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    Where are the fully functional multi-player Creative servers?
    There are currently 150+ servers listed on the Muli-player listing in game. Some are labeled PvP. Most have descriptions in their titles: i.e. “Georges….area protection, animal, economy” etc. The labeled Rising World Servers are either locked or pvp. None are labeled Creative. None I have played so far, allow full use of the game as designed: there are blocks on \

    I started playing RW in 2014, when my first voxel building game, Landmark, that I had played for 3+ years, sundowned. It broke my heart, I loved that amazing world of building.
    Rising World can do the same thing for me. However, I can’t seem to find a creative world that will allow me to play the game that Red51 has designed.

    The first multi-player server (fully creative) that I played on RW was beautiful, well run, with admins. on 24/7. The benefits were a completed transport system, a great economy, admin. built cities, and protected claims. It was a really great server. But.

    The First Problem: we players were not allowed to use blueprints as we built.
    If you are a BUILDER (I am) blueprints are essential.
    For example: I am designing/building a walled medieval city on my single server. The surrounding wall is 50-75 units high and 12 thick. There are 8 tower/turrets that are fairly decorative, nearly 100 units high: building one of those towers takes time.
    There is no need to build 8 of them. Blueprinting the tower allows me to place a complete tower along the wall multiple times.
    There are several buildings within this wall and none of them are boxes with roofs.
    With blueprinting, the city will take me probably 6 months to build. And I play, usually, 24/7. Without blueprinting, I don’t want to think about the unnecessary work this would invoke. It gets really boring trying to replicate the same large item 8 times.

    To blueprint: we had to call an admin. who would then ‘unlock blueprinting’ to allow us to make a blueprint and then blueprint our work. We were not allowed to set a blueprint down on our claim, not even one of our own. Only save our work which was nice anyway.

    I was told that a former player had caused a great deal of damage by using blueprints on claims that did not belong to them and on open ground, destroying things. They had their reasons. But the remaining players were forced to pay for that. To me, that was not fair.

    The Second Problem: we were not allowed to topo our own property. We were not allowed to use the extended Creative Panel F4, F5, F6…. So, I did have a choice. I could dig my own lake by hand and lug hundreds of buckets of water to fill it. (I did once) Or, I could call an admin. to build it for me.I admit their lakes were beautifully done…but it was my claim, I wanted to do it myself. I wanted to be able to use the “game included creative building tools”. It is important to me to be allowed to do my own setting for my building claim, I know what I want and how to do it. I have had three years’ experience building with voxels before I came to RW. It only required learning different tools. The more I build, the more I learn, naturally.

    The Third Problem: this one is minor, but still a blocking of the full use of the game. We were not allowed to earn the pets: mini-pigs etc.If we wanted one, we could ask an admin. to come and summon one for us. Again, I do not want to do this. I want to earn my own game items. Especially in a work-in-progress game, the more people using all of the in game functions, the more changes of finding glitches and bugs.

    I have tried several other servers and ran into similar rules: features of the game were blocked at the choice of the server administrators, not the game designer.

    The only fully functional creative servers I have found were run by Yahgiggle, but they seem to be gone. They gave full use of the entire game with limited sensible rules and no admin.

    Let me state that I have no objections to rules that are reasonable.
    For example: requirements that I level over a reasonable length of time before I can fly, or set a claim, or even use blueprints. Rules that state that I can’t have a second claim, until the first is finished is a good rule. And rules that state that if you do not play for 30 days you forfeit your claim is also reasonable. This saves half done claims sitting around the landscape.
    I’m happy to follow rules as long as I know that at the end of the leveling/tryout period I have full creative control of my game. (my game: not anyone else's).

    It will do no good to tell me to make my own server if I don’t like what is available: I do not have the expertise to do so. I admire those who can. So, I play my single and build, for now.
    I do hope that RW will have its own game run servers at launch. Servers hard wired to play the complete game no matter who is running it for Red51sRW.

    If I am missing something vital here I apologize, maybe there are dozens of creative servers out there like the one I’m looking for?

    My suggestion: Red51 arrange for RW to run their own game servers. Perhaps 3 large servers: one each for Creative, pvp, and Adventure: that are each locked into keeping open all of the game commands open to players. Obviously not admin. commands as those would be controlled by RW. Or run them thru Steam as most are now, and be sure that the when the game launches, the basic game commands cannot be blocked by administrators.

    I know very little about Java. Just enough to check updates and be sure they are current. Today I downloaded the latest update Ver. 8 Update 181 (build 1.8.0_181-b13).
    Included was a notice that after Jan. 2019 any gaming commercial builders were going to have to get a commercial license to run Java. And any personal users would be covered until Jan 2020. After Jan 2020 there will be no support for Java 8.
    As said I have no idea what in heck is going on technically. I will ride with it, and keep reading whatever people who know what they are talking about post.

    Appreciate how you feel about SWG, but I wouldn't count on At-AT, Storm Trooper/Imperial armor and droids. While everyone developing games 'borrows' ideas from other games, SW's anything is bound to be pretty well covered by copywrite. I enjoy reading your wish lists.

    I put floor mosaics down like in my Ancient Greek city area. They look wonderful.

    Importing .png file shots of carpets and rugs can also give you the ability to place carpets and rug images to decorate floors and to use as tapestries also. Frame them and you have pictures/portraits to decorate with.

    I would like to see us able to weave our own carpeting and tapestries in due time.

    a full cooking update is also planed and it has been confirmed that wheat with some sort of grinder to get it to flour will be part of it :)

    Min, I think Red51 said that the grinding station may be used to grind wheat, in a post about a year ago. I think he talked about getting milk from cows and eggs from hens also.

    Red51 spoke of the grinding station grinding corn, also of the cows being milked and the hens laying eggs last year, I think.

    We have grills and smokers to cook on. Also a cooking pot on a 3 legged stand. I think having a cooking oven of stone, and also a more modern style oven would be great.

    As for mixing the ingredients: a bowl or pan would work pretty well.

    I like that food spoiling is being added to the game world. That will require us to tend our gardens instead of just living on tomatoes.
    Recipes would give us a reason to tend a nice sized garden full of various veggies. Time to replant my greenhouse.

    Excellent idea using blight and spoilage on the food supply. I admit that I went from planting and harvesting all the plants and trees so I could test the growing times and such, and then dropped down to doing exactly that which was quoted earlier: planting a few tomato plants and potatoes.
    Time to dig out my greenhouse template and plant variety and quantity again.

    Nice job on the recent updates Red51. I really do enjoy this game.

    I am not a trained tech., but I've been gaming for years. So you can double check this advice: upgrade your ram.

    I think that when you say you have 8G of ram, but that your pc is not a dinosaur-these two things are not really related.

    My oldest pc is now 10 years old, a Gateway, but working fine. I keep updating it to it's max. which is now at 12 Gb.
    My newer pc is an Alien gaming pc: It has 20G ram built in and I will need to upgrade that as soon as I can.
    Gaming PCs seem to be selling with 16-32 GB ram as standard now.

    I think you will have a much smoother gaming experience with at least a double amount of ram.

    That's good to know.
    I've also found the same as you say. If I set a bp and add to it: then redo that bp, I see what you are describing.
    When I set down that added to bp, some of it does not appear.
    I accidently discovered, that by waiting a longer time than usual, the blueprint would continue to load.
    I got a phone call and by the time I realized I'd missed the timeline to do the undo blueprint command, it was too late. But, the bp downloaded the original build plus the new additions.
    I don't know if it will always do that, have not tested it.

    Useful info, thanks Mino.

    I have both a Steam and a RW acct. Got the family kids one, when they visit they like to play.
    I got on line with both and used one as a measuring rod for the other to set up 'units' of measurement' to give me an guesstiment of scale for furniture/doors/etc.
    That and experience in LM gave me a good set of measurements from the very start of game.

    And then they made our characters taller :)

    Sounds good to me Shark, but you are talking over my paygrade.
    I don't know enough to know how to program plug in commands. I usually follow your posts simply because you have intelligent comments.
    I can bug hunt, and report them and workarounds, maybe suggest fixes, but not the knowledge to do it myself. I just ask lots of questions. :)