dedicated server rental update

  • this is driving me crazy , i run the steam update function on my server i rent from vilayer and it doesnt update my rising world server . everytime this game gets updated i have to do a clean install and wipe my server, can someone please post a simple step by step with any important download links on how to update a server that is being rented from a company . please and thank you .

  • Unfortunately I can't say much about how updates work for Vilayer, they probably have their own system for that. I'd recommend to contact their support regarding the update issue :/ In general, SteamCMD should only download the default server files (so it should not overwrite any settings, worlds or permissions).

  • yea well i have 2 rising world servers , ones from gtxgaming and when i use the steam update it works just fine and says app id has been successfully updated and works fine , vilayer on the other hand has the steam update actually updating the steam app itself and not rising world . and i sent an email to them 2 weeks ago and they have never responded , so completely frustrating man , vilayer is $50 a month gtxgaming is less than $12 . and i really doubt they will respond this time either , this was my frustrations when i replied to you on the steam community and im sorry if i spear headed you with it , the game and the updates have been absolutely awesome your doing great . my server has been growing and growing and everytime they do this i lose members , its just frustrating man, im gonna keep the gtx server but im not paying these people $50 a month any longer . the problem is their service was high end , and i had people with lower end computers applauding the performance and how much better it was for them. and yet again they are gonna have to start all over again . so to anyone reading this looking to rent a high end server for rising world dont bother with vilayer they dont care . and ty for responding red.

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