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  • My son asked me to provide a server for his Rising World dedicated server. Right now he is hosting it off of his work station.

    I see that to play the game a 4-Core processor is suggested. I've been on some servers with him that seemed like they were processor or memory bound. I have a server that has dual hex-core Xeons and 64 GB of RAM. I can also take it to 192 if it is justified. I also have server with a single processor and running at a higher clock rate and 32 GB of RAM (2.25 and 12 Cores VS 3.2 and 4 Cores).

    Does someone know for sure if it will make use of all the cores and RAM or if I just go with the single processor box with less memory.

    Thanks for your help!

  • It depends on how many players are going to play on the server, and how much they will build. Even a single core processor will be fine if there are only 2-3 players on the server and if they only create a few buildings. However, I'd really recommend to have a dual-core or quad-core processor in place. When it comes to RAM, 1 GB might be sufficient for very small servers. Bigger servers with lots of buildings and several players require up to 6-8 GB of RAM.

    So I'd say the 2nd setup is definitely sufficient ;)

  • My son has had 7 players on and often will have 20 players when he decides to host dedicated servers and calls for everyone to join.

    They also go crazy with building and will do elaborate mansions and small town like encampments for the sub-groups. He also wants to open it up to the public.

    You suggested quad core and 1 GB of RAM which is fully covered by the smaller server but that was for 4 players.

    Some game servers are optimized for multiple core use and will use all available RAM for cashing and such.

    Some will go as far as to dedicate a thread (core) to each active player.

    Is this the case with RisingWorld or is it simply relying on what Java will do for it out of the box?

    I have the hardware (cores and RAM) and have no reason not to use the larger server if it will make use of it.

    If it is just out of the box Java and not intentional optimized for a multi-thread approach behind things then I’ll just stick with the single quad-core processor and maybe run it off a RAM drive just to give it a bit of a boost.

    Intentionally multithreaded or Java out of the box?

    Intentional use of extra RAM or should I plan on doing my own RAM drive?

    Thanks for your input red51!


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