Outdated Maps

  • So like a year or so ago me and my friend started playing Rising World, as using the steam function to "join game" wasn't possible at the time, or at least it didnt work for us, we made a server and played on it for quite a while.
    A couple months later we started playing less and less time and eventually stoped, now we are making a return and wanted to go on the map from the server we had but creating a new server when we join a get an error saying the map is outdated.
    Is there a way to still play on this map or do we have to start over?


  • Hmm... when was the world created exactly? The "world is too old" message (is this the message you get?) should only show up for worlds which were created in late 2015 8| Unfortunately there is no workaround for this, since all worlds prior to the biomes update (December 2015) are no longer compatible... this also happens btw if a recent world was loaded with a very old version of the game (< 0.6), basically this breaks the world.

    However, it's always recommendable to load a world at least every 6 months, otherwise there is a chance that the world conversion goes wrong... :(

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