[US] Epic Insomniacs Rising World

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hey everyone,
    Just wanted to shamelessly plug our newest server.

    [US] Epic Insomniacs Rising World

    You can find us in the Multiplayer server list as the name above or join our IP @

    The server is dedicated to this Rising World server and nothing else. It is populated with friendly people as well as multiple admins to help keep an eye on things.
    I welcome you all to come visit and stake your claim on a plot of land to make your own.

    Our site isn't complete but if interested enough to keep an eye on it, you may find it here: http://risingworld.epicinsomniac.com

    I am looking for people more knowledgeable than I with lua scripting as well as good admins that have a firm grasp on the workings of Rising World.

    Hope to see you online, and can not wait to see what you can create! :thumbsup:

    Epic Insomniacs Rising World!

    Come have some fun @ or find us in the server list:
    [420] Epic Insomniacs Rising World Server

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