Loosing connection issues

  • Loosing connection issues

    I keep loosing connection to server. This happens on more than one server. This game is the only one i get connection issues with other games run smoothly. It is getting progressively worse. I have uninstalled the game installed it, deleted my game cache still nothing. Please help. I loose connection after every 5 minutes now. Makes it soo not fun.
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  • Do you use cable internet, i.e. do you have a "cable ISP" (not DSL)? There have been some reports that some cable ISP terminate the connection after a given amount of time (usually after exactly 5 or 10 minutes). It's not exactly the ISP who terminates the connection, it's basically one of the "nodes" your connection passes (you never have a direct connection to a server, instead there are several nodes in between). This node sends a RST packet for unknown reasons and prevents you from re-establishing the connection. The actual reasons are unclear, maybe it's due to the big amount of data which RW sends (which is required to sync the world, images etc).

    Maybe you can enable the debug console, to do that, go to your game directory (rightclick on RW in Steam -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse local files), open the "config.properties" file and set "game_debug_console" to true, then save the file and run the game. Connect to a server and play until you're getting kicked (due to connection loss). Then quit the game and go into the "Logs" subfolder in your game directory. There should be a log file now, please upload it here (or send it via PM to me, or via email to support@jiw-games.net) ;)

    There is a workaround for this issue though: you can use a VPN service. This forces your connection to take "a different route through the internet", so it's very likely that the problematic node is skipped. There are some free VPN services available.

    Btw.: Many other games usually use UDP for networking (which is "connectionless", so even if there is an interruption, this doesn't matter as long as you keep sending packets). UDP is fine if only basic things are synced, i.e. player position, but its biggest issue is the unreliability, since there is no guarantee that a packet actually arrives at the other end (which doesn't matter when it comes to things like player sync).
    Since RW has to send a lot of crucial data (world data, images etc) which need to be split into multiple packets, we have to rely on TCP (which establishes an actual connection, unlike UDP).