• I always recommend this kind of feature to all of the games I play like Rising World. However none of them actaully did something about it. As the Rising World is a game that can deal with something like that, I hope I would be given credit. So, the weather in the game is cahnging between rainy-sunny or snowy-sunny etc. But I think there could be more weather conditions and effects included. For instance; in a normal biome instead of just the regular rain, there can be showers, heavy rain etc. or for a snowy biome there can be some tundra conditions or blizzards, avalanche etc. Again in this condition, in a winter area, I think there shouldn't be growing vegetables or fruits. They can be done in a greenhouse which can be built with a siple heating system in it. All I am saying these features and similar ones must be more realistic and all the conditions must affect us more like diseases or drought etc.

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