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From now on, we will use this info box to inform you about noteable updates on our Trello-Roadmap!

Trello update: We've recently implemented grass and now finalized the occlusion renderer to prevent grass from passing through objects. In addition to that, snowfall now also affects meadows

    Forgive me if I'm missing something, but the wooden torch wall mounts seem to be missing after the recent update. They are still in the world where I placed them before the update, but I can no longer craft them. Is this on purpose?

    Ubuntu 16.04, RW
    Rising World was crashing on launch with this error:

    I looked around the forums a bit and was able to fix it by following the directions to replace lwjgl.jar as instructed in this post. It now launches and runs fine.

    I wanted to put this here just in case anyone else had this problem and so Red knows about this bug.

    I running it on a Laptop but I have the laptop screen off and its displayed on a roughly 20" monitor. Using the Linux LWJGL beta option fixed the problem. Do I still need to delete Thanks for your help.

    I haven't played for the last few updates. When I launched the game today it crashed on launch with the following error:

    I'm using Ubuntu 15.04. Any other info needed just ask. Thanks.

    1) I agree ores should be easier or at least more reliable to find.
    2/7) I also agree compass (or map or something) should be able to be crafted early in game. Biomes might make navigating without a map/compass considerably easier though.
    3) This is coming with biomes I think. For sure it comes eventually.
    4) I would assume that they'll add this later too. Not too high up on the todo list though.
    5/6) Water is coming in the next few updates.

    we of course need blueprints more than biomes and water...(sarcasm)

    I think blueprints are much more important than biomes and water, especially this early in development. With blueprints we can build cool things and not have to build them all over again each feature-adding update. I can build something now and I don't have to rebuild it when biomes come out.

    I love the frequent updates and responsive of Red. It really is noticed. Thanks!

    What crafting table do I use to make a compass? I can't find it anywhere I've looked and I don't have aluminum yet so I can't check the Tier II Workbench.

    Edit: Also, is it possible yet to plant vegetables/fruits? If so, how?

    when you close the lid it will make the other screen your default screen kind of but the game does not know this it looks at video card setting and sees your laptop as the default so loads the game there
    heres a link to some info to change the delfault screen…other-linux-distributions

    Wonderful! Thanks that worked. (Note to Linux users trying this in the future: the first time, after I set the primary screen, that I switched to fullscreen, it crashed like usual, but after that it works.) If I click the screen or hit the keyboard at all when the splash screen is up, it'll crash and makes it almost impossible to escape it's mouse control without hard shutting down, so I'll refrain from clicking the splash :D .

    Any ideas for the audio?

    EDIT: Also, it won't let me use RedShift in fullscreen. If I set it before, it will cancel it when it launches. If I run the command when Rising World is running (in fullscreen), it will crash.

    I'm using Ubuntu 14.10. I have a laptop that is connected to a monitor. The laptop lid is closed and I use the monitor with an external mouse and keyboard. The laptop screen is off. Whenever I try to play the game in fullscreen, it switches to only use the laptop screen, and turns the monitor off.

    Similar to this problem. As I said above, the laptop screen is off, but it is still detected in system display settings.

    Additionally, there is no sound. My volume is up all the way on my computer and on Rising World.