Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky
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    If you want to play multiplayer, there are basically five ways to do that:

    • Play with friends: This only works for the Steam version of the game. Select a world and hit the green "play with friends" button in singleplayer menu to start a Steam P2P (peer-to-peer) multiplayer session on your machine. Then you're able to invite friends from your Steam friend list to your game (alternatively they can join your game accordingly). This does not require any additional steps (unless a firewall blocks the connection) and is the easiest solution if you just want to play the game with a few friends.
    • Start a LAN game: This starts a LAN session on your machine. To do that, hit the red "open for lan" button in singleplayer menu. People who live in the same household can join to your local IP then. You can also play over the internet, but this requires port-forwarding. Usually it's recommendable to use the "play with friends" option instead, unless you want to play with users who don't have the Steam version of the game.
    • Play on a public server: When clicking on "multiplayer" in the main menu, you will find a list of all public servers. There are a few filter options available (as well as the ability to change the sorting of the list). Unless a server is password-protected, you can simply join it. Once you're on the server, you can use T to chat with other players.
    • Rent a game server: If you don't have an own dedicated server, and don't want to host the game on your local machine, you can rent a game server for Rising World. You can find an overview of official server hosters on our homepage.
    • Host your own server: The server files of Rising World are available for free. You can either find them in your Steam lib under "Tools", or alternatively download them via SteamCMD (no need to have Steam installed, anonymous login possible). If you want to host the server on your local machine, you have to forward the ports 4254-4259 TCP and UDP (if you change the server port, change the port range as well). If you have a dedicated server, it's definitely preferable to host the RW server there. To find more information about setting up a dedicated server, please see this topic: Dedicated Server Setup

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