Clipping clothing on female character in update 0.9

  • This is just one shirt. I'm looking through all of the clothing. I'm a character customization nut... :whistling: so, more to come.

    The Leather shirt and sleeved leather shirt (named Medieval shirt) have a UV mapping issue, which I addressed in the steam rising world forums.

    OK. I looked through ALL the tops and there's clipping with every piece. the only semi-exception is the poncho, which doesn't clip through the body, but the baggy parts clip through the character arms.

    Now looking through all "Outfits" items. Found clipping in almost all, at least. The only thing I saw no truly bad clipping with was the hazmat suit. There was a barely-visible line on the hands.

    Pants: Only the boxers, Suit trousers, and Leather Pants (long) have clipping. The rest are fine.

    Everything else seems fine. Except boots/pants combinations, those have clipping between each other but that's to be expected.

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