Building materials suggestion

  • I would like to see new materials added, such as:

    Tiles (stone, porcelain, slate, concrete, marble)
    with same mechanics as wood.

    Tarmac, gravel, stone, concrete with new placement mechanics, where the material will form a mound similarly to stone/sand, however will not pull and blend the existing terrain except itself.
    Additionally also can be rotated in same angles as planks, and only will place if there's solid surface underneath.

    Plywood and other large sheet materials, that can be made as big as 3x3m size (based on assumption, that current wood is max 3m long).

    Corrugated steel sheets.

    Resizing doors anywhere from roughly 1m high to 2m high, 60cm wide to 1m wide, default at 75 x 190 (current?)

    Double doors (opening direction chagable using page up page down perhaps)

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