A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hi Rising World Community
    we created a site for you to share, show and download creations, scripts, texturepacks and much more! United Rising
    You build something or created a lua script and want to share it with other Rising World players? Post it on United Rising!

    We finished the basic functions of the site and want to share it with you. We planned some more awesome functions to make the site even better.

    (i don't know if i keep the logo :) maybe i change it later)

    You can upload and share lua scripts for servers.
    planned features:

    • changelog section for each script
    • command section

    In the creations section you can show and share your Buildings.
    You can upload the World file and add the World Seed for people who want to build on the World you created!
    planned features:

    • slideshow of your pictures

    Here you cann share your texturepacks for Rising World.
    planned features:

    • slideshow

    as soon as the ability to change your skin is integrated in the game you can upload and share your player skins.
    planned features:

    • Skin viewer

    In the Artwork section you can upload anything Rising World related. Some Wallpapers, gif's or maybe pictures of a life-sized RW action figure?

    If you have created a tutorial for Rising World you can publish it here. Link a video, write a description, add assetes and images and much more.
    planned features:

    • own tutorial structure
    • step by step descriptions

    Here you can add Youtube or Vimeo Videos of Let's PLays, trailers, Server showcases ...
    planned features:

    • Playlist functions

    I don't want a seperate forum for United Rising so i linked the official site. If anyone want a forum for Rising World the official here is great.

    general planned functions:

    • more social actions between users
    • News Feed
    • RW Changelog site (with fancy functions =) )
    • Basic Tutorials
    • Starter Guide
    • ...

    by creme, SgtBootyHunter & David

    Do you like United Rising? =)

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