Larger biomes/smoother transition

  • So after searching a bit I was surprised I couldn't find many threads regarding this, and none directly requesting such a feature: the ability to have larger biomes in the game. One thing that has really bothered in every world I've played in is no matter where I go, I can always see the edge of another biome, or several, somewhere. Could it be so that biomes would have randomly varying sizes, with some of them covering the map several times over? That way I could actually move around the map without breaking immersion. Also it would be *really* nice if those biomes had a smoother transition, like blending the ground texture or completely new, transitional "semi-biomes". On a bit of a side note, the more open areas (namely deserts and sea) would have some great potential for longer draw distances because there's not much to render, though I admit I don't know about possible technical issues here. It would just be really cool to actually scout further away with your binoculars than you can see on the map.

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