Crashes every 10 minutes or so

  • Is this perhaps something with the autosave? After it crashes it generally starts right back up where it left off. The crash seems completely random (inside, in a cave, walking around outside). When it dies, the game just freezes and then eventually closes back to the desktop with no message.

    DX Diag is attached.

    Trying to upload a .dmp file but it's too big for the forum so I put it here:

  • Please have a look if there is a file called "hs_err_pid" in your game directory. If there is such a file, please upload it here :)

    Native crashes (i.e. crash to desktop without any error message) are usually caused by issues with graphics drivers. I'd recommend to download and install the latest driver for the integrated Intel HD Graphics adapter from the Intel page (select the first "win64_*" entry on the left):…dows-15-40-?product=81496

  • Thanks for the hs_err_pid file! It's indeed a crash of the graphics driver, in this case it's caused by the "gameoverlayrenderer64.dll" which is a Steam lib to render the ingame overlay. Unfortunately I missed the fact that you also have a 2nd, dedicated graphics card (GeForce GTX 870M), so forget about the Intel drivers ;)

    Where did you check for new drivers exactly? Never rely on Windows built-in driver check, since it only looks for "new" Microsoft drivers in most cases. Here you can find the latest NVIDIA driver:…Results.aspx/143233/en-us

    If installing the latest NVIDIA driver does not fix the issue, please try to disable the ingame overlay in Steam. To do that, go to your Steam library -> rightclick on Rising World -> select "Properties" -> uncheck "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game" :)

  • Thanks! I did a few updates, including the Intel ones and it seems to have fixed the issue. Intel found updates that hadn't been done (a video driver, a bluetooth, and a wireless). Anyway, I played it for about a half hour last night with no crashes. So thanks again. Love the game :) Looking forward to hostile updates and whatever else you have planned. Hippos and Crocs would be fun for the water areas BTW. Having to shoot or fight from a floating boat would be really crazy.

  • I'm glad to hear it works now :)

    Hippos and Crocs would be fun for the water areas BTW

    More animals are planned, but I can't say for sure which animals will be added exactly. Maybe hippos and crocs will be added in the long run.

    Having to shoot or fight from a floating boat would be really crazy.

    In the future it will be possible to use certain items while sitting in a boat or on a mount ;)

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