A couple of suggestions/requests (plants, and blocks)

    • A couple of suggestions/requests (plants, and blocks)

      First, I'm having a bit of a roofing issue. I put angled wall sections in my house in a creative singleplayer world and I would like to be able to flip the ramp corner (half) block over once more to have it fill in gaps like these:


      Secondly, if we could maybe allow the decorative plants such as the rowan hedges, the hogweed, etc, harvest-able so that we can replant them in survival situations? granted, it is a simple thing to switch to creative mode in singleplayer but it would be nice if, in a survival multi-player environment, to be able to decorate one's home more thoroughly. Even if harvesting gives nothing but the seedling for replanting, it would be very nice.

      Oh~! and on that note, if perhaps the dead plant system we'd had before maybe got a little revamp so that, with certain plants, like the rowan and the apple, that have dead versions, there's a chance that they die not by vanishing but by their dead-looking versions appearing instead? obviously no saplings from the dead stuff. X/

      List of currently not-harvest-able plants (that I, and hopefully others, would love to be able to replace):
      Seaplant (S,M,L)
      Seaplant 2
      Hogweed 1
      Nettle 1
      Nettle 2
      EDIT: Forgot the Rowan tree. That also.

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    • Definitely would like to be able to replant those non-harvestable items. Some servers are vanilla survival, and all terraforming needs to be done manually, so being able to add back those items to the area that was just slope/flattened would be wonderful. Even if it is just 1 sapling/seed per item.