• Permissions


      I am a relatively new player and recently I have been diving into multiplayer.

      Basically all I want is a gameserver where I can explore and built, when I want, where no one else can destroy what I built (and preferably not steal my stuff either) in peacefull co-existence with the other players. The same seems to apply to most of the people playing. Personally I also would like to make it possible for others to use some of what I built to get a better multiplayer experience.

      Permissions seem to be a problem though, which I have encountered even more now that I have my own game server.

      I have tried three ways:

      1. Autoprotect, which does not allow for different permissions and hence shared areas (and is also not entirely safe), but let players create their own areas

      2. AreaProtection, which is safe and has differentiated permissions, but does not let players create their own areas and set themselves as owners.
      This means that players can't (safely) built till an admin has been on to give them an area which is very limiting. Also extendingan area is causing problems, so all of a sudden players are very hindered by the absence of an online admin and can't just build at their own convenience.

      3. The game permissionssystem, where unfortunately all permissions apply regardless of whether you are an owner or not.
      This means that if I deny permissions to destroyblocks a player can't destroy her own blocks either, which makes it impossible to use against griefing.

      So - to my knowlegde - there is currently no safe, admin-independent way to protect against griefing in multiplayer, which to me seems like a major problem for a good multiplayer experience.

      It got me thinking.

      If objects, blocks etc. (placed by a player) remembered their owner, then the owner could always do what they want with their own objects, and the permissions in the permission file would automatically be concerned with what players can do to others objects instead. The permissions already in the game to keep people from destroying blocks, object and construction elements could then be used against griefing.

      So all I would have to do, as a server owner, to ensure players can't destroy what others have built would then be to set those permissions as default permissions in the permissions file. Then people could build freely without worrying about destruction by others and without the need for an admin.

      It wouldn't protect against stealing, but the effects of stealing are easily fixed by admins and the itemgive command.
      Also the areaplugin has permissions on picking up objects etc. which - maybe? - could be added to the general game permissions file system. For this to work the general permissions would then have to only concern themselves with what can be done to other players objects and not world objects, which might create problems. Unless a different set of permissions for world objects and one for otherplayers objects is created. Then only protectionf of yet unbuilt areas and shared areas, where more control over permissions is wanted, would need to use the AreaProtection plugin.

      It would very much diminnish the griefing problem of multiplayer in a very simple way I think.

      Would this be possible?

      Thank you for a great game :)

      Kind regards