java.lang.outofmemoryerror java heap space

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  • java.lang.outofmemoryerror java heap space

    iv tried every thing i can i even set my java script memory to 1 gig manually and dint help i tried evrey thing i could find online
    it had no problems like this until my windows was reinstalled nothing has changed in my pc sinds that moment so shoud work the same way
    any 1 have tips?
    got a second message
    it happens with this blueprint i made 2

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  • Well, unfortunately the skull temple really pushes the game to its limit :/ It consists of more than 30k skulls and bones, and it gets quite "expensive" (in terms of performance) to generate and render so many skulls in a small space...
    I'm afraid there isn't much you can do about it... you could try to assign more RAM to the game (by setting the launch option in Steam +memory 4096 4096), but I'm not sure if this really helps (since there isn't much free RAM left anyway).