • Prelim bug report-UPDATED

    All of my crafting stations that require an image are not working correctly ie: workbenches, loom, blockbench, anvil.
    This is for the pre-date versions AND the new ones also that I made as checks.
    The window for the stations open, the left side is frozen in the first window, the right side has a huge black square over the image. Neither can be opened or moved or clicked on. Except that I did manage to open the blockbench on 2 different occassions and both times immediately crashed with several diff. error messages. Then I stopped trying opening them.

    The non-image requiring benches work fine, except the grinder. The grinder will not grind although it turns.

    The spinning wheel, both old and new, work.
    The furnace, both old and new, work fine. (i like being able to just swipe the entire shelf to empty it)
    The printing press works fine, for making rags at least.

    My system is an Alien, water cooled/ i7 /win10/ Nvidea 970 gtx/ 1tb. / 20 Gram

    EDIT: last update did the trick. The crafting stations now open the proper way.

    Question: is the Workbench II now redundant? All of the recipes on it, including the station itself, are now inside our inventory crafting tab?

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