Graphics settings

A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Here is an overview and description of all settings in the graphics menu.

    Display ModeToggles between "Windowed" mode, "Fullscreen" mode and "Fullscreen Windowed" mode. It's recommendable to use the latter mode.
    ResolutionThe resolution of the game. It's recommendable to use your desktop resolution. This setting is handled automatically if "Display Mode" is set to "Fullscreen Windowed".
    View DistanceThe total view distance (low poly chunks which do not contain buildings and other constructions). Has a moderate impact on performance.
    Detail DistanceThe detail view distance (detail chunks which contains blocks, construction elements, objects etc). Has a big impact on performance.
    Anisotropic FilterThe lower this setting, the blurrier textures appear when viewed at a certain angle.
    VSyncIf enabled, the framerate will be locked to your monitor frequency in order to eliminate screen tearing. If you don't experience any screen tearing, it's recommendable to keep this disabled.
    View adjustmentOnly works while a world is loaded. Contains various settings for the player view (FOV, color, chat settings etc).

    LightscatteringLight scattering effect for the sun, also referred to as "god rays". Has a moderate impact on performance.
    LightglareEnables/disables the "halo" around light sources. Has a moderate impact on performance.
    Physical debrisIf enabled, physical debris will spawn when destroying blocks or terrain.
    Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)Adds some subtle shadows to corners and crevices etc. You can set the intensity separately. Has a big impact on performance.
    Grass MaskingIf enabled, grass will no longer be visible through certain objects (more precisely, grass will be occluded dynamically).
    FXAAFast anti-aliasing. It "smoothes" sharp edges on the screen. It's recommendable to keep this setting enabled, since its impact on performance is barely noticeable.
    Depth of FieldIf enabled, distant objects appear blurred. You can set the distance separately.
    RefractionsEnables/disables light refractions, i.e. the environment appears distorted when looking through glass or water. Has a big impact on performance.
    Water ReflectionsEnables/disables dynamic water reflections. Has a moderate impact on performance.
    Triplanar LOD MappingIf enabled, textures on steep mountains will not appear "stretched".

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