Trading Ports

  • English: It would be nice way to get rid of all your excess material while making a well needed valuable trade. It also opens up new ways of the game evolution such as players can trade with each other example 1 House Blueprints equals two gold Ingot.

    German: Es wäre eine gute Möglichkeit, all das überschüssige Material loszuwerden und gleichzeitig einen dringend benötigten wertvollen Handel zu tätigen. Es eröffnet auch neue Wege der Spielentwicklung, wie Spieler miteinander handeln können. Beispiel 1 House Blueprints entspricht zwei Goldbarren.

  • We just had this discussion on steam.

    Wandering merchants (NPC) are definitely planned, as far as i know. So trading with NPC will be possible.

    However players can already trade with each other. On a specific server you could use ingots or maybe coins at some point to pay your shopings. However that sounds, to me, like a job for a plugin. There is one already for economy actually.

    To bring it on the spot - Rising World is a sandboxgame. That means its providing tools + material to the player to do whatever they want. An economy in which you need to pay for something would demand to restrict access to tools, material, etc. Otherwise - why should someone pay for it? And why should someone gather tons of gold?

    Just my 2 cents on this topic.

  • I agree that why I stated trade product for product instead of buying/selling. I was talking about product produce by all the basic materials+ tools that we are given. Of-course you 2 cents is always appreciated. Thanks btw where can I find this economy plugin

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